Tabletes disfunctionality[1]


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tpes of tablets disfunctionality

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Tabletes disfunctionality[1]

  1. 1. Picking: o Picking happens when a part of the tablets gets sticks to the punch surface and gets eroded from the tablet surface o This mostly happens with the upper punch. And if this is left unchecked then this may lead to weight variation too.Sno Cause Remedy1. Due The to engraving or embossing on letters to be embossed should be in large the upper punch size particularly on small punches, or the size of the tablet be increased.2. Rough The punch surface punch surface should be coated with chromium so as to get a smooth non adherent face of punch.3. Sticky Colloidal surface of tablet silica may be added in the formula as polishing agent to avoid sticking to the punch4. Too Reduce deep dividing lines the depth of the division.5. Excess Proper moisture. drying of granules.6. Hot The granules while compression granules are to be dried so that they do not stick.7. Excess Reduce
  2. 2. binder. the amount or change the binder so that the adhesive force is reduced and more cohesive it becomes.  Sticking: o It refers to the sticking of the tablet material with the die walls. o Due to this sticking with the die walls, additional force is required to eject the tablet form the die walls. o Sticking also causes production of tablets with rough edges. o If this problem persists, then this can cause chipping of the tablet. o It produced unusual stress on the cam track and punch heads resulting in their damage!Sno Cause Remedy1. Low Increase pressure the pressure of punching2. Fast compression Increase the contact time by reducing the speed3. Greater Reducethe
  3. 3. concavity of the punch concavity of the punch to optimum level.  Binding: o Binding is sticking of the tablet to the die and does not eject properly out of the die. o It may be mainly due to lack of proper lubricant or less quantity of lubricant, or may be due to excess moisture in the tablet.Sno Cause Remedy1. Less Increase or incorrect lubricant the conc of lubricant or use appropriate lubricant2. High The moisture content of the tablet granules are to be properly dried. material3. Hard Reduce granules reducing the the size of the granules by passing through effectiveness of lubricant 30 mesh so that increased surface area can increase the chances of even binding of the lubricant.4. Worn Polish out dies walls the dies properly5. Excess Reduce
  4. 4. pressure in the die the pressure with in the die.  Chipping: o Chipping usually happens around the tablet surface, small pieces are broken out or chipped out of the tablet. o It is mainly due to improper machine setting, like ejection of the tablet.Sno Cause Remedy1. Too Moistane much drying the granule with an hygroscopic substance2. Worn Polish out punches the punch surface to get a smooth finish3. Sticking Addition of the tablet material to the of proper lubricant and properly dry the punch granules.4. Non Polish cylindrical dies with gap in the the dies so that they become cylindrical edges shape.
  5. 5.  Mottling: o Mottling is uneven distribution of the colour on the surface of the tablet, with dark and light patches on it. o It is mainly due to different colouration of the excipient or the degradation product of the tablet is coloured. (7)Sno Cause Remedy1. A The dye may cause mottling when it formulator is intended to change the migrates to the surface during solvent system, binder system, drying the granulation temperature. process2. When The coloured binder solution is not addition should in the sequence of First the evenly distributed during mixing powder colorant is added process followed by the binder like acacia or tragacanth, followed by the addition of granulating liquid, and properly mixed.3. A Addition colored active ingredient used of appropriate colouring agent. along with colourless excipients.
  6. 6.  Capping: o Capping is a complete or partial separation of the upper or lower surface of the tablet horizontally, when the tablet comes out of the die. o When the air is entrapped in between the tablet material in a die, and when the material gets compressed between the two punches, the air entrapped also gets compressed, but when the pressure is released on the tablet I.e. when the two punched move apart and the tablet ejects out of the die, the compressed sir expands and leads to capping.Sno Cause Remedy1. Large To number of fines in the material remove the excess of fines the granulation material should bee passed through 100 to 200 mesh.2. Improperly Dry dried granules the granules properly.3. Inadequate Increase or improper binder the quantity of binder or use and appropriate one.
  7. 7. 4. Compression Compress may not be firm due to cool the tablet material at higher temperature. temperature5. Improper Correct setting of the lower punch, height of the lower punch should be which adjusted so that the tablet is smoothly causes the sweep off blade to cutejected out. the surface  Lamination: o It is similar to capping but here the tablet gets separated into layers. o It can once again occur due to the air entrapment or due to the high speed of turretSno Cause Remedy1. Fast Precompression decompression of the tablet step should be included in the process, so that the pressure at the final compression is reduces.2. Granules Suitable may contain oily or waxy adsorbent or absorbent should be added. material
  8. 8. (8)(tablet capping and lamination)  Double impression: o It is seen when the tablet punches have engraving or monograms on it to be embossed on the tablet.
  9. 9. o When the tablet material comes into the die for the compression both the punches come in contact with the tablet material and compress it, the next step is ejection of the tablet from the die,o During ejection process the lower punch travels a small distance down and then comes up to give a gentle push to the tablet, at this point when the lower punch moves down and comes up it moves in a swirlling motion, due to the free rotation when it comes in contact with the tablet for the second time to push it up it leaves another impression on the tablet. Which is leads to double impression.o To avoid this key are to be used along the sides of the punches, so that it prevents rotation of the punches.