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General Social Media Presentation

  1. 1. Introduction to Social MediaIntroduction to Social Media 2011 © KINGSLAND LINASSI
  2. 2. What is social networking? Social is customer recommendations Social is conversations Social is building relationship Social is free, trusted advertising Social ‘Networking’ is marketing you already think about but the medium is ‘new media’Introduction to Social Media 2011 © KINGSLAND LINASSI
  3. 3. Facebook 800 Million Number of facebook users 30 Million Number of UK users 52% Facebook users that visit the site 92% Social networking users on Facebook each day by The Awareness Social Marketing HubIntroduction to Social Media 2011 © KINGSLAND LINASSI
  4. 4. Facebook - Demographics UK FACEBOOK UK USERS FB US E JANUARY 2011 RS 16% 23% 3% 5% Total users 28,595,940 10% 26% 17% AGE GROUP 13-18 19-24 25-34 35-44 45-54 55-64 65+ 1 2 3 USERS (Million) 4 5 6 7 UK POP. 104% 126% 90% 56% 33% 19% 7% PENETRATION* *THE PENETRATION FIGURES ARE CLEARLY OUT. THIS IS PROBABLY DUE TO A NUMBER OF FACTORS. SEE to Social Media 2011 © KINGSLAND LINASSI
  5. 5. Twitter 180,000,000 New tweets posted everyday 18,000 searches everyday 43% follow brands for special offers / deals 66% of all questions have commercial 80% of customer intent service tweets are negativeIntroduction to Social Media 2011 © KINGSLAND LINASSI
  6. 6. Twitter - Demographics 46% 18-29 41.5% are male 30-49 42.3% 13.7% 54% 50-64 are female 64+ 2.6%Introduction to Social Media 2011 © KINGSLAND LINASSI
  7. 7. Youtube 490,000,000 users worldwide(unique visitors per month 23,388,888 have watched the T-Mobile Wedding Video 23 minutes spent on each visit 13 average user visits per month 3rd most visited site in the world Source: eprofits.comIntroduction to Social Media 2011 © KINGSLAND LINASSI
  8. 8. Youtube - Demographics 28% AGE: 35-49 18% 18% 16% AGE: 25-34 AGE: 50-64 AGE: 2-17 11% AGE: 18-24 9% AGE: 65+Introduction to Social Media 2011 © KINGSLAND LINASSI
  9. 9. Linkedin 18,000 35% check daily searches everyday 81% belong to at Lab 42 32% check a few least 1 group times a week Source: Lab 42Introduction to Social Media 2011 © KINGSLAND LINASSI
  10. 10. What are they talking about? What if you influence the conversationIntroduction to Social Media 2011 © KINGSLAND LINASSI
  11. 11. Who are they? Local / National / International End customers / Businesses Different people use Young / old different networks But they are all thereIntroduction to Social Media 2011 © KINGSLAND LINASSI
  12. 12. Where are they? 20% of all Google searches have a local intent 50% of mobile traffic has local intent 23% of time spent accessing the internet is on a mobile One of the most popular uses of a smart phone is to access social networksIntroduction to Social Media 2011 © KINGSLAND LINASSI
  13. 13. How does it help? Research & Analysis You, your products and your services are being talked about and recommended. Setting up alerts means you can use it as a research channel.Introduction to Social Media 2011 © KINGSLAND LINASSI
  14. 14. Where to start? Utilise Twitter A new background is just the beginning Advise, comment, have an opinion or agree with other people and become a trusted source of information. Be relevant Then it will be talked about: Retweeted, recommended, favourited, forwarded, and liked! Be useful Tell users about policy changes, price increases. Ask questions and find out what people think.Introduction to Social Media 2011 © KINGSLAND LINASSI
  15. 15. Dedicated YouTube Channel Add Value how-to videos increases usefulness Dedicated channel showing relevant and related videos to inform and educateIntroduction to Social Media 2011 © KINGSLAND LINASSI
  16. 16. Join a group Join us Staff could have a profile linked to an company page. The sales team could join groups so they can offer advice, suggest ideas and sell to them (softly). Post jobs online for free. Connect with the business community in order to better target them with specific communications.Introduction to Social Media 2011 © KINGSLAND LINASSI
  17. 17. Image sharing websites Show your images show everyone what is going on and all the work being done...Introduction to Social Media 2011 © KINGSLAND LINASSI
  18. 18. Get recommended bookmarking get listed on social bookmarking sites for greater coverageIntroduction to Social Media 2011 © KINGSLAND LINASSI
  19. 19. Integration Don’t be distracted by the latest route to market but integrate it with your existing activity Get your brand in front of them and sell to them (softly) ensure they come back (and tell others) Familiarise yourself with the rules around social media don’t forget your normal codes and protocolsIntroduction to Social Media 2011 © KINGSLAND LINASSI
  20. 20. Example of use • Narrow your focus to responding to customer complaints, as Comcast does on Twitter. • Build brand loyalty, as Firebox does with customised e-newsletters, as Skittles does on Facebook, and as the Wine Library does with its podcasts. • Issue blog posts and tweets instead of news releases, as Google does with its blog, and CEO did with Twitter. • Re-purpose your existing content, and thus enlarge your audience, as The New York Times does with Twitter, as the FBI does with Scribd, and as Dell does with SlideShare. • Manage your reputation, as countless companies do — or try to do — with Wikipedia. • Conduct crisis communications, as Johnson & Johnson does with its blog. • Hold contests to improve your algorithms, as Netflix did with the Netflix Prize. • Crowdsource your challenges, as the Army did with its field manuals. • Demonstrate thought leadership, as recruiter Lindsay Olson does with her string of social networks. • Research free advertising opportunities, as Allstate does on YouTube. • Showcase your wares, as ASOS does with its Facebook Store, and boost your sales, as Dell does on Twitter. • Recruit employees, as Booz Allen does on LinkedIn.Introduction to Social Media 2011 © KINGSLAND LINASSI
  21. 21. Social influence Social influence is an integral part of our lives. We seek out the opinions of our peers and trusted brands. Social networking shows a human side and people buy from people Join the conversationIntroduction to Social Media 2011 © KINGSLAND LINASSI
  22. 22. Thank youIntroduction to Social Media 2011 © KINGSLAND LINASSI