Hockey Player's develop Professional Shooting Skills


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Off-ice training that develops professional shooting skills.

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  • TRAINING FACILITIES Designed & built for 24/7. Great for beginners’ll challenge the pro’s. Starts at 12 passes/min and will go up to 120 passes/min. that’s 2 passes/sec. It’s ready when you are. HOCKEY TEAMS Light & easy to carry, great for the road, pre-game warm-ups or player’s returning from injuries. COACHES Awesome for individual skill development off-ice & leaving valuable ice time focused more towards team development. MAXIMIZE CARDIO & CORE STRENGTH Excellent for off-ice strength & conditioning. Set-up Stations in team camps or use as individual training. HOCKEY ACADEMIES, SCHOOLS, ETC.. There isn’t anywhere the ‘KING-SHOT’ can’t go!
  • Hockey Player's develop Professional Shooting Skills

    1. 1. Advanced training has changed<br />HOCKEY in many ways..<br />Speed, Agility & Creativity.<br />You never know what amazing skill you’ll witness next. <br />
    2. 2. Thanks toTechnology <br />With video analysis, athlete’s& trainersstudy technique searching for ways to improve performance.<br />A+<br />=<br />+<br />Results<br />Skate-mill<br />Video analysis<br />
    3. 3. King Shot Sports teamed up with a bio-mechanical engineer to research & study the mechanics in shooting. With video analysis each skill was studied in slow-motion, frame by frame. <br />
    4. 4. BEWARE…<br />With video analysis, the results & data we obtained continuously proved using pucks inoff-ice trainingdoes not improve shooting, passing or stick-handling skills. <br />STUDIES CONFIRM<br />OFF-ICE TRAINING WITH PUCKS<br />IMPAIRS HOCKEY SKILLS.<br />
    5. 5. In fact off-ice training with pucks impairs hockey skills. <br />In hockey player’s don’t shoot or pass a motionless puck.<br />During a game player’s rarely take a so-called ‘PERFECT SHOT’ , split-second shots show up on the score board more often than most.<br />NHL SUPERSTARS …master’s of split-second reaction skills.<br />NEW TRAINING TECHNIQUE<br />For player’s to be effective, they must be quick, the quicker the better!<br />King Shot Sports designed an off-ice training technique that focuses around most obvious conditions in hockey, SPEED & INTENSITY. Providing player’s with highly developed muscle memory for split-second reaction skills. <br />
    6. 6. ELITE <br />REACTION SKILLS<br />GUARANTEED!<br /> ‘KING-SHOT’<br />ULTIMATE OFF-ICE TRAINING<br />Maximum power Minimal Time<br /><ul><li> Quick-hands-Quick release
    7. 7. Split-second wrist shots</li></ul> snap-shots <br /> slap-shots <br /><ul><li> Lightning fast reaction skills
    8. 8. Amazing hand-eye coordination
    9. 9. Explosive one-timers
    10. 10. Proper weight transfer
    11. 11. Maximize cardio & core strength
    12. 12. Develop anticipation skills
    13. 13. Build self confidence
    14. 14. Be more creative
    15. 15. Many more elite skills </li></ul> you‘ll take straight to the rink.<br />4ft<br />Quick Release<br />Hand-eye coordination<br />Build confidence<br />2ft<br />1ft<br />Weighs 40 lbs.<br />Easy to move <br />& built tough! <br />
    16. 16. The ‘KING-SHOT’<br />Dwayne Lowdermilk & co.<br />Ensures players develop the most <br />effective skills in hockey <br />at home, at the rink, at school…anywhere! <br />The ‘KING-SHOT’ is kid friendly, & fun for everyone!<br /> Great for beginners & will challenge the pro’s! Excellent conditioning & core <br /> training!<br />COACHES & PLAYER’S It’s pure positive training…NO MORE…wind-mill wind-ups <br /> or slow motion passing or shooting.<br />HOCKEY TEAMS can take them on the road, pre-game warm-ups, player’s returning <br /> from injuries.<br /> TRAINING FACILITIES run them 24/7, with variable speed control 12 -120 <br /> passes/min will turn beginners into pro’s in no time.<br />HOCKEY ACADEMIES, HIGH SCHOOLS, EVERYONE! From Young –Old & <br /> Novice to Pro’s!<br />DEVELOP ELITE REACTION SKILLS FOR SHOOTING, PASSING & STICK-HANDLING.<br />
    17. 17. A+<br />Why training balls? Here’s why. <br />The‘KING-SHOT’ uses training balls, here’s why…<br />Anything that feels heavier, moves slower or doesn’t travel as far as a puck on-ice, will develop muscle fibre that reacts too slow.<br />EQUAL FORCE TRAINING BALLS<br />1. Require thesame force to toe drag as pucks on-ice.<br />2. They react as quick as pucks on-ice.<br />3. and they travel as far as pucks on-ice. <br />These conditions guarantee proper muscle memory for ELITE REACTION SKILLS FOR SHOOTING, PASSING & STICK-HANDLING.<br /> 4. Slap-shots, snap-shots & wrist-shots: Forevery action there’s a reaction. The faster the action the greater the reaction. <br />When you analyze shooting skills in slow-motion, frame by frame it becomes very obvious why pucks off-ice don’t improve skills for on-ice. Player’s don’t need big muscles for effective shooting skills, they need speed & finesse! Kinetic energy & proper muscle memory wins every time!<br />A+<br />Positive results <br />Pucks on-ice<br />EQ Training Ball<br />(Same force)<br />
    18. 18. The <br />The<br />Theory behind KING-SHOT training system.<br />PROPERLY Preparing player’s… for hockey!<br />Split-Second Reaction Skills. <br />Hockey is fast & Intense:<br />Player’s don’t shoot or pass a motionless puck, so don’t train with one! With the ‘KING-SHOT’ every drill is done in full motion, developing proper hand-eye coordination & reaction skills for hockey.<br />In Hockey there isn’t time to receive a pass, analyze, process your thoughts, then react. The ‘KING-SHOT’ consecutively passing forces player’s to pass or shoot quick.<br />In a hockey game, player’s don’t play alone, there’s always pressure. If you practice with pressure, you can play with pressure.<br />Developing skills takes 1000’s of repetitions Training with the “KING-SHOT’ set on half speed, you can do 300-400 reps in a half hour. Excellent for muscle memory. <br />There’s a BONUS with the ‘KING-SHOT’ <br />NO BAD HABITS! No more wind-mill wind-ups or slow motion shooting or passing.<br />WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR…<br />THE LONGER YOU WAIT, YOU’RE FURTHER BEHIND!<br />
    19. 19. is EVERYWHERE!<br />(All you need is 10ft x 10ft)<br /> KING-SHOT <br />WWW.KINGSHOTSPORT.COM<br /><ul><li> At Home</li></ul>ORDERS YOURS<br />Now only $399.99<br /><ul><li> Puck masters</li></ul>TODAY<br /><ul><li> Training Facilities
    20. 20. Dry land Training</li></ul>Order online:<br />WWW.KINGSHOTSPORTS.COM<br />Email your postal code, for a shipping quote.<br />(Overnight or 3-5 day shipping.) <br /><ul><li> Pre-game warm-ups
    21. 21. Recovering from an injury
    22. 22. Schools / Hockey Academy’s
    23. 23. Conditioning Camps</li></li></ul><li>GET IN THE GAME. <br />WWW.KINGSHOTSPORTS.COM<br />King Shot Sports Ltd.<br />Advanced Training Technology<br />The following slides contain technical information for anyone interested. <br />
    24. 24. 911 Training Information<br />SHOOTING PUCKS OFF-ICE DOES MORE HARM THAN GOOD<br />More info at WWW.KINGSHOTSPORTS.COM<br />
    25. 25. 911 Training Information<br />SHOOTING PUCKS OFF-ICE DOES MORE HARM THAN GOOD<br />More info at WWW.KINGSHOTSPORTS.COM<br />IMPROPER MUSCLE MEMORY:To move a puck on-ice the static coefficient of friction is 28g. To move a puck off-ice the static coefficient of friction is 100g. That’s 3.5 times more which will develop larger slower moving muscle fibre.<br />CONFUSED REACTION SKILLS: When force is applied to a puck off-ice & a puck on-ice, the distance they travel are almost opposite. This major difference in momentum properties will confuse reaction skills for on-ice shooting, passing & stick-handling. <br />MAJOR DIFFERENCE IN RESISTANCE:Using a puck off-ice gives player’s a false sense of weight from resistance, especially with wrist-shots & back-hands. When they attempt these shots on-ice the puck feels like a slippery bar of soap. <br />INTENSE SHOCKWAVES:Pucks off-ice require100g of force to move which creates a severe shockwave for slap-shots. This makes it difficult for the younger player’s to develop explosive shooting skills. For the ones who refuse to lighten up they will damage wrists, elbows & shoulders. And recent studies are showing that’s why many of our professionals are suffering & ending their careers early. <br />
    26. 26. 911 Training Information<br />SHOOTING PUCKS OFF-ICE DOES MORE HARM THAN GOOD<br />More info at WWW.KINGSHOTSPORTS.COM<br />PRACTICE HOW YOU PLAY:Before you sign up for shooting skills, look closely at the training. You may be investing your time & money in GOLF LESSONS.<br />STANDING ALONE (in front of a net), WITH A MOTIONLESS PUCK, SITTING BESIDE YOUR STICK, SHOOTING WHEN YOU’RE READY. This does not apply to hockey in any way,<br /> it’s more like golf!<br />Pucks don’t sit still<br />in a game of hockey?<br />
    27. 27. GET IN THE GAME. <br />WWW.KINGSHOTSPORTS.COM<br />King Shot Sports Ltd.<br />Advanced Training Technology<br />‘Our goal is your success’<br />Regards,<br />Robb A. Gulka<br />King Shot Sports Ltd. <br />