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Robert Varnam: Future Forum update

Dr Robert Varnam, Joint Lead, NHS Future Forum, gives a background to the work of the Future Forum and provides an update on the feedback the Forum has gathered around integrated care during their listening exercise.

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Robert Varnam: Future Forum update

  1. 1. Future ForumDr Robert Varnam, Co-Chair,
  2. 2. Chair: Prof Steve Field Information Integration Led by Prof David Haslam Led by Geoff Alltimes & Jeremy Taylor & Dr Robert Varnam NHS role in the Education & Training Public’s Health Led by Julie MooreLed by Vicky Bailey & Ash Soni
  3. 3. Chair: Prof Steve Field Information Integration Patient ownership FocusTransparency of data Factors in successNHS role in the Education & TrainingPublic’s Health CPD is keyFocus on prevention Aspire to excellenceEvery contact counts
  4. 4. Future ForumIntegration workstream
  5. 5. Integration workstream• Integration within and across health & social care• Future Forum listening is combined with the government’s engagement on social care reform• Outcomes: – Future Forum report, Dec 2011 – Care and Support White Paper, Spring 2012
  6. 6. Exemplars These are three groups particularly likely to benefit from improved integration. Considering their needs, and the kind of services which would improve their experience, may be helpful in focusing our thinking. A. Frail elderly B. Children with complex needs C. People with enduring mental health problemWhat contribution can be made by:Joint commissioning Joint provision Personalisation
  7. 7. Improving integrationFrames for our listening:What contribution can be made by – joint commissioning? Commissioning – joint service provision? Provision Provision – personalisation? Personalisation
  8. 8. Improving integration 1. What are the examples of success and challenge we should be learning from? 2. What factors contribute to success in improving integration? 3. What factors block successful integration? 4. Who needs to do what next?What contribution can be made by:Joint commissioning Joint provision Personalisation
  9. 9. Have your sayPost your views on our website at Send feedback