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Rotary wandelen voor water intro v2 (feb 2012)


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Rotary wandelen voor water intro v2 (feb 2012)

  1. 1. 2013: Rotary Water Year and time to organize worldwideRotary Walking for Water Proposal to Rotary Clubs World-wide
  2. 2. 2013 is UN Year for Water• Leverage media attention for water – The extra media attention the UN theme brings is an opportunity to showcase Rotary & Water.
  3. 3. PROPOSAL: make water your club theme for 2012-2013By adopting water, we encourage clubs to:• Raise water awareness – Knowledge of water problems & solutions – Learn how Rotary clubs work for water causes• Consider supporting a water project – Work together with Wasrag and other clubs• Consider holding a water fundraising event• Help promote Rotary’s activities for water
  4. 4. Why Water• 900 million people without clean water• 2,3 billion people without adequate sanitation“Ensuring safe drinking water is the mosteffective way to reduce poverty” Source: UN University 2008“Investments in more and beter water is one ofthe most efficient forms of aid.Payback/value to per $1 (intl. aid) investment:• Household water filters = $30 (thats a 30 times ROI)• RopePump = $50 Source: WHO 2008
  5. 5. Water First?Water has a huge impact onall other humanitarian and Disease and Healthdevelopment areas of focus Education Literacy Infant mortality WAter, Sanitation & Women’s equality Hygene Hunger (better known as WASH) PovertyWhen clean water is lacking, all these Econ. developmentbecome problems.To impact these problems Water is Conflict resolutionone of the best places to start
  6. 6. Peace through Service• Choosing water as your club theme is one way to support Future Vision, Focus Areas and the new RI’s theme “peace through service” “Many of today’s conflicts around the world are being fuelled by water shortages… Increasingly, fights are erupting over such basic human needs as water and arable land. Ban Ki-moon, February, 2008
  7. 7. Rotary Future Vision• 2013 begins the international roll-out of the new strategy for RI and TRF – Areas of Focus – Global Grants• Goals – Focus efforts to increase global impact – Simplify global & district grant processes – Increase district & club ownership of goals – Enhance Rotary’s public image
  8. 8. 6 Key Areas of FocusPeace and conflict prevention/resolutionDisease prevention and treatmentWater and sanitationMaternal and child healthBasic education and literacyEconomic and communitydevelopment
  9. 9. “Peace through Service Starts with Water” Disease and HealthService Education LiteracyWater Infant mortality Peace Women’s equality Hunger & Poverty Econ. development Conflict resolution
  10. 10. Start with Water at your club Vision Ron Denham: Every club a water project Idea: every club at least one Wasrag member as from 2012-2013
  11. 11. Rotary water projects bringing peace around the world: Country Projects India 212 Indonesia 35 Philippines 50 Thailand 38 Other 90 Country ProjectsCountry Projects Burkina Faso 5Bolivia 12 Cameroun 9Dom. Rep. 17 Ghana 25Ecuador 32 Kenya 55Guatemala 25 Malawi 10Haiti 27 Nigeria 21Honduras 51 South Africa 27Mexico 55 Tanzania 15Nicaragua 11 Uganda 58Peru 18 Zambia 29Other 57 Other 100
  12. 12. On the Wasrag site you can findhundreds of Rotary water projects to support and get involved in Idea for 2012-2013: Choose to support a Water project
  13. 13. Types of Rotary Water Projects• Drilling of boreholes, installing pumps• Rainwater harvesting, water storage• Household filters and purification• Building latrines and toilet blocks• Irrigation and food security• Pipelines/distribution systems• Hygiene education
  14. 14. Fundraising for Water Projects• Rotary Walking for Water – School children walking 6 miles with 6 liters water – Business walk/marathon• Golf tournament (or another sport)• Swimming or biking marathon• Benefit concert, dance, dinner, event• Selling water bottles or similar product• Boat races, celebrity auctions,
  15. 15. Consider organizing RotaryWalking for Water in 2013 Early registration starts in April 2012
  16. 16. What is Walking for Water?• Children aged 10-14 through primary schools walk 6 km with 6 liters of water – Experiencing and empathizing Dutch and UK with children in developing Rotary Clubs are countries that have to do this organizing this every day successful charity walk for ten years. In 2013 we hope this will grow internationally
  17. 17. When: UN World Water Day• During the week of March 22– Around the world this is the week that attention is given to water and sanitation.– Participating Rotary clubs leverage the extra media attention given to WWD– Rotary clubs are virtually connected to each other in common cause, message and timing
  18. 18. Reasons for Rotary clubs?• Support Future Vision, Water and Wasrag – Raise money and awareness for water projects, – In line with Future vision; endorsed by WASRAG• Easy to organize – Easiest way for a club to participate in Water. – Piggyback on experiences of other clubs• Alignment between Avenues of Service – Fits with New Generations (youth), Community service and International service
  19. 19. Advantages• Fundraising • Membership – Raise up to $20,000 recruitment – Matching grants – Target: "parents of school provided by Aqua for All children" learn about for approved projects Rotary.• Publicity – Indirectly leads to new members – Generates media attention, promotes club • Manageable• Youth involvement – 1 RC can organize or several cooperating clubs. – Rotarian Guest lectures – Fits commission structure – Brings Rotary close to communities. – Fits within Rotary year
  20. 20. Steps WvW 2013 (1)• Generate club support for Water – Inspire club to adopt water theme in 2012-2013. – Share experience with WvW from other clubs• Tip: tie into other club goals – WvW helps achieve other club goals such as fellowship, PR, member recruitment, youth,• Registration (as from April 2012) – Clubs wishing to organize WvW need to register – Agree to (later) adopt approved (Rotary) projects, or submit own project for approval
  21. 21. Steps WvW (2)• Approval granted to Rotary club – Akvo gives approval to Rotary clubs to approach schools (as from May 2012)• School Recruitment (June) – Send invitation to Schools before summer break – Based on standard templates and examples from experienced Rotary clubs• For a commission (July) – Establish a WvW commission of between 4 and 6 Rotarians to manage the organization.
  22. 22. Steps WvW (3)• Commission roles and actions delegated – Adopt/adapt Rotary guide and support material – Resume school recruitment (september) – Allocate tasks, plan track progress• Project selection (Oct/Nov 2012) – Multiple project options available • Choose from approved (Rotary) projects • Team up with other clubs for larger water projects • Submit your own Rotary project for approval
  23. 23. Steps WvW (4)• Rotarians give Guest lectures (Feb 2013) – A lesson on water for all participating schools and children. For most Rotarians the best part of WvW• Contents include: – the importance of water, situation in your country, situation in poor countries, cause and effects of water diseases, tangible solutions, project information and practical information about finding sponsors and participating in WVW.
  24. 24. Convinced, or want to know more? Visit: Contact Walking for Water, WASRAG or Rotary Netherlands to learn more Walking for Water: Chris Amsinger, WASRAG: Nancy Gilbert, Rotary Netherlands: Scott King, saking@xs4all.nlAnd don’t forget to sign up as from April 2012