Touch that dial - the future of radio


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What radio will become in the next years, what steps does it have? I wanted to put some ideas down, I would love to hear your comments on the topic. All the images in the presentation are owned by their creators and they are more awesome than me, enjoy their magic and buy albums.

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Touch that dial - the future of radio

  1. 1. Don’t touch that dialThe change of how radio will transform and betransformed by how we consume mediaMarkus Sandelin
  2. 2. Radio is becoming a recommendation machine
  3. 3. The number of artists, songs, genres and data has grownexponentially in the recent years. People are used tochoose what they want to consume, when they want toconsume.
  4. 4. Radio has animportant part inthis, being a filter, apromoter, a handpicked selection ofdata. Hosts are ourchosenambassadors, ourtrusted friends.
  5. 5. Currently radio doesn’ttell me what to do next.If I see a song or a band Ilike, or a show I enjoy,you need to tell me howto get that or subscribeto it somehow. I’ll do it inyour service orsomewhere else.
  6. 6. Radio will be consumed differently
  7. 7. RSS did it for news, VOD did it fortelevision, now Spotify is doing itfor music. Radio has always beenabout being live, what’s happeningnow. This is what makes radioradio.
  8. 8. This has already started to change: Radio will not be onlyabout being live, it will be about spontaneous moments,daily topics and being in the now. It will be those thingsthat make live live.The content has to separate from its delivery mechanicsand limitations.
  9. 9. Radio needs to learn
  10. 10. Algorithms are constantlydeveloping. One day, the radiochannel with the best user datawill win. Not just the number ofpotential listeners on thefrequency, but those consumingthe ecosystem.
  11. 11. Radio needs to expandbeyond its current two-dimensional environmentand become a part of therest of the world.
  12. 12. Radio shows are not just time slots
  13. 13. Is a television show a television show if it’s never beenshown on television? Can a television show be good if it’snot prime time programming?
  14. 14. The same will happen with radio and many of the previousformats has moved beyond radio, e.g. comedy shows, talkshows on radio.
  15. 15. This leads to a monocultural environment, which makesthe ecosystem more vulnerable. It also makesdifferentiating more difficult.
  16. 16. Radio needs to become more interactive
  17. 17. Radio is mostly live, but it should act more like it. It hasbecome lazy, it does pre-recorded content in the middle ofthe day. Radio has a massive differentiator in being live, if itstops being that, it becomes redundant.
  18. 18. The future of radiois outside radio,supporting it andthe world around it.
  19. 19. Radio needs to get out of radio.
  20. 20. Respect the illustratorsAll the images in the presentation are available online and they are used only because ofadmiration. I would like to point out a brilliant artist behind most of the images, RogerLangridge (@hotelfred). You can find and support his art and talent through his you would like to remove ANY of the images or are otherwise saddened of their use,please contact me and I’ll do so immediately.
  21. 21. Markus Sandelin (@banton) | +358 44 3699887Read our book with @blackbeak: