A million dollars for WWF


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I love pandas and I have a plan to make WWF a million bucks every year.

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A million dollars for WWF

  1. Let’s make WWF $1,000,000 How could the World Wide Fund for Nature make a million bucks by reading these 18 slides? Markus Sandelin (@banton) December 17th 2012
  2. Sell more stuffPeople will keep consuming and purchasing more andmore stuff. More and more charities are making a lotof money by participating in sales campaigns, such assoftware bundles. Selling stuff is not a bad thing,selling bad stuff is.
  3. The reason for this?I worked with WWF a few years back and noticedthat there was a major malfunction in the way thingswere done. Out of the millions of people visiting theirwebsites, only one percent (1%) went to the donationpage, but close to a quarter (25%) went to the store.This is quite common in every charity.
  4. The problem?The problem with all charities is that they usuallyspend all their money on their donation page insteadof building and running a great store. The questionbecame, how to merge these two into a singlemachine?
  5. The idea - EcoCommerceThe concept is quite simple. WWF should own andrun the largest ecological web store in the internet. Itwould choose all partners whose products would beavailable and it would take 30% of all sales, just likeApple does with its App Store. People can also donatea percentage of their whole purchase towards charitywhilst paying.
  6. eCommerce = lots of workYes. That’s why WWF will only run the proverbialdepartment store, where the partners can set up theirown shop-in-shops. Just like the App Store.Here’s an example:
  7. The platformLanding page Maintained by WWF Sellers Payment Partnered with a vendor Logistics Global green logistics partner
  8. Why is this a good idea?WWF is one of the top brands in the world. They alsohave massive amounts of traffic. Most eco brands lackthe brand awareness of major corporations, so byjoining forces, WWF could give out its brand to raiseawareness for these smaller and local brands.
  9. Our way or the highwayBy controlling the whole, WWF can exert pressure itnever has been able to - financial. The platformshould develop constantly, increase demands forecological values, promote sustainability anddurability in both products and the supply anddelivery chain.
  10. The business case?Let’s speculate that WWF would get ten millionyearly visitors to their sites. If we assume that theexisting 25% will go to the store, the store would get2.5 million annual visitors.
  11. The moneyLet’s assume that from the 2.5 million people, wecould convert 2% into 50,000 purchases. If theaverage purchase would be $50, the site would sell for2.5 million dollars per year. Should WWF take the30% off that, they would earn $750 thousand everyyear.
  12. The charityOn top of those 50 thousand purchases, the sitewould ask for donations just like Kiva.org does. Fiveor ten percent of your total purchase to run andsupport WWF. If 10% would give the 10%, that wouldbring an extra $25,000 per year.
  13. Own productsWhen we add WWFs own products to the mix,limited runs of designer clothes and special products(like product (red) does), they would earn anotherhundred thousand on top of the previous sum.
  14. Not just a million dollarsSure, the sales might be a million bucks - but that’snot the point. The point is leading by example andraising awareness using tools that have not beenavailable before.
  15. If you build it, they will come The thing with great shops is that people like to come again. Currently, most of WWF visitors are first-time or otherwise new visitors. They are not repeat customers. That can be fixed.
  16. Building itSetting up an eCommerce site is not as hard as it wasfive years ago. There are great players who alreadymaster the art and I’m sure modern players likeShopify and Stripe could help the store get up just forthe heck it. Check out: www.shopify.com & www.stripe.com
  17. Can it be this simple?Yes it can. You only need a few dedicatedprofessionals and good partners to get it done. Startsmall and grow slowly. Instead of money donations,accept help from companies - they can make youmuch more money.
  18. Thank you!If you want to talk about this topic or want to knowmore about the plan, send me a message or give mea call!Markus Sandelin (@banton)markus@kingmuffin.com | +358 44 36 99 887