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CV dr paresh solanki lattest with KRA


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CV dr paresh solanki lattest with KRA

  1. 1. Curriculum Vitae Dr. Paresh G. Solanki (MBBS, MD Pharmacology) 13 MAY 2015 1 PARESHSOLANKI CurriculumVitae: Dr. Paresh G. Solanki (MBBS, MD Pharmacology) Objectives: • Lookingfora challengingcareerwhichdemandsthe bestof myprofessional abilityintermsof, technical andanalytical skills,andhelpsme inbroadeningandenhancingmycurrentskill and knowledge. • To be a part of dynamic,growthorientedorganizationwhere performance isrewardedandhave exposure forthe developmentof the organizationandmyself. Academic Qualification: Degree College University: -M. D. (Pharmacology)- Governmentmedical college andnew civil hospital,Surat.VeerNarmad SouthGujarat University. -M. B. B. S from.Governmentmedical college,Baroda.MSUniversity,Baroda.2008. -InternshipfromGovernmentmedical collegeandSSGHospital Baroda.2009. Professional Experience: • Workingas Drug Safety Physicianin Pharmacovigilance departmentof APCER PHARMA INDIA LTD since Dec 2014 to till date. Key Responsibilities:  Perform medical and scientificreviewof narratives of the assigned projectin a timely and efficient manner includingidentification of event/s, confirmation of seriousness, ensure that events arecoded and mapped to the appropriateterms in MedDRA, provi de assessmentof expectedness per reference safety information,assessmentof causality, review of narrativefor chronology and medical content and provide medical evaluation comment.  To raisequeries regardingthe case.  Providemedical expertise in the review and evaluation of safety information for investigational and marketed products, including:evaluation of serious cl inical trial adverse events, spontaneous reports and literatures.  To answer the queries by clients,QA teams or auditors.  Reconciliation of the adverseevents.  Preparation of AOSE: analysis of similar events.  Medical review of annual IND safety reports and DSURs  Worked on preparation of RMPs  Worked on update of the IB (investigator’s broacher}
  2. 2. Curriculum Vitae Dr. Paresh G. Solanki (MBBS, MD Pharmacology) 13 MAY 2015 2 PARESHSOLANKI  To attend the clienttelecon.  Preparation of SOPs and WI as required. • Workedas assistant manager inclinical pharmacology and medical affairs dept.of lambda therapeuticresearch LTD from June 2013 to Dec 2014. (Workedas clinical research physicianin BA/BE studies) Key Responsibilities:  Act as a Clinical Research Physician in BA / BE and phase 1 studies.  Conduct of clinical Examination & ascertain eligibility of Subjects for all clinical studies  Ensure complianceto protocol,SOPs and Regulatory requirements  Coordinatewith ProjectCoordinators for all projectrelated matters  Monitor and manage adverse events  Review lab.Reports, X ray reports, ECGs, and other reports for clinical studies  Criteria for Inclusion & Exclusion of subjectin some projects  Coordinatewith panel of consultants to seek medical opinion as and when required  Ensure timely responseto QA findings  Interact with sponsors on medical related matters  Handlesafety related issues and ensureappropriatecommunication  Write and review related SOPs  Contribute towards scientific development of the organization  Support clinical trial group & Corporate health check up  Handlemedical confidential reports and casemanagement  Help maintain and update all the systems and SOPs in the department  Train the staff on all SOPs related to medical/clinical examination of subjects ( pre-study, duringstudy& post-study, GCP & related guidelines Any other responsibilities as assigned by the Head of the Department • Teaching Pharmacology, Conductingtutorials and practical classes for MBBS & Lab technicianstudentsduring residencyperiodof three years at dept.of pharmacology, Govt. medical college,Surat(June 2010 to June 2013) • Workedas full time Residentmedical officerin medicine dept.atK.J.Mehta General Hospital & College of Medical Sciences,Amargadh,Bhavnagar.(Nov2009 to June 2010)
  3. 3. Curriculum Vitae Dr. Paresh G. Solanki (MBBS, MD Pharmacology) 13 MAY 2015 3 PARESHSOLANKI • Workedas part time medical officerat Neurosurgical Hospital, Raopura,Baroda and SterlingHospital,Baroda during& after internshipperiodfor1year.(Nov2008 to Nov 2009). Presentations: - Oral presentation(8min) of a scientificpaper‘Explorationof mechanismof actionof Ephedrineonrat bloodpressure’atIndianPharmacological SocietyConference (IPSCON) 2012, Nagpur. ConferencesAttended: - 45th annual conference of IndianPharmacological Societyandinternational conference onnavigating Pharmacologytowardssafe andeffective therapy,2012. Membership: • Life time memberof IndianPharmacological Society Dissertation(Thesis) Topic During MD Pharmacology : “Explorationof mechanismof actionof Ephedrine onratbloodpressure”underthe guidance of Dr. Preeti Yadav, Dr. N.D. Kantharia,Dr. Jaykaran (Dept.of Pharmacology,Governmentmedical college, Surat). Publications: • ‘Explorationof mechanismof actionof Ephedrine onratbloodpressure’publishedin Researchandreviews:journal of pharmacologyandtoxicological studies.|Volume2| Issue 3 | July - September,2014. • Reviewon“Ephedrine:direct,indirectormixedactingsympathomimetic?”publishedin International Journal of Basic&Clinical Pharmacology|May-June 2014 | Vol 3 | Issue 3. • ‘Studydesignandstatistical methodsinIndianmedical journals’injournal of pharmaceuticsnegative results,Jan-June 2011, vol.2, issue 1. • ‘Qualityof reportingof descriptive andinferential statisticinnegative studiespublished inIndianmedical journals‘injournal of pharmaceuticsnegative results,Jan-June2011, vol.2, issue 1. Languages known: English,Hindi,Gujarati
  4. 4. Curriculum Vitae Dr. Paresh G. Solanki (MBBS, MD Pharmacology) 13 MAY 2015 4 PARESHSOLANKI ComputerSkills:MicrosoftOffice (Word/ Excel sheet/PowerPoint),Statistical Software andBasic Internet. Hobbiesand Interests:Playingguitar,listeningtoMusic,Travelling,andMovies. Personal Details: Name: Dr. PareshSolanki Phone no. 09998061826, 07065406446 Email: Date of birth: 05/03/1986 Age: 28 yrs Sex:male Marital status: Married. Referencesare available onrequest.