Onlive Vs Steam


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A presentation outlining the pros and cons of two major cloud gaming platforms.

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  • Onlive Vs Steam

    1. 1. C lo u d G a m in g Onlive@hezsaysthings Steam#hezsaysthingsoasdaa.blogspot
    2. 2. C lo u d G a m in g The physical age of media is disappearing and having a film, song or game on a disk is becoming a rare sight. Y are all probably not strangers to platforms such as S team or iTunes. ou But with the introduction of Onlive Gaming, which is the best for you?@hezsaysthings#hezsaysthingsoasdaa.blogspot
    3. 3. S te a m Since 2007 Steam has grown into the huge online distribution platform it is today. Boasting 70% of the PC distribution market in 2008, it has many upsides to being part of its team. With voice chat features, trading abilities and relationships with large and small development companies, Steam is a great platform to be part of if you are part of if you are a PC gamer. Big rivals being EA Origin service and now more recently with the announcement of ’s Onlive being available in the UK, Steam has its work cut out to defend its current title.@hezsaysthings#hezsaysthingsoasdaa.blogspot
    4. 4. O n liv e Onlive is similar to steam that it is a distribution platform, but it concentrates more on the idea of Cloud gaming. The ability to instantly play any game with no prior download or even needing to have a high end video game PC. With this it boasts the ability to play your library of games anywhere on tablet, phone pc or console simply by knowing your login details. Its library is small but is steadily growing, it seems to still be dwarfed by Steam but has received glowing reviews by Gamespot and IGN, so is Onlive the future of gaming? “There is s omething inherently cool with being able to fire up any game in a digital library ins tantaneous ly anytime, anywhere — Scott Lowe@hezsaysthings …”#hezsaysthingsoasdaa.blogspot
    5. 5. In t e r f a c e Both UI’s provide a sleek easy to understand store to purchase and navigate through. Reviews, prices, demo’s and library filters are all easy to find and are all in their expected places. When picking between them I feel they both stand strong when pitted against each other and that the differences between them are too minute to make a substantial difference.@hezsaysthings#hezsaysthingsoasdaa.blogspot
    6. 6. £££ P r ic e Both platforms are free to own and register and both provide trails and demo’s of games. Onlive provides a slightly different trial service of instead of giving a demo version of a game , it give you 30 Minutes of the full game. Onlive’s library is currently quite small however pricing in each platform does vary. But which on average is cheaper? I did some research to find out!@hezsaysthings#hezsaysthingsoasdaa.blogspot
    7. 7. P r ic e How it works •Onlive offers their small library in increments of time, 3days, 5 days and full. •For the purpouse of this test I will be referring to the ‘Full’ price for each game. •With Onlive, a $ 9.99 a month is a membership put in place instantly. •This membership fee must be paid to access your previously purchased games. •Steam does not enforce a membership fee. •Onlive offers a console to play their games on at a cheap $1 00 •Can be played on tablet, phone or pc@hezsaysthings#hezsaysthingsoasdaa.blogspot
    8. 8. P r ic e Homefront Onlive £29.99 +Membership Steam@hezsaysthings £29.99#hezsaysthingsoasdaa.blogspot
    9. 9. P r ic e L.A Noire: The Complete Edition Onlive £39.99 +Membership Steam@hezsaysthings £34.99#hezsaysthingsoasdaa.blogspot
    10. 10. P r ic e Batman: Arkham City Onlive £29.99 +Membership Steam@hezsaysthings £29.99#hezsaysthingsoasdaa.blogspot
    11. 11. P r ic e Results On average Steam was either cheaper or the same as Onlive when comparing the three games we chose. However when including the membership fee, Steam came out consistently cheaper. The membership fee implemented by Onlive is necessary to play games that have been previously purchased. ap er’ tly che sis ten ‘c on@hezsaysthings#hezsaysthingsoasdaa.blogspot
    12. 12. P la y a b ilit y Onlive Onlive’s biggest appeal I feel is the instant playability of any content. A game does not need to be installed or downloaded at all for it to be played. The game is streamed over the internet similar to a video or website. No waiting. J hit enter and play. ust S team A game must be downloaded before it can be played. Larger games obviously take longer, so games such as RA (1 6GB) take considerable amounts of time. However, a GE internet connection and no membership fee is required to play your games offline.@hezsaysthings#hezsaysthingsoasdaa.blogspot
    13. 13. C o m m u n it y Onlive I feel the community is almost non existent with Onlive. Groups, friends systems or chat clients are either very basic or don’t exist. There isn’t much of a “Community” in OnLive… Y eah, you can watch other people show off their cool movies and send people/ friends messages, but in Steam you have Clans, Friends, Live chats, Voice Chat and other “Community”- like things. S team A things explained above are all ll available on Steam. Me personally, I actually use the Steam chat client over all others (Facebook, MSN, Irc) because its so responsive! A well as game s trading and competitions, I feel that@hezsaysthings Steam encapsulates the idea of a#hezsaysthings ‘community’ quite well.oasdaa.blogspot
    14. 14. G a m e L ib r a r y Although Steam has been around for longer, Onlive’s game library still seems to be quite small Onlive 248 G ames S team 2,1 44 G ames@hezsaysthings#hezsaysthingsoasdaa.blogspot
    15. 15. S umma ry Final Thoughts Onlive I feel is a great idea. Having the ability to game anywhere on anything at anytime sounds like a dream. However, with current technology and internet speeds graphics and playability do sometimes diminish. Steam is currently monopolising the gaming download market and I feel this is why both their library and community have developed into such a vibrant platform. My first impressions with Onlive were a little off, and I didn’t get this when I first started with Steam. I feel this was due to almost ‘hidden’ costs which I didn’t know about. Although they werent exactly ‘hidden’, it was a shock when I encountered them. I feel Cloud gaming is definitely the future of gaming is going however only time will work out kinks and issues which are predominant now. I really want Onlive to work however I feel with more funding and backing from bigger names, its success could be unquestionable.@hezsaysthings#hezsaysthingsoasdaa.blogspot
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