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  1. 1. THE PARK PLOT No:1,Sector 10, CBD Belapur, Navi Mumbai 400614 T: +91 22 2758 9000 W: The Park Hotels are original, contemporary, boutique hotels in India, providing a point of calm and inspiration in the urban hub. This centrally located collection of five star luxury hotels offer inspiring design, refreshing people, rejuvenating spaces, innovative dining, sensuous entertainment, instant connectivity and edgy art, balancing mind and body, work and play. India's first collection of luxury, boutique hotels and member of design hotels, The Park Hotels are a part of Apeejay Surrendra Group, a diversified industrial conglomerate. LOCATION The Park Navi Mumbai is situated 29 Kms from Mumbai City on the Mumbai - Pune Expressway, 29 Kms from Thane. Transportation:- From Distance Time By Airport 38 kms from domestic 42 kms from 1 hr international 8 Kms from Proposed 1 hr 15 mins Car 15 mins New International Airport Railway Station 1 km from CBD Belapur station (Local) 41kms from CST 5 mins (Chatrapati Shivaji Terminus)
  2. 2. ROOMS The 80-room hotel provides a contemporary and elegant setting for both business and pleasure. The interiors mix traditional Indian patterns and textures with clean lines and modern shapes, bringing together East and West and fusing technology with local crafts. It defines a new vision of service and style to Navi Mumbai. 80 rooms including 10 studio single rooms, 41 deluxe pool view and hill view rooms, 14 luxury garden view rooms, 14 studio suites, and 1 presidential suite with plush elegant décor and modern facilities. The bedrooms are arranged around an enclosed atrium, bringing natural light into the circulation areas. On the top floor are larger rooms with a kitchenette facility for long stay guests; there is one Presidential Suite and a boutique gym and spa for guests. All of these spaces are informal and friendly, offering the guest the chance to relax or interact with friends and colleagues. All of the bedrooms are accessed off open corridors that surround the internal light well. The base of the atrium is a highly contemporary mirror pool. The guests walk around the carpeted corridors lit by quirky red lanterns over each door. Generously proportioned rooms have high ceilings and are decorated in a classic neutral palate lifted by flashes of bright colour. The floors are natural bamboo with teak and tan leather furniture. The centrepiece of the room is the bed hovering over the ground on a slatted wooden base. The bathrooms all have huge showers and a teak vanity counter. All rooms have LCD TV screens and high speed wired broadband. Room Category INR Studio Single Room 10,000 Deluxe Pool View Room - Single Occupancy 14,000 Deluxe Pool View Room - Double Occupancy 16,000 Deluxe Hill View Room - Single Occupancy 14.000 Deluxe Hill View Room - Double Occupancy 16,000 Luxury Garden View Room - Single 15,000 Occupancy Luxury Garden View Room - Double 17,000 Occupancy Studio Suite - Single Occupancy 17,000 Studio Suite - Double Occupancy 19,000 Presidential Suite 19,000 Extra Bed/Third Person 2,000
  3. 3. RESTAURANTS The PARK hotel comprises of restaurants:-  AQUA  BAMBOO  DUS  ZEST AQUA The signature poolside space of The Park is characterised by a huge abstract glass mosaic pattern in blues, greys and oranges creating an abstract backdrop for the dramatic black elliptical pool. In the evening guests can sit out eating and drinking on the timber deck with views of the landscape framed by the huge circular windows of the boundary wall. An ideal place for al fresco dining experience with focus on meditteranean cuisine and smokey bar be cues. At Aqua you can now enjoy a meal centered on kebabs and enhanced by dal, curry, tandoori breads, biryani. You can also enjoy a live band playing at Aqua every Thursday. Operational Timings from 1900 to 2345 hrs.
  4. 4. BAMBOO is the Chinese Restaurant located at the Lobby level of The Park Navi Mumbai. The restaurant is an altogether more formal affair finished in an arresting pale green color which contrasts with the white marble and the horizontally clad oak columns. The Chinese cooking is reflected in the minimal eastern motifs picked out in the mirrored wall paneling, silk and leather upholstery. The four glazed doors on the façade side open out into terraces where diners can sit or retire to the garden. In Bamboo with endless options in a slick menu you will always find "your dish" on the menu. The menu has a choice of about 12 Dim Sums (with equal emphasis for the vegetarians). Dim Sums are mainly steamed, but you will also find some stir fried, grilled, fried or roasted. Be it the traditional and classical "Har Gau"- prawn in translucent pastry or Duck Rolls or the unique Gouda Cheese Rolls. The Master Chefs forte is the "Lean Cuisine". There is a separate section for the health conscious. A whole page dedicated to creative steamed a must try in this section is the Pan braised stuffed Sweet Jalapenos with Chilly Lemon Sauce for the vegetarians and for the non vegetarians, Drunk Chicken (wok fired Chicken with Bamboo shoots, Steamed in a Bamboo vessel). The signature attractions of the menu are three dishes that surpass all. The Peking Duck, Salt baked Chicken and a long forgotten country style dish Bamboo fish. Then there is an array of rice preparation (again ranging from the traditional Bamboo rice or Clay pot rice to creative Pineapple rice) and noodles. Tea drinking is an integral part of Chinese life and their food experience. The selection has a choice of some Chinese Teas like Long Jing, Formosa oolong, Keemun, Fresh Flower tea..... and some tongue tickling desserts again ranging from the traditional Red Bean Pancake or Fried Milk to the creative Chocolate Sushi.
  5. 5. Food offered in the BAMBOO restaurant:- APPETIZERS Veg Chilly,celery,crunchy,baby corn and water,chestnut 195 Non veg Twin pepper squids 325 SOUPS Veg Five treasure clear soup 150 Non veg Shark fin soup 225 SPECIALS Veg Crackling spinach and seaweed with sprinkling seasame 295 Non veg Steamed lobster with your choice of sauce 795 Peking duck 1000/600 (made pancake,cucumber,spring onion, and sweet beam sauce)
  6. 6. MAIN COURSE Veg Stir fried vegetable 275 Non veg Sea food 425 NOODLES Jade noodles 195 Three herbs noodles 195 RICE Clay pot rice 195 Moon fan rice 195
  7. 7. ALCOHOL offerd in BAMBOO restaurants:- WINE LIST FRANCE Red: laroche melot 2007 By the bottle 3350 By the glass 600 White:laroche chardonnay 2007 By the bottle 3350 By the glass 600 ARGENTINA Red:terraza de losandes cabernet sauvignon 2006 By the bottle 3750 By the glass 700 White:terrazas de los andess Chardonnay 2005 By the bottle 3750 By the glass 700 CHILEAN Red:casa lapostolle merlot 2006 By the bottle 4750 By the glass 900 White:casa lapostolle sauvignon blanc 2006 By the bottle 3500 By the glass 650
  8. 8. AUSTRALIAN Red:green point Victoria shioaz 2005 By the bottle 5500 By the glass 1000 CALIFORNIA Red:kendall Jackson pinatnoir 2006 By the bottle 4950 By the glass 950 INDIAN Red:sula satori merlot By the bottle 1300 By the glass 300 CHAMPAGNE Dom pergnon 1996 By the bottle 28500 Moet and chandon By the bottle 12000
  9. 9. ZЄst is the vibrant all hours restaurant which enjoys views of the terrace through full height glass windows. The end wall is a huge tiled surface in a traditional Indian pattern that has been abstracted in shades of red and orange. The centrepiece is the one-off doughnut shaped serving counter, topped in characterful brown Italian Marble, and lit by a huge curved hood lined in gold leaf. A screen of brass rods sits on top of the leather banquette dividing off this zone and the entrance to the restaurant, shop and meeting facilities. The restaurant serves a power breakfast and lunch on the buffet as well as weekend evenings and an elaborate selection of Indian and International favorites on a la carte. The menu is a mix of traditional favorites like French onion soup, Burgers, Risottos, Pot Pies, T-bone Steaks, Chicken Kolhapuri, Chikkad Choley, Manglorean fish curry to the more contemporary dishes like a soup of Pistachio and Whiskey cream, Wasabi and currant crusted Lamb chops, Paneer Zartar, Peru aur Cheeku ki Curry. Designer Milkshakes and interesting refreshers like Kuchi Beer are great combinations. For those with a sweet tooth can try the warm Chocolate Truffle triangles and if in the mood for some adventure can try the Galangal Crème Brule or Brownie with a Chilli lime Sorbet.
  10. 10. Stylish, elegant and dark, Dusk , the bar, is a mature moody space. Here all the walls are clad in a random series of vertical teak slats interspersed with mirror. Specially designed brass wall lights exude candle -like points of light. The furniture is a combination of more formal leather sofas mixed with an eclectic mix of armchairs all sitting on Indian rugs l. It is a contemporary, stylish and elegant bar which is very intimating and has wide selection of single malts, signature cocktails, vodkas and cigars. Begin the night sipping on a Martini listening to lounge music, as the night begins its journey drool yourself on the various house special cocktails we have to offer; if you love to venture try the flaming cocktails and spin to music all night. Operational Timings from 1700 to 0030 hrs.
  11. 11. Food offered in DUSK SNACKS Veg Bhuney masaledar kaju 175 Garlic bread with cheese and chillies 175 Wild pepper popcorn 175 Assorted bruschtters 245 Cantonese veg spring rolls 245 Non veg Chicken with blasted red chillies 295 Stuffed chicken wings with duo of thai sauce 295 Jamaican jolt murgh tikka 350
  12. 12. Angarey murgh 350 CONCOCTIONS Martinis,Margaritas,Daiquiris 300 (kiwi,peach,back currant,lychees,strawberry,melon,orange) HOUSE SPECIAL Cactus banger 375 Absolutely high 375 Devils dellic 375 Choclate monkey 375 Pepperojka 325 CLASSIC TENS Negroni 325 (gin,campari,sweet vermouth) Brandy Alexander 325 (brandy,crémede cacw,nutmeg) Tequila sunrise 325 (tequila,grenadine syrup,orange juice) SHOTS
  13. 13. b-52 350 (kahlua,bailey sirish cream) bend me over 350 (jack daniels,amaretto) traffic signal 350 (galeiano,midori) five shot 300 (tequila,vodka,Tabasco) MOCKTAILS Black rose 175 (lemon chunks,mint leaves,rushed ice,pepsi) evil princes 175 (grape juice,apple juice,lemon juice) fire and ice 175 (khus syrup,green chillies,lemon juice,sprite) PITCHERS Bay of passion 950 (vodka,passion fruit syrup, canberry,pineapple juice) Boston tea party 950 (vodka,gin,white rum,marnier,pepsi) dj special 950 (gin,Malibu,vodka,peach schnapps) BEER Guiness 550 Tsingtao 450 Asashi 325 Corona 325 Heinka 325
  14. 14. Peroni 325 Tiger 275 Foster 150 Kingfisher 150 APERITIFS Pernod 300 Ricard 300 Campari 300 Martini rosso 250 Martini bianco 250 Matini dry 250 WHISKY Lagavwlin 16yrs 950 Glenfiddicin 525 Oban 14yrs 795 Celynelish 14yrs 425 Dalmore 12yrs 425 Talisker 10yrs 425 RUM Captain morgan black 200 Captain morgan gold 200 Bacardi carafe blanca 150 GIN Tanquerey 10yrs 425 Gordon dry 250 Bombay sapplore 250 Domestic 150 VODKA X-Rated 525 Ciroc 375 Grey goose 375 Rusky platinum 300 Chopin 425
  15. 15. TAQUILA Jose cuervo silver 250 Jose cuervo gold 250 SOFT DRINKS Perrier sparkling water 275 Diet pepsi 120 Aerated beverages 120 BANQUETS Specialising in boutique banqueting The Park, Navi Mumbai has the best banqueting facilities with a choice of premium banqueting areas, state of the art audio visuals; perfect ambience spread over 16,596 sq. ft. and the city's biggest outdoor catering services. Innovative cuisine prepared by celebrity chefs and commendable service make banqueting at The Park an enriching experience. Based on your requirements, our event planners will be delighted to organize a customized package of activities and services for you at the right price. ROSEWOOD A 2570 square feet sized hall with similar wall paneling serves as the ideal space for large conferencing, social dinners, exhibition and seminars. Theatre Style - 250 persons Class room - 90 persons U Shape - 75 persons Cluster - 90 persons Casual - 350 persons BANYAN This is a large banqueting space of 2010 sq. ft divided into three halls. The room can be lit for meetings and corporate events by day then transformed into a glamorous dinner venue. This large room can be split into three break out rooms which enjoy views out over the out door terrace. Theatre Style - 150 persons Class room - 50 persons U Shape - 40 persons Cluster - 50 persons Casual - 200 persons
  16. 16. Banyan 1, Banyan 2 & Banyan 3 These are three symmetric halls 670 sq. ft. each that come into play when the Banyan is partitioned. It is ideal for all types of conferences and parties on a small to medium scale. The numbers that can be accommodated in each hall are as follows. When using these halls for conferencing, the food is usually served in either the Banyan 1 or the Banyan 3. Theatre Style - 40 persons Class room - 25 persons U Shape - 18 persons Cluster - 20 persons Casual - 40 persons LEARNING Cocktail:-Mixing of alcoholic beverages. Mocktail:-Mixing of non-alcoholic beverages. COCKTAIL 1)Margarita:-Tequila,Cointreau and Lime juice. It is served in two states one is liquid and other is solid. 2)Daiquiri:-White Rum,Lime juice,Sugar syrup or gomme syrup. 3)Screw Driver:-Vodka,Orange juice,Maraschine cherry and 3 cubs of ice. 4)Mojioto(spain):-Bacardi,Lime syrup,2-3 drops of Dripper,topped with soda and garnish with mint leaves. 5)Bloody Mary:-Vodka,Worcestershire sauce,Tabasco,lemon juice, salt and pepper,ice cubes,tomato juice. 6)Long Island Ice Tea(it is the strongest cocktail):-Tequila,Vodka,Gin, White Rum,Cointreau,lime juice.
  17. 17. MOCKTAIL Categories of Mocktail 1) SWEET 2) FIZZY 3) FRUITY 4) CREAMY 5) SOUR 6) STRONG 7) LIGHT 1) Sweet:-Pineapple juice,Kiwi. 2) Fizzy:-containing C02,Gas. eg: Farineax. 3) Fruity:-Mango,Strawberry,Colada. 4) Creamy:-Panacolada. 5) Sour:-lime juice. 6) Strong:-Sparkling Pomegranate mocktail 7) Light:-Mojiot mocktail. JAM Jam is prepared by boiling Fruit Pulp.
  18. 18. Blackberry Jam,Blister 4 Jam,Chestnut Jam,Plum Jam. Pineapple Fruit Jam,Mixed Fruit Jam,Mango Fruit Jam. JELLY Jelly is preapared by Sugar. Grape Plum Jelly,Strawberry Rhubarb Jelly,Peach Jelly with powdered Pectin. YAM Herbaceous Vines. Sweet Potato. Glasses & Capacity Water Goblet -450 ml — 15oz White Wine -280 ml — 9 oz Champagne Tulip -255 ml — 8 oz Martini -200 ml — 6 oz Brandy Ballon -485 ml — 16 oz Tall glass -305 ml — 10 oz Liquer -85 ml — 3 oz Red Wine -420 ml — 14 oz Margarita -150 ml — 5 oz Hi Ball -240 ml — 8 oz Old Fashion -240 ml — 8 oz BANQUET STYLES 1) Casual Buffet 2) Sit Down Service 3) Sit Down Buffet 4) Theme Parties 5) Private Dining Room. ARRANGEMENTS 1) Theatre Style
  19. 19. 2) Classroom Style 3) Workshop / Fish Bone Style 4) Conferencing 5) Banquet / Informal Style List of food items offered in BANQUETS. SOUPS Subz Kesari Shorba SALADS Baguette with Cottage Cheese Shavarma Aubergine Caponata Insalata E Faglioni Baghara Raita Mini Croissant with Lettuce,chicken and Mustard(NV) Cucumber with Dil Yoghurt Caesar Salad with Anchovy Dressing(NV) MAIN COURSE Tawa Paratha Western Breads Dal Makhani Hare Pyaz Ka Pulao Paneer Khurchan Balsamic Glaazed Vegetables Murg Farcha Chilly Garlic Prawns Cheese Kurkuri Hungarian Lamb Goulash Murg Begmati
  20. 20. DESERT Pasta and Vegetable Bake Stuffed Gulab Jamun Truffle Triangle Seasonal Fresh Friut