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Sky pilot - The Animals

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Sky pilot - The Animals

  1. 1. Universidad Nacional Autónoma de MéxicoEscuela Nacional Preparatoria Nº 2 “Erasmo Castellanos Quinto”Integrantes: Martínez Barrera Rodrigo Manuel AlejandroMartínez Gonzaga FernandoGrupo: 654<br />
  2. 2. By Eric Burdon & TheAnimals<br />USA lostthewaragainst Vietnam, theconsecuenceswere 58,000 deadyoungsoldiers and 300,000 soldierswith a crashedfuture<br />Itwasreleased in 1968<br />Thesongisaboutanarmychaplain (a religiousmanwhohelpspeoplefeelbetter) and hisfeelingaboutthesoldiers he blessedbeforetheywenttothewar<br />SkyPilot<br />Theywritethesongbecausetheywantedtosaytotheworldhowtheyfeltabouttheboyswhoweresentvietnam<br />ThesongwaswrittenbyBurdon, Briggs, Weider, Jenkins, McCulloch<br />
  3. 3. Video withlyrics: <br /><br />Info:<br /><br />