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Native Advertising: Today’s Fashion Tomorrow’s Trend


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Native ads commit action in form of click-through where user’s intent is incited by editorial content feed that matches user interface aesthetics. #Pallab on #Go_Native

What’s with native ads & how to interpret it’s usage that also parlay conceivable notions to mislead web users into committing an action in the form of a click where the user intended the click through intent incited by editorial content feed.

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Native Advertising: Today’s Fashion Tomorrow’s Trend

  1. 1. TODAY’S FASHION TOMORROW’S TREND Ⓟ⍱⌈⌉⍲Ⓑ 《Å《∅〶⑂ // #Pallab Kakoti // #Pallab_Slides on #Go_Native
  2. 2. E X A M P L E S O F N AT I V E A D S : Native ads commits an action in form of a click where user’s intended click through intent incited by editorial content feed that matches homepage or website UI & UX aesthetics. Native advertisement formats across some UI designs:- Ⓟ⍱⌈⌉⍲Ⓑ 《Å《∅〶⑂ // #Pallab Kakoti // #Pallab_Slides on #Go_Native
  3. 3. Plant Native Seed Influence on your Content Strategy and boost targeted engagement as it starts to grow! Ⓟ⍱⌈⌉⍲Ⓑ 《Å《∅〶⑂ // #Pallab Kakoti // #Pallab_Slides on #Go_Native
  4. 4. Social engagement empowers native content strategy to bear fruit with brand lift & purchase intent. Ⓟ⍱⌈⌉⍲Ⓑ 《Å《∅〶⑂ // #Pallab Kakoti // #Pallab_Slides on #Go_Native
  5. 5. I N S P I R E I D E A T E Native content feed is inspired by constant ideation to excel targeted engagement. Ⓟ⍱⌈⌉⍲Ⓑ 《Å《∅〶⑂ // #Pallab Kakoti // #Pallab_Slides on #Go_Native
  6. 6. C O N T E N T D E S I G N Native Content Feed analyze user activity to deliver matching contextual advertisements. Ⓟ⍱⌈⌉⍲Ⓑ 《Å《∅〶⑂ // #Pallab Kakoti // #Pallab_Slides on #Go_Native
  7. 7. Ⓟ⍱⌈⌉⍲Ⓑ 《Å《∅〶⑂ // #Pallab Kakoti // #Pallab_Slides on #Go_Native Be Seen, Be Shared & Be Driven in the ambit of native content storytelling.
  8. 8. MORE views , MORE relevancy & MORE branding lift intensifies native ads compared to traditional banner ads. Ⓟ⍱⌈⌉⍲Ⓑ 《Å《∅〶⑂ // #Pallab Kakoti // #Pallab_Slides on #Go_Native
  9. 9. Native State of Affairs 2014 harnesses widespread adoption for brands & publishers across web. Ⓟ⍱⌈⌉⍲Ⓑ 《Å《∅〶⑂ // #Pallab Kakoti // #Pallab_Slides on #Go_Native
  10. 10. Content Collaboration Made Easy Native advertising makes content collaboration easy, efficient & effectual. Ⓟ⍱⌈⌉⍲Ⓑ 《Å《∅〶⑂ // #Pallab Kakoti // #Pallab_Slides on #Go_Native
  11. 11. Native Advertisers In Play! Power rich content feed across multiple devices for better engagement Ⓟ⍱⌈⌉⍲Ⓑ 《Å《∅〶⑂ // #Pallab Kakoti // #Pallab_Slides on #Go_Native
  12. 12. NATIVE ADVERTISING 2 0 1 4 V S 2 0 2 5 Ⓟ⍱⌈⌉⍲Ⓑ 《Å《∅〶⑂ // #Pallab Kakoti // #Pallab_Slides on #Go_Native
  13. 13. STATE OF NATIVE ADVERTISING 2014 Ⓟ⍱⌈⌉⍲Ⓑ 《Å《∅〶⑂ // #Pallab Kakoti // #Pallab_Slides on #Go_Native
  14. 14. Ⓟ⍱⌈⌉⍲Ⓑ 《Å《∅〶⑂ // #Pallab Kakoti // #Pallab_Slides on #Go_Native Native Ad Landscape include many sponsored collaterals like images, posts, videos, listings, playlist, In-App & In-Game.
  15. 15. Native ads have been successful for both brands & consumers….. Ⓟ⍱⌈⌉⍲Ⓑ 《Å《∅〶⑂ // #Pallab Kakoti // #Pallab_Slides on #Go_Native …. driving factor that has boosted its adoption.
  16. 16. Native Advertising Strategies incorporate….. Ⓟ⍱⌈⌉⍲Ⓑ 《Å《∅〶⑂ // #Pallab Kakoti // #Pallab_Slides on #Go_Native
  17. 17. Ⓟ⍱⌈⌉⍲Ⓑ 《Å《∅〶⑂ // #Pallab Kakoti // #Pallab_Slides on #Go_Native
  18. 18. ARE YOU GOING NATIVE? #GO_NATIVE Stats confirm native ads improve purchase intent, build brand loyalty and generate better click-through Ⓟ⍱⌈⌉⍲Ⓑ 《Å《∅〶⑂ // #Pallab Kakoti // #Pallab_Slides on #Go_Native at a much lower cost compared to traditional banner advertisements.
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