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Hashtag Research Tools for Marketing


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Market research is a prerequisite for digital marketers to improve social selling & identifying the right hashtag marketing tools for research is the way forward. Here are 24 best tools for hashtag marketing research that social media marketers need to know.

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Hashtag Research Tools for Marketing

  1. 1. Hashtag Research Tools Market research is a prerequisite for online marketers to improve social selling & identifying the right hashtag marketing tools for research is the way forward. What’s Inside: The basics of Hashtag Marketing History of Hashtags Hashtag Impact on Tweets & Posts Tools for Hashtag Marketing Research
  2. 2. Hashtags: #thebasics Source:
  3. 3. Hashtags: #thepower Source:
  4. 4. Hashtags: #bestpractices Source:
  5. 5. Hashtags: #bestpractices Source:
  6. 6. Hashtags: #whyusethem Source:
  7. 7. Hashtags: #marketingrole Source:
  8. 8. Introducing Facebook Hashtag Source:
  9. 9. How do Facebook Hashtags work Source:
  10. 10. Advantages Facebook Hashtags Source:
  11. 11. Marketing Uses of Facebook Hashtags Source:
  12. 12. History of Hashtags Source:
  13. 13. History of Hashtags Source:
  14. 14. Hashtag Impact Source:
  15. 15. Primary Uses of Hashtags
  16. 16. Posts & Tweets with Hashtags Source:
  17. 17. Hashtag Tools: Good starter tool to register & define hashtags Search keywords to get a list of trending hashtag topics related to them thus giving you the option to Reports top influencers for hashtag or keywords, pie charts with Reports top languages using the hashtags and spelling variants of the searched topics. Source:
  18. 18. Hashtag Tools: Track to choose the best hashtags & extends a web browser extension to schedule tweets Reports the top performing hashtags based on usage density Comparative insights for retweet of tweets & favourite tweets Bring targeted audience with tag optimizer that gives a score on hashtags popularity Source:
  19. 19. Hashtag Tools: Social media search & discovery tool Explore & visualize topics or hashtags, related tweets Post messages for user engagement Retweet, favourite and highlight specific posts Source:
  20. 20. Hashtag Tools: Gives results related to hashtag queries gathered from various social networking channels Offers features like sentiment, number of retweet, strength and reach of hashtags Narrow down searches by date and the preferred platform for targeted results Source:
  21. 21. Hashtag Tools: Offers an interactive visually appealing interface to monitor hashtag mentions See social conversations around the hashtags from across various social networks Source:
  22. 22. Hashtag Tools: Another platform for hashtag definitions Aims at providing related hashtags based on research conducted on the site Mention related hashtags manually Source:
  23. 23. Hashtag Tools: Informative Twitter search tool to search social mentions based on all tweets ever tweeted Deep contextual data & analysis for the searched topics Categorize tweet results for the past hour or any other period Source:
  24. 24. Hashtag Tools: Register, manage & track hashtags for free Acts as a directory for hashtags where others can join to contribute on the registered topic Join a chat room to converse with people & post messages based on searched hashtags Source:
  25. 25. Hashtag Tools: Gives visualization of real time trending hashtags based on locations from anywhere in the world Source:
  26. 26. Hashtag Tools: Map based Twitter tool to locate tweets, and Twitter accounts within a specific geography Ideal hashtag marketing research tool for regional business or events Source:
  27. 27. Hashtag Tools: See the successful tweets and reach with search options for keywords or hashtags See the number of estimated account reach & tweet exposure Activity chart based on the list of top influencers & most retweeted tweets Source:
  28. 28. Hashtag Tools: Create folders where you can assign hashtags based on campaigns & social accounts Automatically add up to 100 hashtags on social media posts in just one second Source:
  29. 29. Hashtag Tools: Real time hashtag intelligence for hashtag campaigns and events Results include charts & graphics, Tweets & Retweet, Reach & Impression and Contributor lists Used by PR Agencies, Consumer & B2B Brands, Conference & Events and Twitter Chat Moderators Source:
  30. 30. Hashtag Tools: Find out the topics already in use & report hashtags for marketing purposes. Useful insights on trending and popular hashtags 24-hour trend graph on related hashtags, popularity and a list of recent related tweets Source:
  31. 31. Hashtag Tools: Real time social tracking tool to track hashtags, keywords & URLs See a list of recent posts, number of posts and reach & impressions Offers the top sites, list of influential users, demographics and location analysis Source:
  32. 32. Hashtag Tools: Useful iPhone and iPad app especially for Instagram users Tag images faster by just copy pasting them Browse a range of hashtag categories from nature to fashion Create custom categories for preferred hashtags to have them handy while clicking a new picture Source:
  33. 33. Hashtag Tools: Free Twitter tool for analytics and insights Analysis include the evolution of a particular hashtag over time, number of tweets, potential reach, List of top influencers, most active users An interactive map that outlays most retweeted and favourite hashtags Source:
  34. 34. Hashtag Tools: Analyse tweets based on the usage of the hashtags on conversations and the people who have mentioned these topics Free version platform gives up to 2000 latest tweets for the searched hashtags Source:
  35. 35. Hashtag Tools: Follow hashtags and initiate conversations with people using the hashtag in real time Keep up with the number of tweets by pausing until completing replies to all the tweets Source:
  36. 36. Hashtag Tools: Explores trending hashtags including real time trending topics Trending topics in the order of popularity and by location Create custom trend searches Source:
  37. 37. Hashtag Tools: Twitter Search Indicates hashtag mentions in real time and gives a good idea on popular topics Search to find the latest tweets on a topic Identify people based on hashtag utilization Provide target to work if competitors are identified for hashtags Source:
  38. 38. Hashtag Tools: Hashtag Monitoring & Tracking Enables community building to interact with followers in an organized & structured way Categorize tweets based on discussion for easy follow up Source:
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