Improving Inbox Placement in 10 Easy Steps:


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Get your hands on our first infographic where we look at these simple foolproof steps to avoid the spam folder for mailer marketing campaigns, where the focus always has and shall always be Inbox Placement!

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Improving Inbox Placement in 10 Easy Steps:

  1. 1. Inbox Placement In Just 10 Easy StepsThanks to this great post from and brought to you byBlogs4Bytes.WordPress.Com, we look at these simple foolproof steps to avoidthe spam folder for mailer marketing campaigns, where the focus always has &shall always be Inbox Placement!1. AVOID PURCHASE LIST Purchased lists are ticking time bombs, waiting to devastate your reputation as a sender. Riddled with dead emails and spam traps, they quickly inform mailbox providers that you break the rules by sending unsolicited emails. 2. AVOID PURCHASE LIST Spam filters analyze your content. There are no magic keywords to enhance deliverability, but limiting the use of risky words—such as free, buy, promo, etc.—reduces the likelihood of your emails landing in the spam folder. 3. TEAM UP WITH A RELIABLE ESP ESPs that send only solicited emails & ban spammers from their platforms have greater credibility with mailbox providers and customers experience undisturbed inbox delivery by following the steps outlined in this post. 4. GET CERTIFIED If you are on a dedicated IP, look at the certification provided by a Return They audit your mailing practices & can get you a Sender Score Certified status guarantying that you inbox at most of the major ISPs out there. 5. AVOID DIRTY TRICKS Avoid getting caught red-handed in any of these practices may cause permanent damage to your deliverability ratios – Hash-busting, Deceptive Subject Lines, Misleading Claims & Image Text. 6. WHITELIST ME, PLEASE Your Email Marketing Service (EMS) asks mailbox providers, such as Gmail & Yahoo Mail, to white list your domain or IP. That’s why it’s important to send marketing emails via a reputable EMS rather from your own email server. 7. IT MATTERS WHERE YOU ARE “FROM” Stick to a limited number of verified, recognizable From field names. Build a good reputation for those addresses by sending only engaging, solicited emails, and you’ll notice the difference 8. NO RISK, NO PROBLEM Your email campaigns may contain risky elements that are detrimental to the deliverability of your messages and therefore make a brief checklist like subject line testing, using ALL CAPS, etc. 9. MONITOR YOUR DELIVERABILITY Want an easy way to monitor deliverability that costs you nothing? Add a "seeded" list of email addresses using ISPs that your customers use most often, such as Gmail, Yahoo Mail, AOL, and Hotmail. 10. STAY IN TOUCH! Sending emails once every two or three months can be more detrimental than sending multiple emails daily. Why? Your Customers might forget all about you.