Turmeric SOA - EclipseCon 2011 BOF


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Turmeric SOA - EclipseCon 2011 BOF

  1. 1. TurmericBOF (Birds of A Feather) @ EclipseCon Sastry Malladi, Dave Carver, Weian Deng 03.22.2011
  2. 2. eBayOpenSource.org  Mission is to open source some of the best of breed technologies that were developed originally within eBay Inc.  For the benefit of the community  Under a liberal open source license.  These projects are generic technology projects and several years of development effort has gone into them to mature them.  The first project that is open sourced is Turmeric, a comprehensive SOA platform2 eBay Inc. confidential
  3. 3. Turmeric  Comprehensive Policy driven SOA platform – Pipeline based architecture  Can be used to develop, deploy, secure, monitor, and govern SOA services and consumers  Client side and server side runtime  Various Quality of Service (QoS) features provided through services  Authentication, Authorization, and rate limiting, which you control by defining respective policies.  Monitoring and Policy Admin console3 eBay Inc. confidential
  4. 4. Turmeric (contd.) Eclipse developer tooling  Plugins for creation of services and consumers  The Type Library plugin, to define and manage reusable schema type definitions across services, and hierarchically organize them.  The Error Library plugin, to define and re-use error definitions across services. Local binding option, which lets you locally A Repository Service that enables service4 eBay Inc. confidential
  5. 5. Why Turmeric ? Comprehensive solution (Tooling, Runtime, Security, Monitoring, Repository, ..) Support for access through Multiple protocols and data formats for the same service instance, natively Pluggability and customizability for pretty much anything in the platform Standards based Performance and scalability tested in a large scale environment5 eBay Inc. confidential
  6. 6. Demo and refrences Site demo Plugin demo - Please visit us during “Hot New Products Demo” on wednessday @5:30pm Architecture, documentation, downloads  https://www.ebayopensource.org/index.php/T urmeric/HomePage6 Q& A eBay Inc. confidential