The Divine Kingdom -A Brief Introduction to Islam


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The Divine Kingdom
-A Brief Introduction to Islam
Abdur Raheem AsSaranbi

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The Divine Kingdom -A Brief Introduction to Islam

  1. 1. The Divine KingdomA Brief Introduction to Islam by Abdur Raheem As- Saranbi 1
  2. 2. Table of ContentsIntroduction…………………………………………………... 3Chapter 1: What is the Divine Kingdom……………...8Chapter 2: The Kingdom and you………………….…45Chapter 3: The Kingdom and the Family…………. 98Chapter 4 The Kingdom and the Society………… 139Chapter 5 Women in the Kingdom………………… 167Chapter 6 Balance in the Kingdom……………..…. 204Chapter 7 Reason and Science in the Kingdom…225Chapter 8 Government in the Kingdom…………..265Chapter 9 Economy in the Kingdom………………. 304Chapter 10 Peace and War in the Kingdom……. 331Chapter 11 Freedom in the Kingdom…………… ..348Chapter 12 Mercy in the Kingdom…………… …….357Chapter 13 Pillars of the Kingdom…………… …….365Chapter 14 The Kingdom in the world today 375 2
  3. 3. Introduction All praise and thanks are only for Allah (swt).The One True God. The Lord and Master of the heavensand the earth. The Creator and Sustainer of the entireuniverse. The Maintainer and the Nurturer of all thatexists. The Being of utter Perfection and Majesty. TheBeing Who does not resemble the creation in any way.The Being Who is Pure and Complete in all His Namesand attributes. He is the All Knowing, the All Seeing, theAll Hearing, the All Able. All that happens is what Hewills to happen and nothing happens except with HisWill and by His Power. He is the Being of AbsoluteTremendousness and Sublimity. He is not contained bytime or space. Nothing limits Him in any way. No visioncan perceive Him. No mind can understand Him. Atevery moment He is near to us. He is nearer to us thanour jugular vein. He surrounds us and encompasses usin a way that our minds can never fathom but our heartsknow for certain. Peace and prayers be upon His Finalslave and messenger. Muhammad ibn ‘Abdullah (saw).The greatest and noblest of all creation. The one who isthe nearest to Him. The one who was chosen to carryHis Message to all nations. The one sent to establish HisLaw upon the earth for all time. The one who will be awitness over all mankind on the Last Day. Peace andprayers be also upon his family, his companions and allthose who follow in his path until the Last Day. 3
  4. 4. To proceed. This book is an introduction to bothMuslims and non-Muslims as to what Islam truly is. Avery brief introduction. Because this religion is so vastthat it can never be encompassed in any single work.Even if you were to write volumes upon volumes you willstill not be able to encompass all of it. Such is its beauty.In that on one level it is so simple that even a layman ora child could easily understand it, and yet on anotherlevel it is so deep and profound that even if you spentyour whole life studying it you will never be able toknow all that there is to it. All of us who have committedourselves to learning this religion will always be itsstudents. We can never be masters of it. So in thishumble work Insha Allah (God willing) I am going topresent to you what little I know about this beautifulway of life. According to my understanding of it. What Ipresent in this book is how I see this religion to bebased upon what I have studied of it. Of course I couldbe wrong and I do not expect you as the reader to baseyour conclusions regarding this religion only on what Ihave said here. I encourage you to read other books. Iespecially encourage you to read the source books ofthis religion which are the Quran and the sayings of theProphet (saw). I have tried to base every idea that I ampresenting to you here only on these source books andnot on my whims and desires. May Allah (swt) help mein that endeavor! May He allow me to speak only Truth! 4
  5. 5. A question that may be asked by some is whatmakes me qualified to speak on behalf of the religion.The answer to this question is that in Islam there is nosuch entity as a clergy or a pope. There is no one singleperson or group of people who have the exclusive rightto explain the religion or speak on behalf of the religion.This is the only religion that still has intact and completeall of its source text. Allah (swt) Knew that this would bethe last and final revelation to mankind so He (swt)ensured that the text is protected and preserved. TheMessenger himself told us that he has left among us twosources of light, if we hold fast to these then we willnever be lead astray. Of course this is the Quran and hissayings or hadith. Now what I am presenting to you inthis book is not from my own opinion. Rather it is onlymy understanding of the Quran and hadith. To the bestof my ability I have tried to ensure that nothing in thisbook is from myself, rather I have tried to take onlywhat is only from Allah (swt) and His Messenger (saw).This book is only an explanation and a summary of whatis already present in the sacred text. For every idea orconcept that I present I will give examples of verses ofQuran or hadith of the Prophet (saw) to support thatidea. So that you can be certain that the idea is fromIslam and not from my own opinion. And if you thinkthat any idea which I bring here is not from Islam then Iask you to go to these source text and try to refute it. Ifyou can I will gladly make the correction. 5
  6. 6. Now the next question that you may ask is whatwas my intention in writing this book. What did I hopeto accomplish by writing it? The reason for this book isbecause in my opinion today the majority of nonMuslims, even the majority of Muslims, do not knowwhat Islam truly is. We do not know the reality of thisbeautiful way of life that our Creator and Sustainer hassent down to us. We do not see Islam as the correctway of life to live. We do not see it as the solution to ourproblems. That is why today we are lost and astray.That is why today we are confused and miserable.Simply chasing after the material pleasures of this world.Simply living for the few joys that we can find in thisworld. This is also why in the world today there is somuch injustice and corruption. So much decadence andwastage. Because our Creator and Sustainer has shownus the correct way to live but we have turned away fromit. He has sent to us the guidance to follow but we haveneglected it. Not only that but most of us today do noteven know that it is there. We do not even know thatwe have this beautiful way of life to live. We areengulfed in darkness and we do not even know thatthere is a light. That is why I decided to write this book.To help open our eyes. To help us to find the path. NowI do not expect this book to be a solution to theproblems of humanity. Islam is the solution. This bookmerely points the way to it. It merely attempts touncover what has been hidden. 6
  7. 7. I feel that the world today is desperately in needof the guidance to be found in this beautiful religion.The world today has become a very dark place andlonely place. We are all suffering have been deprived theguidance and the mercy and the justice of Islam. We donot even know the answers to the most fundamental ofquestions regarding our existence. We do not where wecame from, we do not know where we are going, andwe do not know what we are doing here. Only in Islamcan the answers to these questions be found. Only inIslam can the solutions to all the myriad of problemswhich humanity is facing today to be found. Becausethere is more to this world than the material things.There is He. The Being of Majesty and Purity. The Beingof Perfection and Light. The Being of Love and Mercy.Do you think that such a Being would simply create usand then leave us to be? Without communicating with uswithout showing us the true nature of our existence,without showing us the guidance on how to live? Ofcourse not. He has spoken with us. He has told us ofwhat we really are. He has shown us how to live. Andthis is Islam. That is why we are all in desperate need ofdiscovering this religion. Of discovering the path back toHim. Now we as Muslims believe that there will be nomore prophets or messengers, so we believe that theonus of taking this Message to mankind is upon us. Thisthen was the only true intention that I had in writing thisBook. It was to discharge this responsibility that I have. 7
  8. 8. It was simply to do my part. And I hope and pray thatmy Lord accepts it from me. Of course it is not perfect.Of course there will be some mistakes in it. I ask Him toforgive me these and to accept it from me. I ask Him tomake it easy for me. I ask Him to allow you to benefitfrom it. If there is anything good in this Book then it isfrom Allah (swt) and if there is anything evil then it isfrom myself and He (swt) is free from it. May theprecious moments of our lives that we spend with thisbook be moments that He will accept from us! Momentsthat we will not regret! Abdur Raheem As-Saranbi January 2010You will notice in this book that whenever we mentionthe Name of our Lord and Master, our God and Deity,we use abbreviation “swt”. This stands for Arabic wordswhich give the meaning of “Purified, Glorified andExalted be He”. And whenever we mention the Name ofour Messenger and Leader we use the abbreviation“saw”. This stands for Arabic words which give themeaning of “Peace and Prayers of Allah be upon him”.The use of abbreviations instead of writing out thesemeanings was never meant to diminish their meanings.Rather it was used only for the sake of brevity. Whenyou come to these you should read them out loud togive the Names of our Master and our Messenger therespect that they deserve. 8
  9. 9. Chapter 1: What is the Divine Kingdom?Allah (swt) says in the Quran…[52:56] “And I have not created the Jinn andmankind except to live in slavehood to Me”. If only you would understand the meaning ofthis verse then you would understand what the DivineKingdom is. You would understand what Islam is. This isone of the most important and comprehensive of versesin the entire Quran. In this verse Allah (swt) tells us thevery reason why He (swt) created us. The very reasonwhy we exist on this planet. He tells us here that it isonly so that we can live in willing slavehood to Him. It isonly so that we can dedicate ourselves to Him. Not onlydo we need to be His slaves but we need to be Hiswilling slaves. Meaning that we ourselves have to chooseto be His slaves. We have to choose to dedicate our livesto Him. We have to choose to submit to Him. Why isthis? Why should we choose to be His slaves? InshaAllah this is what we will try to explain in this chapter.We will try to explain why He is worthy of our dedicationwhy He is worthy of our slavehood. Without a doubtwhat He is asking of us is a lot. But if only you knewHim as He truly is then you would gladly give it to Him. 9
  10. 10. When you see something to be grand, whenyou see something to be awesome, then does it notoverwhelm you? Do you not feel the urge to glorify itand to praise it? For example you see the sun rising overthe mountains, you see a majestic eagle spread itswings in flight, you see a spectacular waterfall, you seethe ocean stretch out in the horizons. Does not thisoverwhelm you? Does not this overpower you? Now ifyou realize that all of this came from a Being Who ismore Magnificent and more Beautiful and moreTremendous than all of these then what should be yourrelationship with such a Being? Would you praise Him?No, no that would not be enough. Would you glorifyHim? No, that would not be enough. Would you worshipHim? No, that would not be enough. Would you dedicateyour entire life only to please Him? Yes, that is what Hedeserves. He deserves that we live in slavehood to Him.If only you would realize His Perfection and His Majesty,His Purity and His Sublimity, His Awesomeness and HisGlory. If you would but contemplate on Him for a fewmoments then you would see how this is so. Just think about it for a moment. You know forcertain that such a Being does exist. You know that thisuniverse could not have come into existence on its own.You know that this Being cannot be limited or weak inany way. Because how could a Being Who can create auniverse as marvelous as this be in any way limited orweak? How could He be anything less than perfect? 10
  11. 11. Once you realize His Perfection then you mustalso realize His Majesty and Tremendousness. Just thinkfor a moment on the Kind of Being that He IS. One Whois All Seeing. At every moment every vision reaches Him.There is nothing which happens in this world except thatHe Sees it. One Who is All Hearing. He Hears even thefaintest of sounds. One Who is All Knowing. He Knowsall that there was, all that there is, all that there will be,and all that could have been. He even Knows what is inthe deepest recesses of your heart right at this verymoment. He Knows everything about you and He Knowsall that you are going through. He is also the All Able.The One Who has the Power to do absolutely anything.In order to accomplish something He (swt) does notneed to exert any effort whatsoever. In an instant HisWill is manifested into reality. These are only but a fewof His attributes of Perfection. There are so manyothers. Some scholars have even said that He has aninfinite number of Names. Among these is that He is theMost Loving. No one can love like He can love. He isPerfect in His Love. He loves you more than your motheror your spouse ever can. To an infinitely higher degree.How then can you not love Him? He is also the MostMerciful, the Most Forgiving, the Most Just, the MostPatient, the Most Sublime, the Most Appreciative. Onceyou know that such a Being Exists. Once you realize thatHe is so close to you. How then can you forget Him?How then can you live in heedlessness of Him? 11
  12. 12. This is exactly our problem today. We haveforgotten Him. We have allowed ourselves to forget Him.Why is this? It is because we have become distracted.We have cut ourselves off from the real world. We havecut ourselves off from nature. We live in these cities.These artificial worlds. These virtual worlds. Filled withgames and entertainment. Amusements anddistractions. When was the last time that you saw asunset? When was the last time that you saw an eaglespread its wings in flight? When was the last time thatyou saw a night sky filled with stars? When was the lasttime that you saw a beam of sunlight shining throughthe clouds? These are all signs which He has told you tolook at. Which He has told you to contemplate upon.Why are you surprised that you have never found Himwhen you have not sought Him in the first place? Another reason for our heedlessness is thisconsumer society that we find ourselves in. We havebusied ourselves with chasing after the material thingsof this world. Our only concern in life is how we canaccumulate more of this world, or how we can increaseour status in this world, or how we can satisfy ourdesires in this world, or how we can provide for ourchildren. We have been given so much of the materialthings that we have forgotten how there is more to lifethan them. We simply cannot see beyond them. Ourdesire for them completely consumes our sight. 12
  13. 13. Yet another reason why we have become soheedless of our Lord is because of the society and theenvironment that we find ourselves in. We as humanbeings are influenced by our environment. More so thanwe could possibly ever realize. Now let us look at thissociety that we as mankind find ourselves in today. Notonly does this society promote materialism, not onlydoes it promote hedonism, but it also heavily promotesindividualism. It teaches you to only look out foryourself, it teaches you that you are the most importantperson in the world. How can a person who has such athinking ever be close to Allah (swt)? How can such aperson ever know Him (swt)? Islam as we will see InshaAllah is the suppression of the ego, it is the suppressionof the self. Before you can truly know Allah (swt), youhave to release all traces of arrogance and pride fromyour heart. You have to realize that you are not themost important person in the world. You have to seethat this world does not revolve around you. If youcannot come to this realization. If all that you care for isyourself. Then the Divine will always be hidden fromyou. Even though you know that He is there you will stillchoose not to seek Him because you would rather serveyourself than Him. Even if He calls out to you, you willnot respond to Him. This demon of the self is among thegreatest and the worst of devils. And it is one which isrampant in our world. That is why so many of us havehearts which are so distant from Him. 13
  14. 14. Allah (swt) also says in the Quran…[17:43] “Exalted is He and High Above what theysay by a great exaltation”.[17:44] “The seven heavens and the earth exaltHim and so does whatsoever is in them, and thereis not a single thing except that it exalts Him withHis praise, but you do not understand theirexaltation, but surely He has always beenForbearing Forgiving”. If you are still not convinced as to why we haveto dedicate ourselves in slavehood to Allah (swt) thenconsider what He (swt) says in these verses. First Hedescribes Himself by saying “Exalted is He and HighAbove what they say by a great exaltation”. Nowwhat does it mean for Him to be exalted? Firstly wehave to realize that the English word “exalted” is really aweak translation for the Arabic word Subhan. This worddoes not simply mean exalted rather it means to beutterly free and transcendent. So here Allah (swt) is 14
  15. 15. saying that He is utterly free and transcendent and highabove what the people say about Him. People today saymuch about Him. They speak without knowledgeconcerning Him. But most of what they say does notbefit Him at all. He (swt) is high above what they sayconcerning Him. For example there are some who saythat He does not exist, that is He is only a figment of theimagination and hopes of weak people. There are otherswho say that He is a human being. There are otherswho say that He is an animal. There are others who saythat He is an idol. There are others who say that He haslimitations and weaknesses in what He can accomplish.Meaning that perhaps He cannot do everything or seeeverything or perhaps He does not know everything.There are others who say that we cannot speak to Himdirectly in our prayers but rather we have to speakthrough intercessors and intermediaries. That we haveto go to priests and saints and seek forgiveness of them,rather than directly from Him. There are others who saythat while He may be the Creator and Sustainer, He hasno say in our lives today. They say that we should belive as we please without having to even remember Himlet alone serve or worship Him. That we do not owe Himanything. These are some of the abominations that thepeople have invented about Him. He tells us here thatHe is free from all such limitations. He is the absolutelyPerfect and the Pure. 15
  16. 16. We know that He does not resemble thecreation in any way. Rather He is the Being of utterPerfection and Purity. There is nothing whatsoever likeunto Him. No matter how you imagine Him to be He isdifferent from that. But many people cannot come torealize this simple fact. They cannot realize how theCreator must be different from the creation. They cannotunderstand how the Creator just by His very definition ofbeing a Creator cannot have the limitations andweaknesses of the creation. Because if He was like usthen He would be a creation as well. But we know thatHe exists by seeing the limitedness in all created thingsand then realizing that there has to be a Being withoutsuch limitations. There has to be a Being of PerfectionWho brought this universe into existence. But manypeople cannot come to this realization. That is why intheir ignorance and folly they ascribe to Allah (swt) whatis not befitting for Him. They liken to Him the creation.They speak the abominations which we mentionedpreviously. Here in this verse He (swt) completelyannihilates such falsehoods. He (swt) declares that He isHigh Above and Free what they speak about Him. He isnothing like the limited and weak Being that they thinkHim to be. Rather He is the Being absolute Glory andMajesty. The Being of utter Perfection and Purity. That iswhy He is deserving of not only our worship, but He isalso deserving of our dedication. Deserving that wesubmit ourselves to Him completely. 16
  17. 17. In the second of these verses Allah (swt) says“The seven heavens and the earth exalt Him andso does whatsoever is in them, and there is not asingle thing except that it exalts Him with Hispraise”. If you still do not realize the extent of HisPerfection and Majesty then ponder over this fact. Thesky that you see when you look above is only one sky.There are six other skies on top of it. Each heaven ismuch larger than the one below it. So as large as ourgalaxy may seem, as infinite and unending as thecosmos around our galaxy may seem, realize that this isonly a tiny speck when compared to the heaven aboveit. And then that heaven is only a tiny speck whencompared to the heaven that is above it. Now realizethat each of these seven heavens themselves, as well aswhatsoever is in them is always glorifying and praisingAllah (swt). In addition everything in the earth as well asthe earth itself is also glorifying and praising Him (swt).This is what He is telling us in this verse. Just try and imagine this reality. Every singlething in all of existence. The sun, the moon, the stars,the trees, the animals, the birds, the rocks, themountains, the oceans, every object, every particle ofmatter within every object, every cell, every microbe,every atom. They are all glorifying Him and praisingHim. Not just at one single moment, but at everymoment. At every single moment of their existence theyare praising Him and glorifying Him. 17
  18. 18. Why are they doing this? Because they realizehow Magnificent and Tremendous a Being that He (swt)IS. They can see how Awesome and Spectacular He IS.They do not live in heedlessness to Him like we do. Theyare not blind to Him like we are. They see Him for thekind of Being that He (swt) truly IS. They have drownedthemselves in His Purity and Glory. They love Him. Allthat they care for is Him. They exist only for Him. Now of course the question that you may ask isthat if every single thing in existence is exalting andpraising Allah (swt) then why cannot we hear theirworship? Why cannot we hear their hymns of praise?Why cannot we hear them declaring how Wonderful andGlorious He (swt) Is? He (swt) explains for us why in theverse “but you do not understand their exaltation”.We do not understand their worship. We do notunderstand how exactly they are praising Him andglorifying Him. He (swt) did not give them speech likeHe gave to us. Human beings are the only creation whohave been blessed with the gift of speech. All of theother creation communicates in a different way. All ofthe other creation expresses themselves in a differentway. And just because we with our limited sensescannot hear how exactly they are glorifying and praisingHim does not mean that they are not. We often fail torealize how limited we really are, how limited our sensesand perception really is. You cannot even see what isbehind your back or hear a sound that is ten feet away 18
  19. 19. from you, how then can you assume that you knoweverything that there is to know? There is so muchgoing in around you at this very moment that you arenot even aware of. So look now at your surroundings.What do you see? Perhaps you see a wall, perhaps yousee a chair, perhaps a table, perhaps outside you cansee a tree, some birds, the sky, the sun, the clouds.Realize that every single one of these things at this verymoment is in a state of worship to Allah (swt). Not onlyis that chair worshipping Him, but every particle ofmatter within that chair is also worshipping Him. This iswhat is happening around you right at this moment butyou do not even realize it. Such is how weak you are,and such is how Glorious and Tremendous He (swt) IS. So one meaning that we take from this verse isthat every single thing is worshipping Allah (swt) but wedo not understand how they are doing so. Meaning thatthey are communicating with Him, they are expressingthemselves to Him, in a way that we cannot sense orperceive. In a way that we cannot understand. Howeverthere is another and even deeper meaning to this verse.And that is that their worship of Him is their slavehoodto Him. Their glorifying Him is their dedicatingthemselves completely to Him. You see we are the onlycreation who sins. We are the only creation who lives inheedlessness of Him. We are the only creation who doesnot dedicate every moment of existence only to Him. Asfor everything else, they are His complete and utter 19
  20. 20. slaves. At every moment they are remembering Him, atevery moment they are trying to please Him, at everymoment they are dedicated only to Him. So that chairworships Allah (swt) just by being a chair. Just by doingthe job which it was created to do. At every moment it isworshipping Him just by being His slave. Just by doingthe job that He created it to do. It does not wake up oneday and say that it does not want to be a chair. Norather at every moment till the end of its existence, itwill be His slave. The same is true for all the rest ofcreation. They have dedicated themselves completely toHim. But we cannot understand this. Because we are sofull of ourselves. We have become so distant from Him. Finally in this verse Allah (swt) says “surely Hehas always been Forbearing Forgiving”. Why doesAllah (swt) mention this fact to us after telling us howeverything in existence is glorifying and praising Him?Why does He tell us this after telling us how everythinghas dedicated itself completely to Him? It is because Heexpects us to be the same way. He expects us to alsoglorify and praise Him. He expects us to also dedicateourselves completely to Him. Not only because this iswhat everything else in creation is doing, but alsobecause such is what He deserves. So Glorious andTremendous and Magnificent is He (swt), that Hedeserves our dedication and slavehood. But there aremany among mankind who choose not to give this toHim. There are many among mankind who choose to 20
  21. 21. live in heedlessness of Him. For such people Allah (swt)is Forbearing and Forgiving. He is Forbearing in that Hedoes not punish them immediately even though such iswhat they deserve. If you only know how Magnificentand Tremendous a Being that He (swt) IS then you willsee. So Pure and Perfect is He, so Awesome andGlorious is He, that He cannot be forgotten. He cannotbe neglected. He has to be remembered. He has to beglorified. He has to be praised. We do not give Him thisright and the only reason why He (swt) does not punishus for this is because He is so Forbearing and Forgiving.So Forgiving and Forbearing is He that He has allowedus to go further and further into heedlessness and sin.Until we have reached the point where we not only donot remember Him, not only do we not worship Him, notonly do we not dedicate ourselves to Him as Hedeserves, but many of us even deny that He (swt)Exists. Today in the world for the first time ever atheismand antagonism are becoming popular beliefs. This wasnever heard of before the twentieth century. In all thehistory of mankind there has never been a nation ofatheists. This is because the Signs for Allah (swt) areevery where in the universe around us. But today thepeople have become so attached to the material thingsof this world that they can not see these signs. So theygo as far as to deny Allah (swt). And yet He (swt) is SoForgiving and Forbearing that He pardons them againand again. Even though could punish us right at this 21
  22. 22. moment for our heedlessness and sins He gives us timeuntil our death. When we leave this world, when wereturn to Him, then we will realize the consequences ofturning away from Him. But while we are in this worldwe are all living in complete heedlessness. We haveforgotten our Master. We have forgotten His right uponus to be worshipped and submitted to. We have busiedourselves with this world. Until we have reached thepoint where all that we care about is this world. We donot even have time to ask where we came from. We donot even have time to ask where we are going. Onlybecause He is so Forbearing, only because His so Perfecteven in His Mercy, have we gone so far astray. We only call out to Him when we need Him. Atother times we allow ourselves to forget Him. We treatHim as if He is our slave although we know that itshould be the other way around. He deserves that weremember Him. He deserves that we dedicate ourselvesto Him. Because even in the good times. Even in themoments of contentment and felicity. We have toremember that it was He Who made it possible. He gaveus this life. He clothed us and fed us and gave us todrink. He cured our illnesses. He took away ourproblems. So the very fact that we are in a state wherewe do not need to call out to Him should make usthankful to Him. It should make us want to dedicateourselves to Him to show our gratitude. Just like the restof creation is always doing. 22
  23. 23. So before we can know what the DivineKingdom is we first have to know the Divine. We firsthave to know Him (swt) as He truly is. He (swt) is nothow most of us think Him to be. He is not a limitedbeing. He does not have the weaknesses and theshortcomings that the created beings have. No, ratherHe is Perfect and Pure in every way. He is far above andtranscendent beyond anything of this world. He is the AllSeeing, the All Hearing, the All Knowing, the All Wise,and the All Powerful. He is Perfect in every single way.He is more Glorious and Tremendous than we couldpossibly ever imagine. That is why He (swt) is deservingof our dedication. He is more deserving than this world.Most of us give ourselves to this world because we areignorant of Him. Because we are heedless of Him. But ifwe would only stop and think about Him for a momentthen we would see Him as He truly is. We would seeHim as the One deserving of our dedication. Onlybecause of Who He IS. We would see that whateverchattels that we have attached our hearts to instead ofHim pale when compared to Him. Whether this be ourwealth, our children, our status, or even our desires andfancies. All of these pale in comparison to His Majestyand Beauty. That is why those who truly know Him areaddicted to Him. They do not desire anything else fromlife except Him. At every moment they strive to serveHim. Seeking no reward from their actions except HisPleasure. All that they seek from life is Him. 23
  24. 24. They love Him so much that if they know thatthey have pleased Him, if they can even have the hopethat they have pleased Him then this is enough forthem. They do not need any reward from this worldwhatsoever. This is the sublime station that all of thecreation, with the exception of us humans, is at. This isthe station that we also should all strive to reach. This isthe station that He created us to reach. There is nothingsweeter than being at this place. In order to understand the Divine Kingdom wefirst have to understand this fact. We have tounderstand Him. In this book Insha Allah (God willing)we are going to show what a wonderful and beautifulplace the Divine Kingdom is. But at the end of the daythat is not the reason why we should yearn to live in thisKingdom. No, rather we should yearn to live in thiskingdom only because it is His Kingdom. We shouldyearn to live in this kingdom because such is the placewhere we can glorify Him and praise Him as He (swt)truly deserves to be. The world today is a world ofheedlessness. Even if you were to try and rememberHim you would not be able to. There are so manydistractions. There are so many temptations all aroundyou. If you truly loved Him (swt) as He deserves to bethen how can you be content in such a world? When allaround you, you see what displeases Him. When allaround you, you see the people living in heedlessness ofHim. We learned from these verses how every single 24
  25. 25. thing in the creation is praising and glorifying Him, howthen can you be content living in a world where thereare so many souls who are heedless of Him. Wherethere are so many souls who do not even rememberHim, let alone glorify and praise Him as He deserves tobe. If you truly loved Him then you would yearn toreturn to a world where He is Supreme once again. This then is the Divine Kingdom. It is HisKingdom. It is where we can submit to Him throughevery aspect of our lives. It is the place where in everysingle thing that we do can make manifest ourslavehood to Him. This is the Divine Kingdom. It is aplace of beauty and light. It is a place of peace andhappiness. It is not the place which the enemies of thisMessage would have you believe that it is. It is not aplace of oppression and suffering. On the contrary it isthe place where all of mankind can know serenity. Firstand foremost because it is the place where they canknow Him, and love Him and be near to Him. Just thinkfor a second. Just for you to know that there is soBeautiful, and so Tremendous, and so Magnificent, andso Pure a Being. Does it not bring so much peace toyour heart just to know that He Exists? Just to knowthat He is so near to you. In the end this is what it is allabout. It is all about Him. How wonderful a place wouldit be if we could all know Him? How wonderful a placewould it be if we call be near to Him? This is the DivineKingdom. A place that once was and could be again. 25
  26. 26. Now you would think that this would be reasonenough for us to choose to fulfill the purpose of ourexistence. You would think that this would be reasonenough for us live in a life of slavehood to Him as Hecreated us to do. You would think that this would bereason enough for us to want to live in His DivineKingdom. Just to make manifest our glorification andsanctification of Him on account on how Awesome andPure and Tremendous He is. This should be reasonenough. If we all thought for a moment on the Kind ofBeing that He IS. If we all reflected for a moment onHis Perfection and His Beauty. Then this alone should bereason enough. But there is another reason as He tellsus in other verses of the Quran…[14:32] Allah is the One Who created the heavensand the earth, and He sent down water from thesky, so that with it He brings forth fruits assustenance for you. And He has subjected for youthe ships that run through the sea by Hiscommand. And He has subjected for you therivers. 26
  27. 27. [14:33] And He has subjected for you the sun andthe moon, working continuously, and He hassubjected for you the night and the day.[14:34] And He has given you every single thingthat you could have asked of Him, and if you wereto try and enumerate His favors upon you, youwill never be able to. Surely man is indeedconstantly unjust and ungrateful. In these three verses our Master reminds us ofanother reason why we need to dedicate ourselves toHim. Why we need to choose to live in His DivineKingdom. First He reminds us that He is the Creator ofthis universe that we know. He and He Alone. The wordkhalqaha that He uses here does not just mean tocreate, rather it means to create from nothing. This isthe reality of what our Lord has done for us. In thebeginning there was only Him. He (swt) has existedsince pre-eternity. He (swt) has always been. He is the 27
  28. 28. One Who brought everything into existence. This then isthe other reason why we need to dedicate ourselves toHim. To show our appreciation for all that He has donefor us. The least of which is His creating us. The least ofwhich is His creating the universe around us. Just thinkabout it for a moment. Were it not for Him (swt), youwould not even exist at this moment. All that you are, allthat you feel, all that you experience, it is all possibleonly because of Him. How then can you live inheedlessness of Him? How then can you forget Him?How then can you give Him anything less than yourcomplete dedication? But your creation and yourmaintenance is only the least of His bounties upon you.In the remainder of these verses He enumerates for youHis other favors upon you. Perchance that you mayreflect. Perchance that you may show thanks. First Allah (swt) tells us how He has sent downwater from the sky for us. You see the rain fall, but doyou ever stop and ponder as to who is it that is makingit to fall? For every effect there must be a cause. This isthe most basic of principles in the operation of thisuniverse. We all know this to be true. But whenever wesee the rain, do we ever stop and think as to why it isfalling? Do we ever wonder who is making it to fall? Wemay have learned in science class how rainfall happens.When the water vapor in the air condenses after acertain level of humidity is reached then the rain beginsto fall. This is how it happens but do we ever stop to 28
  29. 29. question why? Do we ever ask who is doing this?Science can answer the question of how but it cannotanswer the question of why. It cannot identify the causebehind the effect, it can only describe for us the process.The cause of course is only Allah (swt). He (swt) is theOne Who makes the rain to fall. He is the Power behindthat action. He is the Power behind everything thathappens in this world. There is no might nor powerexcept in He. This means that every action, everymotion, every event that happens in this universe is onlyby His Will and Power. They are all created by Him. Notjust the rainfall rather every action that happens onlyhappens by His Power. He is the Agent behind all motionin this universe. Even our own actions are created byHim. All that we have even in the actions that we do areour intentions. We have the intention to do certainactions but the action itself is only by His Power. So forexample at this moment you have the intention to readthis book. But you are holding it only by His Power. Thelight by which you read it comes from Him. He is theOne Who is creating the image of these words in yourmind. He is maintaining your body while you arereading. He is the One Who is giving you thecomprehension of these words. It is all happening by HisPower. He is the Real Power behind this universe. Justlike He is the Power behind the rain that falls down. Justlike He is the Power behind all that happens. How thencan you live in heedlessness of Him? 29
  30. 30. Of the many blessings and bounties that He hasconferred upon us is water and this is what He bringsour attention to in the first of these verses. How manyare the benefits and blessings that we derive just fromwater? How many uses do we have for waterthroughout our daily lives? Just imagine one day if youwoke up and found that there was no water whatsoever.Imagine one day if all the fresh water disappeared fromthe face of the earth. What then will you do? How thenwill you survive? Only then will you finally realize howweak you truly are. Only then will you finally realize howmuch you need Him. Today because water comes to usso easily, today because all that we have to do is open afaucet, we take it for granted. We forget how much weneed Him (swt) to send down this water upon us. Butjust not imagine not having water to drink, just imaginenot having water to clean yourself, just imagine nothaving water to cook with. You would not even last aday. How then can you choose to live in heedlessness ofHim? How then can you not thank Him for this bountythat He (swt) has sent down upon you? How many timesin a single day do you use the water that He has sentdown for you? Do you thank Him for it? Do you evenremember Him when you use or drink that water? Doyou acknowledge even once that it was He Who gave itto you? How can you take so much from Him and giveback nothing in return? How can you be so ungrateful?Is not such the greatest of injustices? 30
  31. 31. After Allah (swt) reminds us of His blessing ofwater, He (swt) reminds us of his blessing of food. Hetells us how from this water that He sends down Heproduces sustenance for us. Fruits, vegetables, grains,and the grazing animals. Everything that we eat,everything that we consume, is what He has brought outfrom the earth for us. And yet how often do weremember Him when we have a meal? How often do wecome to the realization that this meal which we havebefore us is what He has given us? How is it that we cancontinue to eat, day in and day out, and not show toHim the proper gratitude? Have we become so deludedthat we have forgotten that He is our Sustainer? Todaymost of us are so far from nature, we are so far fromthe real world. We live in artificial worlds called cities orsuburbs. In order to get our food we only need to go thesupermarket or to the restaurant. We purchase it and itcomes to our dinner plates so easily. We forget theentire process that this food had to go through to finditself to our plate. We forget the rain that was sent, weforget the land on which it was grown, we forget thenutrients and minerals that nourished it, we forget theseed that was planted, we forget the plant that wasgrown, we forget the animal that was killed, we forgetall this. Rather we just enjoy that food thinking that itfell from the sky just for us. Others who think Allah (swt)to be a distant and powerless god think that the earthproduced that food, or “mother nature” or the farmer. 31
  32. 32. We fail to attribute this bounty to its true Source. That iswhy here Allah (swt) reminds us. He (swt) reminds usthat it is He Who provided us with this pure sustenance.It is He Who satiated our hunger. It is He Who gave usthe strength to live another day. That is why Hedeserves to He be remembered. He deserves to He beworshipped. He deserves to He be submitted to. Notonly should we be thankful to Allah (swt) for thepleasure that we took from that meal and that drink, butwe should also be thankful for His allowing us tocontinue to live through that sustenance. When yourealize the extent of what you owe to Him then how doyou think you should show your gratitude? The next bounty of His that Allah (swt) tells usof are the ships that sail through the sea by Hiscommand. How much of a blessing and bounty areships? Ships are what have brought worlds together. Aswe know oceans make up the bulk of our earth. Howhave we been able to cross these giant bodies of water?It is through this blessing of ships that our Lord hasgiven us. Just think where we as mankind would betoday if Allah (swt) had not given us this form oftransportation. The new world would not have beendiscovered. We would still be confined to the home ofour ancestors. We would not be able to travel to distantlands. We will not be able to meet new people. We willnot be able to gain new experiences and knowledge.The world today would be a very different place, a much 32
  33. 33. darker place, if Allah (swt) had not brought us togetherthrough this gift. Consider for a moment also howmarvelous is the ship. It is so large yet it does not sinkinto the water. If you drop a small pebble into the waterit would sink but not the ship. It sails seamlessly andeffortlessly through the waters of the ocean. Even if youwere to fill that ship with people and cargo it still wouldnot sink. By the same token in today’s world, planes arealso an amazing creation which allows us to cover greatdistances. They are so large yet they fly seamlesslythrough the clouds. How much then are we in debt?How much gratitude do we owe to our Lord for suchbounties? We have become so accustomed to them thatwe take them for granted. We forget that we are notthe sources of these gifts. We forget the One Who Is. Then Allah (swt) tells us how He has subjugatedfor us the rivers. Notice the beauty of the language,Allah (swt) does not simply tell us that He has given usrivers rather He tells us that He has subjugated them forus. He has made the rivers into our slaves. Is this notthe case? Do not the rivers always flow in one direction?Do the rivers ever wake up one day and decide that theywant to flow in another direction? No of course not.They always flow in the direction that their Lord hasordained for them. They have been made to do this forus. So that we can take numerous benefits from them.We know that throughout history and even today, riversand waterways are used for irrigation. Our crops get 33
  34. 34. water, their primary source of sustenance, through suchrivers. So the next time that you have a meal realizethat not only did the food come to you from Allah (swt)but even the water upon which it was nourished camefrom Him. Another benefit that we can take from riversis transportation. Rivers are also a source of food. Riversalso carry away sewage and waste. Countless are thebenefits that mankind has taken from rivers throughoutthe centuries. In fact if you were to study history youwould find that almost all the major civilizations beganfrom settlements that we neighboring rivers. Theserivers allowed the people who lived around them tobecome strong. To the point that they grew from a tinyvillage into an empire than spanned across continents. IfAllah (swt) had not given them those rivers, if He hadnot allowed them to grow, then they would not havebecome who they became. And we would not be wherewe are today. The world today would be a very differentplace. Once again we who live in cites, we who livedetached from nature, detached from the real world,cannot fully appreciate this fact. We cannot appreciatehow much it is that needs to be done only to producethe daily meals that we eat. How much it is that needsto be done only to produce electricity. But if only youwould stop for a moment and think about it then youwould see how much you are in debt to Allah (swt). Youwould see how much He has done for you. You wouldsee how much you owe to Him. 34
  35. 35. Allah (swt) also reminds us in these blessedverses how He (swt) has subjugated for us the sun andthe moon. He describes the sun and the moon here asworking continuously. Just like the rivers, just likethe ships that sail in the sea, just like the rain, just likeeverything in the universe, even the sun and the moonhave been made into our slaves. They have beensubjugated into service for us. Here Allah (swt)describes how at every single moment they are workingfor us. They are always following a path. The sun alwaysrises in the east, follows its course through the sky, untilit sets in the west. Similarly the moon also follows acourse. Beginning as a crescent then evolving into a halfthen becoming full then waning back into a half andthen again a crescent until it becomes new once again.These are the paths that Allah (swt) has set for both ofthese celestial bodies. Do they ever deviate from thesepaths? Has the sun ever woken up one day and decidedthat it wants to rise from the West? Has the moon everwoken up one day and decided that it wants to begin asa full moon? No, rather they both follow the set coursethat their Lord has decreed for them. Not only do theyboth always follow this course but they are continuouslyfollowing this course. At every moment the sun ismoving along its path. At every moment the moon ischanging phases. Neither of them take a break even fora day, even for a moment. They are always working.They are always in a state of servitude to Him. 35
  36. 36. They do this because they recognize the kind ofBeing that He (swt) IS. They see Him in all His Glory andMajesty. In all His Purity and Perfection. So theyannihilate themselves into Him completely. Desiringnothing at every moment except pleasing Him. Thuseven though they have been subjugated into service forus they are serving us only as part of their servitude toHim. He has commanded them to work for us and that iswhy they do so. But really it is Him that they serve. It isto Him that they have dedicated themselves to. It is Hethat they yearn for. It is He that they love. This is truenot only for the sun and the moon, but for all creation. Then Allah (swt) tells us how He has alsosubjugated for us the night and the day. The night andthe day have also been made into slaves for mankind.Just like all creation Allah (swt) commanded them toserve us so that we can serve Him (swt). And we cansee how this is true, the night and day exist for thebenefit of mankind. How many are the benefits that wederive from the night? How many are the benefits thatwe derive from the day? How many are the benefits thatwe derive from the alternation between each of them?Allah (swt) has made the day bright for us so that wecan work and so that we can go to school. So that wecan go out into the world and seek of His sustenance.And He (swt) has made the night dark and still so thatwe can rest in it. So that we can sleep in it and so thatwe can meditate and remember Him in it. Even time as 36
  37. 37. we know it, even the calendar as we know it, is onlypossible because of this constant alternation betweennight and day. In the end the time that we keep isnothing except counting the minutes remaining tillsunrise or the minutes remaining till sunset. And this isso accurate that we base our entire lives around it. Weset our clocks and watches to it. Think about it. Doesnot the day always come exactly when it is supposed to?Does not the night always come exactly when it issupposed to? Who do you think has made them thisway? Of course it is Allah (swt). He has subjugated themto serve us, so that they always come when they areexpected. So that they each are the way that they are.So that we can benefit from them in so many ways. In the final of these verses Allah (swt) says“And He has given you every single thing that youcould have asked of Him”. In addition to all of thefavors and bounties that He has already told us of, Hetells us here how He has given us every single thing thatwe could ever have asked for. Now the meaning of thisis that Allah (swt) has given us everything that we needto survive and prosper. Everything that we couldpossibly need He has given us. From the most basic ofneeds like food, water, shelter, and clothing. To meansof transportation. Spouses and companionship. Childrenwho will carry on after us. The means to trade andconduct business. He has given us medicines to cure ourillnesses. He has alternated the night and day so that we 37
  38. 38. can rest and we can out and seek of His bounty. He hasgiven us minds and senses so that we may learn aboutthe world around us. Through these we bring science,technology, and innovation. None of this, nothing ofwhat we have accomplished as the human race wouldever have been possible if He had not given us themeans and the enabling grace. The means not onlyinclude our minds and senses but also the physicalresources and materials of this world that we use. Mandoes not have the power to create from nothing, all thathe can do is use what Allah (swt) has already given himfrom the things of the earth. And this is what we havedone. We have studied the world around us. We haveused the materials of this earth to bring forth all kinds oftechnology and innovation. Through these our lives inthis world are improved, our lives in this world are madeeasier. So we are at a state where we have everythingthat we need. Everything that we could ask Him for. Now of course we cannot take from this versethe meaning that everyone will always have whateverthat they desire. Such is not the nature of this world.Such can only be found in the Hereafter. Rather themeaning that we can take from here is that we all havewhat we need to survive. Our nature is that we like tofocus on what we do not have and we rarely if ever lookto what we do have. So this is what our Lord reminds usof here. He reminds us of all His blessings that wealways use but forget. What we always take as granted. 38
  39. 39. But of all these that Allah (swt) has given us, byfar the greatest bounty and the greatest gift, is theguidance to Him. Because as we mentioned the veryreason why we exist in this world is to serve Him. It is todedicate our lives to Him. It is to strive at every momentonly to please Him. This is how we will find true peaceand tranquility. This is how we will find fulfillment forour existence. Because we were created for Him. So aslong as we are distant from Him then we will never findcompletion for our existence. There will always be a holewithin us. There will always be a yearning. There willalways be an open wound. And the pain from thiswound will bring us misery for our whole lives. The onlyway in which it can be healed is if we return to Him. Butin order to make the journey back to Him we first needto be shown the way. We need Him to show us the way.Because how can we know how to please Him from ourown minds? How can we know how to serve Him fromour own minds? We do not know what pleases Him, onlyHe (swt) Knows. So He must be the One to establish thepath for us to follow. That is why the greatest bountythat He has given us is the path that leads to Him. Thatpath is none other than this Din of Islam. This Din is acomplete system that addresses every aspect of ourlives. It shows us how we can serve Him in everymoment of our lives. It shows how we can journey toHim in everything that we do. And what is there to lifeother than this? Once you know Him you will see this. 39
  40. 40. Despite all that we have discussed so farconcerning this verse, the heart of the verse, the mainlesson in this verse is the words of our Lord when Hesays “and if you were to try and enumerate Hisfavors upon you. you will never be able to”. Somany are the bounties and favors that Allah (swt) hasbestowed upon us, that even if we were to try andenumerate them we would not be able to. Just thinkabout the meaning of what He (swt) is saying here. Heis saying that even if we tried our utmost to simplycount all of the favors, big and small, that He has givenus we would never be able to. Imagine if you spent yourwhole life just trying to count all of His favors. You didno other job except just sitting down and listing all thatHe had done for you, you dedicated yourself completelyto this task, still you would not be able to do it. Youwould keep writing that list but still it would not finish.You would write one gift another and you would keepgoing until death took you. Even if all the oceans of theworld were the ink that you used, even if all the treeswere paper for you, still you would not be able to finishwriting all of Allah (swt)’s favors upon you. You wouldexhaust your supply of ink and paper before you finishedwriting all of His favors. Not only could you not list all ofHis favors but you could not even list the magnitude ofeach favor. For example you know that your eyes are agreat blessing that He has given you. But exactly howmuch of a blessing are they? How much easier is your 40
  41. 41. life because you have them? How many pleasures andjoys have you enjoyed because of them? How manyhardships and sufferings have you been saved from?This is something that you can never truly comprehend.Ask someone who has lost this bounty, ask someonewho has lost their vision, and perhaps they will be ableto tell you. Even they will not be able to fully appreciatehow tremendous of a gift this is. Even they do notrecognize the true value of it. Only Allah (swt) Knows.Only He Knows just how much He has favored us. OnlyHe Knows where we would be today were it not for Hisbounties upon us. Now you may be saying to yourselfthat this hard to believe. You may say to yourself that“yes He has given us so many gifts, but is it really thatmany? Is it really so many that it is innumerable? Almostinfinite”. Yes it is and the only reason why you cannotrealize this is because of your ignorance. It is because ofyour limited knowledge. You can never know how muchHe has favored you. You can never know how much Hehas given you. You can never know how much He hasdone for you and continues to do for you. As anexample right now in your body He is active. He (swt) isdigesting the food in your stomach, He is making theblood to flow through your veins, He is making yourlungs to take in the air that is good and to remove theair that is bad. He is removing the harmful substancesfrom your body. These are but a few of the processesthat He is causing to happen in your body right at this 41
  42. 42. moment. There are so many others that you are noteven aware of. And if He were to stop even one of thesethen you would all fall down dead right away. And this isjust when it comes to the functioning of your body, letalone everything else that He does for you, can you thenimagine how vast are His favors upon you? In the final part of this verse Allah (swt) says“Surely man is indeed constantly unjust andungrateful”. Despite all of the favors and blessingswhich Allah (swt) has given us, so many that it is evenmore than what we can count, we still do not do evenbegin to show to Him the gratitude that He (swt)deserves. So much is our ingratitude that this is how Hedescribes us to be. He says that we are constantlyunjust and ungrateful. Let us look carefully at what ourLord is saying here. First notice how the first descriptionthat He gives is that we are unjust. He does not first saythat we are ungrateful, rather He first says that we areunjust. From this we should realize that by our failing torecognize all of His gifts and favors upon us and by ourfailing to render to Him the proper appreciation forthem, not only are we being ungrateful but even moreso is that we are being unjust. We are being unjust. Weare being evil. We should always remember that one ofthe very Names of our Lord is the Most Just. Allah (swt)is the Most Just. In everything that He does Hedemonstrates for us His Justice. And in turn He (swt)also expects justice from His creation. From His slaves. 42
  43. 43. He demands that we acknowledge what He has done forus. He demands that we show our appreciation. Not onlyin our hearts, not only through our words, but even inour actions. Our gratitude to Him must be manifest inour slavehood to Him. We have to dedicate our lives topleasing to Him. This is how we can show the propergratitude for all that He has done for us. Anything lessthan this would be insufficient. So much has He givenus. So vast is His bounty upon us. That this is the onlyway in which we can thank Him. If we do not then notonly would we be ungrateful, but we would also beunjust. We would be unjust to the One Who is theSource of all good in our life. To the One Who has givenus everything. Including life itself. How evil is that? Notice also in the verse how Allah (swt) saysthat we are constantly unjust and ungrateful. This tellsus that our evil is not only on one specific instance butrather it is a constant state which we are always in. Atevery moment of our lives we are being unjust to Himand ungrateful to Him. Why is this so? It is because atevery moment we take of His bounties but most of thetime we do not even remember Him in those momentslet alone render Him thanks let alone dedicate ourselvesin slavehood to Him. We take from Him but we do notgive anything back to Him. We take more and morefrom Him without even realizing that it is from Him thatwe are taking. He is Aware of us at every moment. Hegives us at every moment but we always forget Him. 43
  44. 44. Just think about it. Every day of your life, atevery moment, you breathe His air, you eat His food,you drink His water, your body is being sustained byHim, His earth holds you and makes itself habitable foryou, and yet you do not even remember Him. You donot even recognize all that He is doing for you right atthis moment. Rather you live in utter heedlessness ofHim. Thinking about some other false god that you havededicated your life to instead of Him. Sadly this is thecondition that the vast majority of mankind is in. Andthis is why Allah (swt) describes us to be this way. Hesays that we are in a constant state of injustice andingratitude to Him. How true is this for us all? This then is another reason why we need todedicate ourselves to Him. This then is another reasonwhy we need to return to Him. This then is another whywe should want to live in His Divine Kingdom. Firstly aswe mentioned previously it is because He deserves thatdedication. On account of how Perfect and Pure He is.On account of how Glorious and Tremendous He is. Onaccount of how Majestic and Awesome He is. Secondlyas we have learned in these verses it is to show ourappreciation to Him for all that He (swt) has done for us.It is to even begin to show our appreciation. Of coursewe can never truly thank Him enough. We cannot evenpraise or glorify Him enough. Not as He (swt) trulydeserves to be. However it is a beginning. It is a start.We may not be able to do much. We may not be able to 44
  45. 45. give Him much. On account of how weak and limited weare. But if we choose to live this life of dedication to Himthen it is something. It is us telling Him how we havebegun to realize all that He has done for us. It is ustelling Him how we have begun to realize howTremendous and Glorious He IS. Oh my Lord, I love youso much. I see how much you have given to me. I seehow every moment of my life is only possible because ofyou. I see how You are the Source of every pleasure andjoy in my life. You are the Source of every moment ofmy life without pain or misery. All that I am I ambecause of you. Even the good that I do is only fromYour enabling grace. I also see how Beautiful andMagnificent you are. I see how Perfect you are. So Ioffer to you my Lord my life. I offer to you my Lord allthat I have. I sacrifice all of my pleasures and desires foryou. Or at least I promise you that I will try. I knowthat all of this is not much compared to what you havegiven me. I know it is far less than You deserve. Butplease accept it of me my Lord. I know it is not much,but I also know that part of Your Perfection is that Youare Perfect in Your Mercy and Forgiveness. And becauseof only Your Bounty and Grace, and not from my ownmerit I ask You to accept it from me. I am thirsty foryour Mercy. Like a person who has wandered the hotdesert for several hours without a drink. I am yearningfor you. You are my Beloved. All that I desire is to beclose to you. All that I desire is to feel Your Presence 45
  46. 46. close to me. This is the station that we all need to be in.This is how our hearts need to be at every moment. Ifwe can understand this then we can understand theDivine Kingdom. The Divine Kingdom is where all ofmankind can reach this station. The Divine Kingdom iswhere we can all come to this realization. The DivineKingdom is where we can all make manifest ourslavehood to Allah (swt). Our utter dedication of Him.Through every aspect of our lives as we will see InshaAllah in this book. If you love Him then you would yearnto live in this place. It is His Kingdom. Where He is theKing and Sovereign. Where He is the Lord and Master.Where the people are truly dedicated to Him. All thatthey desire is to serve Him. All that they desire is toplease Him. This is because they recognize all that Hehas done for them. And they see how Glorious andTremendous He IS. And when they live this life ofservitude to Him that is when they find true peace andcontentment. Because such is what they were createdfor. They were created for Him and so with Him theyfind solace and joy. Do you not also want to live in thisplace? Just think about Him and you will see why it isthe place for you as well. He is the Glorious and thePure. He is the Source of all good in our life. He is theSource of our life itself. How then can you turn away?The Divine Kingdom is where we can find Him, it wherewe can be near to Him. Do you not want to go there?With this book your journey begins. 46
  47. 47. Chapter 2: The Divine Kingdom and you First and foremost we have to look at how eachand every single one of us will be in the Divine Kingdom.Because as wonderful a place as it is, you first have tosee where you belong in it. How do you fit in? What isthere for you? What does the Divine Kingdom offer youas an individual? Why would you want to live in such aplace? The first and foremost reason is because as wementioned in the previous chapter that to live in such aplace is what you were created to do. Allah (swt)created you to be His slave, to dedicate your life to Him.And the place where you can do this is the DivineKingdom. The Divine Kingdom is the place where youmake Him as your King and Master. Where you dedicateyour whole life only to Him. Where you can serve Himthrough everything that you do. Thus can you findpeace. Thus can you find contentment. Thus can youfind fulfillment for your existence. How exactly can youfind this? It is by knowing Him. It is by being near toHim. He is the Sublime and the Majestic. The Pure andthe Beautiful. Once you know Him then nothing else willmatter in your life. All that you will care for is being nearto Him. This is what the Divine Kingdom offers you. It isthe place where you can find true happiness. It is theplace where you can fulfill the very purpose of yourexistence. It is where you can be near to Him. 47
  48. 48. Now how exactly do you reach this sublimestation? It is by realizing the meaning of the versewhere your Lord commands you to say…[6:162] Say “My prayer, my sacrifice, my life andmy death are only for Allah, the Lord of all”. In this beautiful verse Allah (swt) shows you thepath to the Divine Kingdom. He shows you what youneed to do in order to reach this wonderful place. Asyou can see it is not just a certain set of rituals thatmust be followed or some processes that must beimplemented. It is not simply the actions of the limbs orthe words of the tongue. But more than that it is a stateof heart. It is a viewpoint towards life. It is a realizationthat you do not exist for yourself anymore. Rather youexist only for Allah (swt). Your whole life is only for Him.Your only goal in life is to serve Him and to please Him.He is all that matters. At every moment you should beasking yourself what you could do at this moment toplease Him. If you know that you have pleased Him thenthis should be all that matters. This is the thinking thatyou need to have if you want to call yourself “Muslim”. Itshould be ingrained deep within your heart. This is thefirst step in your journey to the Divine Kingdom. It is byrealizing that your only goal in life is being near to Him.And you do this by trying to please Him and beingpleased with whatever He gives you in life. 48
  49. 49. Notice in the verse how Allah (swt) firstcommands you to say that your prayer and yoursacrifice are for Him. Why is this? It is because in orderto reach that sublime station where you live only forHim, first your prayer and your sacrifice must be forHim. And it begins first with the prayer. For us asMuslims there is nothing more important than ourprayer. Our connection with Allah (swt) is through ourprayer. Our Salah. So in order to reach the DivineKingdom the first step in your journey must be yourSalah. Not only do you need to make each of the fivedaily prayers on time but you must pray them all withhumility and presence of heart. You have to rememberyour Lord in your prayer. Your body must tremble asyou stand in reverence before Him. Your body and yoursoul must be dedicated completely to Him. You have toremember that Salah is your connection with Allah (swt).It is the time when you cut yourself off from the worldcompletely and focus only on Him. That is why whenyou pray your mind should be free of everything exceptHim. Your focus should be on your prayer. Meaning thatnothing should occupy your heart in these momentsexcept Him. Just think for a moment, how can youdedicate your whole life to Him when even in yourprayer you are heedless of Him. So it all begins with theSalah. You are nearest to Him when you are inprostration before Him. Your life should revolve aroundyour Salah. It is way in which you ascend to Him. 49
  50. 50. Once you are steadfast and constant in yourprayer. Once your prayer is more than just movementsof the body and words that are parroted. Once youmake all of the actions in the prayer with presence ofheart and humility. Then the next step in your journeyto Him is that you must sacrifice for Him. Allah (swt)also tells you in the Quran that…[3: 92] You will never reach goodness until youspend from what you love, and from whatsoeverthat you spend surely Allah Knows it well. In order to reach righteousness. In order to beclose to Allah (swt). You first have to spend from whatyou love. You have to give up what you love. You haveto give it up for Him. You have to demonstrate throughyour sacrifice your love for Him. You have to show thatyou care more for Him than anything of this world.Because how can you reach that sublime station whereyou have dedicated every moment of your life for Him ifthere is still a part of you that clings to this world? Ifthere is still a part of you that loves something of thisworld more than Him. No, rather you must love Himmore than anything else. That is why you must bewilling to give up everything for Him. If you realize howWonderful He IS then you will be willing to do so. 50
  51. 51. If we study the past events which Allah (swt)tells us of in the Quran we can see several examples ofsuch sacrifice. For example in the story of the prophetIbrahim (as) (Abraham) we saw how he (as) was readyto sacrifice his own beloved son for Allah (swt). In thestory of the prophet Musa (as) (Moses) we saw how hegave up a comfortable life with his family to walk thedifficult path of calling to Allah (swt). In the story ofMaryam (as) (Mary) we saw how she left her family andher people to go into the wilderness in order that shemay be alone with Allah (swt). These are but a few ofthe many examples of great sacrifices that can be foundin the Quran. So this is the next step in our journey tothe Divine Kingdom. We have to give up what we lovefor Allah (swt). We have to demonstrate how we trulydo love Him more than anything else of this world. Andof course this is true. When we see how Magnificent andTremendous He IS. When we see how Glorious and PureHe IS. When it dawns upon us how much He (swt) hasdone for us and how much we owe to Him, then howcould we not love Him more than anything else? Howcould we not choose Him over everything of this world?We have to strive to reach that high station of theprophets and the saints who walked this path before us.We have to be prepared to give up everything that welove only for Allah (swt). It may seem difficult. The devilwill make it look difficult. He will say that you cannotgive up this thing that you love. He will make you think 51
  52. 52. as to how difficult your life would be had you had to livewithout it. But as Allah (swt) has said in other verses,the plan of the devil is weak. If only you remember yourLord. If only you remember how He suffices for you inevery situation. Then you would see how you can indeedgive up that thing for His sake. So look now to your life.Try to find some actions which you may be doing thatHe (swt) may not be pleased with. Or else try to findsomething in your life which you have that He may notbe pleased with. And then give it up for Him. Now we are not saying here that you have togive up everything that you love. If you look at theDivine Law that He has written for you then you wouldfind that many are the things that He has madepermissible for you and only a few are the things thatHe has forbidden. But if you find any of these thingsthat He has forbidden in your life, such as drugs oralcohol, such as having relationships with the oppositegender outside marriage, such as taking usury, such asbackbiting and speaking ill of others, such as hurtingothers with your words or hands, such as cheating orlying, such as breaking trusts and promises, such asgambling and excessive gaming, then try and give thesethings up for Him. It may be difficult, it may besomething that you love to do, but still do it for Him.You know that it is not good for you in the first place.You know that He loves you more than you love yourselfand so He would never legislate for you something that 52
  53. 53. is hurtful to you. Whatever He has forbidden for you iswhat He Knows is evil for you. He does not want you tobe miserable. On the contrary He wants you to behappy. So partake freely in all those things which He hasmade permissible for you. Find contentment in thosethings. Not just from those things themselves but also inthe fact that these are what He has chosen to give you.And leave what He has forbidden. Leave them for Hissake. Knowing that His Pleasure with you is much betterthan that thing which you are leaving. You love Him somuch that He is all you need. This realization is Islam. So we see from this verse how sacrificing someof what we love is an important step in our path to theDivine Kingdom. When sacrifice is once again thought ofas a virtue instead of as foolishness then think what abeautiful society that would be? Today we have allbecome extremely individualistic. Today we all like tohoard what we have been given. We do not like tospend unless it is on ourselves. Unless we can get somebenefit in this world from our spending. We do not evenlike to give in charity unless we can deduct that amountfrom our taxes. We have forgotten what it means tosacrifice only for Allah (swt). But just imagine if wecould be reminded once again. Just imagine if we couldlive for more than just this world. Just imagine if wewere all in the habit of giving and seeking nothing fromit except the Pleasure of Allah (swt). Imagine what abeautiful world that would be. How far are we today? 53
  54. 54. Going back to the verse which we had beenstudying we see that the third thing which Allah (swt)commands us to dedicate to Him is our life itself. Afterour prayer is only for Him, after our sacrifice is only forHim, then we must strive to reach that level where ourlife itself is only for Him. As we mentioned the DivineKingdom is not just a place, rather it is a state of heart.It is a station where we have resolved to live only forAllah (swt). At every moment we should ask ourselveswhat we can do at this moment to make our Lordpleased, what is the action which we can do at thismoment with which He would be most pleased with. It isnot about our pleasures and our desires anymore.Rather it is only about what will make Him pleased. This is what He asks of us in this verse. It is todedicate our lives to Him. It is to dedicate our lives topleasing Him. This is a step above worshipping Him. Thisis even a step above sacrificing for Him. Because whenyou reach this level then you are in essence giving toHim every moment of your life. You are in essencegiving to Him everything that you have. You are sayingthat every moment of your existence is only for Him.This is a very high station. A station that few of us everreach. But if we can even approach it. If we can evencome close to it. Then we would see that we havejourneyed to a much better place than where we areright now. So do not be daunted at how high you haveto reach. But rather trust in Him and take your first step. 54
  55. 55. Now realize that even to reach this sublimestation we need His help. Because often times weourselves do not know what will please Him. Often timesfor a given situation we do not know which choice wouldplease Him. So not only should we strive to please Him,but we should also implore His help in our striving. Weshould realize that we will never be able to please Him.We will never be able to live for Him. Unless He firstgives us His enabling grace and His guidance. So weshould strive to live only for Him and we should ask Hishelp in doing so. We are utterly dependent upon Him foreverything. Even for our being good. Even for ourfulfilling the purpose of our existence. However even though we depend upon Him toguide us, and we ask Him to guide us, this does notmean that we do not have any free will. On the contrarywe do have this choice. The choice to choose whetherwe would serve Him or not. The choice to choosewhether we would dedicate ourselves to Him or not. Hehas given us this honor, this privilege, this responsibility.But what we need to bear in mind is that even if wechoose the correct path, even if we choose to dedicateourselves to Him, we still would not be able to unless Hefirst gives us the enabling grace. So the choice is oursto make but even if we make the right one we still needHim to show us the way. However if we choose thewrong path then He will allow us to go astray eventhough He could have guided us. 55
  56. 56. And it also important to note that when wespeak about dedicating our lives for Allah (swt) then thisincludes every action that we do. Even our interactionswith others. Even our dealings with others. Even theseshould be part of our slavehood to Him. Meaning thatwe should deal with everyone in a way that is pleasingto Him. Our egos may tell us to deal with certain peoplein certain ways. They may tell us to look down uponsome people and to mistreat them. We must fight thisfeeling and deal with everyone in the best of ways. Withkindness and respect. With tolerance and forgiveness.Such was the way of the Prophet (saw). He (saw) eventreated young children and slaves with dignity andrespect. He (saw) forgave others the wrong that theydid to him (saw) time and time again. Because he (saw)knew that he was not dealing with them for his sake ortheirs, rather he (saw) was interacting for Allah (swt). When we are at this level. This level where welive every moment of our lives only for Allah (swt). Thenwe would have established the Divine Kingdom in ourlives. Once we are at this state then we would begin torealize what a wonderful place this truly is. It is a placewhere we would never know sorrow or fear orapprehension or anxiety. Because we do not live forourselves anymore. So we do not care about what mayhappen to us. We do not care about what we may lose.We do not care about what pain or humiliation that wemay feel. Because it is not about us anymore, rather it is 56
  57. 57. only about Him. In order to properly understand this weneed only to look at an incident that happened in thelifetime of the Prophet (saw). Once he (saw) went tocarry dawah to the people of Taif. He (saw) went tothem to invite them to Allah (swt). To call them to thepurpose of their creation. To return to what would bringthem good both in this life and the next. He (saw) onlywanted the best for them. But not only did they notaccept him (saw), not only did they reject him (saw),but they treated him (saw) in the harshest and cruelestof ways. They threw stones at him in public. In front ofall the people to see. So not only did he (saw) have tosuffer great physical pain but there was also thepsychological pain from being publicly humiliated. Afterthis terrible incident. After he (saw) had escaped histormenters. He (saw) raised his hands in prayer to hisLord and said “Oh my Lord, as long as you are not angrywith me or disappointed with me, then I do not care forwhat the people may do to me”. These were the blessedwords that he spoke. They reveal the state of heart thathe (saw) was in. He (saw) did not care at all for whatthe people had done to him (saw). All that he (saw)desired was the contentment of his Lord. If he knewthat Allah (swt) was pleased with him, then he (saw)was pleased. No matter how much discomfort he mayhave been feeling. No matter what the people may havesaid or thought about him. He (saw) did not even seethe people anymore. He did not see the world anymore. 57
  58. 58. Rather he (saw) only saw Allah (swt). He drownedhimself in the Divine Light. Just imagine how wonderful your life would be ifyou also could Insha Allah (God Willing) reach thissublime station. You will not feel anymore pain. Nolonger will the demons of anxiety or sorrow haunt yourheart. You will not be sad about what you may havemissed or what you have not received. Because youknow that what you got was only what He (swt) hadwritten for you and what you did not get was what Henever wrote for you. So because of your love for Himyou are content with whatever of this world you havebeen given. You know that it is not about yourself. Youknow that it is only about Him. So for His sake you arehappy with whatever He has chosen to give you. You are also not apprehensive or worried aboutthe future. Because you know that there will only befallyou what He has ordained for you. There will onlyhappen to you what He allows to happen to you. Eventhe slightest of harm is only by His Permission. So youalways trust in Him to keep you and your family safe.You know that He will never abandon you or forsakeyou. If you are sincere to Him then you know that Hewill only allow to befall you that which is best for you.You know that at every moment He is wrapping you inHis Protection, in His Mercy, in His Love. So what reasonthen do you have to fear? When you know that there isso Tremendous a Being Who is always so near to you. 58
  59. 59. Just think if you could live in this wonderfulplace. This place where there is no fear. This placewhere there is no anxiety. This place where there is nogrief. This place where you always have peace andcontentment. This place where you do not becomeangry or frustrated. This place where you are not alwaysyearning for the material things of this world. This placewhere you have a motivation to be a better person. Youhave a motivation to sacrifice and to give. This placewhere you always have serenity and contentment. Justfrom feeling His Presence close to you. This is why we should all seek to live in theDivine Kingdom. Because it is the place in which wewere created to live. Because it is the place in which wecan be near to Him. Because it is the place in which wecan find true peace and contentment. Now there areseveral dimensions to the Divine Kingdom. There areseveral manifestations of this place. But when it comesto you as an individual. When it comes to you as aperson then being in this place means that you mustsubmit yourself completely to Allah (swt). Your life mustonly be for Him. You should enslave yourself willinglyand completely to Him. As long as you can do this, aslong as you are in this state, then you are in the DivineKingdom. Even if the world around you is heedless ofHim you would have established the Kingdom in yourlife. You would have brought your body and your soulcompletely under His Dominion. 59
  60. 60. Allah (swt) also says in the Quran…[2:208] O you who have believed, enter intoIslam completely, and do not follow the footstepsof Satan, surely he is to you a clear enemy. In this beautiful verse Allah (swt) shows us thekind of submission that He expects from us. He showsus what should be our relationship to this beautiful Dinof Islam that He has sent to us. He shows us how it isthat we need to submit to Him. He shows how we needto live this way of life that He has sent to us. First of all notice how the command in thisverse is not directed towards all mankind, but rather it isspecifically directed to those who believe. Because inorder to enter into this Din, you first have to believe.You have to believe in Allah (swt) as the one and onlyGod and Deity worthy of worship. As the one and onlyLord and Sovereign worthy of obedience. And you haveto believe in the Prophet (saw) as the Messenger of thisEntity. You have to believe with the utmost certainty andconviction that this man (saw) speaks only on behalf ofAllah (swt). If you do not have this belief, if you do nothave this conviction then nothing else that you do willever be accepted. First and foremost you have to 60
  61. 61. believe. Because how could you ever dedicate yourselfto Allah (swt) if you doubt His Existence in the firstplace. How can you follow completely the guidance ofthe Prophet (saw) if you doubt that he (saw) is aRepresentative of the Divine? So it must start with yourbelief. Your journey to the Divine Kingdom must begin inyour heart. You must choose to believe in this Messagethat your Lord has sent to you. Now be honest with yourself. Deep down insideyou know that Islam is the Truth. You are certain that itis the Truth. So why then do you not accept what youcan see to be true? You can see that this universe musthave had a Creator. A universe filled with finite andlimited things must have an Originator. A Source WhoHimself is not finite and limited. How could it be that auniverse filled with limited things, things which are notcapable of creating themselves, how could such havecome into existence by itself. Everything in this universeis finite. How then could it have existed forever? Howcould it have created itself? Similarly you know how noone has been able to produce a Book like this Quran inthe last 1400 years. Allah (swt) has challenged all ofmankind to produce even one chapter like the chaptersin the Quran if they doubt that this Book is from Him.And no one in all this time has even come close tomeeting this challenge. Does this not then show us thatthe Prophet (saw) is indeed the Messenger? That thewords in this Book are not his own. 61
  62. 62. Once you have believed then Allah (swt)commands you to enter into the Divine Kingdom.However He gives this wonderful place a better namethan we ever have, He calls it Al Islam. Literally thismeans “The Surrender” or “The Submission”. This is theplace which He commands us to enter. We need to enterit as proof of our belief in Him. Because how could youbelieve in Him as He truly is and then give Him anythingless than complete submission? If you find that you aregiving Him less than this, if you find that you are lax inyour worship, then you have to question your belief. Youhave to work on strengthening your belief. Notice how Allah (swt) does not simply say toenter Islam rather He says to enter THE Islam. Thedefinite article is used for something that is known.Something that is specific. So what Allah (swt) wants usto enter into is not just any Islam, but it is a specificIslam. Because anyone can come and say what they likeand do what they like. They can live a life where theyare simply following their desires. And then they can saythat such is how they have submitted to Allah (swt).They can say that such is Islam. They can change ourDin completely to make it compatible with the secularworld and say that it is Islam. They can make up theirown way of submitting to Him. Their own version of thereligion. Such will never be accepted as we can see fromhere. Because Allah (swt) is not asking for just any kindof submission, rather He (swt) demands a very specific 62
  63. 63. form of submission. And which submission is this? Ofcourse it is the submission that He sent to us throughthe Prophet (saw). It is the specific Din that He revealedto us through the Prophet (saw). So we cannot submitto Allah (swt) in any way that we like. In a way thatsuits our desires or a way that suits the prevailing normsof society. Rather we have to submit to Him accordingto the sacred text of the Quran and Sunnah. We have tosubmit to Him according to the way that He wants us tosubmit to Him. Islam cannot go through a reformation.It cannot change according to time and place. It cannotchange according to the whims of man. Because thenman would be the lord. Is this what submission means?No rather Islam means to follow without question. It isthe human which must submit to the Divine and not theother way around. Because He is the Creator and we arethe creation. He is the Sustainer and we the sustained. So we have to take this Din as He gave it to us.We cannot change it. We cannot make our own versionof it. Our Islam must be the exact same Islam of theProphet (saw). Only such would be acceptable to ourLord as we from this verse. We do not care if some saythat we are “fundamentalists” or “extremists”. Just likethe Prophet (saw) it should only be His estimation of usthat matters. We should care only for pleasing Him andnot pleasing the people. Now ask yourself. Is He pleasedwith a partial Islam? A secular Islam? A moderate Islam?An Islam where you and the society live in heedlessness. 63
  64. 64. No, what He wants is complete submission. Justlook at the name that He gave to our religion. To ourway of life. To our ideology. It means submission. Itmeans surrender. This meaning is in accordance to whatwe have said so far. We have said that entering into theDivine Kingdom means that you do not live for yourselfanymore rather you only live for Him. You havesurrendered yourself completely to Him. You havesubmitted your desires and your wants to Him. It is notabout what you want anymore. Rather it is about whatHe wants. So you are content with whatever law that Hewrites for you. You are content with whatever situationin life that He decrees for you. Not only do you acceptHis laws and decrees but you are pleased with them.You are pleased with them only because of your love forHim. So you do what He tells you to do with willingnessand enthusiasm. For example if He commands you topray, then you rush to prayer. If he forbids you fromtaking usury and free mixing with the opposite sex thenyou shun these abominations. You go out of your way todo what He commands and you go out of your way toflee from what He forbids. You find no reservationswhatsoever but you accept with a full acceptance. Evenif the society in which you live does not approve of someof His laws. Even if your own desires may not approve.You do not care. Your love for Him is far greater thanyour love for yourself or for the people around you. 64
  65. 65. This is the station of a true believer. A trueMuslim. This is what it means to submit. For example ifHe commands the men to fight, they fight. And if Hecommands the women to be covered and secluded, thisis what they do. They submit to Him completely. Theyfollow every law that He has written for them. They loveHim so much. They have drowned themselves in Him. This is what Islam is. It is to submit to theDecree of the Divine with a complete submission. This iswhy a Muslim who repeatedly commits the major sinslike drinking alcohol or committing fornication cannot becalled a true Muslim. Because a part of him has notsubmitted. A part of him still rebels against the Divine. Apart of him thinks that he knows better than Allah (swt).He thinks that can of beer or that woman is good forhim despite the fact that his Lord has forbidden these.Or else he loves himself more than his Lord. The priorityin his life is satisfying his urges rather than submitting tohis Lord. By the same token a Muslim who finds faults orhas reservations with some of the Divine Laws also hasnot perfected his submission. Those Muslims whoquestion the laws related to the role of women, or therulings on jihad, or the punishments for certain crimes.Some of these laws may not be acceptable by thesociety of today. So there are some Muslims whoquestion these laws. There are some Muslims who saythat Islam would do better without these laws. Eventhough these laws have clear evidences in the Quran 65