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Science in the Qur'an [Dawah Booklet]


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Science in the Qur'an [Dawah Booklet]

  2. 2. 2 3Introduction 4Concept of God 6Scientific Facts in the Quran 91. Origin of Life 102. Iron 113. Sky’s Protection 124. Mountains 135. Expansion of the Universe 146. Sun’s Orbit 157. The Ocean 168. Lying & Movement 189. Pain Receptors 20Conclusion 22CONTENTS
  3. 3. 2 3In the creation of theheavens and the Earth,andthe alternation of night andday, there are signs forpeople with intelligence.[Quran 3:190]
  4. 4. 4 5This booklet lays out and explains the scientific facts that arefound in the Quran, centuries before they were discovered. Itis important to note that the Quran is not a book of science, buta book of ‘signs’. These signs are there for people to recogniseGod’s existence and revelation. Science sometimes takes a‘U-turn’, what is scientifically correct today is false a few yearslater. In this booklet only established scientific facts are consid-ered, not just theories or hypotheses. Before we move onto thescientific facts found in the Quran, the next section is a quickintroduction to the concept of God in Islam.INTRODUCTIONEver since the dawn of mankind,we have sought to understandnature and our place in it. In thisquest for our purpose of life manypeople have turned to religion.Most religions are based on booksclaimed by their followers to bedivinely inspired, without anyproof. Islam is different because itis based upon reason and proof.There are clear signs that the book of Islam, the Quran, is theword of God. There are many reasons that support this claim:There are scientific and historical factsfound in the Quran which were unknownto the people at the time, and have onlybeen discovered recently.The Quran came in a unique style oflanguage that cannot be replicated, this isknown as the ‘Inimitability of the Quran’.There are predictions made in the Quranand by the Prophet Muhammad (peacebe upon him) which have come to pass.
  5. 5. 6 7God gave us intelligence sowe could use it to recognisehis existence and to follow hisguidance. When we reflect uponthe nature of our world, we seeorder everywhere, from the watercycle to the movement of the Eartharound the Sun. Commenting on theorder found in the universe, the physicistStephen Hawking explains that the over-whelming impression:‘IS ONE OF ORDER, THE MORE WEDISCOVER ABOUT THE UNIVERSE, THEMORE WE FIND THAT IT IS GOVERNEDBY RATIONAL LAWS.’[1].This observation is shared by the vast majority of scientists.Since the universe has order and is governed by the ‘laws ofscience’, we should question how this order came about. Themost effective way to answer this question is to reason to thebest conclusion. Take your mobile phone for example: yourphone is made of glass, plastic and metal. Glass comes fromsand, plastic comes from oil and metal is extracted from theground. Imagine you were walking in a desert (where thereis lots of oil, sand and metals in the ground), and you founda mobile phone lying around. Would you believe that it cametogether by itself? That the Sun shone, the wind blew, lightningstruck, the oil bubbled to the surface and mixed with the sandand metal, and over millions of years the mobile phone cametogether by chance?No one would believe such an explanation. A mobile phone isclearly something that was put together in an organised way, soCONCEPT OF GODIn Islam, God is nothing like a humanbeing or like anything that we canimagine. The concept of God issummarised in the Quran as:SAY, HE IS GOD, THE ONE, GOD,THE ABSOLUTE, HE DOES NOTGIVE BIRTH, NOR WAS HE BORN,AND THERE IS NOTHING LIKEHIM*. [112:1-4] * God is not male or female, the word ‘Him’ whenused for God does not refer to gender
  6. 6. 8 9SCIENTIFIC FACTSIN THE QURANThe Quran was revealed to theProphet Muhammad (pbuh) in the7th century. Science at the time wasprimitive. There were no telescopes,microscopes or anything even closeto the technology we have today.People believed that the Sun orbited the Earth and that the skywas held up by big pillars at the corners of a flat Earth. Withinthis backdrop the Quran was revealed, and it contains manyscientific facts on topics ranging from astronomy throughto biology.Some people may claim that the Quran was changed as newscientific facts were discovered. But this cannot be the case,because it is a historically documented fact that the Quran ispreserved in its original language [2]. The Quran was writ-ten down and memorised by people during the lifetime of theProphet Muhammad (pbuh). One of the copies of the Quranwhich was written a few years after the death of the ProphetMuhammad (pbuh) is preserved in a museum in Uzbekistan.This copy is over 1,400 years old and is exactly the same as theArabic Quran that we have today [3].The following are nine scientific facts found in the Quran:it would be rational to believe that it must have an organiser. Inthe same way, when we see the order in the universe aroundus, isn’t it rational to say that the universe has an organiser?This ‘organiser’ is best explained by the existence of God. Godis the one who brought about the order in the universe. SinceGod created the world, it makes sense that he would send amessage to us about our purpose in life. Muslims believe thismessage is the Quran.* God is not male or female, the word ‘Him’ when used for God does not refer to gender
  7. 7. 10 11IRONIron is not natural to the Earth. It did notform on the Earth but came down to Earthfrom outer space. This may sound strangebut it’s true.Scientists have found that billions of years ago the Earth wasstruck by meteorites. These meteorites were carrying ironfrom distant stars which had exploded [5].The Quran says the following on the origin of iron:WE SENT DOWN IRON WITH ITSGREAT INHERENT STRENGTH AND ITSMANY BENEFITS FOR HUMANKIND[57:25]God uses the words ‘sent down’ for iron. It is clear from theverse that iron is not an Earthly material, but was sent downfor the benefit of humanity. The fact that iron came down toEarth from outer space is something which could not be knownby the primitive science of the 7th century.2ORIGIN OF LIFEWater is essential for all living things. We all know that wateris vital to life, but the Quran makes a very unusual claim:...WE MADE EVERY LIVING THINGFROM WATER? WILL THEY NOTBELIEVE? [21:30]In this verse, water is pointed out as the origin of all life. Allliving things are made of cells. We now know that cells aremostly made up of water [4]. For example, 80% of the cyto-plasm (basic cell material) of a standard animal cell (picturedbelow) is described as water in biology textbooks.The fact that living things consist mostly of water was discov-ered only after the invention of the microscope. In the desertsof Arabia, the last thing someone would have guessed is thatall life came from water.Cell MembraneANIMAL CELLNucleusNucleousNuclear MembraneVacuoleLysosomeMitochondrionCytoplasmSmooth ERRough ERGolgi BodyCentrosomeRibosomes1
  8. 8. 12 13MOUNTAINS4The Quran draws our attention to a very importantcharacteristic of mountains:DID WE NOT MAKE THE EARTHA RESTING PLACE? AND THEMOUNTAINS AS STAKES? [78:6-7]The Quran indicates that mountains have deep roots by usingthe word stakes to describe them. In fact, mountains do havedeep roots [7], and the word ‘stakes’ is an accurate descriptionfor them. Mount Everest (pictured above), the height of whichis approximately 9 km above ground, has a root deeper than125 km.The fact that mountains have deep stake-like roots was notknown until after the development of the theory of platetectonics in the beginning of the 20th century [8].SKY’S PROTECTION3The sky plays a crucial role in protecting theEarth. The sky protects the Earth from thelethal rays of the Sun. If the sky did not existthen the Sun’s radiation would have killedoff all life on Earth.It also acts like a blanket wrapped around the Earth, to protectit from the freezing cold of space. The temperature just abovethe sky is approximately -2700C. If this temperature was toreach Earth then the planet would freeze over instantly. Thesky also protects life on Earth by warming the surface throughheat retention (greenhouse effect), and reducing temperatureextremes between day and night [6]. These are some of themany protective functions of the sky.The Quran asks us to consider the sky in the following verse:WE MADE THESKY A PROTECTIVECEILING. AND YETTHEY ARE TURNINGAWAY FROM OURSIGNS! [21:32]The Quran points to the sky’sprotection as a sign of God. The pro-tective properties of the sky werediscovered by scientific researchconducted in the 20th century.
  9. 9. 14 15SUN’S ORBIT6In 1512 the astronomer Nicholas Copernicusput forward his theory that the Sun ismotionless at the centre of the solar system,and that the planets revolve around it.The belief that the Sun is stationary was widespread amongstastronomers until the 20th century. It is now a well-establishedscientific fact that the Sun is not stationary, but is moving inan orbit around the centre of our Milky Way galaxy [10]. TheQuran mentions the orbit of the Sun:IT IS HE WHO CREATED NIGHT ANDDAY, THE SUN AND THE MOON,EACH FLOATING IN ITS ORBIT. [21:33]The Quran would have been wrong according to astrono-mers just a couple of decades ago. But we now know that theQuranic account of the Sun’s motion is consistent with modern Astronomy.EXPANSION OFTHE UNIVERSE5At a time when the science of astronomy was still primitive, theexpansion of the universe was described in the Quran:AND IT IS WE WHO HAVE BUILT THEUNIVERSE WITH [OUR CREATIVE]POWER AND KEEP EXPANDING IT.[51:47]The fact that the universe is expanding was discovered in thelast century. The physicist Stephen Hawking in his book ‘ABrief History of Time’ wrote, ‘The discovery that the universeis expanding was one of the great intellectual revolutions of the20th century.’[9]. The Quran mentioned the expansion of theuniverse even before the invention of the telescope!
  10. 10. 16 17THE OCEANThe Quran uses imagery to convey its deep meanings; here itdescribes the state of the unbelievers as:DARKNESS OUT IN A DEEP OCEANWHICH IS COVERED BY WAVES,ABOVE WHICH ARE WAVES, ABOVEWHICH ARE CLOUDS, LAYERS OFDARKNESS, ONE UPON THE OTHER.WHEN ONE PUTS OUT HIS HAND[THEREIN], HE CAN HARDLY SEE IT.THOSE GOD GIVES NO LIGHT TO,THEY HAVE NO LIGHT. [24:40]It is commonly thought that waves only occur on the surfaceof the ocean. However, oceanographers have discovered thatthere are internal waves that take place below the surface ofthe ocean. These waves are invisible to the human eye, andcan only be detected by specialist equipment [11]. The Quranmentions darkness in a deep ocean above which are waves,above which are waves, then clouds above that. This descrip-tion is not only remarkable because it describes the internalwaves in the ocean, but also because it describes darknessdeep in the ocean. A human being can dive no more than 70metres without breathing equipment. Light is present at thatdepth, but if we go down 1,000 metres it is completely dark[12]. 1,400 years ago, there were no submarines or specialistequipment to discover internal waves or the darkness deepinside the oceans.7
  11. 11. 18 19A book titled ‘Essentials of Anatomy and Physiology’ whichincludes the results of research on the functions of this areastates:THE MOTIVATION AND THEFORESIGHT TO PLAN AND INITIATEMOVEMENTS OCCUR IN THEANTERIOR PORTION OF THEFRONTAL LOBES (SEE PICTURE TOLEFT), THE PREFRONTAL AREA [14].THE PART OF THE BRAIN THAT ISRESPONSIBLE FOR MOVEMENT ISSAID TO BE SEIZED IF THE MANDOES NOT STOP.Secondly, numerous studies have shown that this same region(frontal lobe) is responsible for the lying function of the brain[15]. During one such study at the University of Pennsylvania inwhich volunteers were asked questions during a computerizedinterrogation, it was found that when the volunteers were lyingthere was significantly increased activity in the prefrontal andpremotor cortices (frontal lobe region pictured left) [16].The front part of the brain is responsible for movement andlying. The Quran links movement and lying to this area. Thesefunctions of the frontal lobe were discovered with medicalimaging equipment which was developed in the 20th century.8 LYING & MOVEMENTThere was a cruel oppressive tribal leader named Abu Jahl wholived during the time of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). God revealeda verse of the Quran to warn him:NO INDEED! IF HE DOES NOTSTOP, WE WILL SEIZE HIM BY THEFOREHEAD, HIS LYING, SINFULFOREHEAD. [96:15-16]God does not call this person a liar, but calls his forehead (thefront part of the brain) ‘lying’ and ‘sinful’, and warns him tostop.This verse is significant for two reasons. The first is that thefront part of our brain is responsible for voluntary movement[13] .This is known as the frontal lobe.FRONTALLOBEPARIETALLOBEOCCIPITALLOBETEMPORALLOBECEREBELLUMBRAINSTEM
  12. 12. 20 21God tells the people who reject his message that when theyare in Hell and their skins are burnt off (so they can’t feel anypain), he will give them new skins so that they continue to feelthe pain. The Quran makes it clear that pain is dependent uponthe skin. The discovery of pain receptors in the skin is a fairlyrecent discovery for biology.Consider the following verse on pain:WE SHALL SEND THOSE WHOREJECT OUR REVELATIONS TOTHE (HELL) FIRE. WHEN THEIRSKINS HAVE BEEN BURNED AWAY,WE SHALL REPLACE THEM WITHNEW ONES SO THAT THEY MAYCONTINUE TO FEEL THE PAIN: GODIS ALMIGHTY, ALL-WISE. [4:56]PAIN RECEPTORS9Dermis:Epidermis:Subcutaneousfatty tissueStratum corneumPain receptor(free nerveendings)TouchreceptorNerveCapillarySweatglandVeinPressurereceptorArterySweat ductStratum lucidumStratum granulosumStratum spinosumStratum basalePapillaryReticularFor a long time it was thought that the senseof feeling and pain was dependent on thebrain. However, it has been discovered thatthere are pain receptors present in the skin[17]. Without these pain receptors, a personwould not be able to feel pain.The picture below shows a cross section of the skin.
  13. 13. 22 23CONCLUSIONThese are just some of the manyscientific facts found in the Quran. Itis important to note that the Quranis not a book of science, but that it isconsistent with science.To claim that scientific facts in the Quran are due to coincidencewould be irrational. The best explanation is that God revealedthis knowledge to the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh).Just like the Quran contains knowledge about the natural world,it also contains information about the inner dimensions of oursouls. It relates to our feelings, wants and needs. The Quraninforms us that we have a purpose in life, and that followingGod’s guidance will lead us to inner peace in this life, and Para-dise in the hereafter. And that rejection of his message will leadto depression in this life and Hellfire after death.For more information on the scientific facts in the Quran, theproof for God’s existence, the purpose of life and how to gaininner peace, please visit www.OneReason.orgWE SHALL SHOW THEM OUR SIGNSIN THE UNIVERSE AND WITHINTHEMSELVES, UNTIL IT BECOMESCLEAR TO THEM THAT THIS IS THETRUTH. IS IT NOT ENOUGH THAT YOURLORD IS THE WITNESS OF ALL THINGS?[QURAN 41:53]
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  15. 15. Ever since thedawn of mankind, wehave sought to understandnature and our place in it. In thisquest for our purpose of life manypeople have turned to religion. Mostreligions are based on books claimed bytheir followers to be divinely inspired,without any proof. Islam is different becauseit is based upon reason & proof.There are clear signs that the book of Islam,the Quran, is the word of