ISLAMIC PREVENT: Preventing Secular Fundamentalism and the Occupation of Muslim Land


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ISLAMIC PREVENT Preventing Secular Fundamentalism and the Occupation of Muslim Land

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ISLAMIC PREVENT: Preventing Secular Fundamentalism and the Occupation of Muslim Land

  1. 1. 1ISLAMIC PREVENTPreventingSecularFundamentalismandtheOccupationofMuslimLand
  2. 2. 2 3The British government under Labourbefore and now under the Conservative/Liberal Democrat alliance havepromoted a policy called Prevent underwhich they say that unless certainactions are taken by the Government,by Local authorities and by the Muslimcommunity (such as mosques andIslamic centres) then violence againstinnocent men, women and children willhappen.The idea behind the Prevent strategy istherefore to prevent violent extremismand is directed only towards the Muslimcommunity. It tries to deal with certainideas among Muslims which arebased on Islam and the teachings ofMuhammad (saw) and tries to replacethem with ideas which are not based onthe teachings of Islam. This policy hasbeen strongly supported by governmentfunded, self appointed representativesof the Muslim community, such as theMuslim Council of Britain (the MCB)and the Quilliam Foundation. Millionsof pounds have already been spent onthis policy which was recently reviewedand is now due to be injected with newinitiatives.The pamphlet you are reading isintended to open the eyes of Muslimsand non-Muslims to the responsibility ofMuslims living in the UK and to warnthem of the dangers to their Deen fromthis UK government led campaign. MayAllah (SWT) accept this work to havebeen done purely for his sake and mayhe forgive us for our shortcomings andmistakes.We would like to state at the beginningthat all our points and advice are basedonly on the Qur’an and the Sunnah (i.e.the sayings, actions and consent of theMessenger Muhammad (saw)) upon theunderstanding of the Sahabah (i.e. hiscompanions, may Allah be pleased withthem).Bismillah Ar-Rahman Ar-RaheemPREVENTINGSECULARFUNDAMENTALISMAND THE OCCUPATIONOF MUSLIM LAND.
  3. 3. 4 5THE ONLYIDENTITY FORMUSLIMS ISISLAM.01A Muslim cannot have any otheridentity than that of Al-Islam. He is aMuslim first and last. The MessengerMuhammad (saw) taught us that theMuslims are one community amongthe whole of mankind, their landis one, their war is one, their peaceis one, their honour is one and anyone of them can represent them all.A Muslim cannot have any bond withother Muslims other than that of Al-Islam. Nationalism, tribalism, patriotismetc.. are all shunned. Indeed the Prophetalso said:“He is not one us he who calls for`Asabiyyah, (nationalism/tribalism) orwho fights for `Asabiyyah or who dies for`Asabiyyah.” 1The division of Muslim land or placing ofborders is also condemned, the Prophetsaid: “Whoever puts a border to land hasbeen cursed”In no shape or form can a Muslimin such a case support any form ofnationalism such as promoting British-ness or Pakistan above anything else,rather we are all from clay and the bestamongst us are those who fear Allahmore. The Prophet said:“All mankind is from Adam and Eve, anArab has no superiority over a non-Arabnor a non-Arab has any superiority overan Arab; also a white has no superiorityover black nor a black any superiorityover white - except by piety and goodaction. Learn that every Muslim is abrother to every Muslim and that theMuslims constitute one brotherhood.” 2This will mean that nationalistic flags,clothes, emblems, anthems etc… or tosupport regional or national footballteams are completely prohibited, letalone to join the non-Muslim armies andto protect or defend land for the sake ofnationalism.The only acceptable use of such termsas Arab and Bangladesh or English ismerely for description and no rules ofaction can be derived from such things atall, whether positive or negative.1 Sunan Abu Dawood2 Saheeh Al-Muslim
  4. 4. 6 7The terms extremist, moderate,terrorist, radical etc… have no placein Islam whatsoever. Rather a Muslimis either practicing Islam or he is not.These terms have been introduced intothe vocabulary by the British regime andthe media in order to isolate Muslimswho practice their deen and thereafter todemonise them and eventually to bringin laws to silence them hoping that theother Muslims will not speak up in theirdefence.Hence we can see that when a Muslimwoman wants to cover her hair or evenher face with a niqab, she is consideredan extremist and oppressed. If a Muslimwants to live by the shari’ah and wantsto have stoning for adultery and thecutting of the hand of the thief like theMessenger Muhammad (saw) had, thenhe is called a fundamentalist.If a Muslim believes in the concept ofhaving more than one wife he is anoppressor. If he believes that Muslimshave a right to defend their life, honourand property if it is attacked he is aterrorist and so on…There is nosuch thingas moderateor radicalor extremistIslam.02The only Islam which is acceptable is theone practiced and taught to us by theMessenger Muhammad (saw). IndeedAllah (SWT) says:‘The only deen acceptable to Allah isIslam’ 3and the Messenger Muhammad (saw)said ‘Whatever is not based upon my teachingwill be rejected’ 4Very often those who promote suchterms on behalf of the government arenot practicing Islam themselves andhence it serves their purpose to be seenas the normal Muslim and everyone elseas the problem.The word Islam in fact meanssubmission i.e. submission to thecommands of Allah and the Muslim istherefore the one who submits. If he orshe does not submit then other termsexist in the Shari’ah to describe them.Such as aasi for the one who does not dotheir obligations, faasiq for the one whodoes the prohibitions continuously, faajirfor the one who openly disobeys Allahand murtad for the one who has negatedhis deen etc…We must be proud of the symbols ofIslam such as the Hijab/Burqa/Niqaband not allow the non-Muslims make usfeel in any way apologetic.3 EMQ [3:19]4 Shahih Muslim
  5. 5. 8 9As a Muslim it is essential that we donot join any forces of the non-Muslims.The Messenger Muhammad (saw) saidthat‘I have nothing to do with people who livebetween the backs of the disbelievers anddo not distinguish their fire-power’ 5And in the Qur’an Allah (SWT) says‘The one who allies with them is one ofthem’ 6These evidences are clear that a Muslimis not permitted to join forces with thenon Muslims, whether their own police,army, navy, air-force etc… indeed to joinwith them and to help them or fight withthem against Muslims is a clear act ofapostasy.5 Sunan Abee Daawud, Sunan At-Tirmidhi6 EMQ [5:51]It is notallowed tobe part of theBritish policeor army.03
  6. 6. 10 11A Muslim canonly abide bythe shari’ahand is notallowed toobey any man-made law.04Allah (SWT) is very clear in the Qur’anthat it is not allowed to obey any manmade laws:‘O you who believe, obey Allah and obeythe Messenger and those in authorityamong you, and if you differ in anythingthen refer it back to Allah and hisMessenger if you believe in Allah and thehereafter’ 7Abdullah Ibn Abbas (ra) said in thecommentary on this verse that ‘thosein authority’ are the legitimate Islamicrulers and legitimate Islamic scholars,and if you differ even with them thenyou must still refer back to Allah and hisMessenger to ensure they only ask youwhat Allah and his Messenger ask youto do.Those who quote Abu Hanifah and IbnAabideen etc… on obeying the law of theland, remember that such commentscould only be made when they wereliving under the Shari’ah, hence theMuslim and even the non-Muslim mustabide by the law of the land in the casewhen the Islamic law is applied.Moreover Allah (SWT) says in theQur’an:‘O prophet fear Allah and do not obey thedisbelievers and the hypocrites’ 87 EMQ [4:59]8 EMQ [33:1]
  7. 7. 12 1305Muslimsmust rejectsecularismanddemocracy.The terms secularism and democracyare completely alien to Islam andagainst the basic tenets of Islam.Secularism derives from the Christianconcept of give unto Cesar what isCesar’s and give unto God what isGod’s. Assuming that we can just runthe church/mosque and we must letthose politicians do as they please inparliament since this is nothing to dowith religion.This is completely against the teachingsof Islam which, unlike Christianity, hasa solution for every problem or issuefacing mankind from the time of theMessenger Muhammad (saw) until theday of judgement. From how to cleanourselves after going to the toilet to howto manage the affairs of society via theIslamic system of governance, Islam hassomething to say about everything youcan imagine.In fact the ruling system of government,known as the Khilafah implemented theshari’ah on state level from 622 AD until1924 AD. Only during the last 87 yearshave we been without an Islamic Stateanywhere in the world.Democracy on the other hand meanslaw by man and again goes against thefundamentals of Islam. Rather Allah(SWT) says in the Qur’an:‘By your Lord O Muhammad, I willaccount them for every action that theydo’ 9This includes actions in terms of ruling,economic and even foreign policy actions.Moreover the Messenger Muhammad(saw) said‘Obey the leader unless you see opendisobedience’ 109 EMQ [15:92]10 Shahih Muslim
  8. 8. 14 15A very dangerous concept being pushedamong our children nowadays is thatof interfaith. To say that Islam is justone of many faiths and all are believersand all will go to paradise. This is adirect attack against the basic tenet ofIslam which is that Islam is superiorto every other way of life and the onlyreligion acceptable to Allah. Indeedwhen someone becomes a Muslim anddeclares their shahadah i.e. Ashadduan-laa ilaaha ilallah wa ashaddu annaA Muslimmust rejectinterfaith.06Muhammadan Abduhu wa rasoulu theyare basically saying that ‘I testify thatthere is nothing truly worthy of worship[or obedience or following] other thanAllah and I testify that Muhammad ishis servant and Messenger’ this willnegate every other belief and way of lifewhether Christianity, Judaism, Sikhism,Hinduism etc…A Muslim must believe that allChristians or Jews will be destined forthe hellfire and that only Muslims willbe eligible to go to paradise. The previousProphets were also Muslims and theirtrue followers in their own times werealso believers but this cannot be appliedto the Christians or Jews or adherents ofany other faith nowadays.Parents must look out for the tell talesigns of Kufr (disbelief) among theirchildren, they must monitor theirchildren for this and challenge theteachers who teach them anythingcontrary to Islam or who mock Islam inany way.It is not allowed for a Muslim to keepnon-Muslims as friends. Allah saysclearly in the Qur’an that‘The Jews and Christians are friends toeach other’ 11Moreover Allah says that we should noteven be slightly inclined towards theoppressors, such as those ruling by non-Islamic law in parliament and councils;‘Do not incline towards the oppressorotherwise the hellfire will touch you’ 1211 EMQ [5:51]12 EMQ [11:113]07Do not inclinetowardsdisbelieversand theoppressors.
  9. 9. 16 17To rule or judge by other than whatAllah has revealed is an act of apostasy,as Allah says clearly in the Qur’an:‘Whoever rules or judges by otherthan what Allah has revealed is thedisbeliever’ 13This is in fact the main role ofparliament i.e. to legislate laws, hencea Muslim can have nothing to do withsuch actions or places where peopleeffectively play God.Whether to be an MP (member ofParliament) who legislates man madelaws or to vote for someone to do so onyour behalf are both equally prohibitedand acts associating with Allah anotherlegislator (i.e. shirk Akbar).Local councils who make by-laws alsofall into this category together withthose who vote for them, aside from thefact that they also decide how long pubsshould be open, which gambling placesand night clubs to give licences to etc…13 EMQ [5:44]Do not bepart of thelegislativeauthority.08Although it is true that there is nocompulsion in Islam, a non-Muslim hasa choice whether to embrace Islam ornot, once someone becomes a Muslimthere is no free will to do as you please.The idea of freedom is a non-Islamicone rather every deed must be basedupon the teachings of the Qur’an andthe Sunnah (actions of the Prophet)otherwise they will be rejected by Allah(SWT).Hence it is prohibited to engage inhomosexuality, lesbianism, peadophilia,bestiality, fornication, taking alcoholand drugs, gambling, prostitution,pornography, usury, free-mixing, votingfor man made law, buying stocks andshares, insurance, sex before marriage,etc…09There is nofreedom fora Muslim tobehave as theyplease.
  10. 10. 18 19Every Muslimmust call forIslam to beimplementedwherever theyare and mustcommand goodand forbidevil.10To call for the Shari’ah to beimplemented wherever you are in theworld is an obligation. Allah is the onewho gives us the divine laws, we areresponsible on his earth wherever we areand the Shari’ah must be implementedwherever we live. Allah (SWT) says inthe Qur’an: ‘I made you responsible onthe Earth’ 14To restrict even one law without divineevidence is an act of apostasy. Like tosay that prayer is only good for Pakistanor that zakat is only taken in NewZealand or that cutting the hand is onlyapplicable in Zimbabwe or to say weonly stone the adulterer in Saudi Arabia.Rather the Messenger Muhammad(saw) is the Prophet for the whole ofmankind and Islam is implementedwherever we are.In addition every Muslim is obligedto address anything against Islamwherever they are. The ProphetMuhammad (saw) said‘Whoever sees an evil let him change itwith his hand and if he cannot then lethim address it with his tongue and if hecannot then let him hate it in his heartand that is the lowest of belief’ 15Hence the principle is to enjoin the good(i.e. Islamic rules) which are absent andforbid the evil (i.e. man made law) whichis present.This is obliged upon the individual toaddress individuals and collectively uponthe Islamic groups to address the massesand governments, as Allah (SWT) saysin the Qur’an:‘Let there arise from amongst yougroup(s) calling society to Islam,enjoining good and forbidding evil, theywill have the success’ 16Muslims in the UK should realise thatthey are part of the Muslim communityworldwide and hence they must sharetheir concerns, struggle together toimplement the shari’ah, support eachother and break down any bordersbetween themselves.14 EMQ [38:26]15 Shahih Muslim16 EMQ [3:104]
  11. 11. 20 21It is not allowed for Muslims to celebrateany celebration other than the two Eids,The Messenger Muhammad (saw) saidthat ‘Each nation has been given its owndays of celebration and I have been giventwo Eid Al-Adha and Eid Al-Fitr’ 17( at the end of Hajj and the other at theend of Ramadhan).In another narration the Prophet said‘Whoever lives amongst the non-Muslims and celebrates with them theircelebrations and copies them until hedies, will be risen with them on the day ofjudgement’ 18Hence to celebrate Christmas or Easteror Diwali etc… are all prohibited.Moreover the Prophet said ‘Do not buythe cross of the Christians or the idols oranything to do with the belief of non-Muslims’So even to buy Christmas cards or treesor Easter eggs or to display them isprohibited.17 Bukhari18 Collection of Baihaqi11To celebratethe festivalsof non-Muslims isprohibitedincludingChristmas andEaster.A Muslim must interact to change thesituation within society to make it intoan Islamic State. He can integrate intoIslam and the Shari’ah but he or shecannot integrate into non-Islamic lawsand the non-Islamic way of life.This would include keeping away fromthe fruits of democracy and freedomsuch as alcohol, gambling, free-mixing,fornication, pornography etc… ratherthe Muslim must interact to change thestate of affairs until he lives under theShari’ah alone.Moreover we must adopt The MessengerMuhammad (saw) as the role modelfor our children and we must adopt theunderstanding of his companions as ourpath to success and look at the greatpersonalities in Islamic history such asSalahudeen Ayubi, Tariq Bin Ziyaadand Ibn Taymiyyah for lessons on howthey resisted the oppressors of theirtime and liberated Muslim land fromoccupation.It is notallowed forMuslims tointegrate witha non-Islamicsociety.12
  12. 12. 22 2313Muslimsshould setup Islamicemirates in theUK.We encourage all Muslims to liveamongst Muslims and to prefer trade,dealings etc… amongst themselvesand to ensure that they do not go tonon-Islamic courts for arbitration, sincethis would be associating with Allah apartner. As Allah (SWT) says:“Have you seen those who claim to believein what was revealed to you and whatwas revealed before you, yet they seek togo to other than Allah for judgement,while they were ordered to reject that?The Shaytaan has led them astray aclear misguidance (they are mushriks(polytheists))’” 19In addition we encourage all Muslims toset up Islamic schools which teach theIslamic curriculum and do not teach thenon-Islamic way of life or their beliefsbelow the age of maturity.Moreover we suggest it is time thatareas with large Muslim populationsmight declare an emirate delineatingthat Muslims within this area aretrying to live by the shari’ah as muchas possible, with their own courts andcommunity watch and schools and evenself sufficient trade. Likely areas forthese projects might be Dewsbury orBradford or Tower Hamlets to beginwith. In time we can envisage that thewhole of the Shari’ah might one daybe implemented starting with theseenclaves.There are many narrations of theMessenger Muhammad (saw) where hesaid that “it is not allowed for a Muslimto live among the non-Muslims, withoutto distinguish his Deen (i.e. Islam).”These measures will help to achieve thisinsha’allah.19 EMQ [4:60]
  13. 13. 24 25The policies set out in this pamphlet aremostly known from Islam by necessityand many, if contradicted, lead someonewho rejects them to leave the foldof Islam. Muslim men, women andchildren must stand up and defend themas a matter of Islamic obligation.The Messenger Muhammad (saw) said‘Each one of you is on one of the frontiersof Islam, do not let the enemy attack fromyour side’Muslims should come out and defend thehonour of The Messenger Muhammad(saw) and the symbols of Islam mustbe preserved according to each personscapability.Any Muslimwho opposesthe policies inthis pamphletshould beconfronted.14Sadly many mosques and Islamiccentres have today adopted CCTVcameras to spy on Muslims on behalf ofthe police and local authorities in returnfor some money and praise.This is completely prohibited in Islam.Rather to spy on Muslims is prohibitedand known by necessity.The Prophet said ‘Do not spy on eachother, whoever spies on a Muslim hopingto expose him Allah will expose them’15Muslims mustget rid of allCCTV camerasfrom Musliminstitutions,mosques etc…
  14. 14. 26 27It is essential that every Muslim inthe UK (and elsewhere) imbibes inhimself and his wife and children thecore concepts of tawheed, Imaan andShari’ah etc…The exclusive worship of Allah (SWT) inevery part of life, with our heart, tongueand limbs and acting upon the Shari’ahand calling for it to be implemented isnot a favour for Allah (SWT) but ratheran obligation upon Muslims whereverthey are.We must collectively remember thatwe are part of the Ummah of the bestman who walked the face of the earth,the Messenger Muhammad (saw) whocame with the perfect system of life anda solution for every problem mankindcould face from inflation, to globalwarming, to social and moral decline. Tolook outside of Islam for any solutions forour problems is not permitted.Muslims whohave beenaffected bythe westernway of lifeneed to berehabilitated.16Terrorism and countering terrorismare the catch phrases of today. Theyare usually used solely for the Muslimswho are defending their life, honourand property against attack. When onelooks in the English dictionary the wordsusually refer to those who are using forceagainst a community or section of thecommunity for political purposes. Thisis precisely what the US and British are17Terrorismmust bedefined andcountered.doing in their domestic policies and evenin their foreign policies against Muslims.From the draconian laws and innocentpeople in Prisons back home and aroundthe world to the occupation of Muslimland and mass murder of innocentmen, women and children; the US andUK governments are today the biggestexporters of terrorism.The similitude of the current state ofaffairs is like an innocent defenselesslamb which is being attacked by avicious wolf. When the mother sheepreacts by head butting the wolf, therest of the animals ask the mother whyshe retaliated against the wolf anddemand that she condemns her headbutt, forgetting that it is this wolf whichstarted the scenario by attacking thelamb i.e. through funding the state ofIsrael, propping up brutal dictators inMuslim countries, occupying Muslimland, stealing their resources andmurdering Muslims with weaponsof mass destruction in Iraq andAfghanistan.
  15. 15. 28 29It is an obligation for Muslims to do allthey can to free all Muslim prisonersin the hands of the disbelievers. Thenumber of Muslims held withoutcommitting any crime is vast andstretches across the world.In the UK they include Sheikh KhalidAl-Fawwaz, Sheikh Adel Abdul Bariboth held since 1998 without any charge.Sheikh Abu Qatadah held on and offfor the last 6 years without charge.Sheikh Abu Hamza who has served thetrumped up charges against him and isnow being held upon the request of theUSA.Others include Roshonara Choudhurywho has been given 15 years in prisonwhen what she did was no worse thanwhat students did during a recentprotest against capitalism.How is it that those non-Muslimstudents who threw items frombuildings which could have potentiallykilled someone were given menialsentences whereas this Muslim studentwas given life?Muslimsmust supportall Muslimprisoners anddemand theirrelease.18 We can conclude that the prevent violent extremism measures by the UKgovernment are nothing more than an attempt by them to strip the Muslimcommunity of their Islamic identity and to integrate them into the non-Islamic wayof life which is totally rejected by Islam and Muslims. We urge all Muslim individualsand mosques and Islamic centres to carefully read this pamphlet and copy anddistribute it as they see fit. May Allah (SWT) protect us from the plans and wishes ofthe shaytaan and his alliance.CONCLUSION
  16. 16. 30Forfurtherinformationvisitwww.anjemchoudary.comorcontact07956600569