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Islamic Activity Book for Kids (Full Vol.1 & 2 Combined pdf)

Musalla as-Salaam

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Islamic Activity Book for Kids (Full Vol.1 & 2 Combined pdf)

  2. 2. Every great journey starts with one step,make sure the first step is saying Bismillah. Islamic Activity Lessons Page 2
  3. 3. Bismillahir Rahmanir RaheemIt gives me great pleasure to write a few words regarding the latestaddition of the Islamic Activity Book.Allah says in the Quraan "We sent every messenger with thelanguage of his people so that he may explain to them (in clearmanner)"Therefore, the language of explanation should be one which is clearand easy to understand.The Islamic books that are intended for children and available inbookshops, are either too heavy for childrens age or they areunable to fulfill the need of today’s children.Islamic Activity Book is interesting, informative, character buildingand a very helpful tool in nurturing our young ones to be betterMuslims.It is my humble and sincere dua that Allah accept the hard work putinto its preparation by the authors, make the book a source ofguidance for our offspring, reward the writers and grant them theability to expand their work and present the much neededinteresting presentation to oncoming generations. Ameen(Sheikh) Abdul RahimSenior lecturer of HadithDarul uloom Bury Islamic Activity Lessons Page C
  4. 4. This book belongs My houseto ............................. andI am …………… years old.The name of myschool/ madrassais .....................................and my teachers name is .................................. . Myhobbies are ...................., ................... and .................... .My address is ................................................................................................................................................................... .My email address is ...................................................... My Mums name My favourite toy is ....................................... and my Dads name is ....................................... My brothers and sisters are: ..................... ........................................... ........................................... Islamic Activity Lessons Page D
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  6. 6. Islamic Activity Lessons Page F
  7. 7. Islamic Activity Lessons Page G
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  9. 9. Islamic Activity Lessons Page 1
  10. 10. Islam is based on five pillars. This means in Islamthere are five very important things which everyMuslim must follow.1. Shahadah - To believe in your heart and saywith your tongue There is no god but Allah andMuhammad (pbuh) is His messenger.2. Salah - To pray five times every day. The fivedaily prayers are Fajr, Zohr, Asr, Maghrib andIsha.3. Zakah - To purify our wealth by giving a smallamount to the poor. This is given from ourextra wealth.4. Sawm - To not eat and drink from before Fajruntil after Maghrib. This is known as fasting. Wefast during the month of Ramadhan.5. Hajj - To make pilgrimage to Makkah. We mustperform the Hajj at least once in our lifetime, ifwe are able to. Islamic Activity Lessons Page 2
  11. 11. Important things Islam teac hes us Islamic Activity Lessons Page 3
  12. 12. M A S J I D H M P B I F S H C L C H R S L U C G Q H F O L B B D H U C D P A D M F G R F H D M F I P E A C E T J B S G L N F T R K F S L J C D U S D B I J G C K T G G H O N E S T D H F D N G J D G K ISLAM PEACE SUBMISSION TRUTH HONEST QUR’AN PROPHETS MASJIDDo you know the meaning of these words? Islamic Activity Lessons Page 4
  13. 13. "Whoever dies from myUmmah without assigningany partners with Allahwill enter paradise” Sahih BukhariIn Islam, the most basic and the most importantbelief is Tawheed. This is the belief in Allah who isour only true Creator, Master and Sustainer of theuniverse. He is the Lord towards whom we direct allour worship.We must truly believe this in our hearts for us to beMuslims. It is easy to say this with our lips but itsonly when we believe this in our heart and act uponthis that we will be successful. What is a Hadith?In the Hereafter, Hadith means news orAllah will reward information. In Islam,those who believe in Hadith refers to sayings and doings of Prophet Muhammadand live by this fact, (pbuh); actions done with his approvalwith Paradise. and information which is related to him (e.g. his description). Islamic Activity Lessons Page 5
  14. 14. Its time for Fajr Salah. Help Penpal get to the Masjid as quickly as possible.Salah is an important part of Islam. Muslims mustperform Salah five times a day. The five prayers areFajr, Zohr, Asr, Maghrib and Isha.According to Hadith, a person who performs Salahwith Jamaat (congregation) will get 27 times morereward than performing it on his own. Islamic Activity Lessons Page 6
  15. 15. GREAT SADNESS AND JOYAbdul Muttalib had been very sad at the death of his son, Abdullah.He had loved Abdullah more than any of his other sons. Abdullah hadrecently passed away whilst returning from a trade journey. This wasnear Yathrib (later known as Madina) and he was buried there.What saddened Abdul Muttalib more was that Abdullah had passedaway so shortly after his marriage to the lady Amina. It was a greatmatch and everyone in Makkah had been overjoyed with thiswonderful union.Amina was very sad by the sudden death of her husband. She didn’twant Abdullah to go on this trade journey in the first place. Instead,she wanted to spend some time with her new husband whom she loveddearly.From all this sadness there suddenly came the sounds of celebrationcoming from Amina’s house. People rushed to find Abdul Muttalib togive him the good news but he could not be seen anywhere. Theyknew the best place to find him would be at the Kabah so theyrushed there.When they finally met Abdul Muttalib they gave him the good newsof the birth of his grandson. Abdul Muttalib was overjoyed at thiswonderful news and thanked Allah for this blessing and happiness.Little did Abdul Muttalib know that this child would become thegreatest person to walk on the face of this Earth. This child grew upto become our Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), the last and finalmessenger of Allah. Islamic Activity Lessons Page 7
  16. 16. F I N D T H E S E C R E T P I C T U R EF G C B D F C D F D F D B C B G C F C G C F B C BD D i B C B C F F G G D i B G C F D F F F F I D DD I I I G D D D B C B F I B C B F F D D C i I I GI I i i i C D G G D D C C G D D F B F C I I i I iC C C C C D F C F D F I I I C C D C G G D C B C BF i I I G B D F F F i B C G I F C G D G C i i I GG i i i D B F F i I B D I C D I i B F F D I i I GC I C I C D F I D D G i C i F D F I D B G I D i BF i F I B D D I D B I C G F I D D I D D G I B i CD I I I F C i G D D C I B I B F C B I F G i i i DB i C I F D I C G B D F i F B C B F i C C i B I CC i D i B i B F F C G D F C C F D D F i B I B I DG I I i I I i I I i i i i I i i i I I i I I i I DG i G i D i D I B I C I C i B I B i C I G i C i GG I D i i i i i I i i i I i i i i i i I i i B I DG i I i D G D F C B G D G G F G B G C C B i i I DC I C I F D i I C F D C i C G C F i i C D i D I GB I C I D i I i I B F I I i C G I I i i F I G I CB i I I G I D B i D i I B i I C I D F I D i i i CB i D i C i B G I G I D B F i C I D B i G I F I GG i F I B i F G I B I B I G I F i B G i C I F I FD i I I F I C B I G i D I D i D i C C I C I i i CD i F I G I I i i F i C G C I C i i I i F i F I DG I F I D B B G G B i G B C I G B G F C B i D i BThe secret picture is: Islamic Activity Lessons Page 8
  17. 17. After we have finished the meal Alhamdu lillaa hilla thee, at amanaa wa saqaanaa wa ja alanaa minal muslimeen Alhamdu lillaa hilla thee, at amanaa wa saqaanaa wa ja alanaa minal muslimeenThis Dua means: One of the greatest blessings Allah has“Praise be to Allah given us is the food and drink that we con-who gave us food sume. We thank Allah for thisand drink and made and also thank Him for the otherus from amongst great blessing of making usthe Muslims” amongst the Muslims. Islamic Activity Lessons Page 9
  18. 18. Islamic Activity Lessons Page 10
  19. 19. Abu Hurairah (r) was from the tribe of Daws. After he accepted Islam he wentand met Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). After a short while he moved to Madina tobe close to Muhammad (pbuh) and learn from this great teacher of piety.Abu Hurairah (r) was a very pious Muslim but the one thing that troubled himmost was that his mother would not accept Islam.He would pray for her so much and hoped that she HADITH SOURCESwould become a Muslim as well. The Sahabah were the companions of ProphetOne day he was telling his beloved mother about Muhammad (pbuh). TheyAllah and His messenger when his mother uttered passed down informationsome words. This made Abu Hurairah (r) feel very about the Prophet (pbuh)sad. and about his life to the next generation. They alsoAbu Hurairah (r) went to see our Prophet (pbuh) passed down any advicewith tears still flowing from his eyes. When the and teachings the ProphetProphet (pbuh) asked him why he was so upset, Abu (pbuh) had given them.Hurairah (r) related the whole story. Abu Hurairah(r) then asked our Prophet (pbuh) to make dua for These sayings were thenher. collected by later scholars and put into books. ThereAbu Hurairah (r) was very pleased when prophet are many great HadithMuhammad (pbuh) made dua for his mother. He collections and greatwas sure that his mother would accept Islam one Muhadith (Hadithday soon. scholars) that came in the later generations.When Abu Hurairah (r) got home, he heard thesplashing of water and then his mother told him tocome into the house. When Abu Hurairah (r)entered, his mum said, “La-ilaha illallahMuhammadur Rasoolullah” which means she hadaccepted Islam.The tears began to flow from Abu Hurairah’s (r)eyes but this time they were tears of joy! Islamic Activity Lessons Page 11
  20. 20. Islam is the deen of the Muslims. Islam is anArabic word which is taken from the words peaceand submission.We submit to Allah by choosing to follow Hisguidance in everything we do. This means we mustnot do anything against Allah’s wishes.When we follow Islam properly, there is peace:peace in our lives; peace in the community andpeace in the world.Islam is not an ordinary religion but is a way oflife. Islam is the way of life for all the Muslims inthe world.A true Muslim is a person who follows thecommand of Allah in every part of his or her life.Islam is not a new religion. All the people whofollowed the true teachings of their prophetswere Muslims. Islamic Activity Lessons Page 12
  21. 21. o learn The b e s t of you are those wh th e Qur ’an and teach it Bukhari Draw apicture of a Qur’an The Qur’an is the word of Allah. When we read it with proper Tajweed, we get anand colour immense reward. The Qur’an is also guidance for mankind. This means we must also it in follow all its guidance and teachings. It is a code of life for all Muslims so make it a code of life for you as well. Once we learn it we must then teach it to other people. Islamic Activity Lessons Page 13
  22. 22. KIND PIOUS GENEROUS BAD HONEST SELFISH JUST BULLY TRUSTWORTHYREBELLIOUS TRUTHFUL HURTFUL RESPECTFULUNHELPFUL We must try our best to be good and follow Islam like we should. Show respect to our Mum and Dad and keep away from everything bad. Stay on the path that is straight as peace and happiness it will create. Leave greed and selfishness behind, and become just, honest and kind. We must go to the masjid to pray and learn about Islam every day. When we practice what we learn, happiness and paradise we will earn. Islamic Activity Lessons Page 14
  23. 23. B S L H C G D G P S A L A H J L P S H B J J F D N I L A K L J P C J L G H J B Q J N S L M A F I V E D H A R D K S D F Z C R M A N L B N A J S G H D A F H K C R M F K M Q S A W M R D N F N K H N M H FIVE HAJJ PILLARS SAWM SHAHADAH ISLAM SALAH ZAKAHDo you know the meaning of these words? Islamic Activity Lessons Page 15
  24. 24. TOUCHED BY THE TRUTHMus’ab Ibn Umair and Asad Ibn Zurarah were sitting under theshade of a wall, resting from the hot desert sun. Earlier thatmorning they had been talking to some of the people of Yathribabout Islam. As they sat and rested, they chatted with each other.Suddenly, Usaid Ibn Hudair came towards them. He was angry. Infact he was very angry. He had his spear with him and was looking tosort someone out. He saw the two companions talking to each otherand recognised them. He began to march towards them, shaking hisspear menacingly as he strode.Now Usaid wasn’t a violent fellow but was a strong and courageousman. He was very well respected in Yathrib and was considered anintelligent and wise person. He was the chief of his tribe but hadspent his life worshipping idols.When he reached the two friends, he spoke to them angrily. He saidthat he wasn’t happy that these two Muslims were speaking to thepeople of Yathrib. He knew that many people had accepted Islam buthe felt that idol worship was still the correct religion!Mus’ab knew that Usaid was very angry and might not listen to them.Mus’ab spoke to him in a soft and gentle voice. “Brother,” he said,“Why don’t you sit with us for a few moments and listen to what wehave to say?” Mus’ab continued, “If you don’t like what we say thendo as you wish.”This was a reasonable idea and Usaid accepted it. He stuck his spearinto the sand and sat down to listen to what they had to say. Islamic Activity Lessons Page 16
  25. 25. CONTINUED….Mus’ab explained to him about Islam and how it was the correct wayof life for human beings. He told him that Islam encouraged peopleto be good and to leave all bad and evil things. He spoke to him aboutAllah and about the day of Judgement. He talked for a short timeand then recited some verses of the Quran.The expression on Usaid’s face changed as the words melted hisheart. His anger went away and tears of joy rolled down his cheeks.He had seen the truth and knew that these wonderful words ofwisdom could only be from Allah. They moved him so much that hehugged Mus’ab and accepted Islam on the spot.Usaid had experienced the truth and became a pious and respectedMuslim. He was kind and considerate and would help the poor andneedy. The people of Yathrib loved him even more and respected thisjust and honourable man. The words of wisdom and truth hadchanged him just as it has changed billions of lives throughout theworld. Islamic Activity Lessons Page 17
  26. 26. Before we begin to eat a meal Bismillahi Wa ala baraka tillahThis Dua means: Whenever we begin anything, we should always remember Allah. We remember Allah and thank“In the name of him for the many blessings that Allah has given us. Food is also aAllah and on the blessing from Allah and weblessings of Allah” should be grateful to Allah for it. Islamic Activity Lessons Page 18
  27. 27. DRAW AND COLOUR A PICTUREOF YOUR LOCAL MASJID Islamic Activity Lessons Page 19
  28. 28. When people become Muslims they say theShahadah with their mouths. They also believe itin their hearts.Shahadah means to bear witness to something. InIslam, it means to bear witness to the oneness ofAllah and that Muhammad (pbuh) is His messengerThe first part is to bear witness that there isonly one God - Allah - Who alone we worship.The second part is to bear witness thatMuhammad (pbuh) is the last and final messengerof Allah.A person who believes the Shahadah in his or herheart is indeed a Muslim. All Muslims believe theShadahah.All prophets taught that Allah is one, without apartner or a son. They told us to worship onlyAllah and nothing else besides Allah. Islamic Activity Lessons Page 20
  29. 29. Islam teaches us many important lessons. It teaches us to always be good. Write down someof the things Islam teaches us.1. Write down the five pillars of Islam 2. Five good things we should do everyday 3. Five people we should respect Islamic Activity Lessons Page 21
  30. 30. We believe that Allah is One who has no equal, partner nor son.Its Allah we worship, to him we pray,the Lord and Master of the final day. In Muhammad we also believe,prophethood and Wahi he did receive. He was the last and final guide, whose message will forever reside. So leave falsehood and evil aside and let Islam in our hearts abide. Success and happiness will thrive when Iman in our heart is alive. Islamic Activity Lessons Page 22
  31. 31. ...This day I have perfected your religion for you, completed my favours upon you, and have chosen Islam as your religion… Surah Al Maidah(5): verse 3The Quran was revealed over a period of 23 years.The verses of the Quran came down piecemeal (alittle at a time) until the Quran was completed.We learn that Allah chose the name Islam as our wayof life. We learn that Islam is the perfect way oflife. We also learn that Islam is based purely on theguidance of Allah - it is not man made.Nothing new can be added to Islam because Allahhad already perfected and completed it. e accepting Islam than owing religion in th e world. More people arIslam is the fastest gr in Europe and America. the fastest growing religionany other religion. It is lives has helped improve the arly seen in the Holy Quran which vedThe truth of Islam is cle for guidance and are mo en today, pe ople turn to the Quranof billions of humans. Ev by the words of Allah. Islamic Activity Lessons Page 23
  32. 32. At the end of each day, if you have done the challenge, colour in one stepWhenever you meet aMuslim or speak to himor her on the phone,You must say Assalamu-alaykum. You must dothis everyday untilthe chart is Saying the salaam is makingcompleted. a dua for the other person. This dua puts love and unityNow do it always! within the Muslim community. Our Prophet (pbuh) and his companions also said the salaam to each other whenever they met. This action has great reward from Allah.When all the steps arecoloured, you have finishedthe challenge successfully Islamic Activity Lessons Page 24
  33. 33. The way of life as taught by all the prophets of Allah. Islam The way of life of the Muslims. The declaration a person makes, who believes in Allah Shahadah and in our prophet Muhammad (pbuh). The Muslim prayer which is performed as Prophet Salah Muhammad (pbuh) taught. All the prophets did Salah. To give 2.5% of our excess wealth to the poor, once a Zakah year. To refrain from eating and drinking during the hours of Sawm daylight (compulsory during Ramadhan). To perform the pilgrimage to Makkah at least once in a Hajj lifetime, if one can afford it. To have calm, harmony and enjoyment. To be at ease Peace without worries or distractions. To give up something for someone else. E.g. we give upSubmission our own desires for Allahs wishes. Reminds us to say peace be upon him. This is said after pbuh we say, read or hear our Prophets name. Special people, selected by Allah, to deliver His message Prophets to the people. The special gift of guidance given to human beings. Allah Hidayah guides the person to the right path. A person who submits his will to the will of Allah. A Muslim person who obeys Allahs command. The name of the last and final messenger of Allah - theMuhammad (Pbuh) seal of the prophets. The ninth month in the Islamic calendar. During this Ramadhan month, the first verses of the Qur’an came down. People put money in the bank to keep it safe. In the same way keep these words and their meaning safe in your memory banks! Islamic Activity Lessons Page 25
  34. 34. “Seeking know ledge is the religious .” d uty for every MuslimIbn Majah, Bayhaqi Finish thepicture thencolour Every Muslim must learn enough knowledge so that they may live their lives according to the will of Allah. In the same way, every business man must learn enough knowledge so it in that he can do business in accordance with the Will of Allah. This applies to all people. Islamic Activity Lessons Page 26
  35. 35. Write a sentence with thefollowing word: Hidayah means: Submission: Islam: Salah is: Shahadah: Pbuh: Sawm: Muhammad (pbuh) is: peace: Islamic Activity Lessons Page 27
  36. 36. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 151 The way of life as taught by all the 3 The daily prayers carried out by prophets of Allah. Muslim way of life. Muslims. There are five in a day.2 A building used for prayer and worship. 5 Prophet Ibrahims father used to make these out of stone.4 Servants of Allah that are made of light. 8 To ask Allah for forgiveness with a6 The companions of the Prophet pure heart. Muhammad (pbuh).7 The organ that pumps blood in our body. 11 Prayer preformed after the Isha The centre of all our emotions. salah in Ramadan. This is Sunnah salah done in Jamaat.9 The fourth pillar of Islam. 13 A person who submits his will to the10 To have calm, harmony and enjoyment. To will of Allah. be at ease. 15 Lasting forever, without beginning12 The Arabic word for knowledge, generally or end. To always exist. used for Islamic knowledge.14 An action which is considered bad. Islamic Activity Lessons Page 28
  37. 37. Islamic Activity Lessons Page 1
  38. 38. Islamic Activity Lessons Page 2
  39. 39. Islamic Activity Lessons Page 29
  40. 40. When a nation is ruled with justice, the effectsare felt all around. The effects are even felt byanimals.One moment in the life of a just ruler is betterthan sixty years of worship.In Muslim history, even high profile rulers werebrought to court to answer charges made bycommon people.On the day of Judgement, Allah will mete outjustice to the oppressed - oppressors will bebrought to justice.On the day of Judgement, those people who werejust in ruling will be shaded under the throne ofAllah.The people who were just will be seated on pulpitsmade of light, in the presence of Allah. Islamic Activity Lessons Page 30
  41. 41. Assalamu— Assalamu—alaykum How do we become good? Here is a clue.Whenever we say anything, it must be true. When we play outside, we must not fight.When we talk to others, we say what is right. We must try to be friendly and never rude and also be happy and in a good mood. We must be trustworthy so we don’t steal and the suffering of others we must feel. We must help both our Mum and Dad and never hurt others or make them sad. We must listen to what the teachers say; to the path of goodness, this is the way. Islamic Activity Lessons Page 31
  42. 42. Describe a just o r good person Islamic Activity Lessons Page 32
  43. 43. The prophet Muhammad (pbuh) was the last and final messenger of Allah. His life and characteris an example for us to follow.The noble qualities of Muhammad (pbuh)Some noble deeds done by Muhammad (pbuh) Some examples of how he (pbuh) treated people Islamic Activity Lessons Page 33
  44. 44. The messenger of Allah (pbuh) said: The best struggle (is of) that person who says the words of truth in the presence of a tyrant ruler. Abu DawudThis Hadith advises that we must be truthful in allmatters. Even if we will get into trouble or hardshipbecause of this, we must still speak the truth.Life is a struggle to improve ourselves and our deen.In this case, it is the best struggle because you arespeaking the truth amidst the falsehood. Sometimesit might be easier to tell a small lie but it is morerighteous to tell the truth.Telling the truth hasgreat reward from Do we need hadith?Allah. You will get The Prophet (pbuh) livedmore blessing and his life according to Islam. The Ahadith give usreward when you tell guidance in many aspects of ourthe truth in a personal and social life as well as adifficult situation. deeper understanding of the Qur’an. They are a valuable learning tool. Islamic Activity Lessons Page 34
  45. 45. tioned n in front of whom I am men “ Stingy is that perso upon me.” and he does no t send salutations At TirmidhiColour it in and writedown what Whenever we say, hear or read the name of our beloved Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) we it means should say ‘sallallahu alayhi wa sallam’ This is like a dua we make which is carried to Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) by the angels. Islamic Activity Lessons Page 35
  46. 46. Penpal just heard the Adhan for Salah. Get him to the masjid as quick as possible before Jamaat.The Adhan is the call to prayer. It is used to let thepeople know that the time for prayer has started. TheMuazin reads the Adhan out in a loud voice so thatpeople can hear it and hurry to the Masjid.Just before the main congregational prayer (jamaat),the Muazin recites the Iqamat. Islamic Activity Lessons Page 36
  47. 47. During meal, if dua is forgotten at start Bismillahi awwa la hu wa akhirah Bismillahi awwa la hu wa akhirahThis Dua means: Sometimes we forget to say the dua at the“In the name of start of the meal. If we forget the firstAllah, in its dua, we say this special dua whenbeginning and its we remember during the meal.end.” This prevents the Shaytan from sharing in the meal. Islamic Activity Lessons Page 37
  48. 48. Abu Hurairah (r) would spend all his time in the company of our Prophet (pbuh)learning about Islam. Abu Hurairah (r) would even accompany our Prophet (pbuh)on all his journeys and different expeditions.Many people would come to Abu Hurairah (r) and askhim questions about our Prophet (pbuh). Abu HADITH PARTSHurairah (r) was blessed with such an amazing There are three differentmemory that he would be able to teach the people parts to a Hadith:so much about Islam. 1.The Sanad is the chainMany years later, at the time of Marwan Ibn al- of narration - from whomHakam, Abu Hurairah (r) was called to the court of to whom the informationMarwan. Marwan wanted to test Abu Hurairah (r) was passed until it came toand see how good his memory really was. Marwan the collector.setup a test during which scribes would secretlywrite down every hadith Abu Hurairah (r) related. 2.The Matn is the actual text of the Hadith.As Abu Hurairah (r) taught, the scribes werebusily recording all this valuable knowledge onto 3.The collector is thetheir scrolls. scholar who recorded the Hadith.A year later, Abu Hurairah (r) was invited back tomeet Marwan. He was asked to relate ahadith as These three parts of thebefore. Abu Hurairah (r) related the same ahadith, Hadith are scrutinised byexactly as he had done a year earlier. the scholars before writ- ing them down in theirLater Marwan and the scribes were comparing books.these hadith and the ahadith that Abu Hurairah(r) had related a year earlier. They wereastonished to find that both sets of ahadith wereidentical, word for word.Marwan was very impressed with the memory ofAbu Hurairah who was such a honoured teacherand transmitter of hadith. Islamic Activity Lessons Page 38
  49. 49. from “A person’s wealth will never decrease giving in Charity.” TirmidhiDraw a big treasurechest full of gold Money and wealth are a gift from Allah. Allah will ask us how we spent this gift whilst we were living on Earth. If we spent it on charity and helping people then we will getand jewels immense reward for it. Wealth never decreases by giving to charity or in helping the needy. In the same way, we should not waste this wealth or be too extravagant with it. Islamic Activity Lessons Page 39
  50. 50. Islam teaches us good manners. The Prophet(pbuh) said, "The best of you are those who havethe best manners."The Prophet (pbuh) is our role model so we shouldtry to be like him. We should take his advice on allmatters.We must always be honest and tell the truth. Weshould never lie or deceive anyone. We must betrustworthy.We must be kind and helpful to all. We mustntlook down on others nor think we are superior tothem.We must show respect to our parents by beinghelpful and kind to them. We should listen tothem and obey them.We cant bully, hit or insult anyone. Thesequalities are not from Islam and Allah doesnt likethe unjust. Islamic Activity Lessons Page 40
  51. 51. Describe an unju st or bad person Islamic Activity Lessons Page 41
  52. 52. This little boy was very bad, And he made his parents very sad. Every morning he would wake up late. He would waste the food upon his plate. He would not share any of his toys and would bully other girls and boys. When he was told to go to bed, he wouldn’t listen to what Mum said. When out shopping he’d cry and screamand embarrassed everyone by making a scene. He would not wash so was covered in grime and was greedy and selfish all the time. Islamic Activity Lessons Page 42
  53. 53. T T O P H I U A U V J R T R B H O N E S T L U E X U V K Z X B Z J O S L U S T R U T H F U L T I B T P M I Q R H H W W A H A H E L P F U L R K B P B S Y G S S G O C I L S L S A P C C V H B N E R E S P E C T F U L D H TRUSTABLE KIND RELIABLE HONEST HELPFUL TRUTHFUL RESPECTFUL JUSTDo you know the meaning of these words? Islamic Activity Lessons Page 43
  54. 54. … and let not the hatred of others to you make you swerve to wrong and depart from justice. Be just: that is closer to piety… Al Qur’an 5:8This Quran Ayat tells us to always be just. If weare just then this will bring us closer to Allah and willhelp us be good Muslims.When we deal with people we should be fair to them.It might be that they are enemies or have been badto us in the past. We should not let this influence ourdealings with them.If we are in a position of power, we should not abusethis by showing favour to one person over anothereven if they are a friend or relative.In the books of seerah, we find that the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) was a very fair andjust person. It was through these qualities that people saw the good character and con-duct of Muhammad (pbuh) and accepted Islam. At the conquest of Makkah, people sawthe mercy and kindness of Muhammad (pbuh) and thousands of people accepted Islam.We too should study seerah and learn a valuable lesson from this great man. Islamic Activity Lessons Page 44
  55. 55. MUHAMMAD IBN QASIMBack in the history of Islam, the Muslim empire was enormous.Hundreds of thousands of people had accepted Islam causing theMuslim world to spread from Arabia into many different countries.Within a short space, the Islamic world had spread into Africa andAsia so there were Muslims of many different backgrounds, coloursand languages.However, there were many problems on one of its borders. Thepeople and tribes that were against Islam had moved to thecountries near the edge of the Muslim empire and would attack androb the people living there. They became a nuisance and would causea lot of bloodshed.The Muslim rulers of the lands were very worried for the welfare ofthese people who were both Muslims and non-Muslims. They had livedin harmony in the past and enjoyed the benefit of living in thispeaceful land. All the peace had gone and the people were nowterrified.The ruler decided to send a big army to guard this border and sortthese rebels and bandits out. Before long, a Muslim army was sentthere and peace was restored to this whole area. However, all thesedifferent groups continued to attack the army and eventuallydefeated it. Before very long, the state of the country had returnedto chaos with small armies coming into the Muslim lands andattacking its people.The king sent a second army, which resulted in the same conclusion.Finally, the ruler decided to send his nephew, Muhammad Ibn Qasim, Islamic Activity Lessons Page 45
  56. 56. this land with another army to patrol the area and to restorepeace, harmony and prosperity.Now Muhammad was just a youngster of seventeen but he loved tostudy from his teachers in the Islamic colleges and universities. Hehad a great love for Islam and would try to live his life according toIslam.When Muhammad Ibn Qasim got to the lands he managed to restorepeace very quickly. He then continued looking after the people inthose lands.The army he commanded also loved and respected this youngster.They loved the way he dealt with the people and the concern he hadfor their welfare. They liked the way he resolved all issues accordingto Islam. They loved the fact that he was dedicated to Islam andwas an intelligent and fair man.Before long, many people began to move to the Muslim lands. All thelands near by also became part of the Muslim world. People acceptedIslam in their droves and before very long Islam spread throughoutall the neighbouring countries.These people that accepted Islam long ago were from the landsknown today as Uzbekistan, Bangladesh, Pakistan, India and Kashmir.It was through this youngster and his love for justice and fairnessthat there are Muslims in these countries today. Islamic Activity Lessons Page 46
  57. 57. F I N D T H E S E C R E T P I C T U R EB J J J j B F G C C F j J J D B C G j J j C J J jJ j B F J j B D D G D j G J D D F D j B j F j D jj B F C G j C B F B F J B j D D G G J B j G J G jJ D J j D j F C C G C J B J B D G C J F J F J B jJ F j J C J F J j j D J B J G B C F J C J C J G Jj B j j F J F J G J B J F J G B D G J G J j j C Jj G j j C J F J F j B j G j B D B F j D B D F G JJ F C D F j B j G j G J C j C G G G j B j J j F jJ G J J C j B J F J C J G J F G F D j C J C J D Jj D j J D j F j B j B j B J J j j F J G j C j D Jj D j J G j C J D j C j B F B G J D J B J C J G jj B j j C j B j C j G j j J j J j F j G j C J D JJ G J j D J G J C J D C F C G F B C J j J G J C jj j J J j J B j C J F C C C D j j G D C G D J D JG D D B B F B j G j G G C G J J G j j D B F J B JD C F D C C D J C j J J j C J C F D j J D C J B jD D C J G D C J C G F G J B J B J D G F j B J D jF B j F j D D J J j j j j B j G J j J F j C J j jD J F G C J G D D B D C D F J D J j J F J F G C CJ j J D J J j C C B C G B G J C F B F D J B F B BB B J D j F D C F G D B F B J F J j J B j G C B FF G j C j G B B B C C B D D J F J D J D j G D C GC D j D j J J j J J J J C F j G j F j G J C D G GF C J D B C C G G C B J F G j D J C j F J F B C DThe secret picture is: Islamic Activity Lessons Page 47
  58. 58. At the end of each day, if you have done the challenge, colour in one stepWhenever we intend todo something we shouldsay Insha-Allah.E.g. you would say, "Iwill do my homeworkafter coming backfrom the masjid, When we intend to do some-Insha-Allah" thing, we say Insha-Allah (if Allah wills). This means we are admitting that even though we decide to do something, it will only happen if Allah wills or allows it to happen. Allah is the All- powerful and nothing happens without His permission.When all the steps arecoloured, you have finishedthe challenge successfully Islamic Activity Lessons Page 48
  59. 59. Arabic word for Paradise or Heaven. (sometimes spelledJannah Jannat) A harsh ruler who withholds the rights of the people.Tyrant To trick or mislead someone by making them think oneDeceive thing whilst it is something else. To hold something in esteem and not violate or hurt it inRespect any way. The account of the life of the final messenger of Allah -Seerah Muhammad (pbuh). The call to prayer called out five times a day. It tellsAdhan the people that prayers are about to start. A group of people. In Salah, it refers to congregationalJamaat prayer where everyone prays behind the Imam. The title of the person who calls out the Adhan.Muazin Impure with flaws and errors.Corrupt The plural of Hadith.Ahadith The next life after we die. The life which will lastHereafter forever. To act with kindness, compassion and to be forgiving.Mercy To act with truth and correctness. To judge fairly takingJustice all facts into consideration. The book of teachings and guidance from Allah toQuran mankind. The word of Allah. People put money in the bank to keep it safe. In the same way keep these words and their meaning safe in your memory banks! Islamic Activity Lessons Page 49
  60. 60. ves believer until he lo “None of you is a true self.” at he loves for him At Tirmidhi for his brother wh Draw somethingyou like and want your friend to This Hadith explains how we should be less selfish and less self-centred. We shouldhave as well actually wish for our Muslim brother the kinds of things we wish to have for ourselves. In the same way, we should treat others in the same way we wish to be treated. Islamic Activity Lessons Page 50
  61. 61. Write a sentence with thefollowing word: Qur’an is: Mercy: Ahadith: Seerah is: Adhan: Respect: Jannah: Mu’azin is: Justice: Islamic Activity Lessons Page 51
  62. 62. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 152 This act of worship is often called the 1 The last day. Also known as the day of smaller Hajj. ________.3 An act of worship that involves going 4 The late afternoon prayer. around the Kabah seven times. 5 This special Salah is only performed in4 This creation doesnt have any free- Ramadan. will so obeys every command of Allah. 6 The title given to a person who has7 The Quran was revealed in this performed the Hajj. language. 10 Ar-Rahman is a ______ of Allah.8 The Arabic word for paradise or 11 Our Prophets (pbuh) nephew & cousin. heaven. 12 All Hajjis assemble here during Hajj and9 During wudhu we _____ our feet. make dua.13 Early morning prayer made before 14 To be fair in decisions and conduct. sunrise. 15 Allah is one, he does not have a _______, family or son. Islamic Activity Lessons Page 52
  63. 63. Islamic Activity Lessons Page 1
  64. 64. Islamic Activity Lessons Page 2
  65. 65. Islamic Activity Lessons Page 53
  66. 66. These is some bits missing on my picture, can u help me finish it ? Islamic Activity Lessons Page 54
  67. 67. Hajj is the fifth pillar of Islam. Muslims mustmake the pilgrimage to Makkah at least once intheir lifetime.Although people can visit Makkah anytime, we canonly perform the Hajj in the Month of Zul Hijjah.During Umrah and Hajj, we walk around theKabah seven times then we drink some zam zam.We then walk between the hills of Safah andMarwah (Sai), 7 times. We then cut our hair orshave our headDuring Hajj (8th til 13th Zul Hijjah), we spendtime in Mina, Arafah and Muzdalifa. We do theRami of Jamarat.During these days, Hajjis wear the Ihram- twopieces of white unstitched cloth. Women justwear simple clothes. Islamic Activity Lessons Page 55
  68. 68. Seven ways peop le travel to Hajj Islamic Activity Lessons Page 56
  69. 69. Prophets were people that Allah did send. Ibrahim was one - Allah’s friend. His father made idols out of stone and this action he would condone. He would sit at night and look around, sit and think, not making a sound. He saw the many things Allah had made. When morning came all these would fade. He decided all shirk he would shun and won’t worship the stars, moon or sun.Instead he would worship the creator of these and this is the Lord that he would please. Islamic Activity Lessons Page 57
  70. 70. B H Q M A K K A H Q K L H N D F N P M A D I N A Q P M S B B L D H J L U H A T E E M F S R Z H B R S I J M G D C R D N N M P K A A R A F A H M D L K D J B F C F I J A M A R A T G F K C K G T G C J A KA’BAH ARAFAH HATEEM MUZDALIFA MAKKAH JAMARAT MINA MADINADo you know the meaning of these words? Islamic Activity Lessons Page 58
  71. 71. And proclaim amongst the people (about ob- serving) Hajj (pilgrimage), they shall come to you on foot and on every lean camel, they shall come from every deep and distant (mountain highway).. Holy Qur’an 22:27The command came to Prophet Ibrahim (as) to tellthe people to perform the Hajj to this noble house(i.e. the Kabah). So the Hajj was started by Ibrahim(as) which was many hundreds of years beforeProphet Muhammads (pbuh) time.The people come from all corners of the world toperform the Hajj. Every town and city in the worldseems to be sending Hajjis every year to Makkah.Millions of Hajjis make pilgrimage every year. Peoplecome to Hajj on different types of transport such asships, planes, buses and by walking.Muhammad (pbuh) is the last and final messenger of Allah. Muhammad (pbuh) broughtthe Quran to us and taught us how to live our lives according to the will of Allah.However, we also believe and respect the thousands of prophets that came beforeMuhammad (pbuh). We still love and respect Prophet Ibrahim (as) and follow thecommand Allah had given him to call people to Hajj. Islamic Activity Lessons Page 59
  72. 72. Penpal went to Hajj and got lost. Help him get back to Mina.Mina is often called tent city because when theHajjis go there, they stay in tents. There are millionsof Hajjis so you can imagine how many tents therewould be. They arrive in Mina on the first day of Hajjfrom Makkah and spend the day there. They spend atotal of three days in Mina. It is easy to get lost inMina because it is so big and the tents look similar. Islamic Activity Lessons Page 60
  73. 73. IBRAHIM (AS) & THE KA’BAHIbrahim (as) was a great prophet. Once he came to visit his son,Ismael (as), in Makkah. He had not met Ismael (as) for a while andwas longing to see him. Ismael (as) had grown up and started his ownsmall family. Ismael (as) was returning home from hunting whenIbrahim (as) met him. Ibrahim (as) and Ismael (as) both embracedeach other and were so overjoyed.The command was given to Ibrahim (as) to build a house, dedicatedto the worship of Allah. Together Ibrahim (as) and Ismael (as)started building this Masjid, known as the Kabah. They built it nearthe spring of Zamzam, close to the hillocks of Safah and Marwah.As they were building the Kabah, they were unable to reach thehigher parts of the wall. The stone Ibrahim (as) was standing onwould rise up and down, allowing the wall to be built. To finish thewalls, they needed a corner stone but could not find a suitable one.Jibrael brought them a pure white stone from Jannah to completethe building.Ibrahim (as) and Ismael (as) completed the building and fixed thecorner stone. Ibrahim (as), by the command of Allah, invited thewhole of Mankind to make the pilgrimage to this holy place.For many years Makkah remained a city of peace and goodness.Later, evil crept into the community and soon the people began to putidols in and around the Kabah.Ibrahim (as) had dedicated this building to Allah, the one and onlytrue God of mankind. Mankind had polluted this pure truth by putting Islamic Activity Lessons Page 61
  74. 74. CONTINUED ...false gods in this holiest of places.It was only when Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) came did he restore itback to its original state. People have been making the pilgrimage toMakkah from the time of Ibrahim (as) until today. Billions of peoplehave visited this holiest of places.The Ka’bah was built by prophet Ibrahim (as) so that people wouldcome here and worship Allah. However as time went on people beganto pollute this holy place by putting idols in and near the Ka’bah.Allah also made us and put inside us our hearts - a place where onlyIman would stay. Iman is the true belief in Allah and only Allahwithout assigning partners to Him. In other words, the heart is aplace of tawheed just like the Ka’bah was built as a place oftawheed.Over time, the Ka’bah became polluted when idols were placed atthe Ka’bah by the people. We have to be careful that this does nothappen to us inside our hearts.For example, if we start doing things which Allah has told us not todo then we have polluted the pure Tawheed inside our hearts. Wechose to obey someone or something else instead of obeying Allah’scommand!So next time someone tells you to do something bad which goesagainst Islam you need to tell them, “No! I’m a Muslim and I mustdo what Allah says.” Islamic Activity Lessons Page 62
  75. 75. At the end of each day, if you have done the challenge, colour in one stepWhenever you beginsomething, Alwaysbegin by sayingBismillah… You mustdo this every dayuntil this chart iscomplete. After this Bismillah hirahma niraheemyou must say the means:bismillah… all the In the name of Allah, mosttime. gracious, most merciful. Whenever we begin in Al- lahs name the work we do has much blessing. Saying Bismillah... helps us stay away from doing bad deeds.When all the steps arecoloured, you have finishedthe challenge successfully Islamic Activity Lessons Page 63
  76. 76. Before Entering the toilet Allahumma innee aoozu bika minal khubuthi wal khabaa ith Allahumma innee aoozu bika minal khubuthi wal khabaa ithThis Dua means: We say this dua before we enter the“O Allah, I seek toilet. Remember that we dorefuge in you from not mention the name of Allah inthe male and the toilet or when our satar isfemale jinn.” exposed. Also remember to enter with our left foot. Islamic Activity Lessons Page 64
  77. 77. When Abu Hurairah (r) moved to Madina, he experienced extreme poverty andwould often be hungry. The Muslims of Madina were very poor in those days.However, he pursued his wishes to learn from the greatest teacher Muhammad(pbuh) and he dedicated all his time to this. HADITH SOURCESSometimes he would suffer from such extreme The Sihah Sittah arehunger that he would tie a stone to his stomach to the six most authenticreduce the pangs of hunger. In one incident, he Hadith collections. Theywas so hungry that he waited for one of the are listed below and areSahabah to invite him home for something to eat. used widely by the Muslim Ummah.The Sahabah passed him by but when Muhammad(pbuh) passed by, he (pbuh) realised the situation Bukhari and Muslim areof Abu Hurairah (r) and invited him home. the top two Ahadith col- lections. They were exten-At the Prophet’s house there was only a bowl of sively researched and alsomilk to drink. The Prophet (pbuh) invited all the have the toughest criteriapeople of ‘Ahl as-Suffah’ to his house. Such was for Sahih Hadith.the blessing that they all drank from this milk. Other Hadith collectionsAbu Hurairah (r) lived in a poor state for a long are also referred to andtime. After our Prophet (pbuh) passed away, Abu used by the scholars.Hurairah (r) was appointed governor of Bahrain andhe also got married and had a daughter. The oldest collection is the Muwatta of ImamDuring this time, he became very wealthy from given by people and also from breedinghorses. However, he remained a simple person andrefused to let this wealth change him.He would spend much time in the worship of Allah.In fact, he would worship Allah one third of thenight, his wife worshipped the second third and hisdaughter worshipped the final third. In his house,the worship of Allah would remain all night long. Islamic Activity Lessons Page 65
  78. 78. is friends “A person adopts the way of life of h so be careful when you choose your friends.” d Ahma Write the qualitiesof a good friend. Your friends are close to you so you tend to pick up their habits and behave like them. If they behave good then you will be good. If they behave bad then you will become bad! Islamic Activity Lessons Page 66
  79. 79. Whenever Muslims pray,they face the directionof the Kabah. The Kabah is in Makkah in SaudiArabia.The Kabah was the first house for the worshipof Allah. Millions of people come to Makkahannually.The Kabah forms the shape of a cube. It has nowindows. The door is about two meters from theground.The Kabah has a Hateem (looks like a small semi-circular wall) near it. It was originally part of theKabah.People go around the Kabah seven times. Theyrecite duas as they walk around. They also kissthe Hajar-e-Aswad.The Hajar-e-Aswad is a stone which came fromheaven. It was white but the sins of mankind havemade it black. Islamic Activity Lessons Page 67
  80. 80. From Allah most high, the command came. To build the Kabah, in Allah’s name. Ibrahim started and foundations were laid, stones were collected and the walls made. He wanted the walls to be quite high, so the stone he stood on began to fly. He built the Kabah tall and strong and work was finished before very long. He was then told to call people here and from all over the world they did appear.They came in their Millions - from every place, from different countries and of every race. Islamic Activity Lessons Page 68
  81. 81. People come from all over the world to perform Hajj. Manypeople change their lives before returning home. InHajj, they pray a lot and make lots of dua. Things people ask for when making dua. Good changes that are made in some people. Things and places people see at Hajj. Islamic Activity Lessons Page 69
  82. 82. B J W D V S S M J Z H S U R L A M T Z A W A F Y L S M J J B K N V A L R H J P R K Y H T E R Q W B C N K L P Z A M Z A M Y T E X D Q C D V C X N D U M R A H N G H T X H P F T G F G Q P W Q U R A N F HAJJ REPENT ZAMZAM DUA TAWAF UMRAH SALAH QUR’ANDo you know the meaning of these words? Islamic Activity Lessons Page 70
  83. 83. The messenger of Allah (pbuh) said:Whoever did Hajj… will re-turn as the day his mothergave birth to him (sinless). Bukhari, MuslimThe Hajj is a very important act of worship. If we dothe Hajj without breaking any of the guidelines, Al-lah will forgive all our sins. We will be sinless just asa baby when it is born.Any good action has the effect of removing or can-celling our sins. However, we must have a correct in-tention and do it according to the teachings of Islam.Whenever we do any good deed we should thinkabout the reason we Are Hadith important?are doing it. Are we The Hadith are thedoing it for Allah or second most importantfor some other rea- source of information after the Quran. They help us understandson? We learn about the will and command of Allah better.right and wrong by The Ahadith contain the sunnah ofstudying Islam. the Prophet (pbuh). Islamic Activity Lessons Page 71
  84. 84. who “Allah is angry with a person g.” never asks Him for anythin TirmidhiThings toAsk Allah Allah provides for all his creations including the fish in the sea, the animals on land and for the birds in the sky. Allah wants us to turn to him in dua and ask for whatever we want and need. We should ask for good thing for us, our families and the people in the world. Islamic Activity Lessons Page 72
  85. 85. The day of Arafah is the most important day ofHajj. The Prophet (pbuh) said that Hajj is Arafah.People stand from noon until sunset in the plainsand on the slopes of mount Arafah. They makedua to Allah.Many people weep and ask Allah for forgivenessand other such favours. Allah listens to all duas.Its like a scene from the last day where allhumans will stand before Allah, awaiting theirfate.The day of Arafah is on the 9th day of Zul Hijjah,the last month of the Islamic year.After the day of Arafah, the rest of the Muslimworld have a special day called Eid-ul-Adha. Islamic Activity Lessons Page 73
  86. 86. F I N D T H E S E C R E T P I C T U R ED F F D C B D D C F F D F K C F F G F B F k G F DF C F D D C C C D G C B F k F D B D F D k G D G CB B F K K B D C F G k G G D D F k C G K D B B G DF D K C K C C D G B k F C K F G k D C C F G B D CB F K F k G G F G B C k k k K K C B B F F k B G FF C F k K D F D G G F D B B F D C F F G C K G F DC C B F k B F G D k F B B G F D k D C C C k k F DB K K k D C F G K k G B K C B F k B D F D k k k FG F G C B F B G K K C C K F G G k F C C F k k k kF C B F D B B C k k C C K K D C K K D G B B K k FG G D C G F C G K k G F K K C F k k D G D F k k FD B C k k K B G K K C B k k B B K k G D B C K k DD G k K B K K K K F D B K k F B F k k B C G k K GC k k C F D B k K B F F k k F C G k K F B D K K CB k k D F B F k K D B D k k B B D k k F C C K k GD K k D F C C K D C D C K K C G F k k G F F K D GF K k B F C K k F G C D K K C F C K k B C D K F DC C K K K G K G B C C D k K G D B K k K D D K F GB B G F K k K k C B G G k k G C B G k K F F k B GG C D G D k K k B C D F k k G B G F K K D F k C CD C F F C D C k k D B C k k C C C G k K F k K D GB G C G C C D k k F D k K K k G B K K D B k K C FB C F F D C B C k K K k K k K K k k F F D k D F DB G F D C G B G G k k K D B K K k G F G B k F C DThe secret picture is: Islamic Activity Lessons Page 74
  87. 87. THE GREAT SACRIFICEIbrahim (as) was a prophet of Allah. Even today he is respected byall revealed religions of the world. There are many great stories inhis life and many lessons to learn from this great man. There is onestory in particular which has great significance today.Ibrahim (as) had a dream in which he was commanded to sacrifice hisson to Allah. Ibrahim (as) was very worried because he loved his sonso much. This dream appeared to him a few times and he knew thatthis dream was true. Ibrahim (as) was a prophet and a prophet’sdream is equal to revelation.He spoke to his son Ismael (as) who replied, “Do as you have beencommanded.” Ibrahim (as) decided that he would carry out thecommand to sacrifice his son, just as he had been commanded to doin his dream.Ibrahim (as) set off with a heavy heart towards the place ofsacrifice. He travelled with his beloved son, Ismael (as), as he madehis way through the land. Suddenly, the Shaytan appeared to him andtried to stop him from obeying Allah’s command. Shaytan tried manythings such as reminding him how much he loved his son.The Shaytan appeared to Ibrahim (as) three times and each timeIbrahim (as) chased him away by throwing small stones at him.Finally, Ibrahim (as) arrived at the place of sacrifice; he blindfoldedhimself so that he would not see the face of his beautiful son whomhe loved dearly.After the sacrifice he removed the blindfold. Ibrahim (as) was Islamic Activity Lessons Page 75
  88. 88. CONTINUED ...overjoyed when he saw his son standing there and a sheep had beensacrificed instead. Allah had saved his son from harm and Ibrahim’s(as) sacrifice was also accepted. The dream was a test from Allah tosee if Ibrahim (as) could sacrifice everything for Allah. Ibrahim (as)had passed this difficult test.During Hajj, the pilgrims still throw small stones at a place called theJamarat. They throw seven stones at each of the three pillars, whichrepresent the shaytan. They make a sacrifice afterwards just asIbrahim (as) did. This is all part of Hajj. In every country, Muslimsmake Qurabani (sacrifice) and distribute the meat to the poor, theirfamily and friends. This special Qurbani is on this day of Eid ul Adha.Many children get gifts on Eid. Draw your favourite gift ortoy. Islamic Activity Lessons Page 76
  89. 89. Often called the smaller Hajj which can be performed atUmrah any time. It includes Tawaf and Sai… The stone building in Makkah built for the worship of Al-Kabah lah. It is our direction of Salah. A small semi-circular wall which is just outside theHateem Kabah. It was originally part of the Kabah. Also called the tent city. During the Hajj the HajjisMina spend some days here. These stone pillars represent the shaytan that IbrahimJamarat (as) chased away by throwing stones at him. A plain near the mount of Arafah. All Hajjis assembleArafah here during Hajj and make dua. To associate partners with Allah. The gravest sin whichShirk is contrary to Tawheed. To sincerely ask Allah for forgiveness from our sins.Repent Literally, a place dedicated to doing the sajdahMasjid (prostration) to Allah. A place of prayer. To return something to its original form, state orRestore purpose. The arabic word for paradise or heaven. The eternalJannah home for the people who did good. To give up something of value for (or to) another.Sacrifice The enemy of Mankind. A creation of Allah whose goal isShaytan to lead mankind astray. The sacrificing of an animal on the day of Adha and dis-Qurbani tributing the meat to the poor. People put money in the bank to keep it safe. In the same way keep these words and their meaning safe in your memory banks! Islamic Activity Lessons Page 77
  90. 90. e “ Jannah (paradise) lies at th feet of mothers.” Ibn Majjah To to Ju love we st Mu say m, yo Finish u thispicture. Mothers are important people and this hadith explains how important it is to be kind and obedient to her. Being kind and obedient to your mother leads to paradise. Islamic Activity Lessons Page 78
  91. 91. Write a sentence with thefollowing word: Umrah means: Shaytan: Jannah: Shirk is: Masjid: Repent: Jamrat: Sacrifice is: Hateem: Islamic Activity Lessons Page 79
  92. 92. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 141 Special day of celebration for the 4 To believe in or have true faith in Muslims. Allah.2 To give up something of value for 5 The oneness of Allah. another. 8 Sometimes this place is called the3 This is the worst of all sins. tent city.6 A sinful state which is similar to 11 To give 2.5% of our excess wealth to jealousy. the poor, once a year.7 The second pillar of Islam. 12 The religion of peace.9 The eternal home for the people who did 13 Muhammad (pbuh) was born in this good on earth. city.10 Fasting in the month of Ramadan.14 This device opens a lock. Islamic Activity Lessons Page 80
  93. 93. Islamic Activity Lessons Page 1
  94. 94. Islamic Activity Lessons Page 2
  95. 95. Islamic Activity Lessons Page 81
  96. 96. Allah has given human beings the gift of lifewhich lasts a few years. Some have been givenmore, some less.Allah has already decided how long a person willlive before he or she is born. Everything has beenrecorded.This life is a test to see if a person behaves welland lives according to Allahs law.Every soul shall die and will be raised up again onthe day of Judgement. All mankind will face thisday.Allah will ask about everything we said and didduring our life on Earth. We will account foreverything.Heaven is the reward for all good people. InHeaven, they will never die and will live in blissfulhappiness. Islamic Activity Lessons Page 82
  97. 97. Write down thing s you love most Islamic Activity Lessons Page 83
  98. 98. Time to go is what the angel said, as I lay sleeping in my warm bed. Your last few seconds have gone away and on Earth you can no longer stay. Death is something you didn’t expect and your soul is what I need to collect. You always knew I would come one dayand on this Earth you won’t forever stay.The angel continued to come towards me and for extra time I made a last plea. As it came closer I wanted to scream - then I woke up it was just a dream! Islamic Activity Lessons Page 84
  99. 99. D U O L D A G E J N N F N J L S C U B I R T H S T H D P V H N F B J I G D E A T H L T L E D R H B M J F D M P S C H O O L R E D I Q C M K Q E N P T C D E A T N C T Y H M G L T R Q M A R R I A G E G BIRTH CHILDREN SCHOOL OLD-AGE UNIVERSITY DEATH MARRAIGE JUDGEMENTDo you know the meaning of these words? Islamic Activity Lessons Page 85
  100. 100. When she was born she was very small and everyone around her seemed so tall. I looked into the cot and saw her smile and then I held her for a little while. She was a gift from Allah the most high and all she did was eat, sleep and cry.I tried to tell her that I was her big sister, and until she comes home we will miss her. I told her she could play with my toys and we would share our tears and joys. For my little sister, a special dua I made. For piety and happiness is what I prayed. Islamic Activity Lessons Page 86
  101. 101. F I N D T H E S E C R E T P I C T U R EB B F C D C B F C B l D L G l G L D C F D D D C CD G C D D D B C B G G G F L F L G L F l C B F D DB G C G G G B C D G F F C D C D F G D L C C C G DG B D G C B G L l D F D F C F B C C L l l G C B FD C C G C D l C C l F G C G F B B F l G L C D F CC G F G F l B C G F L B F G G B F C L G l F G B FL L l L L G D C B G C L L L l L L L l l L l C C CG G G L B C D D C B G C L C C G G B C B B D L F CB D L G G D D C B D G G F l D D D C G F F F C L BG L B C D D C G D F D B C C l D G C C C C G B F LL C D D D B B C G D G D D B B L l L L L l L l L lL D L L L l L B F L l l L L G L B C G C G F D G ll F l G C G l F G l B F G L B L F D L l L L l C Ll D l F G B L B F l F F C L B l G B l F B B L G Ll B L l L l l C F L l l L L D L C D l C B G l D LL B D D C G D F F F F F F B G l C G L L L l L F ll F F F G D F C B L L L L L C l G G D B C C G C LL B l l l l l G D L G G D L B l C D L L l l l F ll B L G C C L C G l D l B l G L B B l B B D L C ll D L L l l L G D l F L D L G l B G l l L L l G Ll D L D C l l B C L F D D l F l B C l G G F L F lL D l G C C l C B l C l G l D l G B L D B D L D lL D L l l l l B G l F l B l C l G F l L l L l F Ll D B D F C G D C l F G F L B L G F G F C G F F l The secret picture is: Islamic Activity Lessons Page 87
  102. 102. By Al-Asr (the time), Verily man is in loss, except those who believe and do righteous deeds and encourage each other to truth and encourage each other to patience. Holy Quran (Surah 103)This complete surah gives us some very valuableadvice. We sometimes forget that life is runningvery quickly out and that it will come to an end.Everyone is at a loss with the exception of thosepeople who have the qualities described above. Toget true benefit from your time, you must believe inAllah (tawheed) and also do good actions. Both beliefand action go hand in hand.These people also encourage each other to do goodby remaining on truth and by being patient.Islam is the fastest growing religion in the world. More people are accepting Islam thanany other religion. It is the fastest growing religion in Europe and America.The truth of Islam is clearly seen in the Holy Quran which has helped improve the livesof billions of humans. Even today, people turn to the Quran for guidance and are movedby the words of Allah. Islamic Activity Lessons Page 88
  103. 103. ISA’s (AS) FIRST MIRACLEMaryam (as) was a very pious and religious woman. She would spend alot of time in the worship of Allah and performing salah. She wasfrom a noble family who were descendants of the great prophetIbrahim (as) through his son Ishaq (as).Their family also had a great status amongst the people because oftheir piety and kindness. They also looked after the masjid wherepeople would come and worship Allah. Everyone loved and respectedMaryam from her childhood until adulthood. They all knew about hergood character and her devotion to Allah’s deen. In fact, they hadgreat respect for this family of Imran.One day, Angel Jibrael appeared to Maryam and gave her good newsthat Allah was going to bless her with a child. Maryam was shockedat first because she did not have a husband. She was a good womanwho never kept company with men. The Angel explained thatwhenever Allah decides on a matter, He just says to it BE! and it is.Just as Allah created Adam (as) without a mother or father, her sonwould be born without a father.Maryam accepted the good news and was soon expecting a child.Deep down she knew that the people would not easily accept that thechild was born miraculously - without a father. She was a littleworried. However, she was overjoyed that she was blessed with a sonwho was going to be very pious and a great servant of Allah.When the child was born she took the child to her people. They werevery surprised to see a child in the arms of Maryam. The peoplebegan asking many questions about the father and Maryam knew Islamic Activity Lessons Page 89
  104. 104. CONTINUED...some might not believe her that it was a miracle. She simply pointedto the child. The people were confused and thought how can we talkto a baby.Baby Isa (as) then spoke from his mothers arms which was his firstmiracle. He explained to the people that he was a servant of Allahand that he had been granted a book (Injeel). He told them thatAllah had made him a prophet and commanded him to perform Salah,give Zakah and show obedience to his mother.The people were surprised by the baby Isa (as) talking in Maryam’sarms. They were overjoyed that this miracle happened in the familyof Imran and Maryam remained high in their esteem. They werepleased that Allah had given Maryam such a blessed child who wouldbe a great prophet of Allah.This was the first miracle of Isa (as) and Allah granted him manymiracles throughout his mission. Through these miracles, the peoplebelieved in his prophethood and many accepted his teachings.However, after Isa (as) was taken away from the Earth, the peoplechanged the message and became confused about Isa (as). Theybegan believing in many things that Isa (as) never taught and theybegan to stray from the straight path. Allah then sent anothermighty messenger to teach the people about Allah – Muhammad(pbuh).In Islam, we hold Isa (as) in the highest esteem. He is a mightyservant and prophet of Allah. We do not believe that he was the sonof Allah because Allah does not have any partners or family. Islamic Activity Lessons Page 90
  105. 105. At the end of each day, if you have done the challenge, colour in one stepYou must tell the truthevery time you speak.You can not even tellone white lie but mustbe truthful in allmatters. You must dothis until the chart Always telling the truth isis complete. the best quality in everyRemember, always human being. Every nation recognises that telling thetell the truth. truth is a noble action. The Prophet (pbuh) taught us that telling the truth leads to virtue and virtue guides us to paradise. We must make truthfulness one of our virtues.When all the steps arecoloured, you have finishedthe challenge successfully Islamic Activity Lessons Page 91