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Children Islamic Lessons

Islamic Book for Kids

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Children Islamic Lessons

  1. 1. ChildrenIslamicLessons
  2. 2. Contents1. Allah2. Muhammad- the messenger of Allah3. Islam4. Prophets and their books5. The Angels6. Day of Judgment7. Pillars of Islam8. The Sahabah9. The Ka’bah shareef10. Madina
  3. 3. 1. AllahLailhah illah is what we read-it is our kalima - the Muslim creed.Islam is the religion that we followand it is Islam that we love and know.We are called Muslims both you and meand Muslims are pious as you can see.We worship only Allah - the most highand to be kind to everyone we always try.Allah made all humans including meand made the fish that swim in the sea.Allah created the birds and insects that flyand everything else that is in the sky.Allah created all the animals that walk on landand the many creatures that live in the sand.Allah created the sky above our headwith its different colours of blue, white and red.Allah created the sun that shines so brightand the moon and stars that we see at night.Allah created everything on the Earth below -the mountains so high and the rivers that flow.Allah created the plants, the flowers and treesmaking them grow in the sunlight and breeze.Allah created the fish that live in the seaand all the creatures that swim so free.Different coloured fish, both big and small.Some flat like a pancake, some round as a ball.
  4. 4. The rainfall from the skies Allah does sendcausing all the droughts to come to an end.With this rain Allah makes the rivers flowand on the ground makes the harvest grow.Through this rainfall we are kept aliveand the barren Earth is caused to revive.Our Lord has given us so many blessingsSo be thankful to Allah for all these things.It is only to Allah that we turn and praythat in our hearts, Islam will forever stay.
  5. 5. 2. Muhammad- the messenger of AllahMuhammad is the true messenger we believeand revelation and prophethood he did receive.He was the last prophet and also the best,sent to everyone in the East and the West.Allah gave him beauty and a pure heartand from the rest of mankind this set him apart.We love him so much; to meet him we yearn.One day we will meet - from his words we learn.We remember him always and send him peaceand this love in our hearts will never cease.We study Islam like Muslims shouldand try our best to be kind and good.
  6. 6. 3. IslamIslam is the truth sent from Allah above.Islam is our religion and Islam we love.To be Muslims we are thankful and proud.So to Allah we pray, both quiet and aloud.All the Islamic teachings are good and true- made for everyone including me and you.Allah gave us the truth as a life guideand our path in life it helps us decide.The world was in darkness and away from deenand truth and justice could not be seen.Truth came in the form of a guiding lightteaching what is good and what is right.On the truth we are firm and steadyand to serve our Islam we are ready.The flag of Islam we hold up highand to live by Islam we always try.There were other religions before IslamGuiding the people and saving from haram.The religion of Musa was also goodand also the teachings of Isa and Hud.Many other religions did Allah sendLike that of Ibrahim – Allah’s friend.And also Dawood’s and many moreTruth and justice they did restore.All these religions are actually the samebecause from Allah they originally came.So all these religions are knows as IslamTheir teachings bringing peace and calm.
  7. 7. 4. Prophets and their booksAllah sent the prophets to teach humansThat Allah is one without partners or sonsand from all evils we should keep away.and only to Allah we should pray.Of all the prophets Adam was the firstand he had an enemy – Shaytan the cursed.After Adam many more prophets cameand the message they brought was the same.Nuh, Ilyas, Ibrahim, Is’haq and IdrisAll came with the message of peace.Musa, Dawood, Isa, Yaqub and YusufWere also sent with the very same stuff.All prophets came with a mission definedTo help humans become pious and kind.Against bad and evil, they were a shieldAnd to some prophets, books were revealedFor example to Isa, Allah sent the Injeeland the torah to Musa Allah did reveal.The Zabur was given to prophet Dawudand all these books, Allah had approved.After all these prophets the last one cameand to deliver the message was his only aim.He was their leader and greatest of allfrom amongst the prophets he stood tall.The word of Allah, which is the Qur’an,was revealed to him - this good honest man.Allah selected him and cleaned his heartand from the rest of man he was set apart.
  8. 8. Just like Muhammad was the last and best;The Quran is also ranked above the rest.Every word is of Allah - never to be changed.Free from error - Allah himself had arranged.After Muhammad no more prophets will appearand the Qur’an is the last and that is clear.Guidance from Allah to all of mankindand to the reality of life it does remind.
  9. 9. 5. The AngelsThe skies are covered with thick cloudand the thunder far away rumbles aloud.As flashes of lightning brightens the skythe puddles of pouring rain begin to lie.With weather like this we stay insidebut behind the clouds the sun does hide.So when the wind blows the clouds awaythe weather becomes nice for the day.As the sun spreads its rays of lightleaving a few clouds, fluffy and white.A beautiful blue sky remains– what a sightthen the sun finally sets - it turns to night.The only light is the stars and moonbut even they will disappear very soon.So for a while the dark does remain.The night then passes to make it day againAllah created the nights and created the daysand created the sun with its warm raysand Allah made the moon and every starand everything we see –near and far.It is Allah that commands the change.He moves the clouds and sends the rain.He sends the sun –warm and bright.Then removes the sun to make it night.Allah created the angels that do all this.So everything is completed without a miss.When Allah tells them they always obeyand they never stop working - night or day.
  10. 10. The greatest angels include Israfeeland the angel of revelation – Jibraeland in charge of rain and food - Mikaeland the taker of life – Izraeel.
  11. 11. 6. Day of JudgementWith the rising sun comes a new daythe night begins when the sun goes awayThis day-night cycle is always maintainedand will only end at the time ordained.This system will end by Allah commandthen the Judgment begins just as planned.The Angel Israfeel with blow the trumpetand such a horrid sound it will emitNo more humans or animals will be aliveeven the Earth and mountains wont survive.The sun, moon and sky will disintegratethen all the humans Allah will re-create.Standing before Allah we will give account:how we spent our wealth to the smallest amount;About all our actions and how we behavedand by their good deeds many will be saved.Those who believed in Allah and his prophetand whoever in his life to Allah did submit;Allah will grant them a place in paradiseand the bad people will pay the price.They will be thrown into the fire of Helland forever in the fire they will dwell.Unless Allah forgives them and takes them outAs Allah is the most merciful without a doubt.
  12. 12. 7. Pillars of IslamIslam has also given us the daily prayerand with the poor our wealth we shareAllah gave us the fasting in Ramadanand ordained it for every woman and manTo Allah’s house we make the Hajj tripWhether by walking, car, plane or ship.A complete Muslim does all of the aboveas these are actions that Allah does love.O’ my Lord please accept this Dua:.Make us from the performers of Salaahand accept our wealth and our fastand may their blessing forever last.With the trip to Hajj let us be blessedand from doing good may we never rest.
  13. 13. 8. The SahabahSome people studied from the prophet direct.They were the Sahabah and them we respect.They helped the prophet through thick and thinand did good deeds - keeping away from sin.After the Prophets they have the highest ranksand for their service to Islam, we give them thanks.From all the people, the Sahabah were bestand four of them, were above the rest.The best is Abu bakr, known as the siddiqueand next came Umar, who was just and meekAnd then Hazrat Uthman who is number threeAnd the prophet’s nephew, who is Hazarat Ali.The Prophet loved these Sahabah a lotand their great sacrifice he never forgot.So these four names we love dearlyAbu Bakr, Umar, Uthman and Ali.A pious man called Umar lived near byand my friend Abu Bark is a decent guyTo give us sons, if it’s Allah’s planWe will call them Ali and Uthman.Oh Allah make us like Abu Bark - the Siddiqueand the qualities of Uthman and Ali we seek.Oh Allah like Umar make us Justand only in you we place our trust.Oh Allah make us like the Sahabah aboveand for these companions grant us love.
  14. 14. 9. The Ka’bah shareefI went to visit Umar, a friend of mineand from his smile I could see a shine.As he told of a trip that he had madeand its happy memories that never fade.Where around the Ka’bah he did walkand to many good Muslims he did talk.He drank from Zam zam, cool and sweetand many time this umrah he would repeat.The city of Makkah was loved by the sahabahand in the city of Makkah we see the Ka’bah.The first house of Worship on this Earthand the city of our beloved’s birth.As a child the prophet would often visitand near the Kabbah he would sit.Around the Ka’bah, seven times he would goand drink from Zamzam that did freely flow.The bad actions of his people he did hatebut his love for Makkah remained so great.All Muslims love Makkah for this reasonAnd millions visit Makkah is Hajj seasonWe will also perform Hajj -inshallahAlong with Muslims from near and far.We will perform the tawaf if Allah willsand like Bibi Hajar run between the two hillsWe will drink from zamzam - pure and sweetAnd the rest of Hajj we will complete.Many good friends we will make and meetand this blessed journey often we will repeat.
  15. 15. 10. MadinaFrom Makkah to Madina the Hijra was doneAnd from the hardships, the Muslims did run.The Makkan soldiers followed closely behindBut Abu Bark and Muhammad they could not find.On arrival the prophet built a house to stayand also a Masjid for the Muslims to pray.This new mosque was named Masjid al Nabwi- a beautiful mosque that we can still see.Praying Salah in there holds a great reward.and on Madina, Allah’s mercy has poured.Many thousands still pray behind the Imamand at the prophet’s grave, they give salaam.May Allah allow us to visit Madina one dayand in this Masjid may we go and pray.The prophet is buried at the same siteso when we pay it a visit we must recite:Peace and blessing be upon you o prophet of AllahPeace and blessings be upon you o beloved of Allah