A Standard Dictionary of Muslim Names


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A Standard Dictionary of Muslim Names with 99 Names of Allah By By Al-Hajj Shaikh Muzaffereddin
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A Standard Dictionary of Muslim Names

  1. 1. A Standard Dictionary of Muslim Names With 99 Ninety Nine Names of ALLAH. Available From, ALMINAR BOOKS & GIFTS. p.o. BOX 160. CLAYMONT, DE,-19703 www.islamicbulletin.com
  2. 2. Ninety Nine Names ofAllah Meaning Transliteration Arabie Name , The Most Gracious Ar-Rahmân ~)I The Most Merciful Ar- Rahïm ~)I The Sovereign Al-Malik cllll The Roly One Al-Quddüs 4.fJ JlJ1 The Source ofpeace As-Salam r~ The Guardian of faith Al-Mo-min ~j1. The Controller Al-Muhaymin ~I The Almighty, Exalted in power, Al-Aziz fiyJI Exalted in might The Irresistible Al-Jabbar J~Iwww.islamicbulletin.com
  3. 3. Meaning Transliteration Arabie NameThe justly proud AI-Mutakabbir #1The Creator AI-Khalïq Jl~1The Originator AI-Barï tsjl.:-!IThe Fashioner Al-Musawwir j~1The Forgiving, The Forgiver Al-Gaffar jl..4AlIThe Supreme and Irresistible Al-Qahhâr j~1The Grantor of Bounties Al-Wahhab ~~)IThe Provider, The Sustainer Ar-Razaq Jlj)1The Revealer Al-Fanal). C:ÀlIThe AlI Knowing, The Omniscient Al-Alïm ~IThe Restrainer AI-Qabidh ~IJJI ,The Expander AI-Basit .6..,.,1.:-!1The Abaser, The Humbler AI-Khafidh - - ~~I www.islamicbulletin.com 2
  4. 4. Meaning Transliteration Arabie Name The Raiser, The Exhalter Ar-Rafi r=. "IJI The Honourer AI-Muiz )AlI The Degrader, The Subduer Al-Muzill JoUI The AH Hearing As-Sami ~I The Disceming, The AH Seeing Al-Basïr ~I The Arbitrator, The Judge Al-Hakam ~I The Justice, The Equitable Al-Adil J..wl The Gracious Al-Latïf ~~b.UI The Well Acquainted, The Well Al-Khabïr ~I Aware The Most Forbearing AI-l:Ialïm .~, The Great, The Mighty Al-Azïm ~I The Oft Forgiving, The Pardoner AI-Gafiir J#Iwww.islamicbulletin.com 3
  5. 5. Meaning Transliteration Arabie NameThe Grateful, The Thankful Ash-Shakur )~IThe Most High Al-Alï ~IThe·Great Al-Kabïr ~IThe Guardian, The Preserver Al-Hafiz . ­ ~IThe Maintainer, The Nourisher Al-Muqït ~IThe Noble, The Reckoner AI-Hasib ~I . ~The Honorable, The Exhalted AI-Jalil ~IThe Most Generous, The Al-Karïm r:PIBountifulThe Guardian, The Watchful Ar-Raqïb ~)IThe Respondent, One Who AI-Mujib ~IAnswersThe Omnipresent AI-Wasi t""lylThe Most Wise, The Judicious Al-Hakïm ~I www.islamicbulletin.com4
  6. 6. Meaning Transliteration Arabie Name The Full offloving, AI-Wadüd ~J~.".Ii The Affectionate The Glorious, The Exalted AI-Majid ~l .~ The Resurrector, The Raiser from AI-Baith è.s-JI death The witness Ash-Shahid ~I The Truth, The just AI-I:Iaqq ~I The Guardian, The Trustee AI-Wakil Jo$.".II The Powerful, The Almighty Al-Qawï ~yUl The Strong, The firm Al-Matin ~I The Defender, The Master Al-Wali J.".II The Praiseworthy, The Al-Hamïd ~I Commendable The Accountant Al-Mubsï ~I The Beginner, The Creator AI-Mubdi ts4 1www.islamicbulletin.com 5
  7. 7. Meaning TransliteratioD Arabie NameThe Restorer, The Resurrector AI-Mueïd .y.llThe Bestower, The Lue Giver Al-Muhyï ~IThe Bringer of Death Al-Mumrt ~IThe Ever Living Al-Hayy ~IThe Self-Subsisting ~~ Al-Qayyüm -The AU Perceiving AI-Wajid ~)The One AI-Wal).id ~I)The Noble, The Illustrious AI-Majid ~llThe Only, The Unique AI-Al).ad J,,-~IThe Absolute, The Etemal As-samad ..4...aJThe Capable, The Omnipotent Al-Qadir ).)il The Capable, The AlI Powerful Al-Muqtadir )...:i1.1The Presenter, The Advancer AI-Muqaddirn ~..ill 6 www.islamicbulletin.com
  8. 8. Meaning Transliteration Arabie Name The Fulfiller, The Keeper Behind AI-Mü-kh khir y:-y.1 The First Al-Awwal Ji~1 The Last Al-Âkhir y:-ll The Apparent, The Exrterior Az-Zahir ~WI The Interior, The Latent . Al-Bâtin ~l:J1 The Ruler, The Master AI-Walï JI)I The Most High, One Above Al-Mutaâlï JUd.1 Reproach The Beneficient, The Pious Al-Barr fiJl The Forgiver, Oft Retuming At-Tawwab ylj:ll The Vindictive, The Avenger Al-Muntaqim ~I The Forgiver, The Effacer Al-Afuww #1 The Merciful, The Ever Indulgent Ar-Ra-üf JJj)1www.islamicbulletin.com 7
  9. 9. Meaning Transliteration Arabie NameThe just, The Equitable Al-Muqsit .b.....l1The Collector, The Al-Jâmi ~k-ComprehensiveThe Rich, The AlI Sufficing AI-Ganii ~The Sufficer, The Bestower AI-Mugnii ~The Prohibiter, The Defender Al-Mani t:ÛThe Afflicter, The Bringer of Adh-dhâr jW:1AdversityTh Beneficial, The Propitious An-Nati ti WThe Light An-Nûr j.,JThe Guide AI-Hadï ~~.<bThe Originator, The WonderfulOriginator AI-Badï ~~The Everlasting, The Etemal AI-Baqï ~LJ ~.The Inheritor AI-Warith ~jY 8 www.islamicbulletin.com
  10. 10. Meaning Transliteration Arabie Name The Conscious, The Guide Ar-Rashïd ~), The Most Patient, The Enduring As-Sabür )~, King of The Universe Malik-ul-Mulk ~~lo Lord of Splendid Glory 2ul-Jalal J~)~ and Majesty WalIkram r.?)") NOTE: AI, As, At, AZ. Ar, A$, and Adh etc. are used to make these names specifie attributes of Allah.www.islamicbulletin.com 9
  11. 11. ALLAHS NAMES For Mens Names : Abd-ur = Male Servant Meaning Transliteration Arabie Name Servant of The Most Gracious Abd-ur­ ~}4 Rahman Servant of The Most Merciful Abd-ur-Rahïm ~}I..l:SServant of The Sovereign Abd-ul-Malik clU1..l:SServant of the Holy one Abd-ul­ -"J..ûJ 1..l:S QuddosServant of The Source of Peace Abd-us-Salam r~1 4Servant of The Guardian of Faith Abd-ul-Mû-min iJO jll 4­Servant of The Controller Abd-ul­ ~14- MuhayminServant of The Exalted in Power,Exalted in Might Abd-ul- Aziz fl~l..l:SServant of The Irresistible Abd-ul-Jabbar )~4- www.islamicbulletin.com10
  12. 12. Meaning Transliterafion Arabie Name Servant of The Justly Proud Abd-ul­ ~14- Mutakabbir Servant of The Creator, Abd-ul-Khalïq Jllj--I 4­ Servant of The Originator Abd-ul-Bari tsJJI4­ Servant of The Fashioner Abd-ul­ Jj..A1.I4­ Musawwir . Servant of The Forgiving, The Abd-ul-Gaffât J~I J.,S, . Forgiver Servant of The Supreme and •Abd-ul-Qahhar J~IJ.,S, . Irresistible Servant of The Granter of Abd-ul­ ~Al)1 4­ Bounties Wahhab . Servant of The Provider, The •Abd-ur-Razâq Jlj)1 ~ Sustainer Servant of The Revealer •Abd-ul-Fattâh c.bit l 4­ Servant of The Ali Knowing, •Abd-ul-Alïm ~14- The Omniscient Servant of The Expander •Abd-ul-Bâsit .k..,., J14­www.islamicbulletin.com Il
  13. 13. Meaning Transliteration Arabie NameServant of The Raiser,·The Abd-ur-Râfi: ~I)I~ExhalterServant of The Honourer Abd-ul-Muiz J-i~Servant of The AIl Hearing ,Abd-us-Sami: ~I~Servant of The Discerning, The Abd-ul-Basïr ~~AIl SeeingServant of The Arbitrator, TheJudge Abd-ul-Hakam Pl~Servant of The Gracious Abd-ul-Lanf ~)Q.lJl ~Servant of The Well acquainted, Abd-ul-Khabïr yl~The well awareServant of The Most Forbearing ,Abd-ul-Halïm ~~Servant of The Great, The Abd-ul-Azïm ~~MightyServant of The Oft Forgiving,The Pardoner Abd-ul-Gafûr . ) yWJ..,.;Servant of The Grateful, The Abd-ush- ) ~ . J..,.;Thankful Shakür 12 www.islamicbulletin.com
  14. 14. Meaning Transliteration Arabie .Name Servant of The Most High Abd-ul- Ali ~I~ Servant of The Great Abd-ul-Kabïr ~I~ Servant of The Guardian, The Abd-ul-HaflZ . ­ ~I~ Preserver Servant of The Noble, The Abd-ul ­ ~I.u. . .~ Reckoner l:Iasïb Servant of The Honorable, The Abd-ul-Ja1ïl J.P:-I ~ Exhalted Servant of The Most Generous, Abd-ul-Karïm f--Pl~ The Bountiful Servant of The Guardian, Abd-ur-Raqïb ~)I~ The Watchful Servant of The Respondent, Abd-ul-Mujïb ~1..lS . ... . One Who Answers Servant of The Most Wise, The Abd-ul-Hakïm ~I~ Judicious Servant of The Affectionate, The Abd-ul-Wadüd .)J.)YI ~ Full of love Servant of The Glorious, The Abd-ul-Majïd " . . ..w:1.u. Exaltedwww.islamicbulletin.com 13
  15. 15. Meaning Transliferation Arabie NameServant of the Witness Abd-ush- ~,~ ShahïdServant of The Truth, The Just Abd-ul-Haqq ~I~Servant of The Guardian, The Abd-ul-Wakïl ~}4-Trustee ..Servant of The Powerful, The Abd-ul-Qawï loS ~~ •AlmightyServant of The Strong, The Firm Abd-ul-Matïn w::l4­ ..Servant of The Defender, The Abd-ul-Walï J} 4­MasterServant of The Praiseworthy. Abd-ul-Hamïd ~4-The CommendableServant of The Ever Living ,Abd-ul-Hayy ~4-Servant of The Self-Subsisting Abd-ul- ~,~ ~.. . QayyümServant of The AIl Perceiving, Abd-ul-Wajid ~,}, 4­The OpulentServant of The One, The Abd-ul-Wahid ~,}~Illustrious www.islamicbulletin.com 14
  16. 16. Meaning Transliteration Arabie Name ServantofThe One, The lllustrious Abd-ul-Wabid ~Iyl~ Servant of The Only, The Unique Abd-ul-Ahad ~~I~ Servant of The Absolute, The Abd-us-Samad ~I~ Etemal Servant of The Capable, The Abd-ul-Qadir )~ljl ~ Omnipotent Servant of The Capable, The Abd-ul-Muqtadir )~I~ Ail Powerful Servant of The Apparent, The Abd-uz-Zahir ;AWI ~ Exterior Servant of The Ruler, The Master 1 Abd-ul-Wali Jlyl~ Servant of The Most High Abd-ul-Mutaâlï Jl.:J.I~ Servant of The Beneficent, The PlOUS Abd-ul-Barr :r.J ~ Servant of The Forgiver, The Abd-ut-Tawwab ylj:J1 ~ Dft Returning Servant of The Merciful, The Abd-ur­ JJj)1 ~ Ever Indulgent Ra-üfwww.islamicbulletin.com 15
  17. 17. Mealiing Transliteration Arabie NameServant of The Rich, The AH Abd-ul-Ganïi ~~SufficingServant of The Sufficer, The Abd-ul-Mugnïi ~~BestowerServant of The Light Abd-un-Nür );JI ~Servant of The Guide Abd-ul-Hâdï ~~~~Servant of The Wonderful Abd-ul-Badï ~~~Originator, The OriginatorServant of The Sustainer Abd-ul-Rabb y)l~Servant of The Manifest Abd-ul-Mubïn .~~Servant of The Mighty ,Abd-ul-Qadïr .J!. J..Ql1~ .Servant of The Protector .­ Abd-ul-Hafiz J:jj.. ~Servant of The Surety Abd-ul-Kafïl J.PJ ~Servant of The Most Bounteous Abd-ul-Akram r.?i l ~Servant of The Creator Abd-ul-Khallaq J~~ 16 www.islamicbulletin.com
  18. 18. Meaning Transliteration Arabie NameServant of The Protector Abd-ul-Mawla J.,L 4­Servant of The Helper Abd-un-Nâsir ..r-P G1 4­ ,Servant of God Abd-ul-llah 414­Servant of The Omniscient Abd-ul- Allâm r~ 4­Servant of The Omnipotent Abd-ul-Qâhir .lb Al, J..,S, .Servant of The Forgiver Abd-ul-Gâfir }~ 4­Servant of The Creator Abd-ul-Pâtir ;,W 4­Servant of The Sovereign Abd-ul-Malik clll 4­Servant of The One Who Is Abd-ul­ iJUt:....J. 4­Called Upon for Help MustaanServant of The Sublime Abd-ur-Raft ct)~Servant of The Sufficient One Abd-ul-Kafï JI~H 4­Servant of The Predominant Abd-ul-Gahlib ~~ J..,S, . .www.islamicbulletin.com 17
  19. 19. Transliteration ArabieMeanïng NameServant of The Most Gracious Abd-ul-Mannan ~GlI 4­Servant of The Glorious Abd-ul-JaIil ~14-Servant of The Giver of Life Abd-ul-Mubi ~14-Servant of The Everlasting, Abd-ul-Baqi JWI4­The EternaIServant of The Inheritor Abd-ul-Warith ~)Iy 4­ Servant of The Conscious, The Abd-ur-Rashid ~),~ Gide Servant of The Most Patient, . Abd-us-Sabiir . )~,~ The Enduring Servant of The Awakener Abd-uI-Baith ~WI~ 18 www.islamicbulletin.com
  20. 20. ALLAHS NAMES For Womens Names: Amat-u- = Female Servant Meaning Transliteration Arabie Name Servant of The Most Amat-ur­ ~ JI 4.0 Gracious Rahman Servant of The Most Merciful Amat-ur-Rahtm ~ J 4.0 Servant of The Sovereign Amat-ul-Malik ~, 4.0 Servant of The Holy One. Amat-ul­ 4fJ~ 4.0 Quddos Servant of The Source of Amat-us-Salam ~~ 4.0 Peace Servant of The Guardian of Amat -ul­ iJOJ1 4.0 faith MO-min Servant of The Controller Arnat -ul­ ~, 4.0 Muhaymin Servant of The Exalted in Arnat -ul-tAzïz ft~ 4.01 Power, Exalted in Might Servant of The Irresistible Amat -ul-Jabbâr ~,- ) . AA www.islamicbulletin.com 19
  21. 21. Transliteration Arabie NameServant of The Justly Proud Amat-ul- ~I a.oÎ MutakabbirServant of The Creator Amat -ul-KhaHq Jl3-1 a.oÎServant of The Originator Amat -ul-Bârï t>Jl:11 a.oÎServant of The Fashioner Amat-ul- J:;..al1 a.oÎ Musawwir ~ ÎServant of The Forgiving, Amat-ul-Gaffâr J bjl 6.0The ForgiverServant of The Supreme and Amat-ul-Qahhâr J~I a.oÎIrresistibleServant of The Granter of Amat-ul- ~Ayi a.oÎBounties WahhabServant of The Provider, Amat-ur- J(;) 1 4.oÎ RazâqThe SustainerServant of The Revealer Amat-ul-Fattal). C. ~I 4.oÎServant of The Expander Amat-ul-Basit L~I a.oÎServant of The Raiser, Amat-ur-Râfi ~I)I a.oÎ www.islamicbulletin.com 20
  22. 22. Meaning Transliteration Arabie Name The Exhalter Servant of The Honourer Amat-ul-Mu iz Servant of The AlI Knowing, Amat-ul-Alïm ~I a.oÎ The Omniscient Servant of The AlI Hearing, Amat-us-Samï­ ~I a.oÎ The AlI Knowing Servant of The Discerning, Amat-ul-Basïr ~ "".1 :i & ~ .....1 The AH Seeing Servant of The Arbitrator, Amat-ul­ ~I a.oÎ Hakam The Judge Servant of The Gracious Amat-ul-Latïf J)..JJI a.ot Servant of The Well Amat-ul-Khabïr yI a.oÎ Acquainted, One Well Aware Servant of The Most Amat-ul-Halîrn ~I a.oÎ Forbearing Servant of The Great, The Amat-ul-Azim ~I a.ot Mightywww.islamicbulletin.com 21
  23. 23. Meàning Transliteration Arabie NameServant of The Oft Forgiving, Amat-ul-Gafür JPl a.o{The PardonerServant of The Grateful, The Amat-ush- )~ a.o1Thankful ShakürServant of The Most High, Amat-ul-Ali ~I a.olServant of The Great Amat-ul-Kabir ~ a.olServant of The Guardian, Amat-ul-Hafïz ~a.oÎThe PreserverServant ofThe Noble, Amat-ul ­ HasïbThe ReckonerServant of The Honorable, Amat-ul-Jalïl ~ a.oÎThe ExhaltedServant of The Most Amat-ul-Karïm f-.fJ1 3..oÎGenerous, The BountifulServant of The Guardian, Amat-ur-Raqïb ~)I a.oÎThe WatchfulServant of The Respondent, Amat-ul-MujïbOne Who Answers www.islamicbulletin.com 22
  24. 24. Meaning Transliteration Arabie Name Servant of The Most Wise, Amat-ul-Hakïm ~Iloi The Judicious Servant of The Affectionate, Amat-ul-Wadüd ;)J;)yI loi The Full offLoving Servant of The Glorious, The Amat-ul-Majid ..w: M i ~. ~ Exalted Servant of the Witness Amat-ush­ ~Ilol Shahïd Servant of The Truth, Arnat-ul-Haqq ~I loi The Just Servant of The Guardian, Amat-ul-Wakil ~ yI loi The Trustee Servant of The Powerful, Amat-ul-Qawï ~~I loi The Almighty Servant of The Strong, Amat-ul-Matïn ~I loi TheFirm .. Servant of The Defender, Amat -ul-Wali Jyl loI The Master Servant of The Praiseworthy, Amat-ul-Hamïd ~lloÎ The Commendablewww.islamicbulletin.com 23
  25. 25. Meaning Transliteration Arabie NameServant of The Ever Living Arnat-ul-Hayy ~ 4.oÎServant of The Self Amat-ul- r~I 4.oÎSubsisting QayyumServant of The AlI Perceiving, Amat-ul­ ~y 4.oÎThe Opulent WajidServant of The One, The Arnat-ul-Wâhid J,,-Iy 4.oÎIllustriousServant of The Only, Amat-ul-Ahad J,,-~ 4.oÎThe UniqueServant of The Absolute Amat-us-Sarnad ~I 4.oÎThe EternaiServant of The Capable, Arnat-ul-Qâdir J,)III 1 4.0 ÎThe OmnipotentServant ofThe Capable, Amat-ul- J~ 4.oÎ MuqtadirThe All PowerfulServant of The Apparent, Amat-uz-Zahir ~û:JI 4.oÎThe ExteriorServant of The Ruler, Amat-ul-Wâlî Jlyl 4.oÎThe Master www.islamicbulletin.com 24
  26. 26. .Meaning Transliteration Arabie Name Servant of The Most High, Amat-ul- JIJd.I a.oi One Above Reproach Mutaâlï Servant of The Beneficent, Amat-ul-Barr ~I 10i The pious Servant of The Forgiver, Amat-ut­ ylj.oJl a.oi Oft Returning Tawwâb Servant of The Merciful, Amat-ur-Ra-uf J )j)1 a.oi The Ever Indulgent Servant of The Rich, Amat-ul-Gantï ~I a.oi The AU Sufficing Servant of The Sufficer, Amat-ul­ ~I a.oi The Bestower Mugnii Servant of The Light Amat-un-Nür J;JI a.oi Servant of The Guide Amat-ul-Hadï ~.)UI a.oi Servant of The Wonderful Amat-ul-Badt t!-~I a.oi Originator, The Originator Servant of The Sustainer Amat-ul-Rabb y)1 a.oi Servant of The Manifest Amat-ul-Mubïn ~I a.oiwww.islamicbulletin.com 25
  27. 27. Meaning Transliteration Arabie NameServant of The Mighty Amat-ul-Qadir fi.ûll A.oÎServant of The Protector Amat-ul- J:.è1J..1 A.oÎ I:Hifi~Servant of The Surety Amat-ul-Kafîl ~ A.oÎServant of The Most Amat-ul- ~~11 A.oÎBounteous AkramServant of The Creator Amat-ul- J~ a-oÎ KhallaqServant of The Protector Arnat-ul- J)I a-oÎ MawlaServant of The Helper Amat-un- .r".:J1 A.oÎ NasirServant ofGod Amat-ul-Llah iill a-oServant of The Omniscient Amat-ul- ~~I A.oÎ AllâmServant of The Omnipotent Amat-ul-Qàhir ..tLaJI A.oÎServant of The Forgiver Arnat-ul-Gâfir } il1 A.oÎServant of The Creator Arnat-ul-Fâtir .;kUiJI A.oÎServant of The Sovereign Amat-ul-Malik clUl A.oÎ www.islamicbulletin.com 26
  28. 28. Meaning Transliteration Arabie Name •> Servant of The One Who Is Amat-ul­ iJt..::....l A.4Î Called Upon for Help Mustaan Servant of The Sublime Amat-ur-Rafr ctJI ;i..4Î Servant of The Sufficient One Amat-ul-Kâfï J S:.h ;i..4Î Servant of The Predominant Amat-ul-Galib ~WI ;i..4 Servant of The Most Amat-ul-Mannân iJ8.1 ;i..4Î Gracious Servant of The Glorious Amat-ul-Jalll ~ ;i..4Î Servant of The Giver of Life Amat-ul­ ~I ;i..4 Muhyï Servant of The Everlasting, Amat-ul-Baqi ~L:l1 ;i..4Î The Etemal Servant of The Inheritor Amat-ul­ ~ JyI ;i..4Î Warith Servant of The Conscious, Arnat-ur­ ~ JI ;i..4 The Gide Rashïd Servant of The Most Patient, Amat-us­ )~I ;i..4 The Enduring l!.aIf/dô Servant of The Awakener Amat-ul­ ~L:l ;i,.., Ba.ithwww.islamicbulletin.com 27
  29. 29. NAMES OF THE PROPRET MU/JAMMAD (P.B.U.H.) Meaning Transliteration Arabie Name Commendable, Praised One Ahmad ...l3- Commander, Orderer . Amir .J"I Honest, Trustworthy Amin 0;-0Forerunner, Percurser Bashïr ~Generous, Bountiful Jawwâd ~~Thankful, Grateful Hâmid J..o~ ,Lover of Allah Habïb-Allah ~~ . ~.Last of, Seal Khatim f~Intimate, Bosom Friend Khalïl ~Motive, Impulse Oaa t~Messenger, Courier Rasül J>""J 28 www.islamicbulletin.com
  30. 30. Meaning Transliteration Arabie Name Lamp Sirâj [.,.)"" Chief, Head Sayid ~ Curative, Tending to Heal Shaf Ju, Witness, Deponent Shahid JAu, Martyr, Deceased warrior Shahid ~ Well known, Famous Shahir .* Truthful, Righteous Sâdiq J~~ , Chosen friend of Allah ~afi-Ullah 4il~ Good, Chaste . Tayib ~ .~ Just, Right . Adil J~~ End, Temination Aqib ~~ , Servant! man of Allah Abd-Allah 4il~ Opener, Conqueror ~j Fâtih ~www.islamicbulletin.com 29
  31. 31. Meaning Transliteration Arabie NameDistributor, One who allots Qâsim i ~Near, Close Qarïb ~)Womout, Threadbare Mal:lÎ Cl4Trustworthy,Safe Mâmün iJyo.oPreacher; Evangelist Mubashshir ~Evident, Clear Mubïn ~Hardwearing, Solid Matin ~Selected, Chosen Mujtabâ ~Forbidden, Sacred Muharram rf-Praiseworthy, Commendable Muhammad ~Commendable, Praiseworthy Mahmüd :J yJ-Pretender, Would Be Madü J"J...oReminder, Reminiscent Muzakkir .;Sl.o 30 www.islamicbulletin.com
  32. 32. Meaning Transliteration Arabie Name Chosen, Agreeàble Murtadha ~~ Attested, Proven Mashhüd .)~ Credible, Believable Musaddiq J..l.Ao Chosen, Selected Mustafü 4.$ pbAO Purifier, Clarifier Mutahhar ~ Obedient, Willing ~ MuW Known, Farnous Malüm r}N Wise. Intelligent Muqtasid J a-9 4 Honored, Noble Mukarram r~ Saviour, Rescuer Munajj ~ Victorious, Triumphant Man~ür J~ Luminous, Brilliant Munir ? Leader, Guide Mahdi ~~www.islamicbulletin.com 31
  33. 33. Meaning Transliteration Arabie NameProhibitor, Prohibiter Nah OÜProphet, Seer Naby ~ ,Confidant of Allah Najï-Allah ~~Warner Nazïr .J!..liGuide, Leader HM ~~NOTE: Name of the Prophet common with the names of Allah have been omitted. www.islamicbulletin.com 32
  34. 34. · NAMESOFCALIPHSOFISLAM Transliteration Aravic Name" Abu Bakr as- Siddïq Umar Ibn-al-Khattâb_ 0 0 Uthman Ibn Affan Zayn-ul- Âbidïn Œ~WI Œj Muhammad al- Baqir .)t:J1 ~ Ali al- Taqï ~I~ Abbas iJM4&­ Muhammad al- Taqï ~I~ All-al- Murtadha ~~I~ ~ - Hasan ~ Husain ~www.islamicbulletin.com 33
  35. 35. Muslim Names Combining AttributesWith the Word (lfl.J19 the FaithMeaning Transliteration Aravic NameEyes of the Faith Aïnuddïn ~..û~Trustee of Faith Arnïnuddïn ~..û ~Full Moon of the Faith Badruddïn ~..û )--4 BalïguddïnThe Eloquence of, ~..û t;L!The Propagator of the FaithThe Understanding of the Fahïmuddîn ~..û~FaithThe Eloquence of the Faith Fasrhuddtn ~..ûl~The Grace of the Faith Fadhluddïn ~..û~The Praiser of the Faith Hamïduddïn ~..ûl~T.he Beautifier of the Faith Hasanuddïn ~..û~The Pride of the Faith lftikhâruddtn ~..û ).;dl www.islamicbulletin.com 34
  36. 36. Meaning Transliteration Aravic Name The,Pillar ofthe Faith Emâduddïn ~..Ll ~~ The Leader of the Faith Imâmuddïn ~..Ll ~"o! The Distinction of the Faith Imtîâzuddïn ~..Lli j~1 The Beauty of the Faith Jamâluddîn ~..Lli JL? The Good of the Faith Khaïruddïn ~..Lli y The Kindness of the Faith Laüfuddïn ~..Ll ~ The CandIe of the Faith Misbâhuddïn ~..Ll c..l:-.a.o The Revivor of the Faith Muhîuddln ~..Lli ~ The Helper of the Faith Muijnuddtn ~..Ll ~ The Brightener of the Faith Munïruddïn ~..Ll fr-O The Helper ofthe Faith Nâsiruddïn ~..Ll .,r"ü The Administrator of the Faith Nâzirnuddïn ~..Lli ~ü The Light of the Faith Nüruddïn ~..Lli JYwww.islamicbulletin.com 35
  37. 37. Meaning Transliteration Aravic NameThe Star of the Faith Najmuddïn ~J.l ~The Moon of the Faith Qamaruddïn ~J.l .rJThe Exalter of the Faith Rafïuddïn ~J.l ctJThe Agreement, Radhïuddïn ~J.l ~JThe Pleasure of the FaithThe Pillar of the Faith Ruknuddïn ~J.l ~JThe Best Friend of the Faith Safîuddïn ~J.l ~The Sword of the Faith Saïfuddïn ~J.l ~The Reforrn of the Faith Salâhuddïn ~J.l c.~The Safety of the Faith Salïmuddïn ~J.l ~The Listener of the Faith Samïuddïn ~J.l ~The Joy of the Faith SaIduddïn ~J.l ~The Lamp of the Faith Sirâjuddïn ~J.l ë:rMeteor ofthe Faith Shahâbuddïn ~J.l Y~ www.islamicbulletin.com 36
  38. 38. Meaning Transliteration Aravic Name The Scent of the Faith Shamïmuddïn ~..u ~ Needful of the Faith Talibuddïn ~..û y~ Ettiquett or Distinction Tamïzuddïn ~..û ~ of the Faith Fearful of the Faith Taqïuddtn ~..û ~ The Uniqueness of the Faith Wahïduddïn ~..û, J..r J The Nobility of the Faith Wajïhuddrn ~..û 4.:?:J The Advice of the Faith Wasruddïn ~..û ~J Success of the Faith Zafaruddïn ~..û,p Helper of the Faith Zahïruddïn ~..û,~ Conscience of the Faith Dhamtruddïn ~..û,~www.islamicbulletin.com 37
  39. 39. POPULAR MUSLIM MALE NAMESMeaning Transllteration Arabie NameWorshipper Âabid .l!&.Returning, visiting the patient Ââid ..ûU;.Addicted Âkif ~&.One who builds, inhabits "Âmir ~s,Commander Âmir ~ïWise, intelligent, sane Âqil H~Know ledgeable .Arif J)~Chaste, Protector Âsim ("f&.A manofmany companions Âshür :.~ )J*MHaving sympathy ,Atif ~U;.Clear, obvious Aban IJ -I ÎFrowning (Characteristic of a lion) Abbas ~. L.S. www.islamicbulletin.com 38
  40. 40. Meaning Transliteratlon Arabie Name Worshipper Abbüd Father of .... More eloquent Abyan Darker Adham Gentleman, man of letters, polite Adtb One of the forefathers of Quraysh Adnân Grace (Pl.) Afdhal Pure, chaste Afif More generous Ajwad More generous & noble Akram Sublime Alàa Flag Alam 1 Traditionally, men are called "Abu ... " and the name oftheir first son.www.islamicbulletin.com 39
  41. 41. Meaning Transliteration Arabie Name , .­Landmark of guidance Alamulhudâ ·~~I~High, lofty (4 th Caliph) ~ ,AliAll-Knowing Alim ~Most skillful Amhar H·Leader, Prince Amïr · .;::-0 ,More glorious Amjad ~iStrong believer, Arnmâr )W­dignified, builderAn old Arabie name Amrü JPEntertain, amuse Anas ~Î ~Nice fragrance Anbar ~Friendly, Amiable Anïs ~ · .One of early supporters ofP.Muh. Ansâri ") · .s ..a,i 40 www.islamicbulletin.com
  42. 42. Meaning Transliteration Arabie Name , A man of great entertainment Unüs ~i· A man of vision & intelligence Arïb · l :U The house of the lion Arïn ~f Most guided Arshad ·..GI J Turkish for lion Arslan · 4J~JI Happier Asâd ·JÂ...,1 Lion Asad ~Î Most noble Ashraf J~Î A man of good origin A$I1 ~Î Of good ancestors Aslân 4J~Î Tanned, brown Asmar ~ ; · 1 Giving ,Atâa ~W Purer Athar HÎwww.islamicbulletin.com 41
  43. 43. Meaning Transliteration Arabie NameSoft hearted Atüf J#Compensation, reward Awadh ~YLute player Awwâd ~,~Lofty, courageous Ayham ~iLucky, on the right Side Ayman ~iEasier, On the left side Aysar ~ / , .Dear Aziz j-t.rThe total, More beautiful Ajmal J3:"Better, Most lovely Ahsan ~,Star, Good Eck Akhtar .P"Respected, Noble Arjumand ~JWriter, The the recorder Arqam ~),Independent, Free Âzâd ~jT 42 www.islamicbulletin.com
  44. 44. Meaning Transliteration Arabie Name Luminous, Brilliant Azhar .;Aj Safer, Freer Aslam ~l Clear, Lined up Asaf ~ Smaller, Younger Asgar ~ Most Victorious Azfar pl Greatest, Biggest Azam ~ Helper, Assistant Awân ~J" . Lord, Master Aga ~ The Sun Âftab YW Better, Explained, Officer Afsar .r-J Excellent, Better Afdhal J-aâl Master, Owner Aqa IJ Greater, Bigger Akbar ~Iwww.islamicbulletin.com 43
  45. 45. Meaning Transliteration Arabie NameMore generous, Merciful Akram ~.f"Complete, Perfect Akmal J.$Kindness, Graces Altâf ~kJProtection, Without fear Aman ~l.oSecurity, Deposit Amânat CJl.oMost glorious, Noble Amjad ~,Prince, Ruler Amir ~,Stars Anjum ~,Affection, Love Anas ~ "Multiple lights, Lustre Anwâr JiRevealed, Disclosed Anwar JiCompanion, Genial Anis ~ "Zenith, Climax Awj ~) www.islamicbulletin.com 44
  46. 46. Meaning Transliteration Arabie Namewww.islamicbulletin.com 45
  47. 47. Meaning Transliteration Arabie NameHeavenly, Divine Alawï ~p.Beginning, searning Bâdïa t>~~Shining, Glittering Bâhir ~~Fine, good BahI ~~Skillful Barr t~~Brave,courageous Basil ~~Smiling Bâsirn ~~Magnificent Badr ~..L!Full moon Badr )J.iMagnificence,gorgeous Bahâ ç.~ ~Always happy, pleasant Bahïj ~ Bahïy ..Very handsome ~Carnel, First bom, the child Bakr ~ www.islamicbulletin.com 46
  48. 48. Meaning Transliteration Arabie Name Eloquent, weIl versed Baligh &4 ~S"~ Blessings Barakât .r. J5~ Abundance, blessing Barakah .r. Innocent Bari ~4$ .r. Fore runner, Percurser Bashïr ~ Bringer of good news Bashshâr J û.J . Smiling a lot Basmân ~:)4-i Smiling a lot Bassâm ~ c..;. Clear, Announcement Bayân 4J~ Old diminutive of white Baydhün 4J~ Freshness suu J~ (First prayer caller in Islam) (Prophet Yousufs younger Binyâmïn ~~ brother)www.islamicbulletin.com 47
  49. 49. Meaning Transliteration Arabie NameJoy, good news Bishr ~ /Proof, evidence Burhân 4Jl....A)Lion, King ofjungle Bâbar y!4 ~llDeeply learned, Genius Bâqir .J.Fortunate, Lucky Bakhtâwar JJ~Lucky, Fortunate Bakhtiâr J~Jupiter, Planet Birjïs ~y!Lightening, Telegraph Barq lJy!Blessings, Prosperity Barakat csf.Good omen, Prophecy Bashârat ~~ J .Insight, Perception Basïrat ~~Brave, Bold Bahâdur J~~Mars, Planet Behrâm ~.A---! www.islamicbulletin.com48
  50. 50. Meaning Transuteraüon Arabie Namewww.islamicbulletin.com 49
  51. 51. Meaning Transliteration Arabie Name J.TaU & black Dulâmah 4..Ai~ J.Diminutive of angry Durayd -4)~The one who perseveres Dyâb ylt~Wise, Intelligent Dana Lil~Knowledge, Wisdom Dânish ~I~Continuai, Lasting Dâaim r I~Helper, Supporter Dastagïr ~~Hearty, Daring Dilâwar )Ji~Brave, Valiant Dilïr y)~Religion, Faith Dm tJ!.~Remembering, Gratful Zakir .f1~Responsible, Guarntor Dhâmin ~WtHeart, Conscience Dhamïr ~ www.islamicbulletin.com 50
  52. 52. Meaning Transliteration Arabie Name Intelligence, Acumen Zakaa ç.S~ Intellectual, Ingenious Zakï ~~ Taste, Perceptively Zawq JJ~ Lion, King ofjungle Dhaghïrn ~ Faith, Trust Itimâd .)~I Miracle, Astonishment Ijâz ~I J • Virtuous Fadhil ~! Redeerner, Sacrificer Fadï ,:?.)i Awake, alert Faiq J!! Winner Faiz ji Proud,excellent Fakhir i .;:; Successful Falib ti Knight Faris ~Jiwww.islamicbulletin.com 51
  53. 53. Meaning Transliteration Arabie NameDivider (between vice & virtue) Fârüq J))I.! /Generosity, abundance Fadhl ~ /Cheetah Fahd ~ /Intelligent Fahîm ~ /Smart Fahmï ~ /Pride Fakhr .# /Honorary Fakhrï ~.# /Attainment, Success FaIal) r:..~ ,Relief from bad times Faraj c:.} /Joyful, happy Farhân W;J.-} (Pl.of) "happiness" Farhât ~;J.-} , Unique Farïd J.J..} Smart, witty FaUn ~ www.islamicbulletin.com 52
  54. 54. Meaning Transliteration Arabie Name The one who opens Fattal) c.~ Always successful Fawwâz jlJ! / Successful, my win Fawzï ~.} ~ ) / Decisive Faï~al ~ Exuberant, abundant Fayyadh ~~ Perspicacity, chivalry Firas """I} Heart Fuad ~Iji J Criterion (Quran) Furqân iJ!} Glad, Happy Faril) C.)! Originator Fatir >j Opening, Introduction Fatil) ~ Ransom, Sacrifice Fida I.,Ù Elevation Farâz jl}www.islamicbulletin.com 53
  55. 55. Meaning Transliteration Arabie NameKeen eye, Discernment Farâsat ~,}Joy, Happiness Farhat ~}Young bird, Spout Farrkh t}Decree, Edict Fannan -:>,0.}Wide, Ample Faslh ~Fluency, Eloquence Fasâhat ~L.dEloquent, Literary Fa$Ïl) .~Poor, Sufi mendicant Faqïr #Turquoise, Preciousstone rrrüz jJy)Superabundance, Favour Faydh JaJConqueror, Dominant Gàl,ib ~IJ:.Expensive, dear Gan J~Giving a lot of charity Garnir fIS­ www.islamicbulletin.com 54
  56. 56. Meaning Transliteration Arabie Name Winner Gânim e.~ Attacker, Campaigner forGods Gazi $jS­ cause Small stream Gadïr .]!.~ Dandy Gandür JJ~ Winner(emphatic), Shepherd Gannâm ~~ The prime of youth Gassân ~w. Relief, aid Gawth ~.f- Rain Gay!h ~ ~ The one rushing to help Gayyath éI~ Plentiful, ample Gazïr .]!.]&­ Relief, aid Giyath ~~ -~ ~ Earlyyouth Gulwân lJpwww.islamicbulletin.com 55
  57. 57. Meaning Transliteration Arabie Name(Diminutive.of) branch of a tree Gusaïn ~Absent, Away Gaib ~S.Lion, King ofjugle Gadhanfar ~Slave, Servant Gulâm t~Aiming Hadif J~ATerrifying, Huge usu J31.....AFalleninlove Haim .I.....A ~ J:j~Protector, Preserver Hafiz . -Ruler, Govemor Bakim ~~Thankful Bamid ..Lo~ .."Pleased, Satisfied Hanï i.}AGuard Baris ~J~Plowman I:Iarith ~J~ www.islamicbulletin.com 56
  58. 58. Meaning Transliteration Arabie Name Decisive ijasim ~~ The one who prepares food for his Hashim ~~ people, tribe of the grand father of the Prophet/breaker, smasher In control, decisive Hâtim ~~ f Strict ijazim rj~ Gentle, polite ijabbab y~ Lover, Sweetheart Habïb ~ lron(metal) ijadïd ~~ The sound of thunder Hadïr .t.JA Camel Rider Hajjân .~ W. ~ To rule, Coach, Judge, Referee I::Jakam To praise ijamd .u­ (The one who praises Allah a lot) Hamdân ~.u-www.islamicbulletin.com 57
  59. 59. Meaning Transliteration Arabie Name.Mypraise Hamdï ~J.À" ,Intimate friend Hamïm ~(The one who praises Allah a lot) Hammâd ~~Initiator of strong will Hammam ~WThankfull Hamüd ~~Lion (Uncle of the Prophet Muhm.d.) Hamzah o~(Belongs to Abu Hanifa School of ." l:IanafiIslamic jurisprudence) ~Pure, Upright, Straight Hanrï . , ~Good, Handsome l:Iasan ~Handsome(Dual) 1:1 asanin ~ ,Nobleman, Calculator l:Iasib ~ ". ,Fortified, Chaste l:Iasin ~Good, Elegant Hassân lJl:...;.. www.islamicbulletin.com 58
  60. 60. Meaning Transliteration Arabie Namewww.islamicbulletin.com 59
  61. 61. Meaning Transllteratlen Arabie NameAlly, Confederate Balïf ~Help, Support Hirnâyat ~.3-Beautiful, Compassionate Hannân ~~Life, Existence Hayât ~l?Lion, King ofjungle Haydar J~Guidance, Instruction Hidâyat ~...Lalblessed,Auspicious Humâyün ~ y.l!PCharity, Benevolence Ibsan ~l....".-Female pigeon lk.rimah Jwo~Pillar, support Imâd ~w.Leader (mostly in prayer) Imâm ~.olThe father of Maryam Imrân ~~Thankfulness, Appreciation Irfân ~L9~ www.islamicbulletin.com6û
  62. 62. Meaning Transliteration Arabie NameSafeguard, Self dependence Isâm ~~Support Iyâd ~ul "~Pomp, Magnificence Ihtishâm ~~IFrankness, Sincerity Ikhlâs ·.vP~lMorals, Virtues Akhlaq J~Î Guidance, Direction Irshâd ~~JI Secrets Isrâr JI.)"""Longing, Craving Ishttlâq J 1",",;. 1Submission, Resignation Islam ~~ICompassion, Kindness Ishfâq J~IRevelation, Declaration Idhhâr J~Honor, Glory Iftikhar J~Prosperity, Wealth Iqbal ;;~. ..JIwww.islamicbulletin.com 61
  63. 63. Meaning Transliteration Arabie NameCapability, Power Iqtidâr )-.WEsteern, Veneration Ikram ~fPrivilege, Distinction Imtiâz j~Gift, Grant Inâm ~W,Intirnacy, Cornpanionship Ishrat ~rs-Chastity, Purity Ismat G Q .as;. ..Virtue, Chastity Iffat ~Concem, Attention Inayat ~l:&-Forcer Jâbir ~~Good, lots of rain Jad ~~Truth follower Jadil Haqq ~~~Great-big Jâsim ~~Courageous, strong Jâsir ..r"~ www.islamicbulletin.com 62
  64. 64. Meaning Transliteration Arabie Name Forcer Jabbür J~ ~1 Compulsion, Coercion Jabr ~IIIIII Brook, runlet, Jadwal JJ~li) Rivulet, Brook Jafar . ~Iii .F;III ~ I!I Of loud voice Jahür J.w- Il Clarity, Departure Jalâa ~~ 1 1 Glory JaBil J~ Great, Splendid Ja1ïl ~ Beauty Jamâl J~ Beautiful Jamïl ~ Stones Jandal J~ ~ Courageous Jasür J~ Genrous Jawad ~I;: www.islamicbulletin.com 63
  65. 65. Meaning Transliteration Arabie Name ,The essence of Jawhar ~y:Struggle, Effort, Striving, Jihad .)~Holywar ~Friday, The day of gathering Jumah ~ -. ,~(Diminutive of soldier) Junaid ~Wounding, Cutter Jârih r)~Motive, Cause Jalib y~Alive, Living Jâüïd ..l!J~Penalty, Reward Jubrân . ~~ ~Locust, Liberal Jarâd .)y:­Table Companion, Associat~ Jalïs ~Sun rays, Lights Jamshid ~Sponsor Kafil ~IS www.islamicbulletin.com 64
  66. 66. Meaning Transliteration Arabie NameEnough, Sufficient Kan ~ISComplete Kâmil ~ISProud of his generosity Kârim r~1SEamer Kâsib ~ISDiscoverer Kashif ~ISWriter, Author, Clerk Katib ~ISThe one keeping the secret Kâtim ~IS ~Cunning Kâyid ~ISThe one holding his atiger Kâzim ~ISJoint-Articulation Kab ~Sponsor Kafil ~ ,Perfection Karnâl JLo5" / Complete Kamtl ~www.islamicbulletin.com 65
  67. 67. Meaning Transliteration Arabie NameReady (son of Noah) Kanân wUt.5Generous Karïm f..~Eaming a lot Kassâb y....SEtemal, Living for ever Khalid JJI",:­Pure, Khâlis ~I",:-Idea, sake Khâtir ~I",:-Trasurer Khazin Wjl",:­ ,Expert Khabïr ~Successor Khalaf ~For ever Khaldun Wj..u.;:.Friend Khalïl ~ ,Thursday Khamïs ~ ,Fertile (land) Khasïb . ...... ~ ~ www.islamicbulletin.com 66
  68. 68. Meaning Transliteration Arabie Name /Goodness Khaïr J? }(Green land) Khudhr -­ ~ }Plant with fragrant blossoms Khuzârn ~I?Pathaan, Leader Khan W~East/West, Vacant Khâwar )J~Delightful, Happy " Khurram ~f" "Orator, Speaker Khattâb ytk;.;.Guide, Leader Khdr ~Orator, Preacher Khatïb ~ . ~Cali ph, Successor KhaIïfa ~Competent, WeU disposed Khaliq ~Mister, a Title Khawaja ~IyThe sun Khürshïd o.WJ . ~ )ywww.islamicbulletin.com 67
  69. 69. Meaning Transliteration Arabie NameHappy, Pleased Khüshnüd ~?FTent maker Khayyim ~ Go "Benevolence, Charity Khairât ~.?Grandeur, Glory Kibriyâa s.4.~Abundant, Copious Kathïr .Jl5Impetuous, Attacking violently Karrir )~Miracle, Nobility Karâmat c..ofNoble nature, Magnanimity Karam ~fSufficiency, Competence Kifâyat ~~Speaker, Interlocutor KalIm ~Ample, Abundant Kaw!!!ar )§Star Kawkab ~§Pleasure, High spirits Kaïf ~ www.islamicbulletin.com 68
  70. 70. Meaning Transliteration Arabie Name Bright Lâmi ~J Intelligent Labïb ~ Gentle Latïf ~ Shining Lamt ~i Lion Layth ~ ~1jJ1 Meeting, reception Liqâil Major general, Flag Liwâa ~Ii J1 Slowly, Gently Luay 4$YI!I JIII Clear way, convicing Luqman lJ411 JIII Gentility Lutf ~ III J III Xind, Friendly Lutft ~ Able, Deserving, Fit Lâiq JS~ Fitness, Ability Lïâqat cl~ www.islamicbulletin.com 69
  71. 71. Meaning Transliteration Arabie NameAble, Fit Latq ~Past, sharp Mâdhï ~.,oSki IlfuI Mâhir ~.,oGlorious Mâjid ~.,oOwner Malik ~.,o ~.,oGood at everything Mati ~Preferred Mâyiz fl.oThe one who praises Mazin ~j.,oThe one who praises Maddâh c.~Preserved Mahfüz . - j;,p /Awesome, Fearful Mahib ~Veiled Muhjüb Y.PProsperous Marzüq J)j; www.islamicbulletin.com 70
  72. 72. Meaning Transliteration Arabie Name Torch Mashal ~ Famous Mashhür )~ Support Masnad ~ Prosperous Masüd ~~ ; Protected from committing sins Masüm r~ Beloved Mawdüd ~)~j-4 Shelter Mawal J; Blessed, Auspicious Mayrnün ~N Appearance Mazhar ~ Smiling a lot Mibsâm r~ A great helper of people Miwân ~,~ Very generous Mijwâd ~~ Takmg charge of something Mitwallï J?www.islamicbulletin.com 71
  73. 73. Meaning Transliteration Arabie NameCured, Having no illness MUàfa j~Protected Muâz ~~ ~ ... ,.Built, Constructed Muammar ~ ~Praised Mahmüd ~~ ~Guarded, Protected Mabrüs 4fJ.r-oGlory Majd ~Glorified Majid ~Familiar Malüf J)loPraised Mamdüh CJ..l - to ~Slim Marnshüq l.J~Trusted Mâmün iJyoloSpring ofwater Manhal ~Desired, Sung Manshüd ~# www.islamicbulletin.com72
  74. 74. Meaning Transliteration Arabie Name Victorious (with the help of Allah) Mansur )~ Accepted Maqbül J~ -~ The one people come to Maq~üd ~~ ~ (people are scared of, Respected) Marhüb ~Jlbf ~ Taken care of, Sponsored Mari ~f Known Marüf JJ~ (An old arabie name, Marüân ~IJ; Galvanized stone) ~ ,. J Compensated Muawwadh ~y.o :il J Supporter Muayyad ..l!j.o Blessed Mubârak ~f~ ). J Obvious, Clear Mubin ~ Useful Mufid ~www.islamicbulletin.com 73
  75. 75. Meaning Transliteration Arabie NameSuccessful Muflib ~Rescuer Mugith :. ." .~ ~ ... ~Prohibited Muharram r~ ~Charitable Muhsin ~ ~Helper Muin ~Answered Mujâb ~~ . .Fighter (in the way of Allah) Mujâhid ~~Honored Mukarram r~Sincere Mukhli~ # ~Chosen Mukhtâr )~Lieutenant, Always accompanying Mulazim rtÂABeliever Müamin ~j.oStruggler, Fighter Munâdhl ~~ 74 www.islamicbulletin.com
  76. 76. Meaning Transliteration Arabie Name , The one giving charity MunIm ~ Pleasant Munis ~j.o , Shining Munir ~ , Rescuer, Helper Munjid ~ J Singer Munshid ..L.;..;.o ; ; J Winner Muntasir ~ ., Warner Munzir j.p J Desired purpose, wish Murad ~r J Requesting, asking for Murid ~r Guide Murshid J..?r ; J Satisfied, Accepted Murtadhâ ~r Helper MusâId ~~ ; J Initiator, In a hurry to start MusarJ t.~~.www.islamicbulletin.com 75
  77. 77. Meaning Transliteration Arabie NameMade happy MusadBeliever MusaddiqSurrender to MusallamIndicator MushïrLonging, filled with yearning desire. MushtâqReformer Muslih 0t,. ,Chosen Mustafâ U;" ;AoObeyed MutaPerfectionist, Complete MutammimAdhering (to Allah) MutasimProud MutazFood provider MutimObedient Mutï 76 www.islamicbulletin.com
  78. 78. Meaning Transliteration Arabie Name Unrestricted, Absolute Mutlaq ~ " In charge, Responsible Mutwalll ~.P Successful Muwaffaq J; " ~~ Facilitated for Muyassar ~ Successful Muzaffar ~ ~ Blossom, blooming Muzhir .l!y Preceding, Advanced Mutaqaddim ~~ ~ God fearing, Pious Muttaqqï Having faith in Allah Mutawakkil JSp Lover, Fancier Muhib ~ Beloved, Dear Mahbüb yj-$ Respectable, Honoured Muhtaram ~~ Transmitter, Interpreter Muhaddith ~~www.islamicbulletin.com 77