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Mobile Learning: the Who, the Why and the What Now


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Published in: Education, Technology
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Mobile Learning: the Who, the Why and the What Now

  1. 1. Mobile Learning: The Who, The Why and the What Now Cammy Bean and Tanveer Makhani
  2. 2. Every day your employees are pulling out their smartphones and tablets.
  3. 3. You’re tasked with improvingperformance in your organization.
  4. 4. As a training professional, you’re not sure how mobile learning fits into your plan.
  5. 5. You want to create solutions that meet a need and not just respond to a fad.
  6. 6. Let’s explore how mobile learning fits into your strategy.
  7. 7. What ismobilelearning?
  8. 8. Is it just learning on the go?
  9. 9. My brain is mobile and goes with me wherever I go.
  10. 10. My laptop is “mobile”, but that’s not what people are talking about…
  11. 11. My tablet goes with me, but it noteverywhere (it doesn’t fit into my pocket…)
  12. 12. It’s putting learning at the point ofneed – when and where I need it..
  13. 13. Design solutions for the devicesthat your people are using.
  14. 14. We need to design differently for each device—it’s not one design fits all.
  15. 15. Key questions to ask…
  16. 16. Is mobile the best option for this content?•What makes it right for mobile access?•How will we make it more than ‘e-learningon a mobile device’?
  17. 17. Is mobile the best option for this audience? What technology do they have? Are we expecting them to use their owndevices? And if so, will they? Are we expecting them to do this on their owntime?
  18. 18. Is mobile the best option for our budget? How does it fit into our learning strategies? What kind of mobile learning can we actuallydeliver within our IT infrastructure? What are we prepared to spend to achieve ouraims?
  19. 19. Whenshould webe usingit?
  20. 20. Go with the flowand think beyond the event…
  21. 21. Use mobile as part of your strategic blend.
  22. 22. “Mobile as an augment toformal learning:reactivating knowledge,distributing practice,contextualizing learning,and even performancecapture.”~ Clark Quinn
  23. 23. Effective uses of mobile in a blend.
  24. 24. Whatabout thetechnology?
  25. 25. Native Apps, Web Apps and whatabout HTML5 and Flash?
  26. 26. Native Apps• Download through the app stores (e.g., iTunes or Android Market)• High end and slick• Have to build multiple versions for multiple devices
  27. 27. Web Apps• Browser apps (HTML) that run on a smartphone or tablet• Runs across multiple devices• Limited use of device’s capabilities
  28. 28. And HTML5? Does this mean all of my Flash content goes away?
  29. 29. Questions to consider…• Do you want the same module to run on both desktops and mobile devices?• Does your LMS support the smartphone/tablets you are targeting?• How are you going to get your published content to the smartphone/tablets?
  30. 30. Are there anymobile authoring tools yet?
  31. 31. It’s starting…and some have always been here…
  32. 32. So whatcan it looklike?
  33. 33. Use the camera and video to captureyour environment/record role plays.
  34. 34. Make it easy to review the latest news and information.
  35. 35. Scan it, learn about it.
  36. 36. Just-in-time guides.
  37. 37. Performance support and checklists.
  38. 38. You know where I am, help me! (Augmenting Reality)
  39. 39. Refresher learning.
  40. 40. ..and more refreshment…
  41. 41. Push reminders.
  42. 42. The LMS on the go.
  43. 43. Talk to me, interactively.
  44. 44. Let’s review!
  45. 45. Design solutions for the devicesthat your peopleare using where they are using them.
  46. 46. Go with the flowand use mobile as part of your strategic blend.
  47. 47. Use mobile learning toaugment formal training efforts and capture experiences.