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10 Ways To Love Your LMS


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Is there plenty of love lost with your LMS? Don't worry, all is not lost. City & Guilds Kineo have compiled the biggest LMS compliants, and even have some ideas about how to re-ignite the flame with your LMS.

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10 Ways To Love Your LMS

  1. 1. 10 WAYS LOVE TO YOUR LMS (or at least stop hating it).
  2. 2. Do your learners LOVE YOUR LMS? Really, Really?
  3. 3. Do your learners LOVE YOUR LMS? Didn’t think so. Why not and what can we do?
  4. 4. #01 ‘ PET HATE I know looks aren’t everything – but they are something…
  5. 5. #01 LOOKS MATTER If your LMS has all the charm of a database, you can’t expect much love. Can your LMS flex to look the way you want it?
  6. 6. #01 LOVE TIP Make it beautiful: • Choose an LMS that can look any way you want, like Totara • Get graphic artists to design it – like Kineo’s • Get on brand, not just logo And now, some pictures of nice things we made that are LMSs. Conveniently enough.
  7. 7. #02 ‘ PET HATE I spent all this money on you, but you still want more…
  8. 8. #02 COSTS MATTER Paying per user per year is going to get very expensive, very quickly. Are you sure you can afford this relationship?
  9. 9. #02 LOVE TIP Open up Go Open source: Totara, Moodle have no ‘per user’ licence For 10,000+ users, this really makes a difference Take advantage of the Totara roadmap without paying for each new feature
  10. 10. Tesco: Over £1m saved using Totara “ This is a great tool, really supporting me to get my guys on courses relevant to their needs and I can see this can only add benefit. Senior Merchandising Planning Manager
  11. 11. #03 ‘ PET HATE You never do anything that I want to do. Why are you so inflexible?
  12. 12. #03 YOUR NEEDS ARE YOUR NEEDS But lots of LMSs do what they do. And if that’s not what you want, well, you should have thought of that when you bought it…
  13. 13. #03 LOVE TIP Find a flexible friend Your needs are going to change, can your LMS vendor keep up? We do customisation and configuration to make Totara LMS work the way you want. Because you’re you.
  14. 14. #04 ‘ PET HATE I just can’t figure you out. You’re a mystery wrapped in a bad design inside a pop-up window.
  15. 15. #04 DESIGNED BY TECHNICIANS FOR TECHNICIANS Often the LMS puts tracking, reporting and admin usage first, user and manager experience second.
  16. 16. #04 LOVE TIP Be UX-rated • Don’t make it for the admins • Totara is designed for learners first • At Kineo we design learner, manager and admin journeys – and build the right experience for each audience
  17. 17. 20
  18. 18. #05 ‘ PET HATE You promised me you’d stay with me. Why don’t you call any more?
  19. 19. #05 IT’S A PARTNERSHIP, NOT A DATE Making the LMS work in year 2 is harder than the implementation. You need someone who will see you through, not cut and run until renewal time.
  20. 20. #05 LOVE TIP Seek a long term partner • LMS is change management, not just a system. • We approach it with needs analysis, experience design, implementation, launch planning, evaluation, hosting, support, global team, local support - advising where to take it next… • It’s too important to approach it as just another system rollout.
  21. 21. #06 ‘ PET HATE I just can’t take you anywhere
  22. 22. #06 WE LIVE IN A MULTI-DEVICE WORLD Your learners expect the intranet, email and loads more on their iPads, iPhone, Androids, wherever… The LMS and its content need to be there too.
  23. 23. #06 LOVE TIP Make it Mobile – Totara LMS Totara LMS works on any device. Kineo developed the new Totara Mobile so your learners can work wherever. (We make mobile, multi-device elearning too with Adapt open source)
  24. 24. #07 ‘ PET HATE I never know where I am with you – there’s weird stuff below the surface…
  25. 25. #07 GETTING THE HOME PAGE LOOKING PRETTY AIN’T ENOUGH Learners expect a consistent design experience. If the home page looks great, but your elearning and content don’t live up to it, people will feel cheated.
  26. 26. #07 LOVE TIP Be monogamous • Design consistently all the way through the system. Totara’s flexibility makes this possible. • Pick a partner who can design the blend, the LMS and all of the content – (yeah, like us, you’re getting it) • Or at least, have standards and guidelines to avoid dating the bride of Frankenstein
  27. 27. #08 ‘ PET HATE It’s not you, it’s me. I’ve just outgrown you. Ok – it’s you.
  28. 28. #08 IS YOUR LMS FOR LIFE? OR A FLING? You can have either. Just know what you’re getting into. Are you solving a tactical challenge, or do you need an LMS that can work at 10 times your current size, as you grow?
  29. 29. #08 LOVE TIP Ask for what you want • Be clear with vendors on whether this is a 1 year or 5 year vision. The approach and cost will be different. • Totara helps here because it can start small, or subject specific and scale up as you need it to. • At Kineo we globally manage many 100,000+ user LMSs- nearly all of them started as a pilot.
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  32. 32. #09 ‘ PET HATE You don’t like any of my friends. Why do you just sit there on your own?
  33. 33. #09 YOU’VE GOT TO INTEGRATE You already have HR systems, Talent systems, CRM systems – and maybe another LMS (it happens). They need to all just work. Make sure your LMS can actually integrate.
  34. 34. #09 LOVE TIP Make sure your LMS will play nicely Bi-directional, data sync, Single-sign on whatever it takes… • • • • PeopleSoft SAP Eloqua MS Dynamics • • • • Oracle Salesforce SharePoint Drupal …we’ve done them all and more with Totara at Kineo.
  35. 35. #10 ‘ PET HATE I want to see other people …you ok with that?
  36. 36. #10 CONSIDER YOUR EXTENDED ENTERPRISE • Are your suppliers, channel partners, customers part of the LMS audience? If so… • Can your LMS cope with different reseller audiences, regions, languages, subbrands, currencies, e-commerce? • Can it keep competitive information and reports separate and safe?
  37. 37. #10 LOVE TIP Reach the parts that others can’t - the extended enterprise Our Channel partner approach combines: • • • • • Totara LMS Product knowledge and sales elearning/resources Integration with CRM Partner certification and assessment Marketing and incentive management
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  39. 39. More love for you and your LMS at