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Non-IT Enterprise Architecture


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EA - a non-IT perspective

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Non-IT Enterprise Architecture

  1. 1. Enterprise ArchitectureA non-IT World Perspective<br />K V Ramesh<br />My experiences from both sides of the table<br />(1981-96 as IT Professional; Then as Business Manager)<br />
  2. 2. The Purpose<br />Corporations worldwide need Speed & Agility to stay on top of competition<br />This requires implementation-independent understanding of the inner workings of the enterprise<br />The Enterprise Architecture is expected to be a living (adaptive) & guiding (improvement) model reflecting the enterprise-workings<br />
  3. 3. The Case for Action<br />Block-Mode<br />1G GUI<br />Browser<br />1G Mobile<br />PDA<br /> Blue Tooth<br />Smart Phone<br />RFID/IPv6<br />Personal Console<br />Technology<br />Mass Market Acceptance has been faster than Business Acceptance<br />creating (extending) the gap in expectations on the level of service<br />Speed & Agility to enable<br />Volume & Variety (growth drivers)<br />Globalization<br />Integration of Culture/ Language/ Diversity/ Mobility on a Common Business & Technology Platform<br />Extended Enterprise<br />Seamless Integration/Access across enterprises with security and authorization<br />MADness<br />Increasing need for<br />Consolidation & Value Focus through<br />Mergers/Acquisitions/Divestitures<br />
  4. 4. The Enterprise Processes<br />Governance Processes<br />Financial & Non-financial disclosures…<br />Strategic<br />Processes<br />(Vision)<br /><ul><li>Strategic Processes
  5. 5. Partnerships, Capital Structure,
  6. 6. M & A…</li></ul>Governance<br />Processes<br />(Values)<br /><ul><li>Management Processes
  7. 7. Finance, Human Resource, Budgeting…</li></ul>Architecture<br />Processes<br />(Linkages)<br />Management<br />Processes<br />(resources)<br /><ul><li>Enabling Processes
  8. 8. IT, Facilities, Security…</li></ul>Core<br />Processes<br />(Operations)<br />Enabling<br />Processes<br />(Platforms)<br /><ul><li>Core Processes
  9. 9. R&D, Supply Chain, Marketing…
  10. 10. Architecture Processes
  11. 11. Modeling, Repository Management…</li></li></ul><li>Zooming the Core Processes (e.g.,)<br />The Governance & Strategic processes<br />define Corporate Responsibilities & Direction<br />The Management & Enabling processes<br />provide Resources & Platform<br />Strategic<br />Processes<br />(Vision)<br />Governance<br />Processes<br />(Values)<br />Offering<br />Management<br />Offering<br />Management<br />SBUs<br />Offering Management<br /><ul><li>Product/Service
  12. 12. Related Offerings
  13. 13. Globality
  14. 14. Packaging
  15. 15. Performance
  16. 16. …</li></ul>Offering<br />Management<br />Architecture<br />Processes<br />(Linkages)<br />Management<br />Processes<br />(resources)<br />Customers<br />Channels<br />Suppliers<br />Management<br />Customers<br />Channels<br />Suppliers<br />Management<br />Offering<br />Delivery<br />Offering<br />Delivery<br />Customers<br />Channels<br />Suppliers<br />Management<br />Core<br />Processes<br />(Operations)<br />Offering<br />Delivery<br />Offering Delivery<br /><ul><li>Infrastructure
  17. 17. Supply Chain
  18. 18. Delivery Modality
  19. 19. Cycle Time
  20. 20. Support
  21. 21. …</li></ul>Enabling<br />Processes<br />(Platforms)<br />Business<br />Analytics<br />Business<br />Analytics<br />Business<br />Analytics<br />Business Analytics<br /><ul><li>Feedback Collection
  22. 22. Quality of Service
  23. 23. Profitability
  24. 24. Cost of Service
  25. 25. Management Audits
  26. 26. …</li></ul>Shared across SBUs<br />
  27. 27. Strategic<br />Processes<br />(Vision)<br />Strategic<br />Processes<br />(Vision)<br />Governance<br />Processes<br />(Values)<br />Governance<br />Processes<br />(Values)<br />Architecture<br />Processes<br />(Linkages)<br />Architecture<br />Processes<br />(Linkages)<br />Management<br />Processes<br />(resources)<br />Management<br />Processes<br />(resources)<br />Core<br />Processes<br />(Operations)<br />Core<br />Processes<br />(Operations)<br />Enabling<br />Processes<br />(Platforms)<br />Enabling<br />Processes<br />(Platforms)<br />The Core Processes in Government<br />The Governance & Strategic processes<br />define regulation/legislation & policy<br />The Management & Enabling processes<br />provide resources & platform<br />Program/Service Management<br /><ul><li>Scope
  28. 28. Related Programs
  29. 29. Volume (coverage)
  30. 30. Constraints (eligibility)
  31. 31. Measures (impact)
  32. 32. …</li></ul>Agencies<br />Program<br />Management<br />Citizen<br />channels<br />suppliers<br />Management<br />Program<br />Delivery<br />Program<br />Delivery<br />Program Delivery<br /><ul><li>Infrastructure
  33. 33. Supply Chain
  34. 34. Delivery Modality
  35. 35. Cycle Time
  36. 36. Support
  37. 37. …</li></ul>Program<br />Delivery<br />Program<br />Analytics<br />Program<br />Analytics<br />Program Analytics<br /><ul><li>Feedback Collection
  38. 38. Quality of Service
  39. 39. Effectiveness
  40. 40. Cost of Service
  41. 41. Management Audits
  42. 42. …</li></ul>Program<br />Analytics<br />Shared across Agencies<br />
  43. 43. Users<br />Architecture – Value to the Business<br />
  44. 44. Users<br />Governance<br />Processes<br />(Values)<br />Strategy<br />Processes<br />(Vision)<br />Management<br />Processes<br />(Resources)<br />Enabling<br />Processes<br />(Platform)<br />Core<br />Processes<br />(Operations)<br />Architectural<br />Processes<br />(Linkages)<br />Architecture – Value to the Business<br />
  45. 45. Users<br />Governance<br />Processes<br />(Values)<br />Strategy<br />Processes<br />(Vision)<br />Management<br />Processes<br />(Resources)<br />Enabling<br />Processes<br />(Platform)<br />Core<br />Processes<br />(Operations)<br />Architectural<br />Processes<br />(Linkages)<br />Architecture – Value to the Business<br />BPM<br />BAM<br />WFM<br />Authorization<br />
  46. 46. Users<br />Governance<br />Processes<br />(Values)<br />Strategy<br />Processes<br />(Vision)<br />Management<br />Processes<br />(Resources)<br />Enabling<br />Processes<br />(Platform)<br />Core<br />Processes<br />(Operations)<br />Architectural<br />Processes<br />(Linkages)<br />Architecture – Value to the Business<br />Business Architecture<br />BPM<br />BAM<br />WFM<br />Authorization<br />
  47. 47. Users<br />Governance<br />Processes<br />(Values)<br />Strategy<br />Processes<br />(Vision)<br />Management<br />Processes<br />(Resources)<br />Enabling<br />Processes<br />(Platform)<br />Core<br />Processes<br />(Operations)<br />Architectural<br />Processes<br />(Linkages)<br />Architecture – Value to the Business<br />Business Architecture<br />BPM<br />BAM<br />WFM<br />Authorization<br />
  48. 48. Users<br />Governance<br />Processes<br />(Values)<br />Strategy<br />Processes<br />(Vision)<br />Management<br />Processes<br />(Resources)<br />Enabling<br />Processes<br />(Platform)<br />Core<br />Processes<br />(Operations)<br />Architectural<br />Processes<br />(Linkages)<br />Architecture – Value to the Business<br />Business Architecture<br />Desktop<br />&<br />Collaborative<br />Tools<br />Website<br />&<br />Portal<br />BPM<br />BAM<br />WFM<br />Authorization<br />
  49. 49. Partners<br />Resources<br />Offering<br />Analytics<br />Delivery<br />Platforms<br />Users<br />Governance<br />Processes<br />(Values)<br />Strategy<br />Processes<br />(Vision)<br />Management<br />Processes<br />(Resources)<br />Enabling<br />Processes<br />(Platform)<br />Core<br />Processes<br />(Operations)<br />Architectural<br />Processes<br />(Linkages)<br />Architecture – Value to the Business<br />Business Architecture<br />Desktop<br />&<br />Collaborative<br />Tools<br />Website<br />&<br />Portal<br />BPM<br />BAM<br />WFM<br />Authorization<br />
  50. 50. Partners<br />Resources<br />Offering<br />Analytics<br />Delivery<br />Platforms<br />Users<br />Governance<br />Processes<br />(Values)<br />Strategy<br />Processes<br />(Vision)<br />Management<br />Processes<br />(Resources)<br />Enabling<br />Processes<br />(Platform)<br />Core<br />Processes<br />(Operations)<br />Architectural<br />Processes<br />(Linkages)<br />Architecture – Value to the Business<br />Data Architecture<br />Business Architecture<br />Desktop<br />&<br />Collaborative<br />Tools<br />Website<br />&<br />Portal<br />BPM<br />BAM<br />WFM<br />Authorization<br />
  51. 51. COTS<br />COTS<br />CRM/BI<br />Legacy<br />ERP<br />Legacy<br />Partners<br />Resources<br />Offering<br />Analytics<br />Delivery<br />Platforms<br />Users<br />Governance<br />Processes<br />(Values)<br />Strategy<br />Processes<br />(Vision)<br />Management<br />Processes<br />(Resources)<br />Enabling<br />Processes<br />(Platform)<br />Core<br />Processes<br />(Operations)<br />Architectural<br />Processes<br />(Linkages)<br />Architecture – Value to the Business<br />Application Architecture<br />Data Architecture<br />Business Architecture<br />Desktop<br />&<br />Collaborative<br />Tools<br />Website<br />&<br />Portal<br />BPM<br />BAM<br />WFM<br />Authorization<br />Technical Architecture<br />
  52. 52. Partners<br />Resources<br />Offering<br />Analytics<br />Delivery<br />Platforms<br />Users<br />Governance<br />Processes<br />(Values)<br />Strategy<br />Processes<br />(Vision)<br />Management<br />Processes<br />(Resources)<br />Enabling<br />Processes<br />(Platform)<br />Core<br />Processes<br />(Operations)<br />Architectural<br />Processes<br />(Linkages)<br />Architecture – Value to the Business<br />Data Architecture<br />Business Architecture<br />Desktop<br />&<br />Collaborative<br />Tools<br />Website<br />&<br />Portal<br />BPM<br />BAM<br />WFM<br />Authorization<br />
  53. 53. Business Architecture Development<br />Business User Interface with Process Maps<br />Can be<br />XML Output<br />Technology<br />Interface<br />Websites &<br />Portals<br />Desktop<br />Tools<br />Business<br />User Interface<br />Analytics<br />Access<br />Rights<br />Built Using<br />a BPM CASE Tool<br />
  54. 54. The Governance<br /><ul><li>The steering committee should be set at the Board level with the CEO on the AMO side of the table during reviews on progress</li></ul>Committee<br />Of the Board<br /><ul><li>The CxOs should facilitate the Architecture Development</li></ul>CEO<br />The Sponsor<br />Architecture<br />Management<br />Office<br />CIO<br />Architects BA/DA<br />CTO<br />ArchitectsAA/TA<br />
  55. 55. The Don’ts<br />It is NOT an IT project – Output will trigger IT projects<br />Steering Committee governance reporting to the CEO/CIO/CTO is NOT likely to get the Enterprise buy-in<br />Conventional PMO concept is NOT likely to get the Board Attention<br />AMO should NOT drive the implementation (hand over to Enabling Process Managers) – Just facilitate compliance<br />
  56. 56. Mat?<br />Python?<br />Wall?<br />Rope?<br />Spear?<br />Pillar?<br />EA-SOA-EDA-BPM-BAM-ESB – What the hell is it?!<br />Elephant at the Board Room<br />EA – Elephant Accommodated!<br />Emphatic Acceptance!<br />Enterprise Adoption!<br />Thank You<br />Contact me for further discussions on implementation at<br />Mobile : +91 98 4007 5086 E-Mail:<br />