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Business Parenting


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Managing growth

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Business Parenting

  1. 1. Business Parenting Learning to be Human K V Ramesh © 2010 K V Ramesh
  2. 2. Parenting – across generations The quality of life we enjoy is well over 1000% of what our parents did The quality of life our parents enjoyed was over 1000% of what their parents did … CAGR > 1000% ! For over 5000+ years ! Which B-School they went to? Is there something we can learn?
  3. 3. The primary goal of parenting Child’s independence is paramount to chart their own pursuits Economic Emotional Spiritual Social Political …
  4. 4. Outcome of parenting
  5. 5. Workplace attitudes ≠ Family Job At work, there is no parent-child – All are peers !(competing)
  6. 6. Promoting the self Growth takes a backseat!
  7. 7. Parenting provided us… Quality Of Life How did it happen?
  8. 8. They counted on Common Sense ! Common Sense ™ As Competitive Weapon Common Sense™ is an unregistered trademark of KVR Unlimited ! Could change soon !!!
  9. 9. The only species that has the … Just Use It !
  10. 10. Let us stop being managers & leaders but, be human and deliver growth I can be reached at