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What is Twitter?


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A one page guide explaining what Twitter is to people who are completely new to it.

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What is Twitter?

  1. 1. What is Twitter?Twitter is a website where you share short Don’t forget that everyone else can see your(up to 140 characters) messages with the replies though. To send a private note, it’srest of the world. Each 140 character called a direct message. In the black bar at themessage is called a ‘tweet’. top of the screen, click ‘Messages’ to see those you have received and send new ones. Hashtags A hashtag is simply a keyword that conversations can gather around. Just stick the # symbol in front of your keyword (again,You sign up for an account at and no space) and put it in a tweet. It becomes achoose a username and password. That clickable link and you can click it to find whatusername becomes your identity on Twitter other people have been saying with thatand is the means by which others users can you. AppsYou can share anything you like in your 140character messages. Details of what you are If you become a Twitter power user, you mightup to, short hints and tips, asking a question, find the Twitter website a bit limiting. There areuseful links you have come across - anything other places to use Twitter, some are websitesyou like! such as Hootsuite and others desktop software like TweetDeck. Have a play and see whichTo make it easier to manage all the content on you like best.Twitter, you can follow people who seemparticularly interesting. To find more interesting Twitter works really well on a mobile phone.people, see who the people you follow Most of the popular brands of smartphonethemselves follow by clicking the ‘Following’ have an app you can download, or just visitlink on their profile. in your phone’s browser. Then you can tweet on the move!Another way of finding good people is tosearch for them on Twitter. Put a keyword intothe search box about something you’reinterested in, and see who else is tweeting onthe topic. @repliesYou can point messages at specific people -just find out their user name and stick an @sign in front of it - without a space. This waythey will get notified of your message. An easyway of doing this is to click the arrow thatappears on other people’s tweets - this createsthe whole @ thing for you and is called‘replying’. Simple! This quick guide was put together by Kind of Digital.We provide strategic advice, training and technical development to help organisations open up and make the most of the web - including social media tools like Twitter! Find out more at or follow us on Twitter - @kindofdigital Published under creative commons - feel free to redistribute and edit, but not for commercial gain.