What is Linkedin?


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A one page guide explaining what LinkedIn is to people who are completely new to it.

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What is Linkedin?

  1. 1. What is linkedin?LinkedIn is a professional networking site - LinkedIn also allows you to add updates aboutso if you see Facebook as being about your what you are doing - effectively a bit likesocial life, LinkedIn is the equivalent for Twitter. It’s pretty easy to set things up so thatwork. your tweets get posted to LinkedIn as well, which makes life a bit simpler and reduces the need to duplicate content. Groups One of the most useful elements of LinkedInAs well as being a handy place for career are the groups. There are groups based ondevelopment and networking, LinkedIn is a subjects and issues, or on a geographicalthriving community of entrepreneurs and basis. The latter can be particularly handybusiness folk. especially if you would like to find out what business people locally think about an issue.You sign up at linkedin.com and fill out your Just request to join the group and post yourprofile with as much information as you can - question.jobs you have had in the past, details of yourqualifications, skills, interests and knowledge, Next stepslinks to your website, blog and other onlineprofiles. You can also add apps to your LinkedIn profile, helping you bring content in from other sites Connecting you maintain. For example, if you have a WordPress blog, you can automatically bringYou can search LinkedIn for people to connect your posts into LinkedIn through thewith by name or organisation, or you can let WordPress application. Similar apps exist forLinkedIn scan your email account for people other blogging platforms.you are likely to know. LinkedIn differs fromother online networks in that it is a bit stricter If you are super super keen on LinkedIn, youabout how you connect with people - you need might want to pay for their premiumto state how you know the person you are membership option. This gives you access toconnecting to. lots of statistics about you has been looking at your profile and therefore is handy for workingThis could be that you worked together on a out whether you need to take out thatproject, or contracted that person’s company injunction or not.to do some work. There is still a default option,‘Friend’, which most people end up usingbecause it’s easiest. When you request aconnection, you can edit the text the recipientgets - it’s a good idea to personalise it a bit tohelp them remember you, and to stop yourrequest looking like spam. This quick guide was put together by Kind of Digital.We provide strategic advice, training and technical development to help organisations open up and make the most of the web - including social media tools like LinkedIn! Find out more at kindofdigital.com or follow us on Twitter - @kindofdigital Published under creative commons - feel free to redistribute and edit, but not for commercial gain.