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What is blogging?Blogs aren’t necessarily online diaries, no                               Conversationsmatter what people...
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What is blogging?


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A one page introduction to blogs and blogging for those who are new to all this stuff.

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What is blogging?

  1. 1. What is blogging?Blogs aren’t necessarily online diaries, no Conversationsmatter what people tell you. They’re bestdefined as regularly updated websites that One key element of a blog - although notfeature the latest posts at the top. That’s it! always present, depending on the circumstances - is commenting. This mean letting readers of your blog leave their own views on what you have been writing about. You can adjust the ease with which people can leave comments, either pre-moderating themPeople can use blogs to write about whatever and checking them all before they go online, orthey like. A blog is the whole website allowing them through straight away.containing all the published content. Eachpublished article within the blog is commonly To help people to become aware of your blog,referred to as a ‘post’. it’s a good idea to join conversations already happening on other blogs. Leave commentsSome folk use blogs to write about what they on them, or write a response on your blog andare up to, but others use them to publish book leave a comment pointing people to it onor movie reviews, to report local news, or to others.provide tips and advice to people. LinkingYou can also blog as an individual, orcontribute to a ‘group blog’ with many authors. A key part of blogging culture is linking toThis is great for an organisation or team, or sources and interesting sites - particularlyperhaps for a bunch of people who can’t post other bloggers.that often! So it’s a good idea to read other blogs if youThe best way to learn about blogging is to get get the chance - it might seem a lot of work butcracking yourself. Just head to one of the using tools like an RSS reader (see the ‘Whatpopular tools and you can set up a blog for is RSS?’ guide for help on that) can make ityourself within just a few minutes and a couple easier. When you see something that’sof mouse button clicks. interesting, write your own post about it, linking to the original. ToolsThere are a lot of different blogging tools youcan use - have a play and see what works bestfor you.Blogger and WordPress are good generaltools, Posterous is great for quickly firing offposts via email, Tumblr is perfect for peoplewho like to post up photos, videos and links to Again, by linking to other bloggers, you makeother sites. them aware of you - and they could then link to you in return, sending more readers your way!There’s no right or wrong way to blog, it’sentirely down to you and what you feel mostcomfortable with. This quick guide was put together by Kind of Digital.We provide strategic advice, training and technical development to help organisations open up and make the most of the web - including social media tools like blogs! Find out more at or follow us on Twitter - @kindofdigital Published under creative commons - feel free to redistribute and edit, but not for commercial gain.