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10 Ways To Murder Your Conveyor Idlers


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10 Ways To Murder Your Conveyor Idlers

  2. 2. Install off-set trough or Impact Idlers in the wrong direction to belt travel. The rollers may not die, but throughout their existence, they will be exposed to a life of mental hell. Training Idlers installed back to front will retaliate viciously, causing mental anguish to anyone trying to track the belt.
  3. 3. Blast them frequently with a high pressure water hose directed squarely at the seals. Death is not immediate but agonisingly slow, as the ingested water causes the bearings to eventually collapse.
  4. 4. Bash the roller shell to seat it into the frame slots, rather than use a soft dolly on the shaft. It's not a pleasant way to go.
  5. 5. Allow small stones / ore to be caught between the roller end disc and the brackets. Death is quick as the roller will jam, causing either the shell to wear away and expose its guts, or the end disc is cut out completely from the shell. Same result.
  6. 6. Install light duty series where the belt speed and carry load is greater than the specified bearing ratings. You will then very quickly bring the rollers to the end of their life.
  7. 7. Don't bother to clear rollers which are jammed. The roller will not last long. Not classified as first degree, but definitely manslaughter.
  8. 8. Shake them to death. Allow build up to remain on the rollers.
  9. 9. Keep them stored in the open, subject to all weather conditions, extremes of heat and cold, and to sleep on the ground. Not on a nice warm pallet with a tarp for protection. The rubber impact and return rubber disc types will die first from UV exposure. The steel roller will appear OK but their life will be shortened from severe internal injuries, ie seals and cancerous rust. If you store them vertically, death will be even quicker.
  10. 10. A common method of torture employed during the historical wars. You can inflict excruciating pain until inevitable death for your conveyor rollers. Simply allow roller shells to wear prematurely by abrasion, usually caused by a dirty conveyor belt.
  11. 11. Cripple the roller by allowing the belt to mistrack. This applies full load belt edge tension to cut the shell, or even the actual conveyor structure. Death is not immediate to the roller shell BUT...
  12. 12. ... potentially plant operators could die if the conveyor structure itself gives way. The sources said the accident occurred in the sinter plant, as the structure supporting conveyor belts carrying sinter to the three blast furnaces failed due to overload. Sinter - a mixture of iron ore, coking coal and limestone - is screened in the plant and carried to the blast furnaces where the hot metal is produced.
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