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Barbados for avid


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Published in: Travel, Education
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Barbados for avid

  1. 1. • Barbados is outside the • It is estimated that it Atlantic Hurricane Belt. contains about 300,000• Barbados is an people. island, which is apart of • Barbados is apart of the land of Lesser the Caribbean. Antilles.
  2. 2. • The country first came under the rule of the Portuguese, but later in 1625 was passed on to the English who back then converted it into one of their many colonies. In 1966, Barbados took over from the British, when they became an independent country. However, the country still has Queen Elizabeth II as its Head of State
  3. 3. • Independence Day ; November 30th – anniversary for Barbadian national independence .• Boxing Day ; December 26th
  4. 4. • Barbados uses its own currency , which is called the Barbadian Dollar. (BBD]• US currency is also accepted in Barbados as well.• $1 dollar in the US is equivalent to $2 in Barbados !
  5. 5. • Some special occasions call for the pudding and souse.• Barbados has many different festivals and are focused on music.
  6. 6. • The main sport played in Barbados is Cricket and the people play it with a religious base.• Barbados has a national team who is a regional day champions.
  7. 7. • The most popular person now in fame from Barbados is Rihanna , who is from Saint Michael , Barbados.• She was born on February 22,1988.• She has been popular since 2005 , and is signed with Def Jam with Jay-Z.
  8. 8. • English is the official language of Barbados ! .
  9. 9. • Barbados has an animal flower cave !• the Caribbean sea is also a main attraction for tourists.• Barbadians are very fond of pork .the national dish is the cou cou and the flying fish. Also as a favorite is macaroni pie !