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Lee International Ip & Law Group Brochure En

  1. 1. Law Group Accounting & Tax Group IP Group ITI (Institute for Trade & Investment) LICA (Lee International Corporate Advisors)
  2. 2. Lee International appreciates the specialized nature of each client’s issue by offering both legal and business advice. To provide a successful marriage of law and business, Lee International retains not only attorneys possessing legal expertise, but also advisors and consultants, each possessing decades of true business experience in their respective fields. Since our founding in 1961, clients of every size have looked to Lee International for unrivaled representation.
  3. 3. Your unrivaled choice for complete solutions Lee International is a truly full service law firm offering expertise and experience in civil, criminal, intellectual property, corporate, finance, labor and employment, customs, trade, and tax matters. We boast a strong reputation for quality and effective representation. Multi-national companies and government agencies entrust Lee International to handle their diverse legal needs. Lee International is the local counsel of choice. Lee International appreciates the specialized nature of each client’s issue by offering both practical legal and business advice. To provide a successful marriage of law and business, Lee International retains not only attorneys possessing legal expertise, but also advisors and consultants, each possessing decades of true business experience in their respective fields. Since our founding in 1961, clients of every size have looked to Lee International for unrivaled representation in the field of intellectual property. Today, Lee International is a premier law firm, counseling clients from all over the world on all aspects of law, including litigation, arbitration, taxation, securities, labor and employment, customs, trade, M&A, corporate finance, and numerous other areas. To offer a genuine source of comprehensive advice, Lee International has a myriad of experienced professionals, from Korean and foreign-licensed attorneys, to accountants, and consultants in virtually every area of business. Many of the professionals at Lee International have been educated, trained and/or licensed in Europe, the United States, and Japan.
  4. 4. Lee International is widely recognized for providing personalized attention to Law Group each client and for our unwavering determination to accomplish our client’s goals successfully. Lee international provides comprehensive services in the areas of accounting, audit, Accounting & Tax Group and tax. Lee International is dedicated to protecting our clients’ most valued IP Group assets to the fullest extent of the law with the broadest scope of protection. ITI combines experience and a worldwide network to bring you the ITI solutions to your trade and investment (Institute for Trade & Investment) issues. LICA reviews and meticulously analyzes the issues that lead to business success. LICA (Lee International Corporate Advisors)
  5. 5. Law Group Corporate and Commercial Transactions Lee International’s Corporate and Commercial Department takes pride in identifying and resolving the complex legal issues that today’s business entities face. We service both established and emerging companies, whether domestic or international, in all aspects of their strategic planning and development, from advising them in the initial stages of a transaction through to its negotiation and consummation. We keep pace with our clients’ evolving legal needs by continuously monitoring changes in the law and counseling clients on those changes that will affect their businesses. Our expertise reaches into a wide number of areas, which are further described below. Corporate Corporate matters can be cumbersome and complex. Through years of experience, Lee International’s attorneys have become experts at handling corporate matters such as corporate governance, mergers and acquisitions, formation of corporate entities, share purchases and transfers of assets and stock, acquisition and liquidation of assets and debts, debt recovery, bankruptcy, and creditors’ rights. Practice: ■ Stock and asset purchases, financings, divestitures, establishment of joint ventures, capital increases, investment, and corporate restructuring. ■ A wide range of financial transaction practices, including syndicated loans, bond issuances in connection with restructuring, issuance of various types of securities, securitization, project financing, and trade financing. ■ Debt recovery, creditors’ rights, bankruptcy, and related lawsuits. 06
  6. 6. Applying international experience to the local market
  7. 7. Dedicated to meeting your goals
  8. 8. Law Group Labor and Employment Workplace issues contain numerous nuances. Lee International’s knowledge and experience in labor and employment law skillfully guides clients through this delicate area of the law. Practice: ■ Employment-related agreements ■ Collective bargaining agreements ■ Labor issues related to mergers and acquisitions, business transfers, and general corporate restructuring ■ Employment rules and policies ■ Dismissals ■ Employee benefit plans Securities, Finance, and Insurance We assist our clients in complying with ongoing reporting and other requirements imposed by the Korean securities laws and listing rules of various stock exchanges. We also assist foreign and domestic securities companies, securities investment companies, investment banks, and insurance companies with their financial transactions involving Korean companies. Such transactions include derivative transactions and the issuance of debt and equity securities such as loans, private bonds, convertible bonds, exchangeable bonds, bonds with warrants, asset-backed securities, and depositary receipts, among others. Inbound and Outbound Investment We provide a full range of services relating to inbound investments, whether the investment takes the form of creating a joint venture, subsidiary, or branch office in Korea or any other type of investment. Likewise, we assist our domestic clients in their overseas investments. Construction and Real Estate Our attorneys provide legal services relating to Korea’s Social Overhead Capital infrastructure and facilities, residential and commercial development, real estate trusts, and real estate investment trusts. We also specialize in assisting in real estate financing projects and legal construction bids by preparing proposals and construction contracts, registering real property, and engaging in real estate tax planning. 09
  9. 9. Law Group Antitrust and Fair Trade We assist clients in understanding various aspects of antitrust and fair trade regulations, such as those that relate to claims of “unfair trade practices.” We also regularly appear before the courts and the Korea Fair Trade Commission on our clients’ behalf. Information Technology and Communications We represent clients in these rapidly changing industries by helping them obtain relevant business licenses, comply with all pertinent laws and ordinances, successfully conclude business contracts, and settle disputes. Our services cover all areas relating to the information technology and communications industries, including common carrier services, cable and satellite broadcasting, the Internet, and e- commerce. Sports and Entertainment Our combined knowledge and experience in intellectual property, corporate, and financial transactions enables us to offer sound advice to our clients in the sports and entertainment industries. Our practice encompasses protecting copyrights and trademarks; preparing development, production, distribution, licensing, and merchandising agreements; and giving legal support on financing projects. 10
  10. 10. Taking you to the next level
  11. 11. Law Group Litigation and Alternative Dispute Resolution Lee International retains highly skilled litigators and trial attorneys. From pre-trial negotiations to an appeal at the Supreme Court, the attorneys at Lee International uncompromisingly pursue the rights of the client. Practice: ■ Civil actions, criminal actions, appeals, administrative actions, tax disputes ■ Intellectual property: patent, trademark, copyright, technology rights, licensing, assignments, and entertainment ■ Securities, financial institutions, IT, corporate mergers and acquisitions, construction, and real estate ■ Fair trade issues, labor and employment, environmental, tax, maritime, and insurance ■ International trade and investment litigation ■ Arbitration and mediation Intellectual Property Lee International boasts an aggressive intellectual property practice including IP portfolio management, licensing, prosecution, opposition, protection against counterfeits, litigation including infringement and cancellation, and appeals. Practice: ■ Personalized IP management strategy by evaluating all of the client’s intellectual property, such as patent rights, trademark rights, utility and design rights, and trade secrets ■ Recommended course of action to optimize and protect the client’s intellectual property ■ Expertise in negotiating license agreements to maximize the client’s goals. ■ Strong natural sciences practice including chemistry, biology, pharmaceutical products, and genetically-altered life forms ■ Litigation of copyright infringement matters on behalf of domestic and foreign clients ■ Expertise regarding nontraditional IP matters such as publicity rights, domain-name disputes, defamation matters, and counterfeit goods 12
  12. 12. Winning strategies
  13. 13. Removing barriers to trade
  14. 14. Law Group Customs, Trade, and Foreign Exchange Lee International’s Customs, Trade, and Foreign Exchange Department focuses on providing customized assistance to our clients to maximize their business opportunities in the global marketplace. The areas of our services include: Customs Law We advise and represent multi-national corporations, industry associations and other trade organizations on all aspects of customs law, including: ■ Comprehensive customs audit, including post-clearance audit of tariff rates ■ Post-Clearance recovery of customs duties ■ Tariff-related prosecutions and appeals, including requests for review with the Korea Customs Service and the Board of Audit and Inspection. ■ Assessment of customs valuation ■ Matters relating to drawback, exempted, and bonded goods under the Korea Customs Act Trade Disputes We advise and represent clients on various trade dispute matters, including patent and trademark infringement, trade secret theft and unfair competition cases. Other service areas we cover in relation to trade disputes include: ■ Letters of credit and transaction-related claims ■ Anti-dumping, Countervailing Duties, Sunset Reviews, WTO Dispute Settlement ■ Shipment and insurance on goods ■ Commercial disputes and arbitration ■ Rules of origin Foreign Exchange We advise on various matters relating to foreign currency transactions regulated by the Korean Foreign Exchange Act. 15
  15. 15. Helping you keep more of your money
  16. 16. Accounting & Tax Group Accounting Services The Accounting professionals at Lee International include many renowned certified public accountants who bring together a diverse background and decades of experience in this field, and provide professional services in the following areas: Accounting ■ Accounting services for M&A and corporate restructuring ■ Financial analysis and cost analysis ■ Valuation services ■ Corporate real estate services ■ Fact-finding investigations and forensic accounting services ■ Project financing services Audit ■ Statutory audits ■ Government and non-profit organization audits ■ Consolidated / combined financial statement audits ■ Audits in accordance with foreign auditing standards Tax Services The tax professionals at Lee International include many renowned tax accountants and attorneys who have experience in both the government and private sector. Services provided to clients include: ■ Tax audits, tax appeals / litigation, international taxation, and corporate tax matters ■ Inheritance and gift tax matters ■ Tax advice for corporate M&A, corporate restructuring and trade-investment matters 17
  17. 17. IP Group Lee International’s Intellectual Property Group has many experts specializing in the practice of intellectual property law, including attorneys-at-law, patent attorneys, technical advisors, engineers, scientists and a large support staff, all of whom have extensive expertise and experience in providing quality services to clients for the protection of their intellectual property rights. Registration and Maintenance of Intellectual Property We provide intellectual property registration and maintenance services for patent, utility models, trademarks, designs, and other intellectual property rights. Practice Areas Our Intellectual Property Group is divided into three specialized practice groups. �The Electronics & Machinery Department assists clients with filing and prosecuting applications relating to a broad range of electrical and mechanical devices, including general electronics, computers, electrical communications, data processing, vehicles, semiconductors, electrical and electronic medical instruments, and optical devices. We also have substantial expertise in registering semiconductor-related applications and filing applications relating to assembling general mechanical components, improvements thereto, and metal materials. �The Chemistry & Pharmacology Department assists clients with filing and prosecuting applications relating to pharmaceutical products, agricultural compositions, polymers, organic and inorganic chemicals, materials, adhesives, sanitary products, medical instruments and chemical processing devices. We are recognized as the leading firm in the filing of applications for biotechnology-related inventions, relating to genes, proteins, monoclonal antibodies and anti-sense substances. �The Trademark & Design Department specializes in registration and continuous protection of trademarks and designs, such as character marks, figure marks, combination marks, color marks, three- dimensional marks, and shapes, patterns, and colors of articles. We also provide cost-effective services in conducting prior art searches on patterns and colors, filing customs registration, and conducting possible infringement of registered rights. With respect to domain names, we also register and maintain top level and second level domains, including .com, co.kr and .net. 18
  18. 18. Tangible results for your intangible property
  19. 19. IP Group Investigation and Legal Action against Infringement We maintain a comprehensive and updated database for conducting searches on patents, utility models, designs, and trademarks. From this database, we are able to investigate possible infringement by third parties of our clients’ existing registered rights, and conduct market and fact-finding surveys in relation to such infringement cases. We also provide expert opinions on technical assessment and confirmation-of- scope trials on potential infringement cases. We are frequently called upon by our clients to advise on infringement cases, including issuance of cease and desist letters, negotiating settlements, and filing legal actions against infringers, including preliminary injunctions, provisional attachments, permanent injunctions and recovery of damages. Information on Filing Oppositions We regularly gather information on patent and trademark applications of third parties that fail to meet the requirements for the granting of protection. We also assist our clients in filing oppositions to such applications. Administrative Actions We handle administrative actions involving all types of intellectual property rights, including patents, utility models, designs and trademarks. Such administrative actions relate to various types of trials, including revocation trials, invalidation trials, invalidation trials and confirmation trials. Annuity Payments We manage annuity payments for our clients, in cooperation with companies that specialize in managing annuity payments and trademark and design renewal services. We also manage the transfer of registered rights, registration of licenses, and payment of registration fees of licenses. Drafting and Reviewing Contracts We provide expert services in the preparation, review and negotiation of license agreements, technical assistance agreements, and other agreements relating to intellectual property. Protection of Copyrights and New Intellectual Property We have expertise in the registration of copyrights to literary works, photographs, motion pictures, characters, and computer programs. We also assist our clients in the protection of new types of intellectual property, such as semiconductor chip design registrations, franchising, business models, characters, and internet domain names. 20
  20. 20. Protecting your most valuable assets
  21. 21. Our global intelligence for you
  22. 22. Lee International’s Institute for Trade & Investment provides research, consulting, and advisory services to governments and business in the field of trade and investment. Major service areas include trade and investment policy advice, advice on international and national laws, trade facilitation, dispute resolution, and cross-border investment facilitation. An illustrative list of our areas of expertise is set out below. Trade & Investment Policy Advice ■ Multilateral (WTO) trade policy ■ Regional (FTA) trade policy ■ Trade & investment policies of Korea, U.S., Japan, EU, China and other countries Advice on International and National Laws ■ Legal framework and rules of the WTO ■ Legal framework and rules of regional trading arrangements such as FTAs ■ National Laws of Korea, U.S., Japan, EU and China - Corporate and commercial laws - Intellectual property protection laws - Competition laws - Energy laws - Labor and environmental laws - Trade laws - Taxation and foreign investment laws Trade Facilitation and Dispute Resolution ■ Customs related issues: valuation; procedures; and tariff classification ■ Intellectual property issues: patents; utility models; designs; copyrights; and trademarks ■ Import-relief related issues: AD and CVD; and safeguards ■ Other trade issues: rules of origin; TBT; SPS; and government procurement ■ WTO dispute settlement Cross-Border Investment Facilitation ■ Domestic regulatory advice ■ Macroeconomic assessment and government policy trend analysis ■ Market entry strategies and pre-entry market study ■ Local corporate financing and project financing issues ■ M&A, venture capital, joint ventures ■ Government licenses and approvals ■ Local taxation and accounting advice 23
  23. 23. We help you get there
  24. 24. LICA With the emergence of new industries in technology, biotechnology, and information technology, our clients demand highly specialized solutions to maintain a competitive business edge in their industry. In response, Lee International has amassed a wealth of international resources and a strong network to give our clients the edge to succeed. Our consultants and attorneys understand the risks, pitfalls, advantages and disadvantages involved in business transactions and strategy. Our corporate strategy and financial counseling include: ■ Business diversification and corporate restructuring ■ Mergers and acquisitions, spin-offs, and sales ■ Defense against hostile takeovers ■ Assessments of corporate assets ■ Business feasibility analyses ■ Inducements of investment ■ Other services such as organization of annual corporate conferences, and sales and purchases of major fashion brands 25
  25. 25. Kukdong Building, 60-1 Chungmuro 3-Ka, Chung-Ku, Seoul 100-705 Korea TEL : (82-2) 2279-3631 FAX : (82-2) 2273-4605 E-mail : info@leeinternational.com Website : www.leeinternational.com