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Data sheet-fifthplay-ham v.1.2-website


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Data sheet-fifthplay-ham v.1.2-website

  1. 1. fifthplay HAM Fifthplay’s Home Area Manager (HAM) allows consumers to deploy new value-added services by connecting all kinds of devices in their digital home. The HAM is a modular device that can be customized by means of Bricks. To add a feature simply add a brick. Features Linux based platform 100 Mbit ethernet WAN port towards the fifthplay services platform 1 internal & 1 external USB ports 6 Brick expansion slots Very low power consumption (<1W) Desktop and wall mountable Optional Features Dual-USB brick 100 Mbit Ethernet LAN port + USB brick WiFi brick Bluetooth Media brick (LCD display, HDMI, ...) GPRS/3G Smart Plug brick Niko Home Control Other bricks to come Architecture The fifthplay HAM is built around the new AM3352 processor from TI which is a high performance Cortex A8. To make the device future proof we made the HAM very modular. Therefore the device has 3 components. The Hub, which is the main board. The EMPR2 which is the CPU and the Bricks. Bricks are modules that add connectivity features to the HAM. This makes the HAM a highly modular and future proof device. Operating system Fifthplay Linux 3.0 Environmental conditions Operating temperature : 0°C .. +45°C (EN 50090-2-2 art. 6.3.)  Storage temperature 0°C .. +50°C (EN 50090-2-2 art. 6.3.3.)  EMI/EMC : EN 61000-3-2, EN 61000-3-3, EN 55022-B , EN 55024  LVD Conform EN 60950-1  HW Warranty : 2 years  MTBF: 100khrs @30°C
  2. 2. Data sheet fifthplay HAM Software & hardware development guidelines Fifthplay can provide support for 3 rd party software and hardware (bricks) development and integration. Hardware description CPU Standard AM3352ZCZ60 (600Mhz) with hardware crypto engine expansions SDRAM 256MB-DDR2 FLASH/BOOT eMMC 2GB Ethernet RJ45 1 LAN+USB brick USB 1+1 Dual USB brick Brick 6 slots Single and dual size bricks RTC yes Watchdog yes, both hard/software Temp. sensor build in User interface 1 RGB led, 1 speaker, 2-way wave/touch sensor Power supply 5VDC via external adapter For more information, email us at All rights reserved v1.2 - May 2013