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Edcamp get you i pod ipad touch groove on2011-2012


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Published in: Technology, Education
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Edcamp get you i pod ipad touch groove on2011-2012

  1. 1. Get Your iPod iPad Groove On
  2. 2.
  3. 3. A/B Partner TalkChoose who will be “A” and who will be “B” in a “Groovy” sort of way.• Sentence Frame - My partner ____________chose who would be A and who would be B in a “Groovy” sort of way by ___________________ therefore I am _____ and they are __________. Question: - What would you like to get out of this session? - How does technology make you feel?
  4. 4. iPod Touch/iPad
  5. 5. A/B Partner TalkQuestion: - How do you see an iPod Touch being used with the students you have in mind? How do you see an iPad being used with the students you have in mind? - What functions would you like it to do to meet the needs of your students?Sentence FrameMy partner ____________would like to use theiPod___________________. They hope it can _____________________to meet the needs of their students.
  6. 6. Objectives of the Session
  7. 7. QR Codes – What are They?
  8. 8. Making a QR Code
  9. 9. Thinking like a news reporter, create a news report on ……..1. Start with your goal in mind. What outcome areyou meeting?2. What do you want the students to know at the end?3. What steps do I need to scaffold for them to be able to besuccessful at the task? - Build criteria about what makes a good news report (research, script, clear and powerful speaker etc.) - Students will build script for news report – research topic using safari app and writing into evernote - Using teleprompter app (on-air) students will put script in - Students will videotape using iPad and have teleprompter on other for student to use like a news reporter
  10. 10. iPod Touch
  11. 11. iPads for Learning- Video
  12. 12. Features for an iPod Touch
  13. 13. Organization FeaturesCalendar -Reminders -Schedule -BirthdayNotes •listsClockContacts
  14. 14. Features of an iPadpresentations by Silvia Tolisano
  15. 15. Organization of iPads-Accessibility Features ofthe Ipad (Settingssection of ipad)-Video Mirroring-e-readers kindle, kobo,newsstand & ibooks-reminders (new app onipad)- facetime, photobooth
  16. 16. Charades- Camera• In table groups, create a charade to go with one of the following situations: – Standing up and lining up at the door – Opening your lunch and sharing something with a friend – Arrival routine at school – Step by step wash your hands Take 3-5 photos to document the different steps with the camera.
  17. 17. VideoTask:Take two video clips – One showing the wrong way to greet a friend, one showing the right way to greet a friend
  18. 18. Activitypresentations by Silvia Tolisano
  19. 19. iPod Touch/iPads in the Classroom“Apps help personalize instruction, address a variety of learning styles, andcreate highly interactive classrooms.”(• Communication• Organization• Social skills• Reading/writing• Accessibility• Sensory• Math• Creativity• Productivity
  20. 20. Communication Apps• iPrompt: ?mt=8• Verbally: mt=8• ASL 101: language-101/id340366181?mt=8• See.Touch.Learn: 826506?mt=8• Tap to Talk: ?mt=8• Autism Xpress 9779?mt=8
  21. 21. Social Skills• Stories2Learn: stories to learn: mt=8• Social Skills Sample HD: hd/id415723517?mt=8• Model Me Going Places: 2/id375669988?mt=8• iDress for Weather : for-weather/id385227220?mt=8• Comic Touch Lite - touch-lite/id306608970?mt=8Using comic touch, find the pictures you took before and make a social script.
  22. 22. Reading/Writing• See Read Say - say/id322313775?mt=8• MindMeister (mind mapping)- mapping/id291226775?mt=8• Merriam-Webster Dictionary –• dictionary/id399452287?mt=8• Poetry Creator – Verses I Poetry , Poems & Poets - poetry/id371925480?mt=8• Story Builder -• Sentence Builder- for-ipad/id364197515?mt=8• Toy Story Read Along Book - story-read-along/id364376920?mt=8
  23. 23. Math• Graphing Calculator - calculator/id289940142?mt=8• KidCalc 7-in-1 Math Fun - including/id324332876?mt=8• Mathboard - t=8• Wolfram Algebra Course Assistant - assistant/id410592976?mt=8• Math Bingo - bingo/id371338715?mt=8• Jungle Fractions (for iPad) - ipad/id376665194?mt=8
  24. 24. Sensory• Tone Pad - t=8• White Noise Lite - noise-lite/id292987597?mt=8• Bubble Snap - snap/id285646135?mt=8• FingerPiano Lite - lite/id294910566?mt=8• Finger Drum! - drums!/id407511090?mt=8• Simply Being – Guided Mediation for Relaxation - meditation/id347418999?mt=8
  25. 25. Creativity• Whiteboard Lite - collaborative/id301962306?mt=8• Doodle Kids - kids/id302828886?mt=8• Magic Sand Classic - classic/id362059456?mt=8• Kids Canvas - canvas/id470839850?mt=8• Playtime Theatre - theater/id411289693?mt=8
  26. 26. Organization• WritePad -• - dictionary/id308750436?mt=8• myHomework -• Mindnode -• iStudiez Pro - pro/id310636441?mt=8• Corkulous -
  27. 27. Productivity• Dragon Dictation - dictation/id341446764?mt=8• Pages - store/apps-by-apple/pages.html• Keynote - store/apps-by-apple/keynote.html• Evernote - =8• Dropbox - 8• Skype -
  28. 28. Resources•• Set up into categories and subjects for learning• on-apps•• ?pid=service&rid=5789• 89
  29. 29. WRPS Resources
  30. 30. A/B Partner TalkWhat does this mean for your students? • What are your goals • If you are using the for your students? iPod touch /iPad how will you measure success? 1. 2. Dream it Describe it 3. 4. Generate Refocus options • What has been • What are some clarified? Is this a ways of using the tool that would iPod to get there? benefit your students? Adapted from Maureen Parker AAC conference 2009
  31. 31. Exit card• 3/2/1• 3 things you learned from this session• 2 questions you have• 1 piece of feedback on this session
  32. 32. Resources• - clipart, animations• apple/#teaching - information regarding iPod Touch• - information on apple products• iPad-and-iPod-touch-Apps-for-Special-Education - apps for special education