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Set Up Your Twitter App!


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These slides guide you through the basics of setting up a Twitter App and obtaining the necessary authorization keys, so that, for instance, you can build your own Twitterbot.

Published in: Engineering
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Set Up Your Twitter App!

  1. 1. So dummy, I am going to configure you to “tweet” for me. I am going to set you up as a Hmmm … Can I generate Evil Tweets?
  2. 2. Go this set to register your app: First, pick a good name this is the name of the app, not of the bot!
  3. 3. The app behind @MetaphorMagnet is called: Also called CONSUMER keys
  4. 4. You will also get private access tokens: Keep these
  5. 5. Finally, configure the settings for your app: You want to:
  6. 6. Now, we will access our app via a Java API for Twitter called:
  7. 7. Now, let’s write some frickin’ Java: Import the API classes: Then, we need to Obtain an authorization URL from Twitter
  8. 8. Here’s the Authorization page, and here is the pin you receive:
  9. 9. Let’s use our keys to interact with Twitter, as a good bot should!