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Metaphor for NLP (at NAACL 2015)


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Published in: Science
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Metaphor for NLP (at NAACL 2015)

  1. 1. Oh Brad … … the are so very
  2. 2. With the world as it is With Literal Language With other world views Educate us Entertain us Liberate us
  3. 3. A sharp clash of world-views can both educate and entertain us, by bringing into the foreground the many tacit expectations that shape our viewpoints Consider this simple Twitterbot by Darius Kazemi
  4. 4. Many bots aim for a merely formal coherence and hope for a meaningful of ideas
  5. 5. research is fruit 48the Any single metaphor schema, or “likely” schema, can be used to abut two contrasting views.
  6. 6. Oh Ja? Tell me more.