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Instructions for English majors at OGU.

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  1. 1. Oral Communication 1 Name: _____________________________ Facebook Date: ______________________________ Purpose The purpose of today's class is to make a new Facebook account and learn how to use it. We will use it to improve our English, and communicate with students studying abroad as well as with students studying at OGU from other countries. Facebook 1. Open your OGU email inbox. a. Start with OGU Homepage and click on OGUMAIL. Enter Yahoo! JAPAN ID: and パスワード: b. 2. Make a new Facebook account. a. Open a new window: File > New window b. Enter facebook.com in browser location box. c. On the Facebook page: Enter your name, OGU email address, and a new password. You can use ogu2009 for your password. 3. Confirm email from Facebook. a. Go back to OGU Mail window b. Find mail from Facebook c. Click on link to confirm 4. Add Mary sensei, Bert sensei and I-Chat staff to your Friends a. mary otani kimura d. leilani motet b. bert kimura e. masashi okada c. scot matsuo 5. Add five friends from your class. Write their names: a. ________________________________ d. ________________________________ b. ________________________________ e. ________________________________ c. ________________________________ If you need to ask someone for their name, you can say: Hi, my name is _______________________. What's your name? How do you spell your name. Thank you. 6. Join OGU Group. Search for: ichat ogu a. Enter ichat ogu into search box next to Logout and press Enter key. b. Choose group with OGU clock tower and more than 140 members (last one on list; scroll down). 7. Update your profile by adding a picture. You can change your picture later. a. Go to your profile tab. b. Click on change picture. c. Click on upload picture. d. Click on Browse to upload a profile picture. e. Choose file from work server.  Mary sensei's students: Go to computer/w:work/2009 OC1/OC1A or 1B/ to find your folder Bert sensei's students: Go to computer/w:work/Kimura 先生 Facebook. Choose any picture for  your profile. You can change this later with your own picture. f. Upload 8. Update your status a. Go to your profile tab. b. Find, quot;What's on your mind?quot; c. Write about how you are. For example quot;is learning how to use Facebook.quot; quot;likes computers and Facebookquot; quot;does not like using computers.quot; quot;Help me! I don't understand what's we are doing!quot; quot;is having fun.quot; quot;is tired.quot; 9. Write on your friend's wall. Everyone can see your comments on your wall. a. Find your friend. b. Write a message to your friend. Remember to use nice words and good language. Other people will see your message, so you want to write a good message. Next page v
  2. 2. Oral Communication 1 Facebook Page 2 10. Send email to Bert sensei or Mary sensei from Facebook. a. Go to your inbox tab. b. Click on compose message. c. To: Bert Kimura OR TO Mary Kimura d. Subject: OC1 Facebook Lesson e. Message:  Today, I learned many things  First, I learned _____________________________________________________________.  Second, I learned ___________________________________________________________.  Third, I learned ____________________________________________________________.  In conclusion, ______________________________________________________________.  Comments (Write at least three comments) 1. _______________________________________________________________ ________. 2. _______________________________________________________________ ________. 3. _______________________________________________________________ ________. f. Send your email. You can send email to Bert and Mary sensei this way. Only Bert sensei or Mary sensei can see your message. 11. When you are finished, logout from Facebook. a. Click on Logout (next to search box). 12. How to login in again from anywhere a. Type in location box: facebook.com b. Enter your username (OGU email address) and your password. You can use Facebook anytime in the I-Chat Lounge, from your home, or anywhere in the world. I-Chat staff will be happy to see you and help you with Facebook. 29 April 2009 - byk and meok