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Kim Tassinari - Hard Working Actress


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Kim Tassinari spent fifteen years of her life as a doctor at her in the Los Angeles area. Now, she has embraced a new opportunity to change her career.

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Kim Tassinari - Hard Working Actress

  1. 1. Kim Tassinari Hard Working Actress Kim Tassinari was a hard working and well respected doctor for family in the Los Angeles area for fifteen years fore she decided to retire.
  2. 2. Kim Tassinari - Doctor Turned Actress Kim Tassinari was a family doctor for over fifteen years in the Los Angeles area She even had some of Hollywood’s biggest stars as clients. One day she decided to retire and take up acting instead. After retirement, she found out her newfound acting talent could get her a few jobs already.
  3. 3. Kim Tassinari - Playing Lady Macbeth Kim Tassinari broke out onto the theater stage in North Hollywood after she picked up her first acting job; playing Lady Macbeth in a local play. Though she had no experience acting, as she was a former doctor, she got the part because she blew away the director of the play and forced herself into the play. Thought she had no formal acting training, she confounded critics with her astonishing skill as an actress. Being a doctor in the Los Angeles area for fifteen years can be exhausting and takes a lot of your time. When Kim
  4. 4. Kim Tassinari From Doctor To Actor, Work Is Important Kim Tassinari dedicated half her life to becoming a doctor and staring her career as one. Spending fifteen years as a doctor who had some of the most famous Hollywood stars and their families as her clients, Tassinari decided it was time to be done. She retired and decided to keep working,
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