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Girls Health in Girls Hands 2012 Presentation General


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Describes new Girls Health in Girls Hands program.

Published in: Education
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Girls Health in Girls Hands 2012 Presentation General

  1. 1. Girls’ Health in Girls’ Hands A Project of the Women’s Fund, a field of interest fund of the Community Foundation for Monterey County
  2. 2. Girls’ Health in Girls’ Hands An initiative of the Women’s Fundto give girls a voice in shaping their future and an agenda for changeo Began as girl-led action research project led by 57 girls in 2009o Surveyed 1,220 girlso Identified needed health information and support serviceso Produced Girls Health Action Plano Women’s Fund commitment to continue the momentumo Grant to Unity Care in 2010 to develop three-year plan
  3. 3. GHGH GoalsGirls, in 6th – 12th grade (ages 11-18), living in MontereyCounty will: o Have better access to health information, support, and services so they are able to make positive health and lifestyle decisions in their lives. o Be healthy, powerful young women who advocate for their own health and well-being. o Act as catalysts for positive change in the community, advocating for the health and well-being of others.Ultimately, create an integrated girl-centeredprogram model and leadership structure that issustainable in the long term
  4. 4. GHGH Collaborative1. Boys and Girls Club – Smart Girls2. Girls’ Inc. of Monterey County – Youth Leaders3. Health Department – Postpone Program4. Planned Parenthood – Peer Education Program5. Monterey County Rape Crisis Center – My Life Club6. YWCA – Youth Education and Advocacy Program
  5. 5. GHGH Core ComponentsHealth Education Leadership Advocacy & Resources Development• Emotional • Facilitation • Action Research Health Skills • Girl-led Social• Reproductive • Public Speaking Change Health • Leadership • Mobilization• Body Image Activities • Communication• Healthy • Project Relationships Management
  6. 6. GHGH Structure Girls Catalyst Support Collaborative Program Movement Boys and Girls Club GHGH Leadership Network Girls Inc. Evaluation Health Women’s Collaborative DepartmentFund/CFMC Hub Coordinator MCRCC Practitioner Learning Planned Network Parenthood YWCA
  7. 7. Roles and Responsibilities •Grants to Partner AgenciesWomen’s Fund/Community •Secures Co-investors Foundation for Monterey •Holds the Strategic Vision County •Unifies & Advances Initiative •Manages Coordinator •Provides Strategic Direction for GHGH •Coordinates Shared Resources Collaborative Hub •Monitors Partner Agency Programs •Designs and Coordinates GHGH Activities •Deliver Enhanced Programs •Connect to Girls to GHGH Partner Agencies •Share Resources •Supports Countywide Programming •Participates in Practitioner Learning Network •Convenes Hub and Practitioner Learning Network •Ensures progress on GHGH Priorities Coordinator •Organizes GHGH Leadership Network Activities •Communicates and Promotes GHGH Brand
  8. 8. 2012 – 2013 Budget• $90,000 Agencies o $15,000 grants to six sites• $25,000 Coordination o Includes $20,000 for coordinator and $5,000 for meeting expenses and Practitioner Learning Network• $20,000 Evaluation o Monterey County Health Dept.• $15,000 GHGH Leadership Network o Includes launch event, Spring summit, website, swag/brandin g
  9. 9. Impact Year 1• Approximately 280 GHGH girls will be engaged in leadership activities• 32 groups of girls around Monterey County• Over 3,000 youth will receive peer health education Boys and High Middle Girls School School Club Total Salinas 9 3 1 13 Peninsula 5 4 1 10 North County 2 1 0 3 South County 4 2 0 6 Total 20 10 2 32
  10. 10. MilestonesMay June July Sep – Oct November April or June 2013• WF Impact •Grant •START UP •Programs •GHGH May 2013 •Evaluation Year One Committee Agreements •Coordinator Begin Launch •GHGH Completed & CFMC •Coordinator in Place •Plan Launch Event Summit Board •Year Two Hired •Practitioner Event Approve Plan •Evaluation Learning Approved Plan and Contract Network Grants Convened •Evaluation Begins
  11. 11. Long-term Outcomes • Improved health outcomes and positive health behaviors • Increased leadership and participation in health action projects • Increased feeling of empowerment and the ability to make changes in their own lives and advocate for changes for others
  12. 12. Long-term Outcomes• Increased effectiveness • More policies and or girls-serving practices that support organization at girls health and well- supporting and being, especially in schools promoting girls health • Monterey County has• More effective improved as a utilization of agency community that resources and greater supports girls’ healthy impact through lives and lifestyle collaboration choices
  13. 13. Inputs and Outputs Health Other Girls Education Leadership Development Schools & Self Organiz ations LeadershipAdvocacy Activities Policy Systems Skills Girls Create Change