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This is a presentation that Kati Driscoll, a Social Media Analyst, that works with me - we were asked to present our work on social for AAA to the New Castle County Chamber of Commerce.

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Nc4 ppt

  1. 1. 5 Social Strategies for Success #NC4SocialListening // Dialog // Advocacy // Support // Innovation Kim Snedaker Kati Driscoll Social Media Manager, Social Media Analyst, AAA Mid-Atlantic AAA Mid-Atlantic @kimsnedaker @katidriscoll
  2. 2. LISTENING“If I have seen a littlefurther it is by standing onthe shoulders of giants.“Sir Isaac Newton
  3. 3. Not an effective listening strategy.
  4. 4. LISTENINGis aboutAudience // Language // Time
  5. 5. 6
  6. 6. LISTENING :toolsI want to hear conversations about mybrand / products / industry / competitors on…>> NEWS SITES: Google Alerts>> BLOGS: Google Blog Search technorati>> FACEBOOK: Looxii>> TWITTER: twitter search hootsuite>> MY SITE: widgetbox
  7. 7. LISTENING :integration
  8. 8. LISTENING :analysisVolume: How many mentions are you receiving over a given period of time?Sentiment: Positive / Negative / Neutral & Comparison / SuggestionPriority: Actionability of the item “I wish AAA would start reading these boards.... It might occur to them that the failure of their agents to have a CLUE is driving some of us away from them for ALL travel.... I figure if they cant do Disney where they have a relationship and a LOT of travel bookings, I would be TERRIFIED to give them something complicated!”
  9. 9. DIALOG“To listen well is as powerful a means ofinfluence as to talk well and is as essentialto all true conversation”-Ancient Proverb
  10. 10. Not an effective dialog strategy.
  11. 11. DIALOGis about:Sharing // Listening // Meaning
  12. 12. DIALOG :toolsI want to share…SUPPORT >> FORUM: PHPbb vBulletin get satisfactionCONTENT >> BLOG: WordPress TypePad Blogger Tumblr >> PHOTO: flickr >> facebook twitter YouTube
  13. 13. DIALOGIntegration can bewidgets & icons
  14. 14. DIALOGIntegration can betext & linksor a combinationof the two
  15. 15. DIALOGIntegration is not justwebsite > social mediaIntegration is alsosocial > social andsocial > web
  16. 16. DIALOG :analysisMeasuring dialog is all about measuring engagement>> Blogs: Comments per post>> Forums: Comments per thread / New threads>> Community: New registrations / Posts per member>> flickr: Comments per photo / Favorites>> twitter: Re-tweets & Mentions per qualified follower>> facebook: Likes & Comments per active user>> YouTube: Comments per video / Likes / Favorites
  17. 17. ADVOCACY“When two men share anumbrella, both of them get wet.”-Michael Isenberg
  18. 18. Not an effective advocacy strategy.
  19. 19. ADVOCACYis aboutFinding Fans // Promotion // Sharing
  20. 20. Likes & Friends on Facebook
  21. 21. Advocacy: Case Study: RMH? Followers on Twitter
  22. 22. Integrate social tools on your website
  23. 23. Have robust social sharing tools
  24. 24. Let users read & give reviews
  25. 25. ADVOCACY :analysisShares: How many times is your message being shared over a period of time?Reviews: How many times is your customer’s message being shared over time?Superusers: How many brand advocates do you engage formally or informally?Reach: What is the impact of your advocacy program?
  26. 26. SUPPORT“ Help, I need somebody,Help, not just anybody,Help, you know I need someone, help.”-The Beatles
  27. 27. Not an effective supporting strategy.
  28. 28. SUPPORTINGis aboutAssisting // Facilitating // Helping
  29. 29. Case Study: The $20,000+ TowI had my car towed last Monday. The tow truck driver wrapped the tow chain around my axle boot. As soon as he pulled onthe chain, the axle boot burst and grease came squirting out as if someone had stomped on a tube of toothpaste. I was standing 3 feet away. I informed thedriver that he had damaged my car. When the car got to my mechanic, my mechanic looked under the car while it was still on the truck and confirmed that thedriver had damaged the axle boot. I reported this to AAA and provided a clear picture of the damaged axle. To my utter amazement, AAA concluded that it waspre-existing damage. I have called many people at AAA over many days to question them about this absurd finding. No one returns my calls. I keep asking to I am shocked andspeak to supervisors and am given more names. These people dont answer their phones or return my messages either.disgusted by AAAs handling of this problem. I have been a AAA member for 20years and also purchase my car insurance and homeowners insurance fromthem. I have only used their tow service twice in 20 years. AAA, thank you fortreating a long time, faithful customer like s***.- disgruntled
  30. 30. Thanks for letting us know about your experience and theAAA has finally agreed to reimburse frustration you encountered when attempting to resolveme for the full repair of the damaged with us. Please be assured that we do value youraxle. A AAA vice-president called to continued support of Membership and Insurance and Iinform me that AAA was sorry for the will personally see that your expenses are fullyway the situation was handled. It reimbursed.really wasn’t about the money($206). I just don’t like being jerked We provide AAA Members with service over 1.8 millionaround when I know I’m right. I’d like times each year and it’s always our goal to do so in a safe,to thank Lance S. for resolving this. prompt and efficient manner. This community is another- disgruntled way for Members to tell us about their experiences so that we can share the good news and take action when we didn’t meet our Members expectations – Lance Sabouni. VP, Automotive Services
  31. 31. Social media can help you turn your Brand Detractors into Advocates Wow, this is really personal involvement. I was iffy on whether to go with a membership or not, but this tips the scales that way! - Luwizzy Community saved one Member worth thousands & influenced new members
  32. 32. Your customers will turn to your social pages for assistance.
  33. 33. Now in the social world, each person influences anaverage of 130 other people
  34. 34. 41Wells Fargo responds to customers – within businesshours Demonstrating both a human voice and setting expectations of how they’ll help customers during office hours, Wells Fargo demonstrates best practices.
  35. 35. 42With 18K followers, Allstate provides multiple levels ofsupport through Twitter
  36. 36. SUPPORT :analysisResolution Rate: How many customer issues have you resolved?Time to Respond: How quickly were you able to address customer concerns?Cost Reduction: How well does your program allow customers to self-support?
  37. 37. INNOVATION“Participation is the new brand loyalty. If you allow meto participate in the making of a product you considerme-the customer-an important part of your processrather than just a recipient of what you think is best.”Yves Behar
  38. 38. Not an effective innovation strategy.
  39. 39. INNOVATIONis aboutInsight // Improvement // Building new
  40. 40. 47InterContinental listens to Priority Club guests – andgathers insight to innovate InterContinental built 3 private communities of about 350 members each to engage, listen, and innovate. InterContinental has asked members “for help in developing promotions, new features and services for the loyalty program, hotels, their brands…”
  41. 41. 48Rubbermaid learned from customer feedback, andinnovated a new Produce Saver
  42. 42. 49Dell innovates across the organization Use new listening platforms, identify in-house and external experts, and know and influence key people
  43. 43. AAA used a private community totalk with members about community
  44. 44. INNOVATION :analysisCreation How many successful, crowdsourced products have you launched?Satisfaction: How has ideation improved satisfaction ratings?Cost Reduction: How has collaboration impacted your bottom line?
  45. 45. SUMMARY Kim Snedaker Social Media Manager, AAA Mid-Atlantic• Pick the Social Strategy (Strategies) that o.302.299.4443 make the most sense for your business c. 267.994.1820• Create your strategy before you pick your facebook / twitter / LinkedIn: tools kimsnedaker• Always be listening; this informs all other strategies• Provide social sharing tools for your Kati Driscoll customers to talk about you to the people Social Media Analyst, AAA Mid-Atlantic they influence• Be ready to support your customers on facebook / twitter / LinkedIn: katidriscoll your social pages• Handle Innovation organically – survey Find us both on: customers about products/services on your social pages• Integrate your social pages into every marketing endeavor• Analyze, test & analyze again #NC4Social
  46. 46. Thank you to all of the incredible flickr photographers & social media thinkers out therewhose works were used in this presentation:KATISlides 1, 3 – 5, 7, 10 - 12, 15, 19, 43, 51: 6: 33: 20, 21, 33-35, 45, 46: 2, 22, 23: Erik Qualman - 44: Yves Behar - 41, 42, 47-49: Courtesy Jeremiah Owyang -