The Care and Keeping of Anna


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A metaphor

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The Care and Keeping of Anna

  1. 1. with pulse, breath, head, hands, heart and muscle
  2. 2. Singers• Soprano 1• Soprano 2• Alto 1• Alto 2
  3. 3.  Strengths  It is familiar.  It has gotten us where we are today. Challenges  Communication between entities is inconsistent.  Few people do lots of work.
  4. 4. Meet Anna She has many parts that need Her head – giving care and nourishment. purpose and ideas to her music. Her breath - making wonderful music. Her heart – energizing her to sustain her music. Her hands – connecting her to her musical Her pulse - feeding and sisters. connecting each force. These things are all part of her. Her muscle – giving They are utterly interdependent strength to her music. and one is not more important than another. One part cannot exist without health in all the other parts.
  5. 5. The Body of Anna Breath – Musical Excellence Head – Social Justice Hands – Feminist Community, Membership Development Heart – Board of Directors Muscle –Production Pulse - Operation and Communication
  6. 6. The Body of Anna PREVIOUS nomenclatureBreath – MuComm, Artistic Direction, Auditions, Select Repertoire, Concert ThemesMusical Excellence Social Justice, Archives, VOXHead –Social Justice Membership Development, Care and Concern, Volunteers, NominationsHands – , GALA coordination, Attendance, Dues, Librarian, Snacks, Morale, ConflictFeminist Community, Members ResolutionHeart – Board of Directors, Fund-raising, Financial, Community Outreach andBoard of Directors Visibility, Themis, Grants, Raffle, Personnel [HR] Committee,Muscle– Marketing, Promotion, Childcare, Venue, Accessibility, Sound, GreenProduction Room, Receptions, Concert Programs and Ads, Concert Liaison, StorePulse –Operation and Communication Day to day management, Database, Website, Communication between body parts
  7. 7. The Body of Anna The Functions of Each Body Part Breath – Artistic direction, auditions, select repertoire, concert themes, venue Musical Excellence considerations Head – Being the steward of our mission for social justice, preserving our written and oral Social Justice legacy Hands – Take care of each other, provide musical leadership for each section, housekeeping Feminist Community, tasks around rehearsals and singers [ie attendance, sectionals, snacks, dues etc.] Members connections between singing and non-singing volunteers, nominations, conference coordination Fund-raising, financial considerations, community outreach and visibility, Themis, Heart – grants, raffle, personnel [HR] Board of Directors Muscle – Marketing, promotion, childcare, venue coordination, accessibility, sound, green Production room, receptions, concert programs and ads, marketplace, concert liaison Pulse – In more frequent meetings than the other parts, day to day management, Operation and database, website, communication between body parts Communication
  8. 8. The Body of Anna Optimal Members Breath – Artistic director, Section Leaders, Singers Musical Excellence Singers, Non-singers Head – Social Justice Singers, Non-singers Hands – Feminist Community, Members Heart – Board Members, Artistic Director Board of Directors Muscle – Non-Singers, Singers, [collaborates with Artistic Director] Production At least one member from each other part, Artistic Director Pulse – Operation and Communication
  9. 9. Compare and ContrastWhat is different?• Simplifying the structure• Flattening the hierarchy• Adding a consciouscommunication element[Pulse]What is the same?• The mission• The vision• The work
  10. 10. The Body Parts[Committees]Each Body Part• Each Anna sister can putenergy toward at least onebody part• Varying levels of involvementby individual members• Charged with specific tasks•Interdependent with theother parts• One member of each part willalso sit on the Pulse
  11. 11. The PulsePulse is the only “newelement”• Meets twice a month•Consists of at least onemember of each other part•Charged with coordinating Head Breath Muscleand collaborating within thebody Heart•Nudges each part tocomplete tasks Hands• Communicates with the choirabout operation and forwardmovement of our mission
  12. 12. One Body –Many Caregivers