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Get the latest information on leadership, community service jobs, externships, and much more!

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UT Dallas Career Center Newsletter

  1. 1. CAREER CENTER CAREER PATHWAYS www.utdallas.edu/career Volume 9 | Issue 2 Spring | 2011 Employers Seek Leaders Have you displayed leadership lately? It’s no surprise that employers are looking for candidates who display leadership skills. Leadership is much more than a title or position, so when communicating your leadership abilities to prospective employers, consider the following: 1. Do you take initiative? create opportunities to make a Do you assess a need for difference. something and take initiative 2. Do you set the example? to address that need? Starting There’s certainly power in the a club, stepping up as the team ability to influence others. Do you leader in a group project, or set a positive example for your adjusting your schedule to peers or mentees to follow? Are take care of a family member you the first to set the standard are examples of how to on how things are done? Leaders demonstrate your willingness to Student Leadership Awards are often rewarded for creativity and innovation. get along with you.” Your ability IN THIS Issue 3. Do you have integrity? Do you follow through on your commitments such as meeting to respect individual’s differences and bring others together to meet one common goal can 1 Leading Have you displayed deadlines, turning in work on demonstrate your effectiveness leasdership lately? time? Are you honest? Have you as a leader. Do you value other 2 Student Success Achieving established and earned the trust people’s opinions? Can you work Tier 1 with someone you may not like? of others? Do you take pride in 2 Community Service Jobs your work? There’s an argument as to 3 Explore the WOW! 4. Do you respect others? Opportunity to Job Shadow whether or not leaders are John C. Maxwell, bestselling 4 Resumes Creating a Checklist author of the book The 360° born or made. Regardless of 5 Events Leader states that “People won’t your position, there is always go along with you if they can’t room for improvement! 1
  2. 2. A NOTE FROM THE DIRECTOR 2 Student Success 2 A guiding principle for obtaining Tier 1 status What is student success? Simply graduating? Graduating and moving on to the next stage in your life, whether that is employment, further education, or whatever else you are trying to accomplish? No matter your definition, your road to success may be one which requires hard work and persistence. Only you will know when you have been successful. You may not believe View from Student Services Building the ability of the Career Center to assist you, but the staff of the Career Center, wants to help you search preparation opportunities. Review the Career Center website obtain success in whatever it is Career counseling, career for an abundance of information. you want to do. And, since you coaching, career-related seminars, Or, stop by our office on the 3rd are reading this article, permit job search document preparation, floor of the Student Services yourself the benefit of utilizing and mock interviews are just a Building, SSB 3.300. Allow our our services. few of the services offered to staff to help you remove some of help you prepare for your job those mental blocks or barriers The professional staff in the search or that on-campus which keep you from obtaining Career Center offers you many job interview. the success you have earned. STUDENT EMPLOYMENT PROGRAM Part-time Jobs on-CamPus Work Community serviCe • Work part-time jobs on or • Campus departments may • Non-profit and Govement off campus. hire UT Dallas students agencies hire UT Dallas • Must be authorized to work qualified for Federal Work students qualified for FWS off campus. Study (FWS) funds. through the Community • Students are awarded FWS Service Federal Work Study funds from the Financial (CSFWS) program. Aid Office. • It’s a great way to engage in • The receipt of an FWS civic participation! award does not guarantee • FWS funds are awarded the student a job. through the Financial Aid. office.
  3. 3. DELTA EPSILON IOTA Career Honor soCiety 3 UT Dallas Career Center forms the Omicron Iota chapter of Delta Epsilon Iota! Since its inception in increase the visibility 1994, Delta Epsilon Iota’s of the Career Center on mission has been to campus, create “word of educate members about mouth” buzz for career career development, development programs, encourage academic provide employers with excellence, and promote a direct link to honor Nearly 400 students the principles of students, and volunteer joined during the Dedication, Enthusiasm, for Career Center and Initiative in all events. In addition, first membership aspects of campus life. members will be able drive of Fall 2010. to participate in career- Delta Epsilon Iota (DEI) related programming is the nation’s first and and community service These students only academic honor opportunities. will be recognized society structured at a New Member around career services. Membership is open to Reception in January The Society works with undergraduate students University Career Centers with a minimum 3.3 GPA 2011. around the country to and 30 hours completed. develop local, career- centered, student-led The Delta Epsilon Iota This chapter will be organizations and Academic Honor Society the first within The serves as a bridge is very excited about the University of Texas between outstanding establishment of the new System. UT Dallas is students and career chapter at The University services. The UT Dallas of Texas at Dallas. leading the pack! chapter of DEI will help
  4. 4. SPRING BREAK MARCH 14-18, 2011 3 Explore the WOW! Spotlights Samra Softic Psychology major Spring Break 2010 Extern - Dallas County. Dept. of Criminal Justice Want a chance to get a glimpse into a particular industry? Consider participating in Explore the WOW!, the Career Center’s Externship/Job Shadowing program! This program gives you the touring the workplace, reviewing opportunity to experience the the organization’s marketing World Of Work by shadowing materials, sitting in on meetings, professionals in the field. Externs conducting informational get to see a “real world” view of interviews with staff members, an industry and get an idea of and even getting to assist with how their coursework applies, projects. Samra is now considering a without committing to a longer- major in criminal psychology. term internship or job. This short- For applications, eligibility She initially thought only term experience could help you requirements, and more lawyers and judges worked at determine whether you want to information about the program, the courthouse and described pursue an internship or job in that visit www.utdallas.edu/career/ the experience as “insightful” field. students/externships. and “eye-opening”. Explore the Josin Kalathil, Biochemistry major WOW! is open to Spring Break 2010 undergraduates of all Extern - Orametrix, Inc. majors! Applications will “I was able to talk to dentists be due in January. and the financial analyst was kind enough to offer his help if Sponsors host students anywhere I ever needed it. Talking to the from half a day to five days different doctors and hearing during the week of spring break, their opinions and advice [was allowing the students to see what the most memorable moment they do on a day-to-day basis. of the externship].” Examples of activities include
  5. 5. IS YOUR RESUME READY? 4 Your resume is one of the key items you will use in your job search because it highlights your accomplishments, relevant experience, and relevant skills. To impress the employer or recruiter, your resume will need to be in excellent condition! Make sure your resume is ready by utilizing the Resume Checklist below. Remember, Important Contact Resume Editors can also help you prepare your documents for the the Career Center’s Major Events in Month 2010: Dates and times are subject job search! Information to change Please check our website for latest information u ch e (s siz nt en t fo st llet co nsi db u d a ). use t an an )a nd fo n R o m t e s h s. al a rd e w da ap son nd N i ke r er sta imes s ( l p a ra g er p re d a pt T ing ng o th t wa Us e 1 1 th ilar of lo a ny os of s nd re n  a sim d e d i n s te a n s m y” a r e a t. nt he g Ali oint e, he es ha I, m re t t h e r er t d“ nsu at h  p a t e s. in un E l i m ro n o o e t f ro m t u te s o job g o al r ele va n t pla tand dR em the an  p de d t d to s vo i e s a n sum e on je Pro n t . c ts A su e r e n c e. ic e m e l eva and is t s, s.  u th sed perie Foc ast ex ing d Ac a e, i f r ev en e m r i e n ce d d re s u m c h i ex p e as d a he s, a a s t uch  p n Co u r s e re t s i d e s to ent p hm lts of plis esu s ult e re n t s. ss me to Co om r tiv u su e re  ed dd cribe a cc d t h e an qu ollar tita amo i te dt h he A es a ny n d d ed of t hly ne  d e re t a R e f e rce n d n ce g e s a ro ug . t h o t a ke s eo lik ! i t – e nte r nd s ead C d a all mi  p a f re e ro o i n at P im l p ro se the C o f r a re e r el ee n o n to r s i  d e som e Edi Ha sum  Re
  6. 6. CAREER EVENTS 5 Spring Career expo publiC agenCy expo healTh profeSSionS SChool expo Wednesday, March 9 Wednesday, March 23 11:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m. 11:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m. Wednesday, April 13 Main Gym, Activity Center Galaxy Rooms, 4:00 p.m. - 6:30 p.m. Student Union Galaxy Rooms, Employers from a variety of Student Union industry sectors, with internship, Municipalities, non-profit full- and part-time opportunities! organizations, and government Medical, dental, pharmacy, offices with internship, veterinary, and other health-related All Majors! All Career Fields! full- and part-time opportunities All UT Dallas students and alumni schools will attend. will participate. are encouraged to attend! Professional business attire eCD/CoMD and Comet Card or Alumni ID VirTual expo REQUIRED TeaCher Career expo April 18 - 24 Wednesday, March 30 online via 11:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m. UTD CareerWorks Galaxy Rooms, Student Union Participating employers will post opportunities for Profesional dress is recommended. students and alumni in the Early Childhood Disorders and Communication Disorders programs. CONTACT & HOURS OF OPERATION UT Dallas Career Center Phone: 972-883-2943 Office Hours: Student Services Building Fax: 972-883-2431 SSB 3.300 careercenter@utdallas.edu Mon. - Thurs. 8:30 am - 6:00 pm www.utdallas.edu/career Fri. 8:30 am - 5:00 pm Thank you to the following contributors of articles to this publication: Michael Doty • Laura Gonzalez • Kortney House • Regina James-Dorsey Jody Everson Editor: Kimshi Hickman