Duet Enterprise Solution Brief


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Duet Enterprise Solution Brief

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Duet Enterprise Solution Brief

  1. 1. SAP – Microsoft Solution BriefDuet Enterprise DUET® ENTERPRISE CONSUME AND EXTEND SAP ® APPLICATIONS WITH MICROSOFT SHAREPOINTDuet® Enterprise forMicrosoft SharePoint When it comes to enterprise SAP® applications. Duet Enterprise business systems, the fundamental combines the collaborationand SAP, a product goals of business units and the and productivity supported bydeveloped jointly by SAP IT organization are not always Microsoft SharePoint and Microsoftand Microsoft, helps IT in alignment. For business units, Office with the business data and the priority is responding to processing functionality of SAP®serve the business more ever-changing market conditions applications. As a result, this allowseffectively and helps while driving continued growth. business users to create a unified To support these efforts, business enterprise view of the data andboost users’ productivity. users need intuitive, ready access tasks they need to increase theirThe software enables to information and the ability to personal and team productivity. Atinteroperability between work collaboratively and efficiently the same time, the IT team can use with teams across and outside the this software to more effectivelySAP® applications and organization. serve the business and supportMicrosoft SharePoint and increased agility. What’s more, DuetMicrosoft Office. On the other hand, IT organizations Enterprise helps IT realize extended tend to focus on managing system value by broadening the use of cost and complexity, ensuring SAP applications throughout the that business systems can be enterprise and expanding the scope maintained efficiently and remain of Microsoft SharePoint. secure. Yet simply managing these issues is not enough. To support Serving the Business with business growth, it is imperative Increased Speed and Agility that technology solutions enable the business in a timely, agile, and By enabling the interoperability effective way. To meet this need, between SAP applications and IT is required to deploy systems and Microsoft SharePoint and that support flexible, innovative Microsoft Office, Duet Enterprise solutions while scaling to meet helps bridge the gap between the dynamic business needs. requirements of business users and the functionality that IT delivers. To help business units and the IT organization address their goals, The software offers three types of SAP and Microsoft offer Duet® functionality that help you consume Enterprise.. A product developed and extend SAP applications jointly by the two companies, Duet through Microsoft SharePoint (see Enterprise lets people use Microsoft figure). SharePoint 2010 together with 1
  2. 2. single sign-on – Enable users SharePoint user interface templates. to automatically connect to The business content helps harmonize SAP software while preserving the user experience, enabling quick authorization definitions. These solution composition by allowing users features also help SAP and Microsoft to reuse existing content rather than software share information about user starting development from scratch. credentials, access rights, and roles. • System and lifecycle management tools – Let administrators manage Duet Enterprise, SAP and Microsoft software and maintain an optimized IT landscape jointly developed by • Application lifecycle support – SAP and Microsoft, Enables support for the full cycle of empowers employees deployed solutions using standard SAP and Microsoft SharePoint tools to work with and extend • Support and monitoring features SAP processing and – Support tracing of a message data from Microsoft throughout its communication path using standard Microsoft and SAP SharePoint and monitoring and support tools Microsoft Office to • Offline support – Lets users access extract more value information retrieved from SAP applications when they are using from SAP and MicrosoftFoundation forInteroperability Microsoft SharePoint or Microsoft Office investments. and are disconnected from the networkDuet Enterprise provides an industry-standard foundation that enables Composition Tools and Ready-to-Use Capabilitiestechnical interoperability between SAP Business Content Duet Enterprise offers ready-to-applications and Microsoft SharePoint. Duet Enterprise includes tools and use capabilities that can help youThis built-in functionality is provided business content that let your team extend critical data and actionsby add-on modules to Microsoft accelerate the development of available through your SAP softwareSharePoint and the SAP NetWeaver® composite applications for Microsoft to Microsoft SharePoint users –technology platform. The add-on SharePoint and SAP software. without additional developmentfor Microsoft SharePoint enables effort. These capabilities let usersconnectivity to SAP applications, You can use SAP tools to adapt and collaborate in workspaces containingas well as the integrated security, combine services, develop custom SAP information, participate in SAPauthorization, and data models that business logic, and modify existing software workflows, and access reportsallow Duet Enterprise to consume SAP fields or add new ones. You can use generated by SAP BW or SAP ERP..enterprise services within Microsoft Microsoft SharePoint Designer to Users can also access informationSharePoint. The service consumption create external lists and document stored in the SAP ERP Humanlayer, which is an add-on module to libraries and design views and forms. Capital Management (SAP ERP HCM)SAP NetWeaver, allows streamlined You can also use Microsoft Visual solution and use Duet Enterpriseaccess to SAP data models. Duet Studio to modify Microsoft SharePoint sites, leveraging Microsoft SharePointEnterprise also offers the following Designer solutions and create custom sites, to interact with specifiedinteroperability features: user experiences and data integrations. default business content from SAP applications. The ready-to-use features• Administration functionality Duet Enterprise offers preconfigured are similar to templates in that they – Helps you configure SAP and business content, including SAP deliver most of the functionality you Microsoft applications to work enterprise services and Microsoft need, letting you customize only the together and then maintain them SharePoint external lists and templates, portion you need to quickly enable• Security features, such as and it provides a set of Microsoft business-specific solutions. Duet2
  3. 3. Enterprise offers the following ready- from the SAP ERP application. Duet you can use your existing ITto-use functionality. Enterprise makes this data available infrastructure, and administrators in Microsoft SharePoint as a Microsoft and business users can use the new SharePoint site. The software filters any software with their existing skill sets,Duet Enterprise allows data presented in this way based on you can gain additional value frombusiness users to create user authorization and roles defined in previous investments in technology the SAP software. and training.a unified enterprise view • Reduced time to value: Usingof the data and tasks Duet Profile available solutions, those you developthey need to increase You can use Duet Enterprise to extend using Duet Enterprise tools, or user profile information from SAP ERP solutions offered by SAP or Microsofttheir personal and team HCM into the Microsoft SharePoint partners, you can realize the valueproductivity. “MySite” profile functionality. Users of consuming and extending your can search for and collaborate with SAP applications through Microsoft colleagues based on their Microsoft SharePoint even faster.Collaborative Workspaces SharePoint and SAP ERP HCM profiles.This feature helps you createcollaborative workspaces that present Reportinginformation from SAP applications With Duet Enterprise, users canto users of Microsoft SharePoint and schedule reports or run them onMicrosoft Office. The collaboration an ad hoc basis through Microsoftworkspace in Microsoft SharePoint SharePoint. Users can select reportslets users work together and from a catalog available in Microsoftcollaborate around a specific topic SharePoint, and they can personalizewith the relevant information from reports using specific parameters.SAP applications. Users can employ Reports requested in Microsoftpredefined templates to create SharePoint are generated by thecollaboration sites on an ad hoc basis. SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse component or by SAP ERP.Contextual WorkflowThis feature lets users address workflow Bridge the Gap Between ITapproval requests generated by SAP and Businessapplicaitons in their Microsoft Outlook Using Duet Enterprise, you can realizeinbox or in their Microsoft SharePoint the following benefits: Duet Enterprisetask folder. With this functionality, helps you bridgeusers can explore rich contextual • Greater agility to meet dynamic the gap betweeninformation sources, approve requests business requirements. Duetusing e-mail or a Microsoft SharePoint Enterprise can help you address the the requirements oftask, and monitor and manage needs of your business units and business users andworkflows as part of their Microsoft users in a timely, effective manner. the functionalitySharePoint or Microsoft Office tasks. Administrators or skilled businessIn addition, users can start ad hoc users can compose solutions quickly that IT can deliver.Microsoft SharePoint workflows or to meet changing business needs.collaborate based on a Microsoft • Enhanced user productivity. DuetSharePoint workflow task. Enterprise helps empower employees Find Out More with solutions that improve For more information on DuetDuet Enterprise Sites individual and team productivity. Enterprise, contact your MicrosoftWith Duet Enterprise sites, users can Blended processes and collaborative representative or visit us online atinteract with selected content from work efforts enhance user efficiency. www.microsoft.com/duet.SAP applications, such as customer, • Maximized business value fromquotation, or product information existing IT investments. Because 3
  4. 4. QUICK FACTS Summary To help both business units and IT organizations address their goals, SAP and Microsoft offer Duet® Enterprise . A product jointly developed by SAP and Microsoft, Duet Enterprise combines the collaboration and productivity supported by Microsoft SharePoint with the business data and business processing functionality of SAP applications. Business Challenges • Help business units react to dynamic market conditions while driving growth • Deliver business systems that are simple and intuitive to use, help enhance productivity, accelerate the flow of information, and support flexible, innovative solutions • Enable IT to support business requests in a timely, agile, and effective way • Provide ready access to business data as well as the ability to work This document is provided “as-is”. Information and views expressed in this document, including URL collaboratively and other Internet Web site references, may change • Ensure that business systems can be maintained efficiently and remain secure without notice. You bear the risk of using it. Some examples depicted herein are provided for il- Key Features lustration only and are fictitious. No real association or connection is intended or should be inferred. • Foundation for interoperability – Consume SAP enterprise services within Microsoft SharePoint with prebuilt interoperability that enables connectivity, This document does not provide you with any legal rights to any intellectual property in any Microsoft integrated security, and authorization product. You may copy and use this document for • Composition tools and business content – Quickly compose solutions in your internal, reference purposes. You may modify this document for your internal, reference purposes. SAP applications and Microsoft SharePoint by blending data and processes This document is confidential and proprietary to Microsoft. It is disclosed and can be used only supported by SAP software with content and collaboration features from pursuant to a non-disclosure agreement. Microsoft SharePoint ©2010 Microsoft Corporation and SAP. All rights • Ready-to-use Capability – Extend critical data and actions available reserved. through SAP software to Microsoft SharePoint users – without any additional This article is pre-release documentation and is development effort subject to change in future releases. Duet Enterprise is a new jointly developed product Business Benefits from SAP and Microsoft that enables interoper- • Greater agility to meet business requirements through the ability to quickly ability between SAP applications and Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 Enterprise Edition. Duet compose solutions that meet changing business needs Enterprise empowers employees to consume and extend SAP processes and information from within • Enhanced user productivity by supporting blended processes and SharePoint Server and Microsoft Office 2010 client collaborative work efforts applications. • Maximized business value from existing IT investments by using the This article helps SharePoint and SAP administrators existing IT infrastructure to increase the reach of enterprise applications to and system architects understand the Duet Enter- prise architecture, the ready-to-use capabilities more users and how SAP information is surfaced in SharePoint • Reduced time to value thanks to available solutions, those you develop, or Server and Office applications, and how authentica- tion works. A high level overview of monitoring and those you purchase from SAP or Microsoft partners troubleshooting is also covered. For more information about the Duet Enterprise For More Information benefits, see http://microsoft.com/duet. Visit us online at www.microsoft.com/duet.4