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CV and Cover letter Mr.Kim Phally(Shipping)

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CV and Cover letter Mr.Kim Phally(Shipping)

  1. 1. Name: Kim Phally Address: No.147, Street 02 SangkatChakangre Lue, Khan Mean Chey, Phnom Penh. .Telephone: 098 680556 E-mail: Dear Sirs/Madam In response to vacancy announcement is seeking quality candidate to fulfil as position Shipping. I am confident as well-qualified applicant who you are looking for. I have got a lot of related work experiences in Production Plan Shimano Cambodia Co.,ltd and work as Import and Export at MH- Bior Energy Co.,Ltd . My duties and responsibilities such as; prepare master plan, stitching controller and QC conduct any operation scopes both Head office and other branches, write the report, verbal report. Through these experiences I am working hard high confident self-motivation, especially I am professional able to work under pressure, team work and independent. If you select me I will apply my skills and knowledge to do this work by grows up efficiency and effectiveness. Sorry for many inconvenience that may happen within latter and thank you so much in advance for your highest consideration and looking forward to hear from you. Sincerely Yours, Mr. Kim Phally
  2. 2. CURRICULUM VITAE Name :Kim Phally Gender :Male Date of birth :24 April 1988 Address :No.147, Street 02 Sang kat Chak angre Lue, Khan Mean Chey, Phnom Penh. Telephone : 098 680 556 Email : Apply : Shipping Location : Phnom Penh  Professional Strengths - Good communication customer. - Good negotiation and facilitation. - Good understanding team work and work well with the team. - Good organization of resources and good understanding of cost effectiveness. - Experiences are working under difficult condition and pressure. - Leadership and Management. - Good ability to deal with multicultural peoples - Interpersonal skills gained by working in team situations. - Problem solving, analytical and organisational skills. - Computer effective. - 5s training and remove Muda.  Education Background -2009-2014 : Graduated Bachelor of Pannasastra University of Cambodia. - Major Computer Science -2007-2009 : Completed in English Program at Pannasastra University of Cambodia (IEAP). -2004-2007 : Completed high school (Bac II certificate)
  3. 3.  Professional Experience Year : September-2012-Febuary 2013 Position : QC Factory : Shimano Cambodia Co.,Ltd Location : KompongSpueProvice  Specific responsibilities - Position as normal staff responsible as: - Control stitching process - Checking shoes quality - Control documents - Control check sheet - Analyse the problems - Checking MPAN - Checking material quality - Training stitching workers and team leaders Year :February-2013-August 2014 Position : Assistant Supervisor in Production Factory : Shimano Cambodia Co.,Ltd Location : KompongSpueProvice  Specific responsibilities - I used to control Stitching and Assistant. - I used to build plan for stitching - Control over time paper, and change plan. - Needle controller and train worker 5s. - I used to work as a PDA Section. - New product development - Manage localization - Create engineering capability within SH‐Team SMN - Manage vendor performance - Coordinate between Purchasing Department and supplier - Ensure supplier meet SOT - Control input and Output - Provide plan and Order to production section - Stock Controller(recode stock input and out) - I used to train workers for housekeeping
  4. 4. Year : October 2014- Present time Position : Import and Export Assistant Company : MH-Bio Energy Co.,Ltd Location : Phnom Penh  Specific responsible - Over sea connection - Checking freight with forwarder - Make the authorize form - Control documents Export and Import - Do the master List - Do the report for the Ministries - Control chemical stock - Do the report cut off stock year by year - Do the COC for the ministries - Extend master list - Do the request approval - Do the purchase order - Do the order confirmation - Input the data in the system  Other Training Courses - January-October, 2009 : Volunteer at Main Library at PUC - March 31 to August 8th, 2010 : Volunteer as part time teacher at Metta Karuna Foundation. - June 28th -29th, 2014 : Completed training Camping for Harmony two programs -Wisdom for Harmonious Communications in Life and Workplace -Team Building - Aug 17th, 2013 to Aug17th, 2013 : Completed Business Training Course on 5S for Service Industry -June 25th, 2013- June 26th, 2013 : Completed the intensive training Course on Developing Leadership Skill, The Leader in You - Overview of Leadership - Philosophies of SHIMANO - Leadership & Management Theories, and Quality of Leader -February 18th - 19th, 2013 : Complete training Course on Communicating Effectively at Work - March 2008-2008, June : Completed Computer application at Simply Help Cambodia Organization - Microsoft Word & Excel 2007 (Good) - Microsoft Power Point 2007 (Good) -October 14th, 2011 : ITEssentials Hardware and Software at PUC
  5. 5.  Languages Khmer : Fluent in Speaking, Listening, Reading, and writing English : Good at Speaking, Listening, Reading, and writing  Hobby I would like to play sport like: football and gym.  References  Mr.KemVireak o Lecturer of English at PUC and the former director scholarship. o Tell: 012 900 76  Mr. Dang Sam Ang o President of YMC Cambodia Organization o Tell: 088 41 37 744 / 012 58 48 79 o Email:  Mr. Pat Panna o Lecturer of English at Pannasastra University of Cambodia o Tell: 077 21 16 62  Mr.Sombomanara o Lecturer of History and Khmer Study at Pannasastra University of Cambodia o Tell: 012 84 45 27  Mss. Wang Zhong Mei o Division Manager at Shimano COL.TD o Tell:092 415 717

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