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Copy Of Raidens Eportfolio


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term 4

Published in: Education
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Copy Of Raidens Eportfolio

  1. 1. raidens eportfolio
  2. 2. Spelling Club Achievements Term 1 2009 Club Term 2 2009 Club Term 3 2009 Club At the moment I am learning to read and write these words by Every week we practice our spelling words with our spelling buddies. On Friday we test each other. Next term I need to practice and learn .................. so that I will be on club ........................ Term 4 2009 Club
  3. 3. My writing goal
  4. 4. Writing This term we are learning to write narratives like Folk tales and Fairy tales. My Writing Goal Narratives need... Next I start writing .. The Beginning The Middle The Ending
  5. 5. I know how to edit my work - self assessment Term 2 2009 I underline a mistake and cross out a word with my ruler I use a red pen to edit my work I am working on this I know how to rework my draft I don’t know how to use these yet I know how to use speech marks I don’t know how to use these yet I know how and when to use a comma I am working on this I know when to use a full stop I know when to use a capital letter and I use them correctly I need to work on this I use a dictionary to correct those errors I can find all my own errors   
  6. 6. my best friends