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  • Know your products to sell more…..if you are using the products it is far easier to sell the product. You can use your own personal testimony as testimonials are powerful. Your customers want to know what you think.
  • Training contact 2

    1. 1. Build aBeautifulBusinessSuccessful selling skillsto increase your earningsTraining Contact 2
    2. 2. Your bold decisionto be your own bossand make as much moneyas you want will help makeyour dreams come trueBuilding a beautiful beginning as an AvonIndependent Sales Representative startshere, today. You’ll learn how to applyproven, powerful methods to growyour Customers and master thesteps of selling.“Avon provides everythingyou need to succeed.Your results are up to you.”— Taiane, Avon Independent Sales Representative
    3. 3. Your Avon Business1. What progress have you made? A Sales to date B Number of Customers C Earnings to date (A x % Earnings) D Average Customer Order (A ÷ B)2. What is your potential for this campaign? E Number of Customers from F Potential sales (D x E) G Total sales (A + F) H Potential earnings (G x % Earnings) “Who Do You Know?” list
    4. 4. Let’s build on the basics: when,where and how to sell AvonAs a direct selling business, there is no one more important to yourAvon home-based venture than your Customers.That’s why the sales training available to you emphasizes building yourCustomer base—your financial success depends on it!THE AVON CYCLE Pay Avon Find CustomersOF SUCCESS Pay Yourself Present Brochure/ Earn from Samples and Demo Products Sales Personal Submit Order Deliver Products/ Collect Money Receive Products Obtain Leads
    5. 5. Meet new Customersanytime, anywhere• Standing in line is an opportunity You’ll be amazed at the result of giving the person next to you a friendly smile and compliment, then bridging the conversation to Avon.• Anytime, anywhere, always ask It’s always the perfect time to ask: “When did you last see an Avon Brochure?” “What Avon products have you tried?”• Make your daily routine work for you Identify places you go to and the people you meet.
    6. 6. The Power of 3 can dramaticallyincrease your salesThe Power of 3 is simple and effective: Talk about Avon every daywith 3 new people, and ask them for 3 more names of peopleinterested in Avon.Harness the Power of 3 every day to:Increase your Customer base.Increase your earnings forpotential bonuses and gifts.Increase the numberof potential AvonRepresentatives on your team.Increase your personalconfidence by expandingyour network.
    7. 7. 5 Easy steps to selling successAlthough the strength and reputation of Avon’s brands make them easyto sell, you need a strong, confident sales presence for maximumselling success. It’s easy—here’s how.— Phyllis & Noliyanda,Avon Independent Sales Representatives
    8. 8. 5 Easy steps to selling success1 Approach your Customer/start a conversation Start your approach with a compliment … “Julie, that shade of lipstick really suits you. Avon has a lip liner that would complement it.” If you don’t know your Customer, you might want to try a more general approach: “I just started my own Avon business, and I have to tell you, Avon’s new makeup line is fabulous.”
    9. 9. 5 Easy steps to selling success2 Determine your Customer’s needs Listen to what your Customer is telling you. Focus entirely on “Do you prefer a light foundation or one with more coverage?” “What kind of fragrance do you like to wear?” her needs by asking specific, open-ended questions like these:
    10. 10. 5 Easy steps to selling success3 Present & Sell the benefits Use the brochure. You want to solve your Customer’s “Sue, I know you want a long-lasting lip color that also protects your lips from the sun. I recommend Avon’s Anew Youth-Awakening Lipstick. It contains SPF 15 and has shades that complement your skin.” problems: She’s looking to you for answers and recommendations.
    11. 11. 5 Easy steps to selling success4 Answer questions and overcome objections Use the FELT-FOUND technique to reassure the Customer. “My sister Cathy felt the same way when I first talked to her about makeup. After trying the products, she found that makeup can look fresh and natural.”
    12. 12. 5 Easy steps to selling success5 Close the sale Different ways to close the sale: Assume that your Customer will buy the product: “You are going to love this new flexible mascara!” Highlight the urgency of a limited-time offer: “This is the last week of our buy one, get one free offer. I know you don’t want to miss out on the savings.” Give your Customer choices as to which products to buy: “You can choose any of these great shades— coral, satin pink or the cappuccino.” After closing the sale, continue to build your business by asking for referrals: “Who do you know that would like to see an Avon brochure, or learn more about the Avon Opportunity?”
    13. 13. Write the correct sequenceof the selling steps and draw a lineto match the appropriate dialogueSelling Steps Sample Dialogue Answer questions & “We have launched a new skin care product that overcome objections d I believe will be perfect for you.” Approach your Customer — in other words, a “What skin care product do you use?” start a conversation “I know you love running, but exposure to the sun Present and sell the benefits c and wind can make your skin dry. Avon has the perfect product for you.” “My sister Christy felt the same way, but after Close the sale e trying the product, she found that her skin remained young and beautiful.” Determine your “The product is on offer, and I don’t want you to Customer’s needs b miss it.”
    14. 14. Your Avon Brochures and productsamples are powerful sales toolsYou have the amazing opportunity to increase your sales when you canput the latest Avon brochure directly into the hands of your Customer.Be familiar with each brochure. Take full advantage of the brochure’seasy-to-follow, exciting layout, scented pages and product samples.With hundreds of items in each issue, there are Avon products for everyCustomer on your list.Invest in more brochures. You need them for selling to existingCustomers and prospectingTake advantage of Avon’s Representativecommunication news. Gives sellingtips, best practices and productsfor sampling at extra discounts.By using the tools available,you will be able to maximizeyour sales and earnings totheir highest potential.
    15. 15. Ordering, Delivery andPayment Methods Pay Avon & Find Customers Pay yourself Present Brochure/ Samples and Demo Products Earn from Sales Personal Submit Order Deliver Products/ Receive Products Collect Money Obtain Referrals Ordering Methods Payment Methods • Online • Telebanking • IVR • Internet banking • Purchase Order • Cheque
    16. 16. Money management:tips for successYou’re selling Avon products on an “order now, pay later” basis.Cash is the best and safest payment option.Customers are responsible for payment upon delivery.Remit your payment to Avon on or before the due date.Invest some of your earnings in brochures, samples, demo products.Keep your Avon money separate from your personal money.• Your Customers pay for their Avon products when you deliver them,• so it’s important that you receive payment promptly.
    17. 17. Know your productsto sell more productsWe have products for every Customer. • Makeup • Personal Care • Skin Care • Jewelry • Fragrance • Apparel • Wellness • Gifts & Décor
    18. 18. Recognition, Rewards andSales LeadershipKeep going! You’re off to a spectacular start!Your energy and drive are key to building a successful home-basedbusiness. You can participate in our exclusive incentive programs.Many have earned it—and so can you!Strive to become a member of Avon’s President’s Club that recognizessuperior achievement in personal sales. You can also enjoy earnings byjoining Avon’s Sales Leadership.
    19. 19. LeadershipBuilding Bonus• $25 for every successful NEW Active Representative with a minimum FIRST or SECOND paid order of $125• NO LIMIT! Unlimited cash for building your team!• PLUS 1st Recruit Celebration Bundle (Value $100)
    20. 20. Building Bonus ForNew Sales Leaders$50 Bonus for every New Successful Representativeyou share Avon with in your 1st 4 Campaigns• Double the bonus for all appointments made in the Leader’s first four campaigns ($25 for every successful new representative there after)• The clock starts ticking as soon as they have their first recruit• The more you recruit in your first 4 campaigns, the more you will earn and the closer you will come to your dreams• The goal is to support you to become UL’s in 4 campaigns.
    21. 21. 1st Recruit Celebration Bundle• Many options:• Sell the products• Use as gift basket for AOLs• Gift for Customer referral• Incentive for new team members• Try the products and then recommend
    22. 22. President’s ClubS.T.A.R. ProgramStrive Towards Advanced RewardsGives new Representatives an opportunityto earn early on in their Avon career
    23. 23. President’s ClubS.T.A.R. ProgramTo Achieve S.T.A.R.• From 1st to 10th Campaign of selling• Average $400 in Award Sales per Campaign• OR… $4,000 cumulative
    24. 24. President’s ClubS.T.A.R. ProgramS.T.A.R. Rewards:• Earn 35% discount on regular Avon products• For rest of cycle and entire next cycle
    25. 25. Setting your goals for success Let’s talk about what you need to do to meet • some of your personal goals for success. Next, let’s set up a calendar to maximize your time and really grow your business. MonthSunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday • Prospecting • Collect Orders • Training Contacts • Customer Visits/Follow-up • Submit Orders • Development Contacts • Circulate Brochures • Deliver Orders/Collect Payment • Sales Meetings • Submit Payment • Opportunity Meetings •
    26. 26. Your beautiful businesscontinues with Training Contact 3You’re halfway through your Training Contact series andon your way to Realize A Promising Future with Avon.Our next meeting is scheduled forYou can contact me at ( ) -Identify 3 people from your business list whowould be interested in a brighter tomorrow.Learn how to dramatically increase your earnings potentialat the next Avon Opportunity Meeting!Join us onat