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Institutional Repositories @SUNYLA2012


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Fashioning the Institutional Repository Using Digital Commons: The Brockport Model. SUNYLA 2012 presentation at FIT, by Kim Myers, The College at Brockport

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Institutional Repositories @SUNYLA2012

  1. 1. Fashioning the InstitutionalRepository with Digital Commons The Brockport Model Kim Myers Digital Repository Specialist The College at Brockport SUNYLA Conference 2012
  2. 2. Digital Commons @Brockport An online collection of scholarly and creative works produced by the faculty, staff, and students of The College at Brockport.
  3. 3. The Brockport ModelSupport from upper administrationInvest in KickstartStart with Faculty publicationsCreate a signature collectionFull time Repository Manager
  4. 4. Support from Upper Administration From the Strategic Plan 2011-2016Develop the Library’s role as a vibrant center for scholarlycommunication and research by:Focus on stewardship of locally created informationDevelop a local, digital teaching, learning, scholarshiprepository
  5. 5. College GoalTo be a nationally recognized comprehensivemaster’s institution focused on studentsuccess
  6. 6. Invest in KickstartProviding an Environmental ScanHarvesting citations from the initial departmentsProvide opt-out letters for facultyPre-populate the repository with ~85 articlesProvide training and promotion
  7. 7. Faculty PublicationsHeart of therepository, but LOTS ofworkRecruitmentRights checkingOngoing process
  8. 8. Create a Signature Collection What will draw users to you? What makes you unique?Studies on Water Resources of New York State and theGreat LakesComputational Math Science and Technology (CMST)InstituteCounselor Education Masters Theses
  9. 9. Where do you go from here?Know what is Follow the Get buy-inimportant to principles of from the top! your school Kick start Be willing to Create some invest the time great the first year collections
  10. 10. Thank you!Email • kmyers@brockport.eduTwitter • @illlib (3 “L”s) URL •