How to Hire a Freelance Direct Response Copywriter


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This is the original form of copywriting and often the best copywriters actually studied under the original direct-response guys

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How to Hire a Freelance Direct Response Copywriter

  1. 1. How to Hire a Freelance Direct Response CopywriterDirect-response copywriting is really an art. This is the original form of copywriting and oftenthe best copywriters actually studied under the original direct-response guys. These originalguys used to actually write direct mail pieces that they would send out to a wide audience. So,how do you hire these guys? Read on. Does it give the feel of a letter that could be mailed toyou? If so, this is probably a good sign. But beware of imitations! Check and see if there is anynote from the pros. Often in copywriting you will see testimonials from famous direct-responseguys. For example, if you see a testimonial from the late Gary Halbert, this is an awesome signfor someone that has talent. See how they learned about copywriting and who they learnedunder. In the world of copywriting, experience really is the key.Direct Response Copy WritingDoes it drive you to take action? In other words does the copywriters sales-letter sell you onthe service? If yes, note this down as a great sign. After this, youll want to go on a consultationwith your freelancer that you might want to hire. See what questions he will ask you. A talentedindividual will want to know how you currently get your prospects to respond. You see... Directresponse is really about getting the qualified prospects to raise their hand and say "yes, Iminterested sell me. Its a way to really save time and focus on people that want to buy yourproduct instead of trying to convince people that you mean what you say. As my mentor EbenPagan taught me "the goal is to always avoid trying to convince anyone to buy your product."Direct Response CopywritingDo they know what they are doing and how they will do it. If so, then ask them to draw it out.Dont be afraid to ask "stupid questions." You as a business-owner also wants to hire someonethat is pleasant to work with. Consider even drawing out a tree. Usually the best teacher is thecopywriter that you want to hire. The most talented writers are not those that say "buy mystuff, I have the lowest price," but are those that sit back and try to understand your goals andtry to teach what they want to do. Talk about spinning around sales, huh?Direct Response CopywritersIn business online and offline, It is important to have your sales pages, sales letters or any othermessages in front of your market, cause people to take the action desired. Maybe you wantthem to sign up for something, call you or even purchase your product or service. The typicalmessages that business owners create are often nothing more than a company name andinclude contact information. But how do you get them to really respond to your offer. This is
  2. 2. where having the right direct response copywriter as your secret weapon will create the resultsdesired. You see, when you invest in a direct response copywriter, you are investing in acopywriter that will cause your audience or target market to click, call, sign up or buy.Direct Response CopywriterWhatever you want your target market to do, the direct response copywriter will be able totrigger that response for you. You obviously want them to take action immediately and this iswhy it is key to have the direct response marketing and direct response copywriting aspectsinvolved in your advertisements. You want compelling copy that will trigger the actions desired.If you want them to call you for a consultation, then you need them to pick up the phone andcall you right away. If you want them to sign up for something, then you need persuasivecopywriting that will cause them to sign up. If you want them to visit your location, then youneed to have direct response copywriter that will make them do that.