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Detoxification & Homeobotanicals


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This presentation contains proper techniques in detoxification and an understanding of how homeobotanicals can help. Periodic detoxification is necessary to maintain good health.

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Detoxification & Homeobotanicals

  1. 1. Detoxification & Homeobotanicals By Kimmer Collison-Ris MSN, FNP-C, WOCN, MS CAM
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  6. 6. Detoxification Plan
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  8. 8. Detox Foods  Cucumber:  on average around 95% water, this veggie helps flush out toxins and alkalize the body while delivering a powerful nutrient punch.  Garlic:  stimulates the liver to encourage production of detoxification enzymes.  Broccoli:  delivers a large dose of vitamins while neutralizing and eliminating toxins.  Lentils:  extremely fiber-rich (1 cup cooked has 62.5% of your RDA!), lentils aids in toxin elimination, lower cholesterol, and balance blood sugar.  Turnip greens:  loaded with antioxidants and sulfur-containing nutrients (Without sulfur, the body cannot properly detoxify substances such as pharmaceuticals, environmental toxins and heavy metals), turnip greens also contain phytonutrients called glucosinolates that help activate and regulate detoxification enzymes.  Sunflower seeds:  these little slivers of sunshine are not only high selenium and Vitamin E, but also assist liver’s detoxing capabilities and prevent cholesterol build up in the blood and arteries. Be sure to choose organic as their high fat and oil allows them to easily soak up chemicals used in the production process.  Walnuts:  infuse the body with healthy omega-3 oils to assist detoxification.
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  10. 10. Detox Foods  Turmeric:  stimulates liver function. (Also a great addition to your diet for all-around health).  Red pepper:  when it comes to cleansing, vitamin C is one of the cream of the vitamin crop because it transforms toxins into digestible material. One red pepper contains about 3 times more vitamin C than an orange.  Citrus fruits: see previous page.  Grapefruit:  a class of its own, grapefruit lowers cholesterol, prevents kidney stones and aids the digestive system, which set it apart from the other citrus fruits.  Watercress:  keeps free radicals away from cells, energizes cleaning enzymes in the liver and is a natural diuretic.  Mung beans:  used by Ayurvedic doctors for thousands of years, this easily digestible bean absorbs toxic residue from the intestinal walls.  Artichokes:  chock-full of cynarin, which increases bile production and promotes healthy digestion, full of nutrients and antioxidants, whole grains are incredibly high in insoluble fiber, keeping you regular, which is especially important while detoxing.
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  14. 14.  Remember always HYDRATE! This helps remove body impurities.  Tip: add green tea which contains an antioxidant called catechins (a flavonoid) that will increase liver function and assist in flushing out body impurities. Detox Foods
  15. 15. Homeobotanicals  Homeobotanicals are a Natural Health modality delveloped in New Zealand (1984)  BOTH homeopathic and botanical indications are considered for their therapeutic purpose.  Homeobotanical (Hb) formulas are  are a CORE THERAPY (used as a base for health management regimens)  range may assist with many healthcare applicationssupplied to a qualified Practitioner as a concentrate  formulations are considered suitable for all ages.  Only supplied as concentrates to qualified Hb providers 
  16. 16. Aggravating Factor Hb Formula Support Allergies/ Sensitivities R: Supports the normal pulmonary ventilation. Assists lungs, respiratory tract. B: "Blood Purifier" for lymphatic stasis and suppurative conditions. L: Acute and chronic hepatic dysfunction. Supports normal liver and gall. A: Acute and chronic allergies for airborne, dietary and idiopathic sources. Food Allergies/ Sensitivities M: Addresses derangement of viscera which may cause severe headaches. A: Acute and chronic allergies for airborne, dietary and idiopathic sources. Hb Formulas for Detoxification
  17. 17.  Pick, M (2014). Inflammation, Allergies & Sensitivities. Women to Women. Retrieved from sensitivities/  Title page photo: & content/uploads/2010/07/adhd-girl.jpg Hb formula image:  Murray, B (2010). Homeobotanical Prescriber, Repertory, Materia Medica. References