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Ramps Not Just a Spring Vegetable, it exists all Summer Long


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Ramps are one of spring's fleeting food delicacies. They emerge and disappear in just a few months. Have you ever spotted ramps in the wild? The plant is still there after the early green leaves die back. Here's a presentation of the full phases of the ramp cycle.

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Ramps Not Just a Spring Vegetable, it exists all Summer Long

  1. 1. The Secret Life of Ramps
  2. 2. Ramps! Told in Three Phases Emergence Development Disappearance
  3. 3. What am Ramps? Ramps are wild leeks. Allium tricoccum.
  4. 4. These are not ramps These are wild chives Allium schoeneprasum
  5. 5. Ramp grow north as far as Quebec; west to Oklahoma and south to Georgia.
  6. 6. Emergence Ramp like to grow in sandy soil near streams,
  7. 7. Ramps like well drained calcium rich soil. These conditions are also favored by trout lilies, may apples and trilliums, so you if notice any of these plants-look close! Ramps may be near by.
  8. 8. Ramps also grow close to beech, birch, maple and poplar trees.
  9. 9. Don’t be greedy in foraging for ramps. Ramps take 5-7 years to grow.
  10. 10. Development After the leaves die back, the flower stalk emerges. The flower blooms in mid summer and seeds develop in late summer.
  11. 11. The seeds mature atop the leafless flower stalk.
  12. 12. Ramp seed needs both warm and cold to germinate. The seed requires a warm moist period to break root dormancy. It then needs a cold period to break shoot dormancy. If not adequate warmth after seeding, seeds will not germinate until the second spring. It can take 6-18 months to germinate!
  13. 13. The seeds will then fall off the stalk and fall to the ground to germinate.
  14. 14. Disappearance Once the woods grow up, you have to know where the ramps where if you are going to look for seed.
  15. 15. You have to know exactly where you are looking for ramp seed.
  16. 16. Cleaning One of the easiest way to clean ramps are several trips through a water wash.
  17. 17. One of the prettiest spring vegetables.
  18. 18. This ramps presentation brought to you by Kim at