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Map Apps For Your Phone


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Discover some free hiking apps for use with your smartphone. I review several free mapping devices for both Android and IOS.

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Map Apps For Your Phone

  1. 1. Map Apps For Your Phone Kim Love-Ottobre Website: Instagram:
  2. 2. What Do You Want the App to Do? Guide your hike? Follow an established trail? Give you a route to follow (or a back up?) Record your hike? Find a new trail near by?
  3. 3. Map App Tips Make sure your phone apps are updated. Find Wifi, and let the apps update. Make sure your phone is on full strength. Make sure you are registered for whatever app you want to use in the next three seconds. May want to turn on location while you are still in cell phone coverage to connect to app.
  4. 4. Battery Conservation Turn down screen brightness Turn on airplane mode Turn off Wifi/Bluetooth Turn off push notifications Turn off email sync Cold weather kills battery strength!!
  5. 5. Assumptions Don’t assume you will have cell phone reception Download your maps ahead of time Bring a paper map it works without cell reception Bring a map!
  6. 6. Apps I’ve Worked With Free Apps I’ve Discovered over the last year Map My Hike All Trails View Ranger Hiking Project The Buckeye Trail by Hiker Bot
  7. 7. Some Map App Features Can you download map offline? Record your hike? Can you follow other people’s routes Can You Import/Export GPX Files Ease of Use- it better be easy!!!! Best Features A GPX file is a GPS data saved in the GPS Exchange format, an open standard that can be freely used by GPS programs. It contains longitude and latitude location data, which includes waypoints, routes, and tracks. GPX files are saved in XML format that allows GPS data to be more easily imported and read by multiple .
  8. 8. Map My Hike Under Armour Product hence Under Armour Ads Also Map My Run Map My Bike all seem to sync up together (maybe I can just use one app for three) Connect to MMH variety of devices-Watches, Fitbit, Myfitnesspal
  9. 9. Map My Hike Download Map offline Yes Can you Export/Import GPX Files? No Record your Hike? Yes Download your route to follow and save? Yes
  10. 10. Map My Hike On your phone, you can search either My Routes, Bookmarked, or Nearby
  11. 11. Map My Hike Click on the Check Mark in the right hand corner, and it will take you to “Start My Work Out”
  12. 12. Map My Hike Download other people’s (Or your own) route to follow? Yes
  13. 13. Map My Hike .
  14. 14. Map My Hike Lots of additional features Follow friends, leaderboards, challenges Set up a training plan Workouts Shop Under Armour Products! MVP Level-Unlimited mapped routes, workouts, live location tracking, ad-free experience (does have 14 day free trial)
  15. 15. All Trails Hand curated trails, 50,000 of them Easy to choose an area to explore, just enter a destination/park/area
  16. 16. All Trails
  17. 17. All Trails
  18. 18. All Trails Record your hike? Yes Can you follow other people’s routes Yes Can You Import/Export GPX Files Yes
  19. 19. All Trails Can have lifetime stats keeps track of your hiking miles for you Sorting feature-sort hike by easy/moderate/hard Adjust length meter to find shorter or longer mileage trails Tags included so you can see rivers/wildflowers, points of interest nearby
  20. 20. All Trails Can you download your route and maps? Yes, for a fee 2.50 per month, annually, or Lifetime of 99.99 Import/Export GPX Files? Yes
  21. 21. All Trails You can change your method at the end of activity. This was a bike ride, not a hike, it allowed me to change To that activity. Best Features: Driving directions, description of trail, elevation profile, weather conditions, allows you to find a trail based on difficulty & length Pro Level-create, print, download and save-no free trial
  22. 22. Hiking Project From REI Can choose state specific maps
  23. 23. Hiking Project Featured hikes are noted, can keep drilling down to area What’s a featured hike? A popular or “best of” hiking in the area
  24. 24. Hiking Project Can you download map offline? Yes Can you follow other people’s routes Yes Can You Import/Export GPX Files Yes
  25. 25. Hiking Project Can you record your route? It depends You can record your route in IOS, not in Android (still! Screenshot from 2017) Your hike can be a ‘regular’ hike or a Featured Hike which means the best or most popular in the area
  26. 26. Hiking Project Ease of Use I haven’t used this yet since I can’t record It seems to want you to pick a route that is already on the App Has driving directions to trails
  27. 27. Hiking Project Record hike? Yes in IOS Follow other routes? Yes Can you import/export GPX Files? Yes
  28. 28. Hiking Project Nice elevation profile,
  29. 29. Hiking Project Nice pic, overview, rating, elevation profile Has driving directions Is free, no pro-level or MVP status Lots of featured trails to explore
  30. 30. Hiking Project
  31. 31. View Ranger
  32. 32. View Ranger Record Route? Yes Download map offline? Yes Can you follow other people’s routes? Yes Import/Expore GPX Yes Buddy Beacon-people can follow you in real time, they would need a PIN to log in to follow
  33. 33. View Ranger Follow other people’s routes? Yes
  34. 34. View Ranger Here’s the Hocking Hills Route you could follow
  35. 35. View Ranger This slide is to show the custom off line map of my area and one of the Hocking Hills area
  36. 36. View Ranger You can buy Maps also. For 19.99 you get a USA Lifetime subscription, highly detailed topo maps including Hawaii Has many countries to choose from
  37. 37. View Ranger Second slide shows what it looks like with purchased map
  38. 38. Buckeye Trail Crowd Sourced from Hiker Bot By same folks who made the Appalachian Trail App From their site in the Google Play Store “Most up-to-date trail and town data crowdsourced by thousands of users.” “Any user can add waypoints, photos, comments, update descriptions and edit any content in the app, in real time. Think Wikipedia”
  39. 39. Buckeye Trail App This app is not from the Buckeye Trail Association BTA is not responsible for any information on this app-good or bad Only available on Android
  40. 40. Buckeye Trail App I have used in conjunction with map Used last week while driving trying to go to the BT Barn. It did send me on the correct road
  41. 41. Buckeye Trail App Can you download offline Yes; they do have to limit the download speed of free maps For a low price that covers our costs, download map at full speed without any limitations (5.99?) Can you import GPX files? Can you record your route?
  42. 42. Conclusion Use your own judgement I wouldn’t take just an app into the backwoods Many of these apps have many trails listed-easy to find a new trail to hike Batteries never go out on paper Research and register your app before hitting the trail HYOK FYOA (Find your Own App)
  43. 43. Slides are on This presentation is also over on Search on “Map Apps” or “Kim Love-Ottobre”